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"Tell you what? You live a few years in stasis with your creator repeating the words 'Kill Goku.' over and over again in your subconscious, then you can ride that high horse all day long. "
— "Percussive Maintenance"

Android 17 (人造人間17号), (actually known as Cyborg 17), Lapis (ラピス) when he was human, is the seventeenth android creation of Dr. Gero and is the younger twin brother of Android 18. He was converted into an android and activated by him when he returned to his lab following a failed attempt to kill Goku. Due to an (possible) error in his auditory, he kills Dr. Gero while the latter was telling the twins that he is their master. After his sister activated Android 16, the trio decided to hunt down and kill Goku, mostly because they literally had nothing better to do. Eventually, he gets absorbed by Cell, which is later followed suit by his sister.


Android 17 was a laid back and easy-going person, not taking his task to kill Goku seriously and seeing it more as a game. His inability to treat murdering Goku with urgency extended to him looking for modes of transportation such as cars and boats as opposed to simply flying so that he could prolong the completion of the mission.

Android 17 had a tendency to make rude or mocking remarks toward others, as he insulted Vegeta's hairstyle,[1] teased Piccolo for what he perceived as him being weak before they fought an evenly matched battle,[2] and insulting Cell's appearance.[3]

Another trait of his was his overall confidence in himself, believing that Krillin would not have been able to stop him and the other androids, while Android 18 would delay the quest with other antics.[4] Though Android 17 did his own delaying which extend to driving around as opposed to flying around and therefore eliminating the amount of time required to find him, his actions were always to advance the goal and he never abstained from the task.[5] In this manner, he was similar to Android 16 in wanting to treat the objective with priority, though he was more alike his sister in having fun while engaging opponents and trading mocking banter in battle.

Among the group until his absorption by Cell,[3] Android 17 acted as the leader of the three, making decisions for them such as how they would travel to get to Goku and questioning the others whereas both Androids 16 and 18 would merely go along with his questions and actions despite neither having the same ambition to pilot cars nor waste time in the quest to find Goku. One of the few exceptions arose when Android 16 flat out rejected Android 17's proposal for the group to find a boat in order for their access to Kame House.[6]

Android 17 had an interest in vehicle operating, causing him to prefer obtaining a car before reaching Goku's home and later a boat so that the group could travel to Kame House.[6] Android 17 was also willing to admit this, as he did to his sister when she asked him why the group needed one in their search for Goku. However, he was further capable of justifying the usefulness of the machinery, as he told Android 16 that he believed a truck, the vehicle he wanted, would prove useful in harming Goku in their planned encounter with him.[1]

Despite his love of fun, he harbored a deep resentment of Dr. Gero for converting him into an android and coldly killed him as an act of revenge. When later mentioning the murder, he would only passingly refer to it and not think much of the fact that he had ended another person's life. This showed that Android 17 was more bothered by the actions of Gero than his own and that he found murder justifiable when it meant doing harm to someone that he felt had wronged him.

Android 17 exercised a continuous style of doing things before thinking. Most of his actions following his activation tended to be this. Given that only minutes before killing him, Android 17 talked with Dr. Gero in a casual manner, it is highly plausible he did it at the spur of the moment, suggesting that he was not calculating.[7] When he activated Android 16 and learned of his intent to kill Goku, which he ultimately decided to go along with at the time, it is evident that he only joined due to a lack of other objectives and that he had not planned on it prior.[1] His choice to engage both Piccolo[6] and Cell[3] also showed that he acted on a present situation without so much as giving a thought to his actions afterward, barring his stated intent to destroy Kame House and its island,[6] a rare example of him giving some idea toward what he would do after his intention of killing Goku had been carried out.

Given their familial relation, Androids 17 and 18 had perhaps the closest relationship amongst any of Dr. Gero's creations. They frequently had conversations, even in the midst of battle, that showed their ability to speak with each other in a casual manner that could translate to almost any atmosphere, as previously noted. Android 17 did not defend Android 18 from most insults or comments made toward her but nevertheless would come to her aid if he felt there was a chance of her being overwhelmed. Android 17 also showed a willingness to speak out against his sister whenever he believed she was in the wrong, as he did when she blew up the route that Android 16 was enjoying,[6] something that Android 18 repeated toward him whenever she disliked his choices during their search for Goku, in particular his attempts at operating vehicles in spite of him being able to fly.[4]

Android 17 was also close to Android 16, the two finding a similarity in neither caring much for Dr. Gero[1] and having a shared, albeit varying in seriousness, interest in killing Goku. Android 16 for the most part was passive to Android 17, agreeing to go along with most of his wishes and only ever crossing him once on the grounds that they had already gone in the direction that Android 17 wanted, Android 16 seemingly seeing it as them taking turns.[6] Android 16 was bothered by Cell's absorbing of Android 17 and considered him a friend that had been taken away from him, invoking him repeatedly following the event.[8]

Of the Z-Fighters, Piccolo emerged as the one for whom Android 17 would develop any sort of notable antagonistic relationship with, apart from Future Trunks, though he engaged Piccolo in combat more than the others. In their initial encounter, Android 17 was able to easily defeat Piccolo with a blow, causing him to have a low impression of him and even surmise that his challenge toward him and the other androids was merely an attempt to either buy time for the others or a suicide mission, not seeing Piccolo as having made any improvements until the pair proved to be an even match. Well-aware of Piccolo's past attempt at killing Goku, Android 17 likened his attempt toward that of the androids and thereby began relating to him. The relationship was only further benefited by Cell's appearance, causing the two to become allies up until Piccolo was seemingly killed during the conflict. Android 17 was now aware of Piccolo's true strength and avoided his attacks directed toward Cell, showing that he believed that the moves posed a serious threat, a demonstration that he had changed his perspective on him.[3]


In the Anime[]

Arrogant, handsome, and fiercely independent, Android 17, like his sister Android 18 and comrade Android 16, were thought to be villains, but were ultimately vindicated in their own way. 17 was absorbed by Cell, after doing little but stealing a 'Lucky Foods' van and giving a beating to the warriors, which was prompted by them. He never showed true malice to anyone but Dr. Gero and Cell; although, he did threaten Piccolo's life when the Namekian refused to divulge Goku's whereabouts. He was resurrected after the Cell Games and went on to live a life of peace in obscurity. 

In Dragon Ball Z Abridged[]


Android 17 was originally known as Lapis, prior to his conversion into an android by Dr. Gero. Lapis initially had blonde hair like his sister Lazuli (later Android 18), but dyed it to black after being mistaken for her. Lapis hardly had any driving experience nor a license before being kidnapped and turned into an android. After his conversion into an android, he laid dormant for three years, being told by Dr. Gero in his subconscious for three years to kill Goku, Gero's old enemy who had defeated the Red Ribbon Army.


17 makes his first appearance in DBZA episode 38. Before Gero activated 17, he had doubts about it. When Piccolo tried to break the door, Gero turned on 17. When the pod opened, 17 talked in a classic robot voice, which confused Dr.Gero, as he didn't program him to talk as such; but 17 shortly dismissed the act and admitted that he was just messing with him and made a reference to Looney Toons' Bugs Bunny, asking him "What's up Doc?" He also commented on the length of his 'sleep', which was because he tried to destroy Gero; and that he was very broken up about it. His reasoning behind it was every time Gero spoke, all 17 heard was "kill me, kill me, kill me', which he blamed on his auditory. He stood and watched with a humored demeanor as Gero released 18, an act he would only do if he were in grave trouble, which 17 commented on. 18 attempted the same robot voice, 17 stopped her as he had already done it, to which she insulted him, but just as quickly lost interest.

Gero went on to tell the twins of his earlier encounter, to which 17 finds humorous and 18 finds surprising. 17 comments that he thought 19, whom he called a "fat clown thing", was a joke, when Gero said he had built and lost another android. Then he came upon the realization Gero was an android, and both twins asked how he did it.

With the Z-Fighters breaking down the door, Dr. Gero stated that the two androids were tasked with eliminating them, to which Android 17 stated that they would but after discussing their trust issues because he felt that they would be deactivated once they killed them and he did not know how. Dr. Gero showed him the remote he intended to do this with, Android 17 grabbing it and swearing that he would hold onto it real tight before breaking it as he confirmed to Android 18 that his hand had slipped.

Dr. Gero swore that the androids would do what he said and Android 17 asked him to repeat and as he did so impaled his arm through his creator's body, his head coming off as a result. As Dr. Gero tried to speak with the Z-Fighters, Android 17 stomped his head.

New ally[]

Android 17 moved away from the now-smashed head as the Z-Fighters looked on, shortly afterward Future Trunks blasting the cave in and destroying the laboratory. The androids survived the blast, opening the pod of another android who introduced himself to the pair as Android 16. Android 16 explained his sole goal was to kill Goku, leading Android 18 to state that Dr. Gero had a one-track mind and Android 17 told the two that he was glad he had killed him, elaborating that he was referring to Gero and not Goku. With Android 16 requesting for the three to murder Goku, Androids 17 and 18 complied, Android 17 citing that they had nothing better to do and the group flew off together.

Vegeta became frustrated with being ignored by the androids and flew off behind them, going ahead of the rest of the Z-Fighters. The androids waited for a vehicle to come as Android 17 wanted one to drive, hoping that a truck would come so he could take it. With asking Android 16 what he hoped the vehicle was, Android 16 questioned if it would assist in murdering Goku, Android 17 stated that he could probably hit him with it and Android 16 said that he too hoped it was a truck.

Vegeta arrived and insulted both Androids 17 and 18, prompting Android 18 to insist that she was going to break his arm, Android 17 then admitting to her that she was proving his point before being told to shut up. While Android 18 fought Vegeta, the rest of the Z-Fighters arrived. Android 17 noticed this and asked Android 16 if he wanted to fight them, dismissing him when he reiterated his intent to only kill Goku.

Though Future Trunks tried to warn Vegeta that they needed to leave and Vegeta refused since he felt he had Android 18 right where he wanted her, Android 17 interjected that Vegeta and Android 18 could continue their fight without his involvement, only if it was between the two and without the assistance of the Z-Fighters, Android 17 proclaiming that he would personally introduce them to the pavement.

Fighting the Z-Fighters[]

The fight between Android 18 and Vegeta persisted without interference, until Android 18 broke Vegeta's arm and Future Trunks tried to attack her to no avail, Android 17 then becoming involved and attacking him, knocking Future Trunks to the ground. As Tien and Piccolo came in to assist, Android 17 mentioned his previous warning and knocked out Piccolo momentarily before getting ahold of Tien, placing him in a chokehold as he stated that he might let him go if he could give him one reason he thought jumping in was a good idea, stressing to Tien that he did not get it either after Tien continued to struggle with breathing. After the Z-Fighters were defeated, Vegeta's hair reverting to black as he slipped into unconsciousness, Android 17 noted his ability to do this, prompting Android 18 to mention him having dyed his hair though Android 17 told her that she was just jealous because he had worn it better than her. Android 18 asserted that people kept mistaking him for her, which prompted him to ask if that meant him girly or her masculine before the two overheard a sound from Krillin.

They approached him and Krillin swore that he did not want to fight them since he would come up short, Android 17 then informing him that they had no interest in fighting him, remarking that he was about as threatening as a cocker spaniel. With Krillin stating that he would stand there and do nothing and Android 18 mentioning they were going to kill Goku, followed by Krillin swearing that they could not kill him, Android 17 retorted that he was pretty sure they could. Krillin insisted that they should not and Android 16 say they still should proceed since he wanted to, leading Android 17 to reason to Krillin that they're hands were tied. Krillin stressed that he would be forced to stop them, leading Android 18 to kiss him and Android 17 to then question her as they flew away on whether she had developed a thing for dwarfs. Android 18 hinted at the possibility, prompting Android 17 to tell her that she could just date a black guy if she wanted to piss off their parents. Android 18 replied, "Oh my god", leading Android 17 to remark that they were dead.

Finding transportation[]

While looking for a vehicle, Android 17 flew with Androids 16 and 18. Though 18 complained about it being cold in the air, he remarked that she probably would be better off if she would help him looking for a vehicle rather than whine and spotted a pink van. He was not impressed with the vehicle and would have avoided it were it not for 18 making a callback to his earlier statement about her whining costing them, leading him to go after the van.

He learned the name of the van was "Lucky Foods" and thought the name was ironic. Though he was told to stay away from the van by one of its drivers, Android 17 chose to take it and corrected 16 when the latter started to grab the vehicle, in the process removing its boxes and allowing himself a place to sit as 17 pointed out. 16 called shotgun and 17 noted that he had used the term improperly by sitting in the back, but encouraged him to keep trying. The van was reported as stolen and while the three were pursued by officers, 17 complied in pulling over, believing that the encounter would be "great" and told 18 to shut up as one of the officers explained the circumstances surrounding the encounter and arrested the pair by putting them in handcuffs. They were easily able to get out of their handcuffs, showing their massive strength to the officers as a result.

While driving, 17 responded to 18's question on what the group would do after they killed Goku that they would be able to do whatever they want and questioned who would stop them. 17 agreed with 16 when he stated it would not be Goku and then asked 16 how far away they were from him. 18 became annoyed in learning of the great distance between them and 17 tried to cheer her up by turning on the radio, though he was quick to dislike the country music that started playing and surmised that this was due to their location.

Arrival at Goku's home and Kame House[]

The three went into a forrest, which annoyed Android 18 though enthused Android 17 who questioned where her sense of adventure was. Android 16 tried to tell her that he liked the route, but she ignored this as she destroyed much of the forrest with a blast. Android 17 told her that she had made a "dick move".

The group arrived at Goku's home, where Android 18 went in while Androids 17 and 16 remained outside. Android 17 questioned her as to how it looked inside and after she reported that the place was empty, Android 17 admitted that he had not figured Goku was a runner. Android 18 suggested that he had went to Kame House, though Android 17 argued that this was the first place where they would look, which Android 16 confirmed as their next destination. Android 17 mentioned that since it was an island, they could not take a car and opted to take a boat until Android 16 denied this by telling him that since they had done it his was it was time to do it his own way, "the bird way" which saw the three flying to the island.

Android 17 arrived at Kame House with 16 and 18, overhearing Piccolo state that he would sleep when he was dead and interjecting that he could help with that, revealing the group as being present and greeted them with a "Yo" before explaining that they were there for Goku and stating "Son of a bitch" following Android 16 correctly detecting that Goku was not there. With Piccolo restating Android 16's confirmation that Goku was not there, Android 17 said that he had heard him but was not happy with learning of Goku's absence, adding they had come all "this way to kill somebody." He then gave Piccolo the alternative of telling him where Goku was or going with the second option, which he chose not to state until Android 18 blurted out that they would kill him. Piccolo opted to fight the androids and stated there were some uninhabited islands nearby, Android 17 questioning how he knew this before flying off with him and the other androids.

Fight with Piccolo[]

Android 17 told Android 18 after arriving on one of the islands that he would be fighting since she had "all the fun last time", then questioning Piccolo as to his motives in trying to fight him, whether or not he was trying to buy time or throw his life away, recalling their previous physical confrontation and describing it as not having gone well for him. Piccolo claimed to be a different Namekian from the one he had faced before, leading Android 17 to question if he was speaking metaphorically, worrying that he would sound like a racist for stating that he looked exactly the same.

As Piccolo continued charging, Android 17 complained that he had been at it for twenty hours, defining hyperbole for Android 16 when he corrected him that it had only been five minutes. Android 17 then mentioning his inability to sense power levels and questioned what was going on with Piccolo before being instructed by Android 16 to dodge, which only distracted him as he took a punch to the face from Piccolo. Android 16 tried to warn him that Piccolo had fused with Kami, who Android 17 was unfamiliar with, leading him to question what he was as he was knocked down to the ground by Piccolo.

After surviving one of Piccolo's beams, the two continued their altercation and Android 17 came to be in the air while Piccolo shot at him from the ground. Android 17 was able to dodge most of the blasts until not having to do so as Piccolo seemed to be randomly throwing them, which prompted Android 17 to mention that he had stopped dodging and question Piccolo on whether or not he was even still trying to hit him, to which Piccolo assured him that he was not, confusing Android 17 until he noticed all of the beams around him and realized they were part of an upcoming attack.

Piccolo screamed out "HELLZONE GRENADE", revealing the attacks name to Android 17 who lamented that it even had a cool name right before being struck by it and having smoke cast him as a result of the attack, though he emerged unscathed moments afterward and confronted Piccolo on the hypocrisy of him trying to prevent them from killing Goku when he had previously tried to kill him in the past. After Piccolo defend himself as having done it for revenge for the death of his father, Android 17 mentioned his three years of having the instructions to kill Goku told to him and suggested that Piccolo do it before he was able to ride his "high horse".

After Piccolo expressed surprise by the omission, Android 17 questioned him, afterward he answered that it was nostalgic for him. Android 17 and Piccolo began fighting a battle that consisted of them taking turns punching each other in the stomach, ending with the two gaining distance from each other as Android 17 conceited that Piccolo was hard to put down. Cell arrived and Android 17, having never seen him before, questioned what he was as Cell requested to join in.

Meeting Cell[]

Android 17 is confused by Cell's appearance.

After Cell made his introduction to the androids, Android 17 asked Piccolo of his identity and whether or not he was Piccolo's "inbred mutant cousin", confusing Piccolo who revealed that he had thought Cell was with him only for Android 17 to question why he would know him. After Cell referred to Android 17 as his brother, the android expressed confusion and did so again after Cell vaguely spoke about himself before beginning to power up. With Piccolo claiming that Cell was from the future, Android 17 sarcastically remarked that he was a park ranger. With Cell completing his power up, he headed over to the androids. Android 17 told him that he had already killed Dr. Gero and tried to dismiss him only to be grabbed and put to the ground, putting him in the position to be absorbed before Piccolo intervened and saved him.

Android 17 questioned Cell on where they would go after he had become convinced that he was related to him somehow, leading Cell to reveal his intent to absorb him, though Android 17 told him to stop it. Cell expressed that he would absorb the androids and make them part of his being, though Android 17 declined this by attacking Cell. He was restrained until Piccolo intervened again by charging his Light Grenade, the attack being familiar to Android 17 who jumped out of the way as Cell walked into it. Though Cell took the attack head-on, he was not affected by it due to being far more powerful and defeated Piccolo after this by blowing a hole through his chest, directing his attention to the androids again. Though Android 16 tried to convince Android 17 to flee from Cell, as he had tried doing with Android 18, he refused to leave as he wanted to see how the fight played out and was knocked down again, having Cell put his tail near his face and being repulsed by it, though Android 16 intervened when Cell claimed that he would kill everyone on the planet including Goku. Android 17 asked Android 16 what took him so long and when he claimed he was trying to see how things played out, Android 17 asked if he was being sarcastic, admitting he was proud of him when he claimed he did not know what sarcasm was.

Android 17 is absorbed by Cell.

Android 16 expressed his intent to kill Cell, which caused Android 17 to mention that his sole mission was to kill Goku. While Android 16 fought with Cell, he removed his tail and caused him to scream, leading Android 17 to admit that he was not prepared for that day. Android 16 used a rocket attack that impressed Android 17 and when it appeared he had obliterated Cell, Android 16 questioned why they were still there. Android 17 told his fellow android that he and his sister could not just leave them there since they were the three amigos, reasoning that they had planned to reek havoc just as Cell had intended. Android 17 repented after Android 16 expressed that he did not want to see the world they lived in have harmed done to it, telling him that they were going to forget about killing things and people, which included Goku, before Cell appeared behind him and stuck his tail at him, successfully getting Android 17 inside. Android 17 said that this was not the way he was supposed to die and asked the others to pull off the tail before being absorbed and triggering Cell's transformation into Semi-Perfect Cell.[3]

After absorption[]

Shortly after his absorption, Cell used Android 17's appearance through himself to attempt convincing Android 18 to allow him to absorb her. He as Android 17 claimed that she needed to get "all up in Cell" and not "blow" her breasts after she stated her intent to self-destruct as a way of getting away from him in a hipster manner of speaking. As Android 17 went on about how Cell had different pleasantries inside of him, Android 18 cut him off and asked Cell if he even knew anything about them, leading him to retract the projection of Android 17.

While Tien distracted Cell and allowed for Android 18 to get next to Android 16, who had been injured by the even more powerful Cell, Android 16 asked where Android 17 was, leading Android 18 to explain that he was gone and both expressing that they were saddened by this.[9]

Android 17 was mentioned by Android 16 as part of his "family", which he reasoned Cell had destroyed in absorbing the two, though Cell argued that he and Android 18 were part of his family as well.[10] When Android 16 later went to approach Krillin about becoming friends, while under the impression that Krillin was a duck, he recalled Android 17's absorption in an attempt at saying that his prior friends had been absorbed by Cell, though he cut himself off in speaking.[8]

Death and revial[]

During the fight against the Z-Fighters, Cell (having been forced to go back into his Semi-Perfect form), decided to blow up the entire Earth by activating his self-destruction sequence. However, while Cell blew up King Kai's planet instead, 17 died in the explosion as he was still absorbed. However, he was soon brought back to life after the Z-Fighters used Shenron to bring back everybody that died on Earth back to life.


Android 17 possesses great endurance, being able to withstand what Future Trunks called his most powerful move[1] and Piccolo's Hell Zone grenade without taking a scratch or any indication of damage, both circumstances having taken Android 17 by surprise, indicating that this was his natural strength.

One of his superhuman abilities gained from his conversion into an android is flight, which allows Android 17 transportation through the air, something which made his request to use a car during his search for Goku all the more bizarre to Android 18. Android 17's choice to not use his flight for this measure came entirely from an interest in operating a vehicle.[1] Arguably it was the most neglected of all his skills by his fixation with using an automobile, which regulated it to having no use.


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  • Only appeared as a projection in Episode 48.


Android 17: (in a classic robot voice) Hello, Dr. Gero, how are you today?
Dr. Gero: Well, that's.... new. I--
Android 17: (normal voice) I'm just messin' with ya, man. What's up, Doc? — Episode 38: Dr. Gero or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Androids

Android 17: Man, according to my database, it's been a while since you last turned us off.
Dr. Gero: You mean, since you tried to destroy me.
Android 17: Yeah, Doc, and I'm real broken up about that. It's just, every time you talked, all I heard was, "Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!" Something with my auditory. Think it's gone now, though.
Dr. Gero: Well, suppose you just needed to be turned off and on again. — Episode 38: Dr. Gero or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Androids

Dr. Gero: Do not activate Android 16! He's not properly programmed!
Android 17: Oh, and how many of us are? (adopts a southern accent with a banjo music playing in the background) Howdy, folks, I'm Android 13. Look at mah trucker hat.
Dr. Gero: I was going through a phase! — Episode 38: Dr. Gero or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Androids

Android 17: Okay, here's the plan: first car that arrives, we... appropriate.
Android 18: Ugh, and all the way out in the boonies. It's probably gonna be a semi.
Android 17: (gasps) Oh, I hope it's a truck! What do you think, Sixteen?
Android 16: Will it assist us in murdering Son Goku?
Android 17: I dunno; I guess you could hit him pretty hard him with it...
Android 16: Then I, too, hope it is a truck.Episode 39: Blood, Sweat, and Gears

(a truck eventually arrives at the battle)
Android 17: Aw, yeah! A truc-
(Vegeta fires a blast at Android 18, who jumps out of the way, causing him to destroy the truck)
Android 17: Aw... Dick! — Episode 39: Blood, Sweat, and Gears

Krillin: Okay, now listen. I believe that if we were to come to blows, I would, ah... come up short. No pun intended.
Android 18: Heh, he's funny.
Android 17: Roll it back, pint-size. We're not gonna fight you. You're about about as threatening as a cocker spaniel.
Krillin: You bring up a... fantastic point. So I shall continue to stand here and do nothing. — Episode 40: 16, 17, and 18 Things I Hate About You

(Android 18 gives Krillin a kiss on the cheek before the walking away with Androids 16 & 17)
Android 17: The hell was that? You got a thing for dwarves now?
Android 18: What if I do? Societal definitions of beauty are BS anyway.
Android 17: Look, if this is about pissing off Mom and Dad, you could just date a black guy.
Android 18: Oh, my God.
Android 17: Oh, right, they're dead.
Android 18: Oh, my God.Episode 40: 16, 17, and 18 Things I Hate About You

(the androids are seen flying through a snowy landscape)
Android 18: Seriously, can we speed this up? It's cold as tits up here.
Android 17: You know, maybe if you stopped whining and helped me look, we'd-- Oh! Oh, look! There's one! There's... (sees it's a pink van with LUCKY FOODS on the side) Actually, second thought, we don't have to steal the first one we see...
Android 18: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't hear you over your welching.
Android 17: Agh, whatever. — Episode 41: The Trouble With Time Travel

Android 17: We're here for Goku.
Piccolo: Son of a bitch.
Android 16: Son Goku is not here.
Android 17: Son of a bitch! — Episode 45: Hyperbolic Plot Device

Android 17: Now, are you trying to buy time, or are you just looking to throw your life away? Because if I remember correctly... (remembers kicking Piccolo's ass) this did not go well for you last time.
Piccolo: Oh, I'm not the same Namekian you faced before. (takes off his turban and cape)
Android 17: Oh. Oh, shit, are you talking metaphorically? Because if not, I'm gonna start feeling like a racist, because you look EXACTLY the SAME. (Piccolo begins to power up)Episode 46: Percussive Maintenance

Android 17: Man, he has been at this for like, twenty hours.
Android 16: It has been five minutes.
Android 17: It's called hyperbole, big guy. Also, I can't sense power levels. What's going on over there?
Android 16: Dodge.
Android 17: Dodge what-- (gets punched in the face by Piccolo) You know, 16, yelling "Dodge!" is more distracting than helpful! — Episode 46: Percussive Maintenance

(Cell starts to absorb Android 17 after catching him off-guard)
Android 17: (muffled as he is getting swallowed up) Oh, God, this is totally disgusting! This isn't how this is supposed to work! I'm not supposed to die like this! I'm too cool! Someone pull off his tail-- I'm too cool for this! I'm too cool-- (gets swallowed up completely)Episode 46: Family Reunion


  • The original plan for Android 17, according to Team Four Star, was to give him a gangster like personality, but that was scrapped when they felt it would have been too annoying. It actually got used during Advanced Geometry when Cell tried to manipulate Android 18.
  • 17 had made a previous attempt on his creator's life, which resulted in his shutdown.
  • 17 is extremely clever and very easily tricked his creator into revealing his failsafe.
  • 17 used to be blonde, but he dyed it because people were mistaking him for 18--despite the fact that he has a darker skin tone than her.
  • 17 doesn't seem to share 18's hatred of country music, but instead shows no interest/disinterest in it.
  • Android 17's comments about Android 19 suggest that he either met him before being deactivated or saw the blueprints for Android 19 prior to his creation.[7]
  • 17 is oddly courteous, caring about his sister and having a strange soft spot for 16, treating him like a mentally challenged sibling.
  • Like his anime/manga counterpart, he has little to no desire to kill Goku; and only attempts to help 16 complete his "mission" and because he "Ain't got nothin' better to do."
  • 17 seems to take more pleasure in frightening people than beating them. 18 seems to take more pleasure in beating people than him.
  • 17, likely due to his ego and belief he is the best, seems to be unaffected by any insults/derogatory comments.(i.e. He had no response to Vegeta's derogatory slur) Unlike his sister, who seems to be more offended by insults and sexist comments.
  • Future 17 said that after he makes humans extinct, he would become a park ranger. Present 17 didn't believe Piccolo at first when he said that Cell came from the future, so 17 sarcastically said that he was a park ranger.
    • Ironically the original 17 became a park ranger after the Cell Saga.
  • Android 17 was the only one of the android trio that Future Trunks did not think Krillin might try to have sex with.
  • Unlike the original manga and anime, Android 17 only encounters Tenshinhan once, during the Z-Fighter's fight against the androids whereas in canon Tenshinhan warns Android 17 of Cell being behind him right before his absorption.
  • Android 17 is the second android to insult Vegeta's hairline, the first being Android 19.
  • 17's voice and mannerisms were based after his voice actor from the Big Green dub, Douglas Rand.
  • In the beta version (during the Saiyan saga airing of the episodes) of the role cast, Lapis was gonna be played by KaiserNeko but for reason got replaced by his currect VA when the episode he started debuted


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