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This article is about the Bulma of the present timeline; for Future Bulma, visit her page

"Why? Why would you leave me alone here? I don't know this place! Did you know there are giant crabs down there? I do. I killed one!"
— "Grand Theft Goku"

Bulma (ブルマ, Burumā; lit. "Bloomers") is a scientist and the daughter of Capsule Corporation's founder, Dr. Brief and Panchy, the younger sister of Tights, the inventor of the Dragon Radar, and is Goku's first friend after Grandpa Gohan. She used to be the girlfriend of Yamcha, but moved on and became the eventual baby mommy of Vegeta, at the current point in the series Bulma and Vegeta are not married. With him she had a son named Trunks. When not adventuring for Dragon Balls, Bulma lives with her family in the Capsule Corporation laboratory in West City.

In The Anime[]

Bulma was a central character in the early parts of Dragonball, being the main instigator in the various quests for the Dragon Balls, providing devices and vehicles for the group to use and, through calling on her exaggerated feminine wiles, becoming subject to the various perverted intentions of the sleazier characters the group encounter and playing the role of the damsel in distress. Smart and ambitious, but also selfish and naive.

Like many of the original Dragon Ball cast, Bulma's role as a member of Goku's traveling group was diminished as conflicts became much more physical and aggressive. When Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu were killed in the battle with Nappa and the Saibamen, Bulma led a team with Gohan and Krillin to the planet Namek to try to recover and use the Dragonballs on their home world, but was left stranded, ineffective and frustrated when the situation there dissolved into all-out fighting.

During the Android saga, Bulma is revealed as Trunks' mother, and her future self-designed the time machine that allowed Trunks to travel to his past and inform the others of the coming attack. When Androids 19 and 20 arrive in South City, Bulma identifies Android 20 as Dr. Gero. She also investigates the arrival of a second-time machine and its mysterious biological contents.

In DBZ: Abridged[]


As in the original, Bulma originally plays a very minor supporting role. Her relationship with Yamcha ends as the series opens with her discovering him in a compromising position with his pet Puar.

Bulma is shocked to find out Goku was a Saiyan.

Bulma met Gohan after Goku introduced him to the group at Kame House. At first, the group thought Goku had kidnapped a child (a throwback to the original Dragon Ball series), however Goku confirmed he was indeed the child's father. Both she and Master Roshi tried to ask him about his experience during intercourse with Goku failing to understand. Bulma and Master Roshi were shocked that Goku had become a parent since he is basically still a child himself. Raditz then arrives, revealing Goku was a Saiyan and taking Gohan despite Bulma's attempts to keep him out of harm's way. Piccolo then arrived on the scene and teamed up with Goku to retrieve his son. The pair defeated Raditz together but at the cost of Goku's life.

Bulma arrived after the fight concluded with Krillin and Master Roshi, expressing her disbelief that Goku was gone. She only had a moment to absorb this as Piccolo then took Gohan with him for training. Nappa then attempts to contact Raditz via his scouter and the group overheard his and Vegeta's plan to come to Earth in a year with the intent of using the Dragon Balls and murdering everyone on the planet.

Bulma summoned Shenron after the Dragon Balls were gathered, questioning why they were doing it in the first place as the summoning commenced.

Bulma watched the fight between the Z-Fighters and Saiyans. She cried after Yamcha was killed by a Saibaman, telling Master Roshi that she was saving herself for him.[1] During the fight between Goku and Vegeta, she asked the others about their times when they were more actively involved and while catching up, questioned whatever happened to Launch.[2]


Repairing ship[]

Bulma visited Goku in the hospital, sometime afterward being joined by Mr. Popo, who revealed that the only way the other Z-Fighters could be resurrected was through using the Dragon Balls on Kami's home planet Namek. Bulma called it a planet she had never heard of, leading Mr. Popo to call her "a woman who doesn't know any better" and apply the same insult to Krillin when he expressed that he had never heard of the planet before until recently. Mr. Popo stated that he was the only one with the transportation to get someone to a ship and that it was a "carpet made for two", leading Bulma to suggest that the only way they could decide was by having a "democratic vote." After the others all voted for her, she found herself cornered, but remembered her remote to Nappa's ship and told Mr. Popo that they did not need his help as she pressed it, causing the ship to explode as it was being seen live on television.

With having run out of options, Bulma swore that she would kick "Krillin's ass" if anything happened to her while she was gone. She then boarded Mr. Popo's carpet and the two almost instantly were sent to the other side of the planet, where the ship was located. Bulma questioned how they made it there so fast, mentioning the distance between there and the hospital before Mr. Popo stated that the carpet got "about ten thousand miles to the soul", leading her to question him before he changed his answer to "gallon". Bulma questioned Mr. Popo on why he did not help Goku get to the Saiyans after he arrived on Earth following his resurrection if his carpet was as fast as it had been in getting them to where they were.

After locating the ship, Bulma started touching it, being able to tell that it was "old and covered in moss." Mr. Popo ordered her to get in and she expressed confusion on how this was done as he ordered the ship with saying, "Popo", causing it to open and thereby allow them entry. Bulma quckly put two and two together and concluded that Mr. Popo's name opened the ship, stating it did so for closing it as well when he said his name again and it reacted. Mr. Popo stated his name and as Bulma screamed, the ship took them to Jupiter. Bulma remarked that they were far in space and was happy that the ship would allow them to save their friends, calling it "wonderful" and "terrific" before screaming again as Mr. Popo said his name once more and the ship returned to Earth.

Bulma later returned to the hospital, where she told the others of how they had went to Jupiter in just a few seconds, concluding they would be at Namek in no-time and that Mr. Popo could be their pilot. When he stated that he would not, she questioned him before he revealed his reason was not needing them were he to do it himself, shocking Bulma. Chi-Chi expressed assurance that Gohan would not be going, though the latter stated that he would and bore much of her yelling before yelling back at her and getting her approval through her resignation from the conversation. To break up the awkwardness established by their argument, Bulma told the others that she better get started on the ship.

She worked with her father on the ship, her questioning him on how it was coming along. After the ten days passed, Bulma met with the others at Kame House with the ship and assured Krillin that she had everything figured out apart from one thing, which she elaborated on as the translator for the toilet not being fixed. Gohan and Chi-Chi arrived, Krillin commenting on Gohan's haircut and the latter insulting him back before Bulma stopped their argument from progressing any further, asserting that they needed to proceed to Namek. After Krillin asked her where he was to put his things, Bulma ordered him to sit down, strap in and shut up, afterward saying "Popo" and causing the ship to takeoff.

Krillin's dream[]

In a dream Krillin had before the group arrived on Namek, he expressed in his log that Bulma walking around in "nothing but her underwear" was contributing to him feeling very pent-up. As he concluded to himself that he was not sure how much longer he could last, Bulma questioned him as to whether or not he was saying anything, afterward spotting what she thought was Namek and alerting Krillin and Gohan. With Krillin believing it was the planet as well, he ordered her to bring them in for a landing, leading Bulma to reveal somewhat reluctantly that she did not know how to land the ship. The group screamed as they landed into a tree, which stopped them from falling over as Krillin cited Bulma not being able to land the ship as evidence for why women should not drive, Bulma retorting that his remark was coming from an Asian, leading Gohan to question what it made him when he was half-Saiyan, half-human. Bulma and Krillin both told him that it meant he was five before the ship fell over and they plunged further.


Following her arrival on Namek with Gohan and Krillin, the latter asked her about the Dragon Radar's progress in locating Dragon Balls and she told him that it had already tracked three, though as Krillin discovered Vegeta was also there, Bulma mentioned to the pair that the Dragon Balls were now "on the move". The three were noticed by two soldiers who heard Krillin's screaming in fear over the situation and demanded that he stop it, shooting at the group's ship while attacking them. Bulma narrowly dodged the blast herself and screamed out in anger, "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?" After Krillin and Gohan defeated the duo, Bulma lamented that they were now stranded and compared their situation to Pitch Black, noting that this time Vin Diesel was "a total bitch" before looking at the bright side of things and mentioning that there she might find a real man, leading Krillin to ask about Yamcha and her to reiterate "a real man", confirming Yamcha was not one. The three hid together from Freeza and his soldiers, who scared Krillin, the latter opting to go inside of a cave and being asked by Bulma what had happened in there when he emerged with confidence. After he and Gohan went to retrieve the Dragon Balls, Bulma opted to set up camp, going inside of the same cave as the one Krillin "peed" in and screaming out that it was "EVERYWHERE!"

Bulma was introduced to Dende while on Namek after taking her frustration out on Krillin, asking if he has found "something else to abandon". She had previously been called by her father about Goku arriving there in six days, which she informed the group of.

After Vegeta slaughtered a village, Krillin was told by Dende of Guru, who he announced to the others that he intended to see as he ordered Gohan to stay with Bulma to protect her, the latter remarking sarcastically that now he cared.

Bulma met with Krillin when he returned to her, revealing that she had allowed Gohan to search for the Dragon Ball they had detected by himself. Krillin tried to tell her that he would be harmed by his mother if anything bad happened to him, though Bulma told him that she did not understand how that was her problem, afterward the arrival of both Vegeta and Zarbon took place. With Krillin being worried about the pair, Bulma started to talk about her attraction to him and her intent to get married and live in a home where they would have intercourse every single night before stopping herself as he transformed, screaming, "KILL IT WITH FIRE!" Bulma watched as Vegeta destroyed him and afterward confronted Krillin over giving him the last Dragon Ball. Krillin tried to argue that she did not do anything either, leading her to question what he wanted her to do and she then listened to him talk about how she was a bitch before asking if he was done.

When left to guard the last remaining Dragon Ball by Krillin and Gohan, Bulma had a nightmare about Vegeta where the latter confronted her as she had the Dragon Ball and she told him where it was only for him to reveal that he was not interested in it before ordering her to "spread 'em" (he was going to brutally rape her).

Bulma found herself fighting a crab, which she succeeded in killing. Bulma lashed out at both Krillin and Gohan for leaving her alone on a planet she was unfamiliar with and questioned if the pair knew the planet had crabs, mentioning her killing of one and explaining that she was angry because she was always alone after being asked by Krillin why she was upset, who then asked what the two staying with her would accomplish and prompted Bulma to tell him to just take the Dragon Radar. After Gohan thanked her at Krillin's instruction, Bulma told him it was no problem and told Krillin to shut it when he tried to get her to do the same for him.

After the others began fighting Freeza, Bulma was left to herself and eventually was made to hang off a ledge, asking for help from someone and receiving no response until being saved by Gohan who noticed her acting angrily. While being flown by him, she sarcastically told him that it was nice of him to remember to get her as she expressed that she was "FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!" Bulma ceased her complaining when Gohan threatened to drop her. A wish made by Porunga granted everyone on Namek transportation to Earth apart from Goku and Freeza allowed for Bulma and the others to return to her planet. She started looking around and after meeting up with Gohan, asking him what he thought happened.

Bulma commented on the crowning of a new elder by the Namekian people, figuring that it seemed legit as Yamcha tried contacting her with the help of King Kai. She called him her ex and stated that he was calling her, leading Yamcha to question what "that was about" and for Bulma to explicitly state that she was breaking up with him, reasoning that she had not been called by him in months. Yamcha defended his actions as being due to him being dead, though she reasoned that him being deceased was not stopping him now and asked Vegeta if he wanted to come live with her, who Yamcha called the reason for him being dead which Bulma related made Vegeta more of a man than him.

King Kai then interrupted them as he felt the conversation was not going anywhere and told Bulma that Goku had died and Namek had been destroyed. Bulma then told Gohan of his father's passing and related that the Namekians were homeless, though she offered her own home as somewhere they could stay and reasoned that her father was a "genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist". As a plane came over to the group, Bulma thought it was her father, only for Chi-Chi to come out in search of Gohan. Bulma was able to convince her father to let the Namekians stay as she claimed they were her friends from high school. When Vegeta left Earth, Bulma yelled out for him to call her. After the months passed, Bulma wished back Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha, being annoyed in saying "Yamcha". Porunga informed the group that Goku was still alive after they tried resurrecting him and Bulma suggested that they instead just wish him to Earth, though the group learned right after that he had deliberately chosen to stay away from Earth.[3]


Bulma attended Turtle's birthday party, being introduced to Krillin's girlfriend Maron. The latter tried to initiate a sexual encounter with Yamcha in exchange for money, which Bulma intervened in, stating that no one screwed Yamcha except for life and criticized her for also having blue hair, sarcastically calling her original. She then questioned Krillin as to whether or not he had any other friends he could introduce Maron to, learning from him that Gohan supposedly pounded Chi-Chi's tuna in the absence of her husband.

Bulma thanked Yamcha for coming over to pick up his things from her home and though he felt she did not have to throw out most of it, but she reasoned that he was deceased and it was taking up space, leading Oolong to add it was like his corpse and reminding Yamcha to ask where they had buried him. Bulma questioned him, as the corpse was still where it had last been when he was alive prior to his death during the Saiyan threat.

When asked by Oolong about her single life, she stated that it was nice as she had a dream about Vegeta, though she was called a slut by Yamcha even after clarifying that all they were doing were walking in a park. Bulma then stated that she was not dating Yamcha anymore and was not attracted to Vegeta and speculated that he was probably running out of fuel and doubted he would ever make it back to Earth, as Vegeta crash landed at Capsule Corporation. Yamcha tried confronting Vegeta, though he was intimidated and Bulma stepped in as she reasoned that they had enough to clean up without Yamcha's urine and told Vegeta to come with her since he needed a shower, remarking that she could smell him from East City.

As Vegeta showered, Bulma explained to him that she was laying out new clothes for him and that she was washing his armor, ignoring his mention that they were dry-clean only. She reported to the others that she had just gotten a look at Vegeta's buttocks and apart from thinking it was "surprisingly nice", he also had a hole, which in reality was where his tail used to be until Yajirobe cut it off in the Saiyan Saga. Bulma then mentioned to Vegeta that they did not have "cleansing powder" and explained what the bar of soap in the shower with Vegeta was to him as "that yellow block there made of animal fat."

After Vegeta ate the soap and Yamcha expressed amusement, Vegeta questioned if that comment was made by the "beta male", to which Bulma answered that Krillin had just arrived. Vegeta then sensed Freeza's power level coming towards Earth and made mention of this to Bulma and the others. Vegeta asked Bulma for his armor, though she reported to him that it was in the wash. She departed for the battlefield and when arriving greeted the others.[4]

Following Goku's arrival on Earth, he questioned who had defeated Freeza. Though Vegeta gave a fabrication that he had gathered the others for an assault, Bulma cut him off to reveal to Goku that Future Trunks was responsible for Freeza's death, moving her arm to him as she did not know his name. He and Goku spoke, him revealing his identity as Vegeta and Bulma's son from the future who fought against the androids that had murdered the Z-Fighers while he was in his infancy, which he warned would be prepared to attack in three years. Goku told the Z-Fighters of this following the conversation and though the group planned on training, Bulma proposed that all they had to do was summon Shenron and have him tell them where to find the individual that was making the androids and murder "that son of a bitch in cold blood", which the group promptly denied leading Bulma to question them as she restated that none of them survived. Not taking her suggestion, the group started training. Vegeta trained around her and was mocked by Bulma for being the "prince of all two Saiyans", making him become annoyed and prompting Bulma to ask if he was planning on trying to destroy Earth again before notifying him that she had Goku on speed dial. Vegeta questioned if her intelligence was the same as his if she thought that he knew how to properly work a phone, which she replied to by telling him not to call her stupid and called him an arrogant dick after he called her a bitch, leading the pair to start saying "Fuck you" to each other before Bulma proposed that they meet in her room. The two had intercourse, which Bulma enjoyed before questioning where Vegeta's condom was.

Bulma discovered she was pregnant with Vegeta's child sometime after their hookup, acting angrily toward Vegeta and reasoning her change in behavior was due to him getting her pregnant, which she blamed on him for not using protection and called him a moron after he argued that he was wearing his armor, telling him that he would get a job to support their child.

Arrival of androids[]

Bulma arrived at the site where the androids were supposed to be arriving, being initially joined by Yamcha and Tien before Goku, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo came as well. Krillin noticed her son Trunks and Bulma remarked that he was correct in noticing him. When questioned by Piccolo about Vegeta's whereabouts, Bulma related their last encounter a year and a half ago. Krillin complimented her breasts as looking amazing, which annoyed her before she settled on taking the compliment. Yajirobe came to give the group Senzu Beans and had his car shot down by the androids who went into the city afterward, being followed by the Z-Fighters, Goku giving Bulma the Senzu Beans since he reasoned that they would slow them down, leading her to question his decision. Krillin and Yamcha returned after the latter was wounded by Dr. Gero, choosing initially to remain out of the conflict when Bulma mentioned that she needed help with the baby and questioned how good he was with diapers, leading Yamcha to rejoin the conflict. Bulma then questioned Yajirobe on how he was feeling and then on why he chose not to join the others in fighting the androids, wondering if it was because he was fat before he confirmed.

Bulma was accompanied by Yajirobe and Trunks as she flew to the Z-Fighters, not wanting to miss out on "the action" and mentioning to Yajirobe that she had never met Freeza. Yajirobe warned that having her son in the car was not a good idea, though Bulma reasoned that he did not know what was going on due to his age. As Bulma arrived on the battlefield and greeted the Z-Fighters with a "Hey guys!", Dr. Gero let out a blast that ruffled her jet and thereby threatened her safety along with that of Yajirobe and Trunks, allowing the android to flee in the panic.

She and Trunks were saved by Future Trunks, Yajirobe falling as Bulma recovered from the attack, stating that she had thought she was "going to be a wish there" before returning her attention to Trunks who she referred to as the "baby", turning around to see that Future Trunks was holding him and taking Trunks from his alternate-timeline counterpart. Bulma tried to reassure him that it was just an explosion, which she dismissed by mentioning that they happened "a lot" around her. Future Trunks then recalled seeing someone in the car with her, Bulma barely noticing Yajirobe's absence. Future Trunks had previously revealed to the group that the androids they were fighting, Android 19 and Dr. Gero, were not the ones he had fought in his timeline. Bulma questioned the group, stating that she thought they were fighting androids and then expressing her confusion at why Dr. Gero was present, revealing his profession as a scientist and past as an affiliate of the Red Ribbon Army after being asked by Krillin who he was, even calling him adequate "with robotics." Vegeta chastised Future Trunks for failing to inform them of the correct pair of androids and seemingly wasting their time, Future Trunks tying to defend himself by mentioning his age and asking Bulma how old her son was, the latter revealing that he was about "ten months." With Future Trunks warning that the androids from his timeline could still appear and Vegeta stating that they had no idea where Dr. Gero's laboratory was, Bulma revealed her knowledge of the location of the lab, explaining that all scientist know where each other's labs are. After she gave the location, Vegeta flew off, though not before insulting Future Trunks, whose identity as Bulma's son was revealed to her soon afterward by Piccolo. Though Bulma was initially impressed with her son growing up "to be a cutie", she quickly recalled her soliciting of her son for sex, questioning the laughing Krillin as to why he had not told him. With Piccolo telling Gohan he believed that Bulma and Trunks needed to go home, she questioned him. Gohan stated his intent to check on his father, with Yajirobe then saying he needed a ride as well and Bulma prioritizing that she needed to be taken home first. While flying with Gohan and Yairobe, the former asked Bulma if she thought it was a good idea to fly with her son in her hand and not give him to Yajirobe, to which Bulma expressed her fear that he would either eat her son or drop him out of spite. The three eventually made their way to Bulma's home, her mother greeting the group. After Gohan left to check on Goku, Bulma asked her mother why she had never seemed to age, her mother truthfully telling her that her father would not let her.

Bulma called some of the Z-Fighters while they were transferring Goku to Kame House to continue his recuperating from his heart attack, being answered by Krillin who she interrupted as he introduced himself over the phone with her to explain that she had acquired something, then asking if Future Trunks was there and yelling out Krillin's name following him asking if she was doing a "booty call". Bulma said hello to her son and faxed over the image of what appeared to be Future Trunks' time machine that he used to come back into the past.


Bulma with Cell shell.

Bulma arrived at the location of the time machine, meeting with Gohan and Future Trunks, awkwardly encountering her son before asking if the time machine was his and then it being revealed that it was somehow due to it having "HOPE" written on it, prompting Bulma to question why it was written there and Future Trunks to reveal that she had called him her last hope, which Bulma found cheesy and questioned if she had "a ton of cats". Gohan and Future Trunks went inside the time machine and found a pod that Bulma asked to see as she wanted to be involved as well, which despite all of her intelligence, Bulma could only categorize it as a mutant coconut.

Bulma played with the pod for a little bit before Gohan called her over to see a shell he had uncovered, leading Bulma to question if it was still alive and then be disturbed by the fact that something crawled out of it. With that, she told Future Trunks that it was nice seeing him again and for Gohan to say hello to his mother as she departed. While flying around following the investigation, she repeated the word "Ew" in reaction to the shell, even saying it when called from Kame House by Krillin who asked if she was by Ginger Town and her explaining that they had been before asking why and learning that "shit" was going down over there.


Bulma learned that Dr. Gero was kidnapping orphan teenagers while using them for his experiments, calling him a "crazy bastard" and mentioning this to her father after he asked how the detonator was coming along. Bulma was intrigued by Dr. Gero putting explosives in the chest of his androids, leading her to believe the installation was a failsafe for in case they ever went rogue and then discovered her father wanted one in her, causing Bulma to threaten that he would not be able to hold Trunks anymore if he continued to speak that way. After completing the detonator, she breastfed Trunks and confirmed what she was doing to Yajirobe, though questioned why he wanted to know.

Bulma phoned Kame House after finishing the detonator and spoke with Krillin regarding her completion of the device, also telling him to ignore the interactions between her father and Yajirobe in the background. She expressed her intent to bring the detonator to the Z-Fighters while they were at Kame House, though this plan was later averted when Chi-Chi suggested that one of them met her halfway. Her stating that she had completed it in twenty-two hours after Krillin said she had done it quick lead him to question how long the group had slept.

Bulma after Krillin hits her windshield.

Bulma brought Trunks along with her while she pilots her vehicle, the latter seeing Krillin and trying to tell her after identifying him as she looked over to Trunks while the vehicle came closer to Krillin and he was hit by its windshield, to which she expressed shock. She later asked him if he was okay and then explained the controls of the detonator, to which Krillin reasoned that he would have to get close to use it though she argued that the required 30 meters was not close and figured he could use protection, elaborating when she then showed him the armors she had made for him and the other Z-Fighters. Though he declined needing one, she reasoned that she would just give it to the others and flew off.[5]

On the lookout[]

Bulma and Trunks flew up to Kami's Lookout, Bulma concluding that it really did just float there and she greeted the others as they looked away from her, being greeted in return by Goku and Gohan. She noticed Future Trunks possessing longer hair and told him that it looked nice, stating that she meant it platonically. Future Trunks revealed he had spent a year with his father in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber even though he had only been inside for a day, Bulma being surprised that he had been able to spend an entire day with him since even she had been unable to do so.

Future Trunks said that he would not recommend it since all he did was yell at him, which Bulma related to as she looked over to Vegeta, questioning why his hair had not grown at all. Bulma remembered after he answered that she had brought along armor for the group in their fight against the androids, tossing the capsule that allowed them access to it. While Goku and Gohan changed, Bulma noticed Piccolo and Tien standing together and asked if they were going to, which they denied along with giving her an answer for when she asked if they had a reason. Vegeta left and Bulma told Future Trunks to go after him since his father had gained a head start on him.[6]

While Vegeta fought Cell, Piccolo and Tien found trouble finding someone to root for, showing their shared disdain for Vegeta. Bulma tried to stick up for him, but Tien mentioned that she had been left a single mother by him, to which Bulma claimed that it was hardly the same as she was wealthy. Piccolo expressed that this was a good thing, clarifying when asking if she trusted him with a baby, to which she answered that she would not with her child.[7]

Bulma reacts angrily to Krillin destroying the detonator.

Bulma asked Piccolo and Tien what they were doing while the pair spoke, learning they were betting on who would screw up in the fight against Cell, Piccolo having chosen Krillin and Tien having selected Vegeta. Bulma requested to get in and when Piccolo asked her which of the two she believed would mess everything up, she answered that they both would, her reasoning afterward that she had been involved with this longer than either one of them and answered that she would pick Krillin if it had to be one of them who did it first.

Krillin approached Android 18 with the detonator and in her promising that she and Android 16 had no interest in killing innocent people, he destroyed the detonator. Piccolo sensed this and informed Bulma, who angrily exclaimed that the detonator was twenty hours of her life and called him a "dick". Tien expressed shock at Krillin doing this until remembering that Android 18 was a girl, which Bulma answered gave reason to the move. Vegeta allowed Cell to absorb Android 18 and in learning this from Piccolo, Bulma answered that she won and the pair owed her zeni. Cell achieved his Perfect Form after absorbing Android 18, which Bulma felt even though she was not able to sense energy like the others.[8]

Following Cell leaving Future Trunks alive after defeating him in their battle and both Piccolo and Tien confused as they sensed what was going on, Bulma asked the pair for clarification, even briefly and mistakenly thinking that her son has defeated Cell. Returning to Capsule Corporation, she asked her mother where Future Trunks was, and upon meeting up with him, asked if he needed a juice box, to which he reminded her that he was 18. She then asked if he wanted an adult drink.[9]

Repairing 16[]

Bulma listened to the damaged Android 16 as she went through a computer, talking to herself as she speculated his physical appearance could be restored with components belonging to her father, confirming to Android 16 that she had seen Goku's face when asked about it and then asking him if he wanted to talk about something else. With Android 16 asking if her what her favorite bird was, she told him it was a penguin, the apparent wrong answer according to 16.[10] Bulma later found a folder that had been hidden while going through Android 16's files and called it to her father's attention, denying at first that it was Dr. Gero's porn stash before admitting that it could possibly be. Bulma noted a single file that was not damaged and became annoyed by Dr. Brief's suggestion that it was interracial. The two then watched the file of Dr. Gero's son, who Android 16 was modeled after, Bulma noting that the date "May 10" sounded familiar. The tape ended with his son being attacked, Bulma reacting in surprise and then showing her father another file she had found, telling him that he owed her the promised zeni that he had betted earlier.[11]


Dead Zone[]

After Gohan was kidnapped by the men of Garlic Jr., Goku went to see Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi at Kame House, Bulma asking why Gohan was kidnapped in the first place, leading Goku to speculate to whoever did so wanted a "good, old-fashioned fanny whooping". Bulma repeated the word "fanny" in confusion, leading Goku to elaborate that Chi-Chi disapproved of cursing though she pointed out that "butt" was not a swear word.

The World's Strongest[]

Bulma refuses donating her body for Dr. Wheelo's brain.

Kochin sought a body for Dr. Wheelo, heading to Kame House under the impression that Master Roshi was the strongest person alive. Bulma was present when he arrived and though she did not directly interact with Kochin as he was confronted initially by Master Roshi and Turtle, she was used as leverage after the Biomen got a hold of her. Bulma and Master Roshi were taken back to Dr. Wheelo's fortress, where Roshi was successful in defeating the soldiers. Bulma encountered Wheelo for the first time after this and praised him for his breakthroughs in the scientific field, though steadfastly denied him her body after he requested it and made mention of Master Roshi being outclassed by newer warriors, name dropping Goku who she credited with being the strongest person on Earth and told the two to have good luck in finding him. Goku then arrived and made his way through the lair. Goku encountered Bulma in the room she was being held captive in after Kochin turned the lights off to give a menacing appeal, Bulma being pleased to see Goku before she explained that she was unaware that there was an electric barrier around her space of captivity after Goku was electrocuted, explaining that she had not tried to free herself since she was chained up. Following Goku engaging in a fight with Dr. Wheelo, the latter was given a body by Shenron, an event that Bulma was present for.[12]

The Tree of Might[]

Appears at Goku's House to hear about the plan to stop Turles

Lord Slug[]

Bulma learned from her father that a meteor was coming towards Earth. She watched Goku and Krillin as they tried to stop it and failed, eventually coming in contact with the space station that appeared on Earth afterward which composed of Lord Slug and his henchmen. After Chi-Chi was defeated by the henchmen, Bulma stated that she lasted longer than she would have thought. With Lord Slug and his henchmen winning, Bulma tried to assist by holding Oolong to her face and trying to intimidate them, though found herself breaking character once one of the henchmen said she looked like a slut and she asked if he was talking to her or the pig.

Bulma spoke to Lord Slug who indicated that he wanted the Dragon Balls and after finding this out, she gloated that she was the only one that was able to locate the Dragon Balls using her Dragon Radar, causing Gohan and Lord Slug to react in different ways as he made her come to him via telekinesis and probe her mind for information on the Dragon Radar, which was found in her bag after she fell unconscious. Following the defeat, Bulma went back with Chi-Chi and Gohan to Kame House.


Bulma is ambitious and hot-headed - she wishes for adventure and great things, but because of her physical weakness in comparison with the others often finds herself on the sidelines and therefore frustrated. The smartest of the adults, Bulma has a tendency to look for the most logical and efficient solution to the challenges they encounter, and this leads her into conflict with Goku and the other warriors who want to fight things out. She is often annoyed at the Z fighters, particularly Krillin (who seems to lack any sense of restraint), Yamcha (who takes her abilities for granted) and Vegeta (whose arrogance and pride gets everyone into trouble).

Bulma was prone to making illogical threats against others when enraged, as she threatened both Gohan and Krillin that she would kill them in their sleep when they continued leaving her by herself while on Namek. It was irrational, as their deaths would leave her stranded on the planet with no chance of completing the then-task of retrieving the Dragon Balls on the planet (as well as leaving her at risk of being captured or even killed by Freeza and his henchmen). Her rage did not allow her to think straight, which was furthered by her yelling at Gohan even after he had remembered to save her, doing exactly what she wanted, making her appear hard to please.

Though she would not under normal circumstances be in favor of killing, Bulma has shown that she has no issue with execution when she is in fear, as shown when she demanded that Zarbon be killed with fire following his transformation into a less attractive physical form,[13] while suggesting that the Z-Fighters kill the creator of the androids after finding him with the use of the Dragon Balls,[14] or when she invented the detonators to quell the Android threat.[15] The latter two, however, were completely justified seeing as how they could have averted the creation and completion of Cell.

Much of Bulma's traits can be analyzed from her relationship with Yamcha. Though she found him cheating on her and he often put her in charge of cleaning after Paur, she admitted to Master Roshi that she had been saving herself for him shortly after his initial death, showing that she retained feelings and wanted to take him back, displaying that she was willing to overlook his past actions in the hope of forming a new future together. However her attitude toward him turned sour thanks to Yamcha not contacting her, which was due to him being dead and thereby not able to, something that Bulma did not find an acceptable answer as she broke up with him over him and in the coming years, completely disavowed herself from him when she entered a relationship with Vegeta. She showed a complete lack of concern for him from this point on, not bothering to retrieve his corpse and having him to get his old things from before he passed away, as she effectively removed him from her life.

Bulma has a generally good relationship with Goku, as they went on numerous adventures during their time as adolescents, as well as her being Goku's very first human friend. She is confident in his strength, as she mentioned having him on speed dial when feuding with Vegeta,[14] and enjoys seeing him. In fact, whenever a planetary crisis is imminent, she is shown to place her faith in Goku far more than others to the point that when Cell stated that the way to save the Earth was if one of the planet's champions defeated him in battle, which Bulma instantly stated it would be Goku.

She initially had a difficult relationship with Krillin, which was only further spotlighted by the two being around each other more frequently while on Namek. Bulma's nagging of him caused Krillin to either ignore her or criticize her, usually resulting in her either continuing a dialogue or hitting him. Since the trip to Namek, the pair have seemingly made up, Krillin even laughing during a conversation involving Bulma, though he still mocked her for her coming on to Future Trunks and made reference to it to her annoyance while she has shown concern for him when he was injured and offered him armor in an act of attempted assistance on her part.[16]

Bulma's flirtatious side comes out in seeing Vegeta.

She has a strong flirtatious side and is happy openly expressing her attraction to the men she encounters. She openly expressed interest in Zarbon and hinted at her intimacy with Vegeta on Kami's Lookout in the presence of the Z-Fighters. This can cause her to do things she may regret later, as she ended up flirting with an alternate-timeline version of her son (which caused difficulties talking to him) and seemed initially displeased to discover her pregnancy by Vegeta. Despite this, she chose to have the child and raise her son Trunks as a single mother, owning up to her responsibilities and not constraining herself to being reliant on Vegeta, who she initially planned to get a job to support her son with her despite her vast wealth which would guarantee Trunks would be taken care of financially.

Her relationship with Vegeta was the result of her being interested in him due to his strength, whereas he also had an attraction to her. Though the pair both enjoyed the consensual engaging of intercourse, the resulting pregnancy, due in part to both of their incompetence as Bulma neglected to notice Vegeta did not have a condom whereas Vegeta did not know what one was in the first place, only furthered to distance the pair from each other and prompt Bulma to not only see Vegeta in a negative light but also believe that her son would be better off being raised by her alone. Despite this strain on their relationship, she would still defend him at times when others said anything negative about him though had to admit that she was not okay with him being around their son.[17]

After becoming a mother, she became more concerned for others, as she worried for her son's safety and Krillin's well-being after he hit against her windshield (implying that they now get along well). This was not always apparent, however, as she cared little for the condition of Yajirobe after he fell out of her jet with her and Trunks, though her time on Namek with Krillin and lack of a relationship with Yajirobe may have contributed to this. Her adventurous side can overpower her better judgment and common sense, as she carelessly and very foolishly allowed her child to be put at risk just to see Dr. Gero, even when she knew how dangerous it was for her and baby Trunks and that she would get in the Z-Fighters way.

Her relationship with her son Trunks has shown her softer side as she often brings him along with her and appears loving toward him, though this is on occasion at the expense of her not understanding the dangers of him being around evil androids with no qualms about using them as leverage or possibly killing them.[18]

With his future timeline counterpart, however, Bulma had a more interesting experience with, as she instantly became attracted to him, even offering to be his mommy in a sexual manner, much to his horror.[14] In discovering that he was her son, she was proud that he had grown up to be attractive but was disturbed by having solicited for him to sex.[18] Since discovering this, the pair had awkward encounters for a short time, with Bulma trying hard to avoid damaging her already awkward relationship with him,[19] though this soon mellowed out with Future Trunks spending a year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, having forgiven her and finally giving Bulma closure.[16] Since then, Bulma has shown her concern for him much like a stereotypical mother, being worried about him in his fight against Cell,[20] and asking if she could get him anything to eat when seeing him again, expressing relief in seeing him again alive and well.[9]

As the daughter of a very wealthy philanthropist, she is socially unconstrained and happy to mix and travel with the Z Fighters who are mostly themselves social outcasts and unashamedly weird.

Due to her superhuman intellect, Bulma's frustration with her friends' obtuseness, pride, awkwardness, and sometimes sheer stupidity is justified.


Genius IQ[]

Thanks to being raised by Dr. Briefs, Bulma has a superhuman level of intelligence. This allows her to create advanced gear such as the Dragon Radar, repair Kami's Ship, and make a detonator in less than 22 hours.


  • Dragon Radar: One of Bulma's earliest creations. The Dragon Radar was made to locate the Dragon Balls as they emit a faint electromagnetic pulse, and can show how far they are from the user. It was brought along by Bulma during her trip to Namek with Krillin and Gohan, and was used three years later by Goku.
  • Battle Armor: A suit of Armor based on the original Saiyan armor. It was made for Vegeta, but later, Future Trunks, Goku, and Gohan wore them at some point during their training.
  • Detonator: After researching the Android's blueprints provided by Trunks, Bulma created this detonator in order to destroy the Androids. However, Krillin would destroy it after finding out that the Androids were not evil as once thought of.


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  • Note 1: Only appears in the Stinger in episode 4.
  • Note 2: Only appears in a non-speaking cameo in Bardock: Father of Goku.
  • Note 3: Has no speaking lines in Kai1 and Kai2.


  • "Remember when we used to do stuff? You know, be out there with them and help?"
  • "I swear to God, if anything happens to me when I'm gone, I'm kicking Krillin's ass."
  • "We're going to have a penthouse suite, and he'll drive a Corvette and we'll make love every (Zarbon transforms) KILL IT WITH FIRE"
  • "Wait. We don't have to do any of that. Hear me out. We just have to gather the Dragon Balls, have the dragon tell us where to find the guy who's making the Androids, find him, then murder that son of a bitch in cold blood!"


  • She is kind of a bitch, but she's got her heart in the right place.
  • Bulma's statements during the first season finale about her and the other characters from Dragon Ball not being of relevance anymore are ironic as she then became significant again in the second season, starting with the following episode.
  • Krillin has a particular fondness for Bulma's breasts as shown in the first episode of the series where he accidentally called her breasts instead of her name and even expressed delight at how much bigger they got after becoming a mother.
  • In response to her behavior on Namek, Krillin thought all she needed was sex to relieve herself. And this is exactly what she did with Vegeta during his training on Earth in preparation for the Android threat. So in this instance, Krillin was exactly right in his assessment of her.
  • Bulma has been shown to demonstrate attraction towards 3 men (4 if Future Bulma is included) which is the most for any female in the series thus far.
  • Bulma has shown attraction to Yamcha, Zarbon, Vegeta and Future Gohan and Zamasu.
  • It's somewhat implied that Vegeta and Bulma might have continued their sexual relationship more. In the Broly Abridged movie, Bulma says that she's glad Vegeta is going off to space without leaving her pregnant this time, to which she corrects to say "Shit, I hope." This implies that Vegeta had sex with Bulma briefly before and that Bulma is hoping she isn't pregnant again this time.
  • The Plans to Eradicate Christmas special was dedicated to Bulma's original voice actress, Hiromi Tsuru, who died from aortic dissection.


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