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"How quickly bravado goes out the window when you're flat on your ass. That's pretty sad."
— "Blood, Sweat, and Gears"

Android 18 (人造人間18号), Cyborg 18, Lazuli (ラズリ) when she was human, is the eighteenth android creation of Dr. Gero and is the older twin sister of Android 17. She was converted into an android and activated by him when he returned to his lab following a failed attempt to kill Goku. Following Dr. Gero's death, she activated Android 16 and engaged Vegeta in a fight. During her brother's battle with Piccolo, she encountered Cell for the first time. After Android 17 was absorbed by Cell, she narrowly escaped alongside Android 16, but was eventually absorbed and triggered Cell's Perfect Form. Krillin, after seeing her being thrown up by Cell, picked her up and saved her, later he used a wish on the Dragon Balls to remove the bomb from inside her body.



Android 18 was originally known as Lazuli. She and her twin brother Lapis, later known as Android 17,[1] were converted into androids by Dr. Gero. Dr. Gero wanted to use the pair as part of his attempt at taking the life of Goku following the latter's defeat of the Red Ribbon Army.[2] Though she had cybernetics implanted into her, they do not impede her of reproducing, so she still has her reproductive organs.[3] She remained dormant for three years[4] prior to Dr. Gero, by then known as Android 20 after having converted himself to an android, appeared alongside Android 19.[5]


Android 18 after being activated.

Prior to her activation, she agreed with Android 17 to deceive Dr. Gero with speaking in a classic robot voice.[2] Dr. Gero and Android 19 confronted the Z-Fighers but were incapable of besting the group, Android 19 being destroyed by Vegeta[6] and causing Dr. Gero to have to retreat to his lab for backup in the form of Androids 18 and 17. Android 18 was activated by Dr. Gero shortly following him activating Android 17, who spoke with a classic robot voice to him but gave it up shortly after Dr. Gero expressed surprise with the new manner of speaking. Android 18 upon activation tried to emulate the same voice, but was cut off in speaking mid-sentence when Android 17 revealed he had already done it, to which she called him a "dick" and mentioning that they were supposed to do it together. With Android 17 reasoning that he could not help himself in doing it without her, Android 18 turned her attention back to Dr. Gero, asking what he wanted.

Dr. Gero related what had occurred, including that Android 19 had been destroyed. Both Androids 18 and 17 dismissed the fallen android as a joke and Android 18 furthered that it had proven to be one from being destroyed, though Dr. Gero warned the same fate would befall them since the Z-Fighters were outside of the laboratory and were having little success getting inside, expressing their frustration loudly, prompting Android 18 to remark that they were loud. Vegeta arrived alongside Future Trunks and despite the latter requesting that he not do so, blew down the door, allowing both the androids and the Z-Fighters to get their first view of each other, Android 18 remarking to Dr. Gero that he had a "whole hot mess" of them there. Dr. Gero tasked her and her brother with dispatching of the group, leading Android 18 to express her belief that she would need some assistance in doing so. Android 18 walked to Android's 16 pod, surprised that Gero had built a "ginger android" and acknowledged there was a soulless joke to be made there but felt it was beneath her. Dr. Gero called on her to stop disobeying him and in doing so aroused Android 17's frustrations regarding him trying to control the pair. After Android 17 started to betray Dr. Gero by grabbing his remote and crushing it, Android 18 asked him playfully if his hand had malfunctioned. Android 17 impaled Dr. Gero with his hand and in doing so, the chances of both he and his sister being deactivated again deceased significantly.[2]

Meeting 16[]

After Android 17 destroyed Gero, Future Trunks destroyed Dr. Gero's laboratory with what he claimed was his most powerful blast, though the androids managed to survive unscathed. Once the smoke cleared, Androids 18 and 17 were visible to the Z-Fighters once again. Though Android 17 was interested in speaking over what could possibly have Future Trunks so angry, as he heard him talking to the others from the sky, Android 18 was disinterested and proceeded to open the pod, which tried to inform her that there were updates that needed to be made, but being impatient, 18 quickly removed the lid, dismissing the updates by saying "screw that", before they could be installed. After becoming acquainted with her fellow android, who's sole goal to kill Goku contributed to their beliefs that Gero had a one-track mind, 18 and 17 decided to help him and flew off with their new acquaintance. Android 17 stated that they needed a car, to which Android 18 questioned the necessity of having one.

The group landed and Android 17 expressed his intent to appropriate whatever vehicle came their way, afterward Android 18 lamenting that they were in the boonies and that it would probably be a semi given their location. Vegeta then arrived and insulted Android 18 and Android 17 by calling them "On-the-raggedy Ann" and "Faggoty Andy". In response to this, Android 18 swore that she would break his arm and insulted her brother by calling him "Ann" after he told her that she was proving Vegeta's point by responding so aggressively. Android 16 declined to fight and Android 17 was preoccupied with finding a vehicle, leading Android 18 to thank him for leaving her to "fight the troll doll." Vegeta warned her that he was not afraid to hit a woman and she said this was fine as neither was she before charging towards him and throwing several punches, after which Vegeta grabbed her arm and threw her. Android 18 took a punch to the face and was sent back by it, afterward she started to seemingly flee once Vegeta suggested that she should but revealed that he was kidding.

The two confronted each other on top of a truck, being seen by its drivers as they stared at each other. Android 18 teased Vegeta by laughing at him as he struggled to land any blows on her and swore that he would kill as many people as he had to as long as she was one of them. They then returned to the site where Androids 16 and 17 were standing, informing her brother that there was a freeway close by, which she assumed he was unaware of before he stated that he knew but thought waiting around was more entertaining. Vegeta asked her if she was done running, leading Android 18 to retort if his mouth was and once he failed to hit her while killing a driver in their truck by destroying it, Android 18 landed on the ground and asked him if this was "just a short guy thing".

Android 18 breaks Vegeta's arm.

Android 18 slammed her head into Vegeta and then knocked him into a crater as the other Z-Fighters arrived. With Vegeta asking if anyone got the "number of that bitch", Android 18 merely said her name and was thanked by him. Android 17 told the others that they would be introduced to the ground if they tried to help Vegeta in his fight against Android 18. Vegeta spoke of his intent to disassemble Android 18, calling her a "smug c**t", prompting her to attack him before he fired a beam at her, which only succeeded in doing damage to her clothing rather than her. Vegeta asked if she had been ruffled yet and she confirmed that with him ruining her favorite/only jacket and leggings that he had. Android 18 then charged at Vegeta and knocked him against a rock after delivering a beating, eventually breaking his arm with a single kick.[7]

Meeting Krillin[]

Future Trunks intervened in their fight once Android 18 broke his father's arm and the latter screamed out in agony, attempting to pierce her with his sword but only succeeding in adding further damage to her clothing. After Future Trunks was knocked out by Android 17, Vegeta tried to charge at him, but was stopped by Android 18 who grabbed him by his leg as she stopped him from finishing his sentence and threw him into his son. Android 18 then asked Vegeta who had two broken arms and was a "total bitch" and though he tried to argue that she had miscalculated and was thereby stupid since she had only broken one of his arms, she proceeded to break the other one, causing Vegeta to squeal and slip into unconsciousness.

After Vegeta reverted to his base form, Android 17 noticed his change in hair color from blonde to black, leading Android 18 to make reference to when Android 17 changed his hair color by remarking that Vegeta did not need a bottle whereas he did. Android 17 argued that he wore it better, but Android 18 was convinced he only changed it due to people mistaking him for her. After 17 questioned if that made him feminine or her masculine, 18 retorted that he spoke like Vegeta fought. They turned their attention to Krillin once he made a sound and walked over to him, after which he tried to reason with them as to why they should not fight him though the pair had no intention of doing so. Android 18 commented that he was funny and after Krillin expressed his intent to continue standing there and doing nothing, she replied that it sounded good and that she and the other androids were going to go kill Goku before they started to walk away.

Android 18 kisses Krillin.

Krillin attempted to stop the three of them, despite everyone present knowing he has nowhere near the power needed to do so. He reasoned that the group did not have to kill Goku since they could go against their programming as evidenced by Android 17 killing Dr. Gero, to which Android 16 insisted they should still do it since he wanted to and Android 17 agreed to it. Following this, Krillin, albeit with a touch of fear, swore that he would be forced to stop the androids. In response, Android 18 kissed Krillin on the cheek and called him cute, telling him to have fun living "to not fight another day." 17 asked if she was attracted to Krillin, she stated societal definitions of beauty (which Krillin doesn't quite meet) "are BS anyway." When her brother suggested she could make their parents angry by dating a black guy, Android 18 replied, "Oh my god" and again when he claimed they were deceased.[8]


After the fight with the Z-Fighters, the androids flew around and found a vehicle as Android 17 had wanted, though it was not to his liking. Android 18 made a remark that prompted him to acquire the vehicle, Android 18 standing aside while Android 16 assisted Android 17 in acquiring the van. Following the heist, Android 18 asserted that the trio's first priority was to get her new clothing, as opposed to finding Goku. When the trio's vehicle was reported as stolen, 17 stopped at the pestering of a pair of police officers. 18 expressed surprise that he actually stopped and the duo of officers began arresting the trio when the androids started to show signs of their immense strength, in particular Android 16 easily breaking the cuffs.

Before one of the officers tried to get "bigger, stronger" cuffs out of the vehicle, 18 threw it into a mountain, destroying it. She then broke her handcuffs and said the confrontation was fun, recanting her previous position that it was boring. Sometime afterward while the group were driving, Android 18 asked what they would do after killing Goku, her brother answering anything they wanted. The conversation carried over to Android 17 asking Android 16 how much longer they had until reaching Goku's home and once he stated the extraneous distance, Android 18 became annoyed, leading Android 17 to turn some country music on, annoying her further and causing Android 17 to remember where they were which he reasoned was why the music was playing. Up to ears with the song, Android 18 devised a plan to terminate country music once the group had acted out their intent to kill Goku.[9]

The group arrived at a clothing store where Android 18 was able to acquire some new clothes, though she was unimpressed as she asked the store owner if they were the best he had and in being asked how she liked it, she stated that "like" was a strong word and was more willing to label it as something she would "tolerate". With store owner revealing to her his belief that he would probably be loved by his father again if he brought her home with him, Android 18 signaled that was her cue to leave and bid him farewell, without paying. She ignored him as he told her that she had to pay for her new clothes and returned to the truck Android 17 was driving before he drove off, though the van returned after the store owner called her a "bimbo" and ordered her to return in a fit of rage over her not buying what she had on.[10]

While they continued driving, Android 17 ruined the van due to his inexperience in driving. Android 18 expressed disbelief over this while the two stood outside waiting for Android 16 to work out a solution, of which she asked him about while they were waiting before changing the subject to an explosion that had went off nearby, the result of Piccolo and Cell dueling, though blown off by Android 17 as Vegeta expressing his frustrations with not being able to best the pair.[11]

Searching for Goku[]

Android 18 at Goku's house.

Android 18 was disappointed with Android 17's choice to drive in the forest after a rather uncomfortable time on the freeway. As Android 16 tried to state how much he enjoyed the "alternate route" for allowing the group to both be around wildlife and spend time together, Android 18 blew up the forest, leading Android 16 to become disappointed and Android 17 to admit that she had made a "dick move". Android 18 ignored his comment and asked Android 16 if he wanted to go to the zoo later on.

The group arrived at Goku's home, Android 18 going through the home and in particular through Chi-Chi's closet while Androids 16 and 17 stood outside waiting for her to finish looking around. Though finding out she and Chi-Chi were the same size, Android 18 could not help but think the majority of her choices of clothing were "junk", expressing this view when asked what it was like in there by Android 17. Stepping outside afterward, she confirmed that no one was there to Android 17, remarking that the home was devoid of "both people and taste" and suggesting that Goku had retreated to Kame House, though Android 17 was skeptical since it was "like the second place" they would look. Android 16 chose it to be their next destination, leading Android 17 to declare the group the group could not arrive there by car, Android 18 expressing relief that she would no longer have to board a vehicle before Android 17 announced that they would find a boat. However, Android 16 opted for the trio to fly and argued that they had done it Android 17's way and would begin doing it his way. Android 18 approved of his decision, saying he was finally speaking her "language", to an extent.

The androids arrived at Kame House, where they were confronted by Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan and Yamcha. Krillin asked Android 18 if she came there often, to which she replied, "Nope." Android 17 threatened Piccolo and the latter seemed oblivious to what his intent was when he insinuated something would happen to him if he did not reveal where Goku was, leading Android 18 to then blurted out that they would kill him, expressing frustration as well.[12] The three then left with Piccolo, arriving at a wasteland as latter began fighting Android 17 while Androids 18 and 16 served as spectators. 18 chose to sit it out after 17 suggested that he be the one to combat the Namekian, leaving her to spend time with 16. As Android 17 and Piccolo fought in a battle that amounted to trading punches to the gut, Android 18 showed her disapproval for the battle, calling it "stupid" and correctly guessed that 16 would enjoy killing Goku when he mentioned it.[13]

Losing brother[]

Android 18 yells for the group to focus on Cell.

Cell arrived sometime into the skirmish, being unfamiliar to the androids who Dr. Gero had never told them of and calling Android 18 his "sister", started to poke out his tongue and move it around, disturbing Android 18 who shouted an obscenity in response to seeing him do so. He spoke of his past, being ominous and further requiring Piccolo to state that Cell was from the future and then began powering up as Android 18 called for the distracted Androids 17 and 16 to focus. Cell powered up, revealing that his strength had doubled and was beyond that of either Piccolo or Androids 17 and 18, essentially making everyone there vulnerable as Piccolo was soon to realize tough the androids did not since they could not sense power levels. When Cell brought up his past defeat of an entire bat-and-ball team at the same time, calling for Piccolo to tell Android 17 about it, Android 18 asked if he was kidding. After Piccolo confirmed he was not, she showed she was not impressed. The fight between Piccolo and Android 17 and Cell waged on due to the pair not being able to defeat him.

Following Android 16 seemingly killing Cell, Android 18 indicates her interest in abstaining from killing.

Sensing this, Android 16 warned Android 18 to leave due to the high probability Piccolo and Android 17 might fail, but Android 18 refused since she wanted to see how the fight would turn out due to her curiosity in the battle and though admitting that it may be a poor decision, as Android 16 indicated, reasoned that it was hers to make. After it appeared Piccolo had killed Cell, Android 16 commenting that he never stood a chance, she retorted to Android 16 that he had been worried for nothing since they had still managed to prevail. However, Cell then revealed himself and discarded of Piccolo, blasting a hole through his chest and throwing him into the water. When Cell remarked that he "died as he lived", Android 18 asked if he meant drowning and Cell elaborated that he meant alone, Android 16 stating this was sad and Cell then asked for her and Android 17, referring to them as his siblings, to join him in a world of "perfection", to which she ordered, "Stop it!" Android 16 started fighting Cell and after ripping off his tail, surprised both Androids 17 and 18, who admitted they were "not ready for today." Android 18 was unimpressed with Android 16's Rocket Punch. After it appeared that Cell had been defeated by Android 16, the latter revealed that he liked both Androids 17 and 18, causing Android 18 to blush. He started to speak on his wishes to not cause harm and destruction since he had grown to care about the world, leading Android 18 to say that he had "the right idea" and Android 17 to repent before Cell approached him from behind and absorbed him.[14]

Escape and in hiding[]

Android 18 yells for Cell to release Android 17.

Following Cell's transformation from absorbing Android 17 and staring at her initially, Android 16 grabbed Android 18 and instructed her to come with him if she wanted to live, her catching his reference as he tried to get her away from him. The pair were caught by Cell, who after being punched in the face by her attempted rescuer, knocked Android 16 down with a single blast, leading Android 18 to question if he was alright. Android 16 suffered extensive injuries from the attack but still asked if she was okay. Cell told Android 18 to divert her attention to him rather than Android 16 since he was trying to absorb her. She ordered him to give her back her brother while calling him a "fish-lipped asshole", making note of his appearance in his new form. With Cell stating her remark would not bring him back, Android 18 called Cell a monster and asked him if he honestly believed she would allow him to absorb her as he had done her brother, to which Cell answered that her compliance did not factor into it.

Android 18 helps Android 16 up while Tien stalls Cell.

Placing her hand on her chest, she intended to detonate her bomb, though Cell thought she was giving herself a "boob exam" and she had to correct him multiple times as he made joke of her threat to blow herself up activating the bomb in her chest, saying it was serious. Cell tried to convince her not to do it by having Android 17 to appear from him and convince her that she was doing the wrong thing, though Android 18 was quick to realize that the reflection of her brother was not actually him but just an image Cell had perpetuated to convince her of justifying his wrongdoings and was so surprised by how out of character he had assessed her brother that she asked him if he even knew anything about them. Android 18 was frustrated by him admitting he had just met her, as she told him that his plan to absorb her was not a game, though he claimed it was as he moved in to absorb her only to be interrupted by Tien. Tien had come to the island after being frustrated by not having gone with Piccolo and feeling helpless in the conflict with the androids. Though the latter was mocked by Cell for being only human, he was able to strike him down with his Shin Kikōhō. Android 18, through not hit by the blast, was knocked down and went over to Android 16 as she agreed to go along with Tien's plan to either blow up or leave as he stalled Cell, being surprised by him addressing her in the first place. She helped Android 16 and informed him that Android 17 was gone when he asked where he was, the pair relating on the fact that they were sad. The two left the island while Tien continued to use his Shin Kikōhō to stall Cell.[15]

Android 18 hiding from Cell.

Android 18 hid from Cell on an island surrounded by a group of other islands, though Cell was able to deduce that she was somewhere around there and Android 18 told Android 16 that the two were lucky they around a group of islands which she theorized would make it difficult for Cell to find them though Android 16 corrected her that it was an archipelago, Android 18 thanking him for the correction. Android 18 devised a plan for the two to avoid Cell by swimming underwater, Android 18 asking Android 16 if he was waterproof, learning that his damages from the blast from Cell earlier had caused him to not anymore which led her to concluding that they were just going to have to wait and hope that Cell moved on. Once Cell finished arguing with some of the people around there, he decided to start blowing up the islands, Android 18 deducing that this was bad for her though Android 16 tried to reason that Cell would not attempt harming her in the destruction and would not risk missing his chance to reach his final form.

Android 18 informs Android 16 of Vegeta's arrival.

Android 18 asked Android 16 if he was sure about this and asked him again after Cell destroyed another island, Android 16 not answering her as his mind started to drift to the squirrel in front of him that he mistook for a bird, Android 18 then reasoning that one was on her.As Cell continued destroying islands, he left only theirs still around, not knowing whether or not Android 18 was there. She turned to Android 16 to report that they were the last island still around, only for Android 16 to keep repeating himself and Android 18 then stressed that he needed to be repaired while referring to him as "buddy". Android 18 braced for the impact of Cell's blast that he intended to use the destroy the island, though he stopped with the arrival of Vegeta. Android 18 recognized Vegeta and said to Android 16 that they would at the very least be able to watch Vegeta die first.[16] Vegeta dominated Cell during their fight, being seen by Android 18 who recalled her previous defeat of him while taking into account that he was defeating Cell, all the while overhearing Android 16 repeat the words, "Data not found." Once he said it continuously, she turned to him, questioning Android 16 as to whether or not he had anything "substantial" to add to her analysis. After he questioned her as to whether she had anything to add, she turned away and continued spectating, repeating his earlier saying, "Data not found."[17]


Android 18 sees the detonator after Krillin gets her attention.

Cell continued being beaten around by Vegeta until swearing that he would have defeated him in his Perfect Form. Cell afterward tried bargaining with Vegeta for the latter to allow him to obtain his Perfect Form through absorbing Android 18. To her surprise, Vegeta consented, leading her to question if he would work with Cell, followed by her denying that she would when asked by Android 16. Krillin, having stood by the two but not attracted their notice, screamed out, leading Android 18 to take notice which included her expressing her romantic interest in him to herself and wonder if he was standing there the whole time. She noticed the detonator by his foot, and became surprised by it, though tensions resolved when Krillin asked her if he could ask her something and she consented, leading him to plea with her not to kill anyone.

Android 18 getting ready to fight Cell.

Before she could answer, Android 16 denied that they would go ahead with his request, since he still wished to kill Goku and that by definition Goku counted as "anyone". Android 18 promised Android 16 that she would get him a Goku and in speaking with Krillin again, explained the pair had no plans to kill anyone and the only person they wished was deceased was Cell. After Cell noticed her, Future Trunks ordered Krillin to get her out of there. Krillin told her to come with him and Android 18 tried getting Android 16 to come with them, being taken aback by his rational that he had become comfortable sitting there and promising that she would come back for him after he reasoned that Cell had no desire to absorb him. Leaving Android 16 behind, the pair ran a short distance before being shot down by Cell who approached Android 18. Though both Krillin and Android 16 tried to defend her, they were defeated by Cell, Android 18 afterward attacking him and having her hits miss, followed by her being shot. Cell approached her again but was stopped from absorbing her by Future Trunks, who instructed her to leave or blow up. She went along with his orders and ran over to Android 16, trying to help stand despite his confusion as to why she was still there. Android 18 explained that the two were part of the three amigos that her brother had mentioned after Android 16 defeated Cell in his imperfect form, though she guessed this was no longer the case since there were just two of them.

Android 18 last moments before being absorbed by Cell.

Krillin volunteered himself to assist her in lifting him, reasoning that he could still help despite his relative lack of strength and Android 18 thinking to herself that she would rock his small world if they managed to make it out of the situation alive. Cell was not able to match the strength of Future Trunks, but was successful in using Solar Flare to temporarily blind everyone excluding himself since he had covered his eyes. Krillin promised to protect her and swore that he would not allow Cell to absorb her, but was quickly blasted away by Cell. Android 18, unable to see along with Android 16, heard the approaching Cell. She requested that he look after Krillin and after Android 16 consented, she charged toward Cell, being absorbed by his widened tail. Her scream could be heard throughout her absorption, which triggered his Perfect Form.[18]


Shortly after Vegeta began his fight with Cell, in which the former was outclassed, Krillin realized that Future Trunks had been holding back and became frustrated due to Future Trunks potentially having had the strength to defeat Cell and save Android 18's life, believing her deceased. Android 16 held a grudge against Cell for absorbing her and called her part of his "family", though Cell argued that she was part of his as well. Prior to beginning a fight in which he ultimately ended up the victor, Cell thanked Vegeta for allowing him to carry out the absorption.[19] After Vegeta was defeated and Future Trunks began powering up, he zapped Krillin with his energy for the latter not terminating Android 18 with the detonator when he had the chance.[20] Krillin agreed to a friendship with Android 16 upon the battered android's request, citing his being friends with 18 as making him interested. Future Trunks begrudgingly stated that he hoped Krillin didn't try to "screw" 16 as he had attempted with 18.[21]


During his fight with Cell, Gohan kicks Cell in the gut hard enough that he regurgitates an unconscious Android 18, much to Krillin's surprise. He tries to go to her, but Piccolo stops him from reaching his "Bae-teen". After Goku uses his Instant Transmission to remove Cell before he self-destructs, Krillin picks up Android 18 to take her to Bulma to repair. Before he can do so, Cell returns, back to his perfect form. As Cell is about to apparently destroy Earth, Krillin tells Android 18 that he loves her. After Gohan finally destroys Cell for good, Krillin takes Android 18 to the Lookout, where she is revived. She promptly demands to know where she is and what happened, where she's quickly briefed by Piccolo, and she's promptly thrown off by the seeing that Dende is now God. When Krillin then blurts out to Android 18 that he loves her, she has enough and leaves, much to his frustration. After Krillin wishes Shenron to remove the bombs from Android 17 and 18's bodies, she returns, having overheard the wish being granted, and is amazed that Krillin used the wish on them, rather than for something selfish. Krillin tells her that the wish felt right, which gives her pause. Android 18 decides to leave to find her brother, but before she does, tells Krillin that they will talk later.

In a mid-credits scene, Android 18 meets with Krillin at Kame House, surprising him that she knew he would be there, which she responds that it seemed obvious, and that she was there to keep a promise that she made to herself. She orders Krillin to drop his pants for her. Apparently in shock at what she sees, Android 18 promptly orders Krillin on the bed. In a post-credits scene, Android 18 and Krillin have apparently been having sex all night, with Krillin giving a Scatter Bullet during his orgasm, and Android 18 is left impressed by how good the sex was.


Android 18 being annoyed.

Android 18 is sarcastic and impatient to the point of being finicky. She used her sarcasm during her battle with Vegeta in mocking both his height and rhetoric[7] while in terms of her impatience, she exclaimed annoyance with the miles between the androids and Goku's home after Android 16 revealed the distance[22] and blurted out the androids' intent to kill Piccolo after he questioned what would happen to him.[3] This brought her to conflict with her brother Android 17 who was more likely to take things slowly[22] and she relished occasions where this would dissuaded, such as when they were not able to drive to Kame House since there was water around it and in Android 16 deciding that the group would fly.[3]

Krillin notably was one of the few people that she did not act in her usual demeanor toward. When she first encountered him, Android 18 both complimented and spoke clearly,[8] varying from her interactions with both Android 17 and Vegeta,[7] who held very stark allegiances toward her but she spoke to them with her standard delivery.[8] This continued further when the pair met at Kame House, where Android 18 answered his question point-blank, even after showing that she was seemingly in a bad mood,[3] and when the two encountered each other on an island, where Android 18 spoke plainly about what the intent of the androids were in response to his questions.[18] Krillin had harbored romantic interest in her since his initial encounter with her, observing that she was confident before the island encounter,[23] which cemented his attraction to her with the clarification that she was not interested in killing his best friend Goku.[18]

In declining to leave when Cell arrived, Android 18 showed that she and her brother Android 17 had similarities, as he also turned down escaping.

Android 18 had similarities to her brother Android 17 that included mocking their opponents,[7] speaking on other fighters and their strength[24] and opting out of running away on occasions, as both declined to leave after Cell came to their location despite knowing the risks that they were taking in being around him and thus being liable to absorption.[25] She differed from Android 17 however in being harder to impress, as Android 17 was impressed by Rocket Punch, one of Android 16's attacks, while she was not,[25] being more likely to focus on a certain goal, which is what she did when calling for the group to pay attention to Cell as opposed to the conversation they were having,[25] and preferring to get things done with quickly whereas Android 17 enjoyed taking his time, evidenced by his choice of using a car to find Goku rather than flying around and covering more ground at a heightened pace.[22]

Android 18 was tolerant of other types of individuals and took offense to sexist remarks, such as those given by both Vegeta[7] and her brother Android 17.[8] She was most especially bothered by the word "cunt" being used to describe her, as Vegeta stated during their battle,[7] prompting her to become physical with him to a greater extent than she had been before. Vegeta's stating of this line caused her to act differently than she had before, signaling a change in her.[7] This was a far cry from her response to when her brother spoke of black males being murdered, to which she merely replied with a remark and let the comment subside without further commentary. Even in being angered by comments such as these, she retained a lax response, as she was able to merely comment back to her brother after the black guy comment[8] and said one line after Vegeta's insult toward her.[7]

Out of the three androids, she was always the least interested in carrying out Dr. Gero's initial objective, terminating Goku being the sole purpose of Android 16 while Android 17 went along out of entertainment and in not having another task, something that Android 18 also seemed to be without.[7] By the time Android 17 was absorbed and Android 16 was virtually severely wounded save for being able to speak, Android 18's main focus became to survive and she blankly stated to Krillin that she was devoid of planning to kill Goku, causing her to conflict with Android 16 who continued to indicate interest.[18] Whereas he had enthusiasm with the objective, Android 18 had appeared bored in him mentioning how fun it would be[4] and after the two were on the run from Semi-Perfect Cell, was willing to lie to him to appease his desire.[18]

Android 18 in Goku's house, critiquing the clothing of his wife Chi-Chi.

Android 18 has a strong fashion sense, despite only wearing three outfits in the time between her reactivation and absorption. She is critical of others' taste, as she said her second outfit was merely tolerable whereas the cowboy who sold it to her boasted about the outfit's appeal,[24] and mocked Chi-Chi's clothing when going through her closet.[3] Android 18 prioritized clothing to an extent, as she insisted she would get clothing before continuing the search for Goku, which further demonstrated that she did not view Goku's killing as a daunting task that she did not have time to deal with after getting new clothes and was thus, something she could put off for the time being.[7] She briefly expressed frustration with having her outfit ruined during her fight with Vegeta, proving that she did indeed care about the clothing that she wore[7] and changed clothes twice afterward, once out of needing something to hold her over until another would suffice.[3]

Unlike her alternate timeline counterpart, Android 18 did not relish in destruction and chaos, after her activation turning down multiple chances she was given to end lives. She had the option of killing the Z-Fighters after they were defeated but chose not to,[7] could have killed Krillin while he stood alone,[8] the choice of terminating the police officers that pulled over her,[22] and the other androids and the ultimatum of killing Yamcha, Tien, Master Roshi or Krillin while at Kame House as she was aware of their presence but turned all of these choices down.[3] When Android 16 afterward stated that he was against the killing of life on Earth, Android 18 showed the same willingness to spare lives[25] and from that point on did not show any signs of wanting to kill anyone apart from Cell, a justifiable choice to single out seeing as how he had absorbed her brother and intended on doing the same thing to her.[18]

In asking if Android 16 was waterproof so he could escape with her, Android 18 showed that she was capable of concern.

She had a caring side as well, demanding that Cell return Android 17 after he was absorbed,[26] being reluctant to leave Android 16 behind even after he gave her permission,[18] and requesting that the latter look after Krillin following him sparing her life.[18] This showed her dedication to the three, who had treated her considerably well since she had been reactivated, as Android 17 had jumped into her fight with Vegeta after Future Trunks joined in to prevent the fight from being unfair,[8] Android 16 had tried to save her from being absorbed by Cell[26] and Krillin had destroyed the detonator that was intended to be used to kill her.[18]

Android 18 was shown to be adept at adapting to a change in the status quo. Following the loss of her brother Android 17 to absorption by Cell, Android 18 took a leadership role in the relationship between her and Android 16, making plans on ways of evading Cell[16] and speaking for the pair as she did in her communications with Krillin after he located the two.[18] She devised strategies on how the pair could escape as well,[16] a change in her prior role from that of just tagging along with Androids 16 and 17.[22]

Android 18 stares in shock after Cell's transformation, her first showing of fear since the conflict with the Z-Fighters began.

Despite normally being level-headed, Android 18 displayed her fear multiple times, especially after the debut of Cell, such as after her brother was absorbed,[25] when Semi-Perfect Cell approached her and just prior to her own absorption.[18] This was in stark contrast with her prior demeanor, one that exuded confidence and self-assurance, as noted by Krillin,[24] and had instead been replaced by the disturbed appearance she had dating back to her first time seeing Cell who disturbed her with his mannerisms while looking in her direction[25] and magnified after his absorption of Android 17 by the way in which he spoke of her in a possessive tense that only seemed to border on the maniacal characteristics he had demonstrated in his prior form.[16]

Following the start of their relationship after Cell's death, Android 18 displayed territorial behavior regarding Krillin. Additionally, she enjoys trading biting humor with her future husband. She is also quite casual and frugal regarding her tastes in food and entertainment, preferring to smoke pot and go out for a burger with Krillin rather than deal with a flirtatious waiter at a high-class restaurant.


Android 18 attempts combating Cell in his Semi-Perfect Form, not being able to fight on par.

Due to her conversion to a cyborg, Android 18 is capable of superhuman abilities, including flight and super-strength, allowing her to fight on par with opponents such as Vegeta and Future Trunks. Her fighting style is direct but agile, as she was able to rush directly into Cell with a series of blows while also maneuvering around him in an attempt to avoid being struck.[17] Her confidence in her abilities was highlighted with her standing in front of two vehicles and causing them damage by merely blocking their way as they attempted to pass her.[7] Her strength was outclassed by Vegeta following his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber[17] and she proved no match for Cell,[18] but was still significantly stronger than Krillin, who unlike her was entirely human, showing how much her strength had been enhanced by her unwilling conversion.[18]

Android 18 breaks Future Trunks' sword with her arm, reversing its intended effect.

She has excellent endurance by measures of a human, being able to survive the attack Future Trunks used against both her and Android 17 when it destroyed the entire lab[7] and sustaining a blast from Semi-Perfect Cell.[18] Future Trunks had previously been capable of destroying foes such as Freeza with a single blast[27] and in the case of Semi-Perfect Cell, he was significantly stronger than her, a further testament to her resilience. She was however liable to a full-power beam that Cell intended to deliver to the island that she and Android 16 hid on.[16] Android 18 is waterproof, despite her embedded electronics. Liable to damage that could showcase her technological aspects within her body, she would then be susceptible to short-circuiting through her technology being touched by the water. She intended to capitalize on this feature by swimming to get away with Cell while he was trying to absorb her, but was unable to due to Android 16 being vulnerable to water and her wanting him to be alongside her.[16]

Android 18 flying.

Since becoming an android, Android 18 is capable of flying, a sequence initiated by her either standing still[8] or extending her arms.[3] She used her flying to get from location to location without so much as needing a vehicle or any form of transportation,[3] though for most of the time following her reactivation still used them as a result of Android 17's choice.[22] It proved useful in reaching Kame House[3] and in her escape from Cell.[26] The speed of her flight is on par with that of the Z-Fighters, as Vegeta was able to keep up with her during the chase they had while combatting each other.[7] One weakness of the skill was its lack of stealth and leaving her liable to being seen, which was the cause of her choice to run with Krillin in an attempt to avoid being sighted by Cell.[3]

Android 18 placing her hand near her chest, where her bomb is located.

Lastly, Android 18 is capable of self-destruction via bomb that was installed in her chest by Dr. Gero during her conversion to being an android. The full extent of its power is unknown, though it is with certainty that in spite of its damage being effective toward anyone else, it would without a doubt kill her in the process of being initiated.[26] For this reason, the chest bomb was cited as the last fail safe for her to prevent herself from being absorbed by Cell.[18] Android 18 offered to use the bomb when Semi-Perfect Cell had her cornered, though was spared using it.[26]


Android 18: (in a classic robot voice) Hello, Dr. Gero. How ar-
Android 17: I already did it.
Android 18: (normal voice) Ugh, you dick! We were supposed to do that together! -- Episode 38: Dr. Gero or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Androids

Android 18: Wait a sec, you built another Android?
Android 17: Wait, wait, wait, was it that fat clown thing? I thought that was a joke!
Android 18: Well, clearly it was-- It's dead. -- Episode 38: Dr. Gero or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Androids

Vegeta: Well, well, well, if isn't Faggoty Andy and On-The-Raggedy Anne.
Android 18: I'm gonna break his arm.
Android 17: Kind of proving his point, ain'cha sis?
Android 18: Shut up, Anne. -- Episode 39: Blood, Sweat, and Gears

Android 18: Hey, so, who's got two broken arms and is a total bitch?
Vegeta: You stupid bitch, you only broke one of my a-- (squeals in pain as Android 18 stomps his previously non-broken arm)
Android 18: This guy. -- Episode 40: 16, 17, and 18 Things I Hate About You

Piccolo: 'Or' what?
Android 18: Or we kill you! (closes eyes in frustration) Oh, my God.
Krillin: (nervously) Hey, 18! You... you come around here.. often?
Android 18: Nope.
Krillin: Hmm. -- Episode 45: Hyperbolic Plot Device

Android 17: Oh sure, he's from the future. Yeah, and I'm a park ranger.
Android 16: That sounds nice.
Android 18: Can we focus!? -- Episode 47: Family Reunion

Android 18: We got lucky. With all these islands, it will be tough for him to find us.
Android 16: Technically it's an archipelago. Noun, a group of islands.
Android 18: Thank you, 16.
Android 16: You, are, welcome. -- Episode 49: Group Therapy

Android 18: 16, calm down-- I will get you a Goku!
Android 16: Do you promise?
Android 18: Yes!
Android 16: Proceed. -- Episode 50: The "Perfect" Guy

Android 18: 16?
Android 16: Yes?
Android 18: Look after the little guy.
Android 16: Confirmed. -- Episode 50: The "Perfect" Guy

Krillin: I'm surprised you knew to find me here.
Android 18: Seemed like the obvious choice.
Krillin:, what can I do you for?
Android 18: I made a promise to myself, and I'm here to keep it.
Krillin: ...You want to see a movie, or...?
Android 18: Dude. Drop your pants.
Krillin: Oh. OH! O-okay. Uh, just so you know, I am a grower...[The sound of his clothes dropping to the floor]
Android 18: OH. MY. GOD.
Krillin: What?
Android 18: Get on the bed.
Krillin: YES, MA'AM!


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  • Due to her alternate counterpart from Future Trunk's timeline, the latter does not consider her attractive, physically or personally.
  • In the alternate timeline, the androids do away with country music shortly after the birth of Future Trunks. Within the present time, Android 18 indicated an interest in doing so after hearing and being repulsed by the genre.
  • Androids 18 and 17's real names were revealed by creator Akira Toriyama around the time the episode aired where their names were revealed in the series.
  • Krillin wanted to know how to turn her on.
    • He was satisfied to learn that she still had her reproductive organs after her conversion to cyborg, making her go from a "nine to a ten" on his rating system.
  • Krillin's attraction to Android 18 has been discovered by all of the Z-Fighters except for Goku, Gohan and Vegeta: Yamcha was doubtful that there was a female android and did not believe him. Tien realized he was attracted to her after he destroyed the detonator, Bulma learning soon after and Piccolo having a difficult time understanding the concept of love at first. Future Trunks became aware through seeing Krillin crying after the latter berated him for not using his full power which he thought could have potentially saved her.
  • She and Android 16 are the only androids to have declined fighting.
  • Cell thought he would only take five to ten minutes to absorb her after absorbing Android 17.
  • Though she and her brother have different skin tones, the latter was often mistaken for her and changed his hair color from blonde to black as a result.
  • Dr. Gero did not like her and Android 17's real names, Lazuli and Lapis, and questioned if their parents wanted them to become strippers.
  • Both Androids 17 and 18 have been called a "bitch", Android 17 being called one by Cell during their encounter after he questioned why he was there in the first place and Android 18 being called one multiple times by Vegeta, both times in her presence, Vegeta doing it unbeknownst when he referred to her as one while speaking with Cell and she was able to overhear their conversation.
  • Before meeting her, Master Roshi wanted to know how big her breasts were. When he finally met her when she came to Kame House in search of Goku, he was more interested in having the androids move their then-upcoming fight with Piccolo to somewhere else so that his island would not be destroyed.
  • Both Tien and Future Trunks have stopped her from being absorbed and gave her the ultimatum of either blowing herself up or fleeing, also indicating that they did not care which she did. Both times she replied, startled, "Yeah, okay."
  • Tien was frustrated that she was not destroyed with the detonator, since he had sacrificed himself and was even angrier that Krillin had doomed everyone simply for "cyber sex".
  • Bulma, though frustrated when learning that Krillin had destroyed the detonator, calmed down in learning from Tien that Android 18 was female, which she reasoned made the destruction have some rationality.
  • In the alternative take, Krillin killed Android 18 by pressing the switch on the detonator by accident, causing her head to explode.
  • Unlike the original, she told Android 16 to take care of Krillin.
  • Android 18 has indicated in her internal monologues that she finds Krillin physically attractive and wants to aggressively have sex with him to show him gratitude for his heroics and kindness towards her. This shows that 18 reciprocates Krillins feelings towards her.
    • Indeed, she does keep the promise she made to herself prior to being absorbed rocks Krillin's 4 foot world (which she enjoyed greatly, especially much to her delight, when she learnt that he was both very well-hung (likely even bigger than the average man or more) AND a grower).
  • Android 18 managed attain the most impressive kill of all time: Krillin's Owned Count, which ultimately changed the status quo.


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