Bio-Warriors are three biological warriors created by Dr. Wheelo who were originally supposed to be cute and cuddly creatures, but got modified by Kochin to become evil minions along with making them completely sentient and having a crippling fear of death. All of them get killed by Goku in the movie "The World's Strongest". According to Dr. Wheelo, they were originally made to aide the elderly before their modifications.

Electrocutioner Edit

Electrocutioner, originally named Zap-Zap, is a green reptilian bio-warrior. Installed in his body are two whips which he can use to charge it with electricity and shock his opponents. Goku kills him by breaking his back with the Kaio-Ken technique. He is voiced by Oneyng.

Though it's never specified what Zap-Zap's original purpose was, it's possible to speculate that he was either meant to save the lives of elderly patients who's hearts have gone out or to recharge batteries of electronic devices.

Bouncy Butcher Edit

Bouncy Butcher, originally name Blub-Blub, is an enormous yellow blob-like bio-warrior originally made for giving hugs until Kochin modified him to be made for combat. With his elastic body, he has the ability to withstand any attack and send them back at the user. He gets killed by Goku when the Saiyan uses the Kaio-Ken technique to burst a hole trough his chest. He is voiced by Takahata101.

Dr. Wheelo revealed Blub-Blub's original purpose while he was on the ground dying after Goku's attack. He states that Blub-Blub was created for hugs, which would explain his large amount of body mass.

Freezer Edit

Freezer, originally named Burr, is a large, pink bio-warrior. He has the ability to freeze his opponents solid with a blast from his hands. He dies when Goku uses the Kaio-Ken technique to punch him hard into a wall. He is voiced by Hayabusa449.

Though it's never specified what Burr's original purpose was, Kochin does offer some speculation. When he commands Freezer to attack Goku, he gives the order to "preserve the goods" which might have actually been what Burr was originally created for.

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