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Bubbles the monkey

Bubbles is King Kai’s pet monkey. He one of King Kai’s companions on his planet, alongside Gregory, and Bojack. Although he cannot speak English, he is shown to understand it and is constantly interrupted by King Kai, who does not seem to understand his monkey talk (although it's more likely that he doesn't care). He is "voiced" by Hbi2k.

He also has a counterpart known as Talking Movie Bubbles who can speak fluent English with a British accent. He wears a top hat and monocle, and sports a mustache.


  • "You have come far, young warrior. Allow me to--" (interrupted by King Kai)
  • "I care!" (in response to King Kai saying nobody cares that Gregory is actually a cricket.)
  • "Well good sir, you've still have my modest company." (after Goku leaves King Kai's planet)
  • "How about I grab us some tea and some quiet music and we--" (interrupted by King Kai again)
  • "70,000 zeni on the noble young warrior." (when King Kai is accepting all bets)