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"Android Date-teen" is the third episode of Dragon ShortZ. It premiered on April 25, 2020.


Krillin takes Android 18 out to dinner at L’Anus Serre, mentioning that he had reservations for a long while. Despite the upscale look of the restaurant, Krillin has already budgeted their meal to include two drinks, two entrées, and either a dessert or an appetizer. The two then banter for a while, with 18 not feeling too bad over being converted into a cyborg as she met Krillin, along being able to bench press a building. The waiter, Samuel, gives them their menu, but it is clear he is more interested in 18. Despite that, Krillin and 18 continue to make jokes by snarking at each other’s features.

When Samuel comes back, Krillin starts rambling about one of the desserts he found on the menu. While he does this, Samuel flirts with 18, offering her a special along with his number in the hopes of banging her. However, 18 tells Samuel that not only would he not last against her, she demands their water while threatening him with a knife. Taking the clue, Samuel leaves to get the two their water, but not before calling 18 a monster bitch. Offended by that, Krillin orders Samuel to apologize to 18, smashing a table in the process as a warning. Samuel apologies, and Krillin pays for the damaged table as he and 18 leave.

Once outside, Krillin apologizes for the incident, but 18 does not mind as she found it amazing. Krillin offers to take 18 to Jaco’s Burgers for dinner, and she agrees to it, offering to pay for the meal as Krillin used all his money for the table. As they eat their burgers, Krillin calls 18 by her real name Lazuli, causing her to ask how he knew that. That causes Krillin to tell her how he and Future Trunks found Dr. Gero’s underground lair and how he killed Cell.

Running Gags/Callbacks[]

Cultural References[]

  • 18 makes a couple of Terminator references in this episode.
  • The gag store Spencer's Gifts is mentioned by 18.



  • The title is a pun on Android 18's name with "date" replacing "eight".
  • Before the episode began, a sponsorship commercial for the free app Bleach: Immortal Soul occurred with Krillin promoting the app.
  • In the background, you can see Master Roshi on a date. He is wearing a wig similar to the one he wore in his Jackie Chun persona during the original Dragon Ball series.
  • This episode was sponsored by the android game Bleach: Immortal Soul.
  • Jaco's Burgers may be a reference to Jaco the Galactic Patrolman from his own Akira Toriyama manga and Dragon Ball Super.
  • This is one of the only pieces of any Dragon Ball Z Abridged content where Krillin is not portrayed as helpless or inadequate, instead standing up for 18 and publicly destroying a table to prove his point.

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