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"Take That you bast*rd! This one’s for Eachpe!"
— “It’s a Mad, Mad Saiyan”

Appule (アプール, Apūru) is apparently a lightweight who couldn't handle raspberry schnapps. He was a soldier in Freeza's army who guarded Vegeta during his time in the healing tank. He bears hatred towards Bardock for murdering his brother, Ichpe, and is seen playing Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as himself and beating up Bardock as an act of revenge. Raditz once wanted to keep him as a pet in episode 1 but Bardock refused because he thought he might accidentally kill him. He dies after Vegeta wakes up and blows up the healing tank he was currently using. He is voiced by VegettoEX.


  • It's possible that Appule has a drinking problem as Freeza states that he "couldn't handle a shot of Raspberry Schnapps, much less Vegeta".
    • In addition, the condescending tone when Freeza addresses him implies that he is the Frieza Force's equivalent of Raditz; a comically weak character who is the butt of jokes (though ironically it's implied that he's actually weaker than Raditz, due to Bardock not letting Raditz keep him as a pet for fear of Raditz accidentally killing him).
  • The reason VegettoEX voices him, is because he's his favorite character.