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"A SHORT Halloween" was a special Halloween 2020 episode of Dragon ShortZ, in a similar style to Halloween Special or Celloween: A FLIGHT OUT OF CELL.


A Homeowner is handing out candy when he has a visit from Goku who is dress up like a furry after saying "UwU" notices your "candy wandy" he shuts Goku out and then shuts the door after that Vegeta comes has Dracula after he called his costume cute Vegeta turns to Bulma and yells that she said vampires were 'badass' and 'sexy'. After asking if she is his mom he gets creeped out and shuts the door then Goku comes back singing but he shuts the door then Cell shows up and he looks like a mummy but he got pranked and asks to use the bathroom then Android 16 comes and he is Frankenstein's monster he gets candy and asks for Peeps gets them and asks for Gokus and speak of the devil Goku shows up and gets chocolate and asks if dogs can eat chocolate before 16 tackles him next up was Beerus who threats him to give all candy or his house gets blow up he goes with Whis and he will wipe out everybody if there is a Mounds bar after that Majin Boo shows up as Kid Boo so he gets his candy a different way.

Running Gags[]

  • When Vegeta is yelling at Bulma Ghost Nappa is flying past.
  • 16 wants to kill Goku when he asks if the homeowner if he had Goku's.


  • MasakoX as Goku
  • Marc Swint as Homeowner
  • Lanipator as Vegeta
  • Remix as Android 16
  • Takahata101 as Cell
  • Tomamato as Beerus
  • Josh Martin as Kid Buu (ripped from Dragon Ball Fighterz)