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"Bearly There" is a minisode of Dragon ShortZ, acting as an epilogue to "Midwife Crisis".


After Goten's birth, Piccolo removes the baby's tail so he will not turn into a Great Ape, though he says he cannot do anything about the crying. Bulma remarks that this was less of a mess than when she had Trunks, as Dr. Briefs demanded to be the one to deliver the baby, only to realize that Ox-King isn't here. Gohan reveals that Ox-King is off on a "bear cruise", as the latter is shown to be on a cruise ship with an actual bear.



  • Lawrence Simpson - Gohan
  • Nick Landis – Piccolo
  • Corinne Sudberg – Bulma


  • The title is a pun on the phrase "barely there".
  • This is the second April Fools episode, the first being Dragon Fool Z Kai.
  • Only Piccolo, Gohan and Bulma have lines in this episode.