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July 2019 on a Monday. New Team Four Star employee Stephan arrives at the office, only to be startled by the appearance of a camera crew as he gets hit by a microphone constantly. Scott welcomes Stephan, but tells him that he is not sober now so he cannot remember his name right now. Scott takes Stephan around the office, only to see Nick sleeping in the gaming room with porn blasting from the TV loudly. Nick takes over the tour and shows Stephan their gold play button, just as Kirran and Grant come into work. When the trio reaches the kitchen, Zito, with a gunshot wound to his arm, barges in and does improper first aid.

Once introductions are finished, Scott leads the morning meeting, and Zito asks why there are cameras around. Scott reveals that they hired a camera crew to document their daily lives, only because Nick hired them for his own vanity and paid them in a year in advance. When a concerned Stephan asked if they must sign waivers to be seen, Nick points out that it was in the employee contracts he did not pay attention to.

Once the meeting is over, Kirran and Grant discuss about what they should do today. Kirran brings up how a single egg has over 53 million likes on Instagram, so he suggests that they take a picture of themselves and have people like it. However, Grant suggests that they instead take the picture around town and ask people if they like it in person. Kirran and Grant take a picture of themselves on Mars, and print it out. They then take the photo around town and ask people if they would like it, including squirrels. At the end of the day, they reached 18 likes and three squirrel votes, but Grant realizes that nobody actually said they liked the photo, only telling them that they like it just so they could leave them alone.

Meanwhile, Stephan meets Nick at his own office, the office bathroom, as the latter tries to make the former comfortable about joining the team. However, Stephan upsets Nick when he discredits the latter as his boss. Later, Scott has Stephan talk with Zito to get the two acquainted, but when 22 minutes pass, Scott grows worried as nobody has talked with Zito for that long. Fortunately, Stephan walks out of the room, claiming to Scott that he’s okay. However, once Scott leaves, Stephan breaks down and tells the camera crew what really happened between Zito, causing him to burst into tears over the experience. That causes Stephan to wonder if he can work with Team Four Star.

Stephan prints out an “I Quit” picture to announce his resignation, only for an upset Kirran and Grant to come back. They show Stephan the picture, and he says that he actually likes the picture. This makes Kirran and Grant ecstatic, and they thank Stephan by hugging him and calling him the best new guy the have had. That convinces Stephan not to quit, especially since he needs the money to eat, while Zito rips up Kirran and Grant’s photo.


Main Cast[]

  • Scott Frerichs
  • Nick Landis
  • Kirran Somerlade
  • Grant Smith
  • Chris Zito
  • Stephan Krosecz


  • Tyler Koi as Ducmentarian
  • Martin Billany as Notgeta
  • Matthew J.Kik as Noku


  • The animation at the beginning of the episode is a definite reference to Team Four Star’s Dragonball Z Abridged series. The reason for using original footage instead of stock footage is mostly likely to prevent copyright strikes.
  • Before being released public wide, the pilot was aired to Patron sponsors on July 22, 2019.
  • This begins the running gag of having different titles for the employees:
    • Stephan Krosecz: Newest Guy
    • Scott Frerichs: CEO & Co-Founder. Drunk.
    • Nick Landis: Co-CEO/Vice-CEO/President?/???/Not The Boss
    • Grant Smith: Best Brain Boy
    • Kirran Somerlade: Big-Time Thinker
    • Chris Zito: AKA “Zito”