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"My database says... you’s a bitch."
— Super Android 13

Android 15.png

Android 15 (人造人間15号, Jinzōningen Jūgo Gō) is an alcoholic midget purple-skinned android created by Dr. Gero who only appears in the movie Super Android 13 Abridged. Along with most of Dr. Gero's creations, he was created with the purpose of killing Goku, but never got activated due to having a drinking problem (15 states, however, that it's only a problem when he runs out). Much like in the FUNimation dub, he speaks in an African American accent with a similar personality to his original counterpart, but is shown to dislike racism. He gets decapitated by Vegeta, with the Saiyan prince adding insult to injury by throwing a dog treat at 15's head before he explodes. His remaining parts are later absorbed by Android 13. He is voiced by Antfish.


(many cars are seen crashing into each other as the androids walk through the street)

Android 15: Man, everyone actin' a fool... Like they never seen a purple dwarf before.

Android 14: (unintelligible static) (They do not understand our struggle.)

Android 15: I know, right? Racist as shit. -- Super Android 13 Abridged

Vegeta: ...Alright, well what about the small one? Is it because he's purple?

Android 13: Okay, racist, if you must know... (Android 15 is seen swigging from a flask) it's cuz he's got a drinking problem.

Android 15: (off-screen) Hey, it's only a problem when I run out!

Android 13: We don't like to talk about it. -- Super Android 13 Abridged

(Super Saiyan Vegeta and Android 15 both exchange punches at the same time, with Vegeta falling to the ground and losing his Super Saiyan form)

Android 15: Ha-ha! Super Saiyan or not, you're still just a... (his head comes off and lands on his hands) ...bitch. (Vegeta throws a dog treat at him) Did you just throw a motherf**kin' dog-- (explodes) -- Super Android 13 Abridged


  • He seems to be the only person to understand Android 14's static.
  • His comment of his drinking problem only being a problem when he runs out relates to Jeff Dunham character Bubba J saying he drank too much when he runs out.
  • He is the second android to have a dog treat thrown at his decapitated head by Vegeta. The first is 19.
    • Overall, he is the third character to experience this, after 19 and Vegeta's favorite target Guldo.