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"Broly Chronicles", also known by its full name, "Broly: Chronicles of the First Coming (Part 1 of the Cycle of Nothing)" is a music video by Team Four Star.


"Oh, Broly. Of all the Dragon Ball Z characters, why ARE you so strong? There are no answers to be found in this extended cut, but there are some extra lyrics about nut-punching. So, y'know. Enjoy that."


(Note: Words in italics are spoken)

Broly's legend first began in 1993
With biceps bigger than Goku's head
And a heart that longs to be free
Broly, Broly, Broly
Why are you so strong
Your power level is twice as high
As your Saiyan hair is long

Broly built a spaceship
He flew off into space
Searching for a man to fight
So he could break his face
He landed on a planet
With his best friend Kublai Khan
They punched each other in the nuts
And fought from dusk till dawn

Broly was a motherf**ker
Stronger than that robot trucker
Broly's enemies are done

That's it everybody! That's Broly!
Wen Broly? Broly Done!
Don't even-Don't even ask anymore
Just subscribe and enjoy!
And I'm out!

Broly, Broly, Broly
Why are you so big
Take that crown off of your head and
Use it as a cock-rig

That's it I'm done
I'm leaving!
Pay me money!


  • "True story: the key change in Broly Chronicles wasn't planned. @Lanipator just went horribly sharp while recording and it happened to work."—Tweet by AinTunez
  • According to the comments on YouTube, when asked to write the song, instruction was given by KaiserNeko to "make it really dumb".