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"Aw, come now, don't be so scared. Once you're a part of me, you'll be reunited with our sister in... I don't know, give me 5 minutes--10 tops. And once I have achieved my perfection... (Android 17 grabs the tail and strains to keep it off of him) ...I'll take my time killing every person on this planet. Even the mighty Goku."
— Imperfect Cell Quote

"(thinking) So I'm a hair's breath from perfection, and then Triclops shows up and decides, "I'm just gonna turn triangles into f**king squares!" Then Goku shows up--apparently he can teleport--gotta look into that later! But at the very top of this long list of stupid questions is (out loud) WHERE...ARE YOU... 18?!"
— Semi-Perfect Cell Quote

"I am perfect... and you will quote everything I say."
— "Cell Shaded"

Cell (セル, Seru) is the "ultimate" creation of Dr. Gero, who comes from a future timeline. Unlike the other androids who were built by Dr. Gero, Cell was instead completed by Dr. Gero's Super Computer, located in his sub lab in the basement. He was the main antagonist in Season 3 of DragonBall Z Abridged.



Cell kills the Future Trunks of his timeline.

Cell originated from an alternate timeline, in which the Future Trunks of his timeline killed Future Android 17 and Future Android 18. Cell, deprived of being able to achieve his Perfect Form, decided to use the time machine that Future Trunks owned and confronted him as he was preparing to head back into the past, killing him and reverting to his larval state to fit inside the capsule. Returning to the past, Cell laid dormant for four years until he was finally able to transform to his Imperfect Form.[1] Cell then began his absorption spree with the city of Ginger Town, absorbing its inhabitants, including a reporter who questioned him about the legalization of marijuana, during which Cell took the opportunity to absorb him and the camera man. This footage (or lack thereof) was noticed by the Z-Fighters who were watching television at Kame House. Cell confronted Piccolo after he arrived in Ginger Town, singing "Mr. Sandman" and holding the body of a man, greeting Piccolo while referring to him as "friend."[2]

Fight with Piccolo[]

Cell begins his interactions with Piccolo.

Piccolo questioned what was going on, leading Cell to resolve to answer his question with another one, asking Piccolo if he wanted to see him "drink" the man that was laying right beside him. Cell proceeded to stick his tail into the victim and began absorbing him. After the absorption was complete, Cell asked Piccolo what brought him over to "his" neighborhood, the latter stating that he had sensed a disturbance. This led Cell to remark that he was quite "disturbing," and the Bio-Android recalled when he had absorbed the man he had just killed in front of Piccolo, calling the experience "weird". Cell revealed to Piccolo that he was the one responsible for reducing the population of the city, explaining that he had been sleeping for 4 years and was "understandably hungry" before describing his joy of absorbing others. Cell furthered that he was satisfied in absorbing others and for his last point to Piccolo, powered up and explaining that absorbing people was how he became stronger. Piccolo called Cell a monster, though he was mostly unfazed by his comment as he had heard it screamed it him that day beforehand and hinted at this with sarcasm to Piccolo before he suddenly spat out a pacifier, which he felt was embarrassing as it had come out the wrong end.

Cell is kicked by Piccolo during their battle.

Cell hinted at knowing more about Piccolo when the latter admitted they both increased in power when they merged with someone, which Cell declared as ominous. Piccolo then powered up and revealed to Cell that he had fused with Kami, which the latter realized before being kicked by Piccolo. Cell soon realized that Piccolo was faster than him which he expressed in his thoughts could be problematic before he was kicked by him again. Cell flew through the air before reasserting control and halting in mid-air in front of Piccolo. Cell then asked if Piccolo wanted to see something cool, which he revealed was his knowledge of how to use the Special Beam Cannon as he fired it at Piccolo. Piccolo blocked the beam and came up to Cell, who realized the Namekian was going to kick him again before Piccolo carried out the act. As Piccolo returned to the ground and stood near Cell who fell into ruins caused by their power ups, Cell asked Piccolo to do him "a solid" and not kick him anymore. With Piccolo stating that he would consider it if he explained how he knew his technique, Cell remarked that imitation was the greatest form of flattery and fired a Kamehameha wave at him. In the smoke caused by the attack, Cell was able to surprise Piccolo and grabbed him from behind, greeting him by calling him "neighbor" as he began absorbing his energy from his arm.

Cell's absorption was ended abruptly when Piccolo smacked him in the mouth and caused Cell to lose his grip, which was followed by the two returning to the ground and Cell voicing his belief that Piccolo was beginning to resemble Kami with the shriveled-up arm before asking if he was sure he did not want him to absorb energy from his other arm so that he could be evened-out. With Piccolo surrendering, Cell accepted his submission and hesitated with honoring his last request to tell him everything about him, only because he had never before had someone ask him "who or what". Cell stated his creation by Dr. Gero and that he was purely bio-mechanical unlike Androids 17 and 18 who he referred to as Cyborgs 17 and 18. Piccolo stated that they called them Androids to which Cell retorted by saying that calling them that was good for him, but he was wrong nonetheless.


After Piccolo concluded that he knew Cell's story, who interrupted him to say that Piccolo was welcome, but said he did not know Cell's name, the latter admitted that until that point he had not had one and then settled on what is now his current name. With Piccolo calling his name "kind of boring", Cell remarked that Piccolo himself was named after an instrument and then said it did not matter as he planned to absorb Piccolo anyhow, though the latter stopped him by asking if he wanted to see something cool. Cell confirmed that he did despite believing Piccolo was playing him, leading Piccolo to regrow his arm and impress Cell in the process before the latter realized that his regeneration of his arm was not good for him. Krillin and Future Trunks then arrived which Cell said was not good for him either and left as he did not want to tell the story again, managing to escape using a Solar Flare.[3]


Cell traveled on foot for another town and came across directions, though was still left confused after reading them aloud and questioning where he was. Cell then was nearly struck by a battle ball bus, afterward the driver requesting that he get out of the way only for Cell to ignore him for the most part as he noticed that East City had a Panda Sanctuary which he found cute. The driver began honking at Cell who started to make similar noises with his mouth until the driver stopped honking and Cell continued thinking to himself about the priority of absorbing the androids in due time. The players then came out, one threatening Cell who responded casually by asking for the name of the battle ball team as he wanted to make a joke about them.

Cell starts absorbing members of the bat-and-ball team.

After the player answered, Cell started a new reign of terror by absorbing the same player who had answered the question and then moving on to others such as the driver who he grabbed out of the vehicle. Cell soon afterward spotted Nicky Town, which he pretended to voice to himself as he thought aloud during the view. Cell in voicing Nicky Town portrayed the town as wanting him to come to it at that moment to the point of ordering him, which lead him to outright scream that he did whatever he wanted. Cell went into Nicky Town and started absorbing people as TJ and The Wombat reported on the bat-and-ball team he had absorbed earlier not having shown up yet for their game, a direct result of his encounter with them. Cell called in the station and requested that they play "Video Killed the Radio Star" which TJ admitted they did not normally play, though The Wombat was willing to make an exception for Cell who he referred to as "killer". Cell thanked them and promised that he would be right up, showing up at the radio statin and first absorbing The Wombat as TJ protested before Cell moved on to him and absorbed him as well.[4]

Cell arrives on the battlefield of the fight between Android 17 and Piccolo.

Cell's continued activity led to him being reported on news stations just as Piccolo had returned to Kame House, the latter becoming frustrated and insisting to the television that he was trying to stop Cell.[5] Though having little to no ability to secure the location of the androids, as they were without energy and thus could not be located through this measure, this changed when he detected the energy of Piccolo, who was then-currently fighting Android 17. The skirmish allowed Cell to be able to deduce that he was probably combating one of the cyborgs and he rushed to the scene, hoping to get there before the battle ended. Fortunately for him, Cell arrived while Android 17 and Piccolo were fighting, asking if he could join in and first being noticed by Nail and Kami in Piccolo's mind as well as causing Android 17 to question what he was.[6]

Absorbing Android 17[]

Cell knocks out Piccolo.

After arriving, he greeted Piccolo and the androids. He thanked Piccolo for bringing them together, calling Android 17 his "brother" and Android 18 his "sister" and also met Android 16, who he had been previously unfamiliar with, before powering up. Noticing the intimidated Piccolo, Cell asked him if his overwhelming power was "hard to bear", leading Piccolo to question how many he had absorbed, Cell merely replying with, "Enough." As Android 17 tried to brush him off, Cell grabbed him and put him against the ground, intending to absorb him before Piccolo intervened by knocking him off. Cell revealed to Android 17 that he intended to absorb him and thanked Piccolo after the latter informed Android 17 that Cell was composed of cells from various fighters. Cell tried to get Piccolo to tell Android 17 about when he defeated an entire bat-and-ball team at the same time before Android 17 continued questioning his presence, leading Cell to say that it was "rude to talk about someone when they're right in front of you." Cell then described himself as someone who drank people, prompting Android 17 to attack him alongside Piccolo, though the pair did not stand a chance. Cell walked into Piccolo's Light Grenade and emerged from the smoke caused by the attack unscathed, soon afterward punching out Piccolo before he could use his Nail Gun and then asking his beaten and bruised body if he had any last words.

Cell and Android 16 begin dueling.

Piccolo barely muttered anything, but Cell called his "words" "well-said" and then fired a beam directly into his chest. Cell remarked that Piccolo "died as he lived" and clarified that he was alone when asked by 18 what he meant. Cell agreed with 16 that his lonely death was sad, leading Cell to express that he could relate to Piccolo since he had yet to join with the androids and asked them to come with him and join him in a "world of perfection." Cell easily was able to intercept the attacks of 17 and tried to lower his tail down on him. While 17 expressed disgust with seeing his insides and the thought of entering through there, Cell remarked that once he was absorbed, he would be reunited with Android 18 in five to ten minutes and that he would begin killing everyone on the planet after reaching his final form, including Goku, prompting 16 to get involved (because 16 wanted to kill Goku more than Cell did) as he punched him in the face and caused him to let go of Android 17. Recovering, Cell asked 16 if he had "another one" in him and the two began fighting as Cell concluded that they were "doing this now." Cell charged at Android 16 and was able to knock him back, allowing for him to catch the android off-guard with his tail which he inserted into his neck in an attempt to absorb him.

Cell absorbs Android 17.

This was in vain, as Cell soon discovered the android was not just one by name but was entirely composed of metal after Android 16 confirmed this to him. Cell's tail was then grabbed by the android and as Cell laid on the ground, he tried appealing to Android 16 to not rip it off before the latter did so and he screamed out in pain. Cell quickly stood up and asked the android if he knew how long it was going to take him to regrow it, which he revealed as it regenerated quickly thanks to the cells he had from Piccolo and called his effort "fruitless", though offering the consolation that it "hurt like hell." Android 16 then announced he would attempt to remove Cell's head next, but the latter insisted that he would not give the android another chance, calling it his "second mistake" after Android 16 admitted starting at "the wrong end" when trying to stop his absorptions of the other androids. Cell then knocked him away and while charging at Android 16, was hit by his Rocket Punch and knocked down himself. Cell was then thrown into a hole and did not know where he was due to being unconscious, questioning where he was before seeing a light that he was directed to walk towards by Android 16, taking the impact of his blasts, though revealing himself to still be alive when he emerged from the hole behind Android 17 and absorbed him. Cell gained his Semi-Perfect Form and looked over to Android 18 with a sadistic smile.[7]

Being stalled[]

Cell stops Android 16 and Android 18 from escaping.

Cell stopped Androids 16 and 18 as they tried to escape, before looking at his reflection in the water and noting that he now had lips and could feel them, flapping them for quite some time before being punched in the face by an annoyed Android 16, which did no damage whatsoever. Regardless, Cell returned the favor by blasting off a part of his head with a Bing Bang Crash. When Android 18 expressed concern for Android 16, Cell told her that she would be better suited concerning herself with him and when she ordered him to give her back her brother while calling him a "fish-lipped a**hole", Cell warned that being rude to him would not bring Android 17 back. With Android 18 hinting at her bomb in her chest, Cell initially mistook her for giving herself a "boob exam" and then made fun of the bomb in her breast, dubbing the bomb, "Booby bomb!" Before she could activate, Cell tried unsuccessfully to convince her that Android 17 was enjoying his stay inside of him with an illusion, one which Android 18 was able to see through and concluded that Cell knew nothing about them, Cell arguing in his defense afterward that he had only just met them.

Cell is stopped from absorbing Android 18 by the continued blasts of Tenshinhan.

Though Android 18 exclaimed that this was not a "game", Cell stated that it was and she would have to blow herself up before he was able to absorb her. Tien Shinhan then arrived, being mocked by Cell, who asked him if Krillin was busy and this was the reason he had chose to come before elaborating that he did not see him as a threat since he was "only human" and not an android, Super Saiyan or Super Namekian. Tien retorted by firing his Shin Kikoho Neo Tri-Beam. Cell initially mocked the oncoming attack due to his belief that it would not hurt him until he actually took the attack head-on. Screaming, he was forced back into a hole. Tien then ordered Android 18 to evacuate or blow herself up, as he didn't really mind which she did. Cell proceeded to attempt leaving the hole he had been blasted into, but was stopped and forced back in by another Kikoho. The order would leave Cell nettled for quite a long time.

Cell about to kill Tenshinhan before Goku arrives.

Tien's distraction allowed 16 and 18 to leave while the Triclops restrained Cell. When Tien momentarily paused, Cell asked him if he was done and warned that he would become extremely enraged if any more shots were fired. Tien kept firing until losing all of his energy and collapsing to the ground, prompting Cell to come out of the hole he had been forced into during the attack and finally gain full mobility again. He encountered Tien as he laid on the ground following the excessive use of Shin Kikoho, remarking to him that the attack's two-worded name was a not very fitting last words, leading to Tien to tell the Bio-Android to "Kiko-fuck" himself. Afterwards, Cell told him he showed quite a lot of spirit as he prepared to kill him, only for Goku to arrive on the battlefield with Instant Transmission, leading Cell to question how he had arrived. Goku then made note of Piccolo also being alive, the latter having survived Cell's attempt to kill him, prompting Cell to question how durable Piccolo was and then himself since he had the same regeneration abilities, though he opted to call these questions "for later." Just before Goku leaves with the two almost dead fighters, he tells Cell that he was going to die in a very serious tone and teleported away. Cell became confused with his instant departure, not knowing about the instant transmission technique, and, trying to justify what had just happened, screaming out, "I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!"[8]


Cell interacts with the islanders.

Cell flew to a group of islands, suspecting that Android 18 was there. He complained to himself about Tien deciding to stall him until she could escape and Goku arriving with teleportation, but found himself yelling out for Android 18. Cell asked her if she understood what they could be together, which he revealed was "perfect" until Thomas Tankly confronted him from an island for making a scene and Cell asked if he could help him while struggling to give him a name until Tom mentioned his name. Cell greeted Tom, telling him that he intended to make less of a scene while liquefying his insides and drinking him. In Tom's continued efforts to help him, Sally Wilkonson confronted the duo by telling them not to disturb her child from sleeping with Tom insisting that he was just trying to help Cell with his lady problems, to which Cell said that he did not need his help before thanking him. This was followed by Sally's child beginning to cry, her attributing the child's crying to be a result of Cell talking to which he defended himself.

Cell receives a punch to the stomach from Vegeta.

Cell eventually became overly annoyed and began blasting apart the islands in an effort to draw out Android 18, destroying all of them until there remained only one which he concluded she was either on or she was not, having been destroyed in shooting the others. Regardless, Cell opted to try destroying it and prepared to until the arrival of Vegeta, who insulted Cell before and after the two landed on the island. Cell noticed Future Trunks standing behind him and assumed that he was the reason that Vegeta was acting with such bravado, telling him that he was content with him leaving the scene and returning later with someone more substantial, using Goku as an example. Vegeta began powering up and Cell assumed he had struck a nerve, being confirmed by Future Trunks who told him that he had pushed his father's Goku button, leading Cell to question what he meant as he received a punch to the gut from Vegeta.[9]


Cell uses his butt to speak.

Cell yelled for Vegeta to stop "fisting him", a request that the latter honored, though one which caused Cell further pain who complained that he had stopped all at once, Cell additionally requesting to have a minute and thanking Vegeta for honoring that one as well before being attacked by him. After being slammed into a formation of rocks by Vegeta, Cell spoke with the voice of his first form through his butt, calling it an "unfortunate turn of events." With Vegeta questioning if he had spoken out of his "ass", Cell remarking that he had some genes from Vegeta, who called this insult the closest thing he had done to damage at that point. Cell tried to alleviate the comment's accuracy by powering up, failing to scare Vegeta who even offered him a free shot. Cell took him up on the offer, punching him in the face but not doing any damage and questioning aloud how he had become so strong.

Cell makes a pitch to Vegeta.

With Vegeta claiming this was due to him training all day the previous day, he asked Vegeta if he thought he was trying to be cute (to which Vegeta replied that he was adorable) before firing a Galick Gun as his adversary. Believing he had defeated him, Cell mocked Vegeta in his mind, being surprised to see him completely unscathed by the attack as he mocked his version of the move. Cell proclaimed loudly that he would end Vegeta, though still being beaten around and submerging himself into the water nearby as he hid his power level, attempting to absorb Vegeta with his tail before it was caught by the latter who asked what he did with it. Cell admitted to both using it to "drink people" and planning to do the same to him, being pummeled again and saying that nothing about the encounter was making sense since Vegeta was not supposed to be thatmore strong. Vegeta then scares Cell even more by stating that Future Trunks is almost as strong as Vegeta himself. Cell screamed that he wanted to be perfect and started whining before being attacked by Vegeta who slammed him into the ground before Cell lamented that Vegeta had shown up too early, believing had he been able to absorb Android 18, he would not have been defeated and would have done the defeating, sparking Vegeta's curiosity.[10]

Becoming perfect[]

Cell explains his transformations to Vegeta.

Cell thanked Vegeta for having Future Trunks become quiet while he explained that he was only in his second form and not perfect yet, further explaining that the form he was in then was achieved by absorbing Android 17 who he called his "brother" and led Vegeta to correctly predict he would need Android 18 to achieve his perfect form. With Vegeta assessing that he would get a proper challenge if Cell absorbed Android 18, Cell promises that he would get everything that was coming to him. Cell then told Vegeta that he would never get the opportunity to fight him at his full potential should Android 18 escape again, establishing that this was his only chance to see his wish fulfilled and questioned him on whether or not he believed Goku could give him the challenge that he deserved.

"Vegeta! Trunks is picking on me!"

Cell thanked Vegeta for allowing him to absorb Android 18 and promised great things would happen. Though he was about to go and absorb her, Cell was confronted by Future Trunks and when the latter claimed that he was telling Vegeta everything he wanted to hear, Cell claimed that he had been telling the truth since he had gotten there. Future Trunk's intrusion led him to conflict with Vegeta and criticize him on his parenting, leading Cell to ask if he was going to take that from his own son before noticing Android 18 only a short distance away on the ground. He raced toward her, Future Trunks intervening by attacking him, leading Cell to remark that he was almost as strong as Vegeta as the latter had earlier said but was knocked away right after.

Cell confront 18 and Krillin as they try to escape.

Future Trunks told Krillin to get Android 18 away from there, Cell stopping the two from escaping with a blast right after Krillin asked if she was seeing anyone, to which he confirmed that she was and then told Vegeta that Future Trunks was picking on him when the latter tried to become involved, Vegeta attacking him afterward and stopping him from interfering again with an attack that Cell found reliving. Cell addressed Android 18 by saying that he was not sure he liked her hanging around with different men, or in Krillin's case, "half of one". Android 16 tried to tell Cell to leave her alone, only for him to insist that Android 18 was aware that she was attracting his attention with what she was wearing and he knew she wanted it from that. Krillin was bothered by the comment and attacked Cell, the latter dusting him off with just one hit and knocking him away in the process, bring the "Krillin Owned Count" to 33. Though he questioned who saw that coming in a sarcastic manner, he was surprised by Android 16's attempt to fight him, which failed as Cell knocked him away too and did the same with the resistant Android 18. Cell tried walking up to her in an attempt to absorb her before Future Trunks interfered again with a series of punches, leading the inferior in strength Cell to question where Vegeta was.

Cell singing once finished transforming.

While being beaten by Future Trunks, Cell remarked that his strategy was not working and remembered that Tien had gotten him into "this mess", leading him to reason the latter would also get him out of it. Cell moved upward and insisted that he would no longer be denied her absorption, using his Solar Flare to blind everyone and descending down to absorb her. Cell blasted away Krillin, bringing the "Krillin Owned Count" to 34, and moments afterward, absorbed Android 18 with his widened tail. Cell transformed into his perfect form, completely demolishing the island just by his transformation, finding the looks on everyone's faces to be priceless, declaring the human race would become extinct in a televised revolution and that they were doomed, later eyeing Vegeta. At the end of his musical number, Cell introduced himself to the group as Perfect Cell and greeted everyone.[11]

Dominating Vegeta[]

"A volunteer!"

Cell tested out his Perfect Form through some quick punches and kicks, afterward questioning who would fight him first before Krillin fired a Kienzan Destructo Disc at him. Cell was struck by the attack, but received no damage, moments afterward turning back to Krillin and calling the unfortunate young Z Fighter "a volunteer". Cell then proceeded to kick Krillin in the face, leaving the latter in a near-dead state and bringing up the "Krillin Owned Count" to 35. Cell continued his testing and started a conversation with Android 16, asking the android if they were cool. When Android 16 indicated that he was not with him since Cell ate his "family", Cell called on him to not lose his head and cited that they were his family as well.

Vegeta, having watched him transform from the sky, descended to the ground and asked him if thought himself big for defeating Krillin with ease. Cell professed that he was not though indicated that he was proud of Vegeta for having kept his word and allowing him to carry out the absorption especially when it called on him to throw "everyone's lives away". Cell was going to tip his hat to Vegeta but found himself questioning what was on his head, asking Vegeta if he would call it a crown and then Android 16, dubbing it a crown after neither of the two answered him back. Vegeta called Cell "Perfect Cell" in addressing him, the latter remarking that he loved the ring to that and after Vegeta said he would be bearing down the knuckles on his gloves, Cell indicated that he thought the remark was sexual in how it sounded. With Vegeta affirming that he would defeat Cell, the latter cut him off and requested that Vegeta hit him as hard as he could, angering Vegeta by mentioning his father as having been right about him. Once Vegeta kicked him and the kick did nothing to Cell, the latter concluded that he had struck a nerve and with Vegeta left questioning how he was able to withstand the attack, Cell echoed him in saying, "You're either perfect or you're not me." Cell followed this up with a kick that sent Vegeta passing through several boulders and after Vegeta recovered, Cell related the idea to him again after remembering that Vegeta was hard-headed. Vegeta began charging an attack, which impressed Cell who said that he could actually feel it unlike the kick he had been given earlier.

"K.O.! I win. Perfect."

Vegeta fired the Final Flash at Cell, who found the name cute before reacting in surprise at the beam being able to do something to him. Once the smoke cleared, Cell reacted in horror to part of his body being destroyed from the attack. Cell questioned Vegeta as the latter laughed if he thought him losing part of his body was funny before regaining his composure and telling Vegeta that his face was funny after he grew it back. Cell remarked that he liked the old limb better before concluding he would have to test out the new one, leading Vegeta to start firing at him in a fit of frustration. Cell emerged from the smoke, questioning him on whether the attack had ever worked before punching him away and insisting that he not answer that. While Vegeta was recovering from the attack, Cell walked up to him. Offering the Prince of Saiyans advice, he told him to follow in the footsteps of the others, and wait for Goku. With a skyward kick and a plummeting elbow attack, Cell shattered Vegeta's spine and spirit, proclaiming it a KO. Cell then landed on the ground next to Vegeta's body and placed his hand out, preparing to kill Vegeta before noticing Future Trunks beginning to transform through his powering up and concluding that he had a new challenger.[12]

Playing coy[]

Cell watched Future Trunks' transformation, noting that his lungs were powerful as he shouted and agreed with Future Trunks' assessment that the battle was over before it had even began. With Android 16 saying that the Senzu Beans would only heal physical wounds but not emotional damage, Cell denied this, insisting they would not be effective in healing Vegeta and ordered Krillin to tend to Vegeta while the "big boys", he and Future Trunks, began a duel.

Cell reveals to Future Trunks his role in him entering the past.

While Future Trunks swore he would get revenge for Cell's treatment of his father, the latter insisted that Vegeta would be emotionally scarred from the battle for years to come and said the same of Future Trunks, invoking Future Gohan when asking if the present timeline Gohan knew that Future Trunks had allowed for him to die in his timeline. Angering the Saiyan, Future Trunks announced his intent to power-up, Cell stating he would be disappointed if he did not and in watching Future Trunks increase his power said that he wanted a real fight this time around. Future Trunks swore he would show his superior strength to his father, though Cell explained that he was referring to when the two had previously encountered each other in his timeline and elaborated on the circumstances that prompted him to enter the present timeline, leading Future Trunks to the conclusion that he was in the timeline because of him but told him not to beat himself over it since he was just a child in spandex, the pair beginning to duel afterward and Cell expressing impressions with Future Trunks despite his appearance.

Cell and Future Trunks seemingly being tied.

Cell alluded to those he had killed when Future Trunks claimed he was a dead man, prior to being knocked into a wall and being confronted by Future Trunks who admitted the attack had felt good despite knowing that the move had not done much damage. Cell then noted that this was an example of his pride and invoked Vegeta in saying the apple did not fall far from the tree once shaken "hard enough", admitting that he appreciated the effort and that he indeed was stronger in his attacks than Vegeta but revealed that the form was not fast enough to keep up with him. Cell told Future Trunks that he could not hit him and that he was pitying him, prompting Cell to demonstrate this by avoiding all of his attacks and explain that he was green, having to further elaborate that he was not talking about his physical color but instead his inexperience on the battlefield when compared to the fighters around him.

Cell spares Future Trunks.

He mentioned that Goku had defeated an army, demons and sent a rabbit to the moon at Future Trunks' age and told him the form was not new, powering up and mocking Future Trunks before reverting back to his normal form and insisting Vegeta was also capable though was not dumb enough to attempt it which only further demonstrated Future Trunks' stupidity. Cell then called on Future Trunks to come down from the sky, cease using what he called a useless form and wasting everyone's time. After Future Trunks complied, Cell said he could not tell if Vegeta's body or Future Trunks' spirit were more shattered. When questioned by Future Trunks as to whether he believed everything was a game, he denied it on the grounds that he would be having fun by killing Goku, telling Android 16 that he was trying after the android said this still did not make them friends. Future Trunks said that no one would remember Cell after he was fought and killed by Goku, prompting Cell to change his plans and spare Future Trunks' life. He explained that he would not accomplish anything by killing him and that the world needed to see what it had created, telling Future Trunks to take care of his father and check the news before departing off the island.[1]

Tournament's prelude[]

While Gohan and Goku were training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Cell appeared in a dream of theirs, killing Piccolo and Chi-Chi with his face not being shown to the present Gohan as he introduced himself, turning back to look at Gohan but having Goku's face.

Cell announces the Cell Games.

Using his powers, Cell constructed a ring for his upcoming tournament, initially relishing in its completion and seeming perfection before spotting a green tile on the otherwise consistently marble white colored tiling, causing him to start over. After completing another one, Cell was happy to report its perfection until spotting a tile that was shorter than the others, briefly being frustrated before telling himself to let it go as he had "shit to do" and flying away. Cell then went to a television station's headquarters, interrupting several live shows as he ascended to the building's top floor and garnered sustained attention as he introduced himself, as well as admitting his past absorptions throughout multiple cities. Cell declared his intent to leave the Earth for good once he destroyed it but was offering humanity one final chance to save itself in the form of its strongest fighters participating in his Cell Games tournament. For those who did not want to participate, he determined that they would be best suited saying their goodbyes to love ones that he suggested they also spend time with, commit a "purge" of sorts or just "live a little" as he furthered Earth would be destroyed in a week, after the tournament took place and his assumed victory and fired a beam through the simulation of Earth behind him as a demonstration prior to leaving. Before leaving he arrogantly told the people of earth to "feel free to pray to your god! But, spoilers, I won't be listening." [13]

Cell attempted to get sponsored as he stood on his ring and was surprised by the appearance of Goku, who wanted to get a feel of his power for the impending tournament. Cell remarked that Goku needed to have a bell on him since he startled him and said that he was not expecting him for a week, assuming that the ring looked a mess before asking Goku of his opinion. When the latter admitted that he found it to be small, Cell stressed to Goku that he was hoping for some intimacy with its design with Goku who misheard his word as intimidate and told Goku he should be intimidated given the stakes of the tournament. Cell stated the stakes had never been higher and quickly defused the theory by Goku that there would be stakes as prizes, insisting this was what Goku was thinking. Goku said why he had come and expressed how handsome Cell was, the latter agreeing with the sentiment and saying the pair had a date as Goku teleported away. Cell said to himself that he would miss Goku when he was dead.[14]

Cell was standing in the center of his ring when approached by a journalist who questioned him in a rather scared manner about his origins, believing that he would be killed. Cell decided to speak with the journalist, doing his best to filter through the story so it would not take as long to iterate and answered questions by the journalist regarding the story. Cell lamented Vegeta being resurrected following his death by Freeza and also was disappointed with Super Kami Guru not coming back despite his considerable humor. Cell defended his choices to mention Fake Namek and Maron as part of his attempt at world building and said that he had to bid the journalist farewell, who thanked him as "Perfect Cell" before being vaporized by Cell, who insisted on being called "Mr. Perfect Cell".[15]

Cell VS. Characters[]

While waiting for the Cell Games to start, multiple fighters came to him looking for a chance to fight against him. The first group was two high school students; Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara. Both of them boast their respective abilities (Spirit Gun for Yusuke and the Spirit Sword for Kazuma ), but when Cell revealed that he can destroy a planet with one finger, the two left.

Later on, while sleeping, Cell was approached by Yami Yugi, looking to duel him. Cell, after hearing Yugi's backstory, enthusiastically agrees to duel him, but is confused when Yugi wanted to play duel monsters. Cell however was more than willing to learn how to play. When Cell reveals that most of Yugi's cards were tournament banned, and it was 8000 life points instead of 4000, a frustrated Yugi left.

He would later meet two other martial artists named Ryu and Ken. The two wanted to fight him, but neither were successful in doing so despite pulling their powerful moves on him, with Cell even countering the Shun Goku Satsu by sheer accident. Later on, Sonic and Knuckles appeared to race him to save the earth, but Cell used a combination of After-Image and super speed to psych out the two.

Later on, a warrior named Kenshiro appeared looking for a fight. Kenshiro managed to make Cell explode thanks to his Hokuto Shinken technique. Cell regenerated however, and it was soon revealed that Kenshiro was just looking for food and asked if he can eat Cell's severed arm.

After that, Light Yagami approached Cell and wrote his name in the Death Note which, after 40 seconds did in fact stop one of Cell's hearts. Actually feeling threatened, he blasts Light Yagami with a Ki Blast, most likely killing him.

Cell was later confronted by Saitama and Genos. He defeated Genos with ease, but when expressed interest in fighting Saitama, who, rather than challenging Cell to silly but admittedly fun children's games or use a magic notebook on him, simply thought about punching Cell in the face. Sadly, he (and many, many eager fans) were left disappointed when Saitama revealed he won't be able to make it to the Cell Games as he has chores that day, such as having to restock their dismal food supply.

Another set of challengers consisted of Ash Ketchum, his friends Misty and Brock and Ash's collection of Pokemon. Cell proved very resistant to attacks from Ash's Squirtle and Charizard and, after sending Team Rocket "away" in time-honoured fashion and expressing irritation that Charizard was somehow not a Dragon, allowed Ash and gang to leave. As soon as they left, Cell caught sight of a Mewtwo flying overhead that he initially mistook for Freeza.

The final unofficial challenger before the Games began was Deadpool, who had been hired to kill Cell, though spent too much time messing about by cutting the Android's arms off. Deadpool ultimately had to leave after a certain Canadian mutant called him up, demanding backup since Jean Grey was going Dark Phoenix on everyone, again.

Cell Games and death[]

On the day of the tournament, Cell was approached by Mr. Satan, in seeing the former remarking to himself that he might have been better off not making the tournament an open invite. He confirmed to himself that the tournament shouldn't have been one as Mr. Satan began giving remarks to Jimmy Firecracker on why he was participating. Cell questioned if Mr. Satan was sure about fighting with him and mocked him as resembling an extra from a budget porno film, questioning if he was found in the subway, asked him if he had any relationships whatsoever that were not having to do with his money or connections and called his daughter a "poor orphan" when Mr. Satan mentioned her in response to the last insult. With Vegeta declining to answer Jimmy Firecracker on if he planned to participate, Cell offered to combat Vegeta and that he hoped he did not come to the tournament just to appear mean, before remarking that he was taking his advice from before and waiting for Goku. Cell then noted Android 16's arrival and asked if he was going to participate, mocking Android 16 for calling his name over and over until Goku and his friends arrived, speaking directly to Goku, Yamcha, and Tenshinhan. Cell quickly killed Piza and Caroni, and corrected Mr. Satan that his name was "Perfect Cell". Cell was surprised that Mr. Satan was actually fighting, having thought he was someone's hype man, and quickly subdued him with a knock into a mountain.[16]

Goku stepped up to the plate, eager to punch Cell in his "perfect jawline." The two had an amazing battle, and Goku's simplistic nature somehow continued to jive with Cell perfectly, although Goku's repeated use of Instant Transmission finally gets on Cell's nerves, and leaves Cell hypocritically disgusted when Goku states he learnt the move from eating sick Yardratians. Goku finally leaves Cell enraged by choosing to give up and nominate Gohan as his replacement, despite Gohan not being on Cell's "list" (unlike Yamcha.)

To the horror of the Z Warriors, Goku hands Cell a Senzu Bean, allowing the android to recover fully. Goku had planned this in order to get Gohan backed into a corner so he'll unleash his full power and wipe Cell out, but Gohan's dislike of fighting throws a wrench in the plans. After Gohan admits to Cell the hidden anger-fuelled power inside him, Cell attempts to rouse it by birthing the Cell Juniors and siccing them on the Z Warriors, yet even this fails to anger Gohan and Cell irritatedly refers to Gohan's insistent pacifism as pious holier-than-thou cowardice. At thsi point, Android 16 attempts to blow both himself and Cell to dust with his in-built thermonuclear bomb. Sadly, since Bulma had removed said bomb beforehand, this fails and Cell gives 16 the "kaboom" he wanted by ki-blasting 16 and reducing the poor android to a head. Mr. Satan, however, chooses now to man up and throw 16's head over to Gohan, though this makes Satan an open draw-and-quarter target for the Cell Juniors by their father. 16 harshly tells Gohan to let go of his supposed moral high ground and grow up, and Cell finishes 16 off for good by crushing his head underfoot, before spitefully denying 16's place in heaven with a claim that the Android had no soul.

This finally arouses Gohan's fury, and leads to the boy ascending to Super Saiyan 2 (or "Super Duper Saiyan" as Goku calls it.) The worryingly-sadistic Gohan slaughters the Cell Juniors, not that Cell cares as not only is his mentality firmly "sink or swim" for his children, but Gohan's new power has gotten Cell's erection like hoped, although Gohan begins dominating Cell far more than the android is willing to take. When Cell tries to blow Earth to bits with a Kamehameha, Gohan dispels it with his own, while also blasting a large portion of Cell's body away, and just to rub salt in the wound, claims Cell is "boring him," much to Cell's fury.

Gohan manages to kick Cell so hard that he vomits up Android 18, and as a result de-evolves into his Semi-Perfect form. Unfortunately, Gohan is too into sadistically torturing Cell to heed Goku's advice to finish the monster off, and Cell takes the chance to take "everything" away from Gohan the same way Gohan took "perfection" from him. Cell inflates himself and initiates a one minute self-destruction that'll go off prematurely if anything disturbs him, from another Gohan punch to a thin mint. Goku, realizing how poorly he planned things out, chooses to make amends by teleporting himself and Cell elsewhere in a sacrificial move, though he still screws up by taking Cell to King Kai's planet to ask the wise Kai where to take Cell, with the android self-destructing not a second later, killing Goku, King Kai and his retinue.

Sadly, Cell is able to survive this, as a single one of his cells survives the explosion and regenerates Cell's body thanks to Piccolo's DNA. Worse still, Cell gets a huge power boost thanks to Saiyan DNA and the famous Saiyan near-death-recovery power boost. The result not only restores Cell's perfect form, but amplifies it into a "Super Perfect/Perfecter" form. Cell promptly returns to Earth much to the horror of the Z Warriors. As his first act, Cell reprises his "Perfect" theme song and fires a fatal Death Beam at Tien, though it hits and kills Trunks by mistake as Cell is so powerful he can barely tell power level from power level anymore.

Enraged by Trunks' death, Vegeta charges at Cell in a blind fury but is swatted aside like a fly and has a powerful ki blast thrown at him. In a moment of misplaced heroism, Gohan takes the shot, leaving him bleeding and down an arm. Deciding to give Gohan a last few minutes, the average charge time for his new Solar Kamehameha, Cell decides to finish both Gohan and the Earth off for good, though thanks to encouragement from his two fathers, Gohan counters with his own now-iconic one-handed Kamehameha. As the two clash beams, Cell continues to belittle and taunt Gohan, even as Gohan receives further encouragement from the dead-once-more Goku.

Finally, however, it is Vegeta who turns the tide, firing ki shots powerful enough to distract Cell and allow Gohan to finally finish the android off.

In the end, though briefly surprised and horrified by Gohan's final power spike, Cell sees no way out for himself and seems to accept his demise. As a final sign that he holds no regrets for his actions and accepts Gohan's Kamehameha as the "perfect" death, Cell sings his own cover of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" (interestingly, Sinatra himself died two years before Episode 60 was released) before finally dying, wiped out to the last cell by Gohan, ending his menace forever.


Cell in a Hell[]

After his demise, Cell appeared in the Other World, where King Yemma, disgusted by the enormous amount of people he killed, had him sent to Hell (or HFIL, which stands for Home For Infinite Losers). There, Cell discovered that Hell was actually a cul-de-sac filled with previous dead Dragon Ball villains, including the remains of the Ginyu Force, Frieza and his subordinates, as well as Raditz. Cell discovered much to his dismay that he had to share his home with Raditz and Planet Namek's former Grand Elder Guru.


Android 13[]

A larva Cell was seen in the beginning and end of the film as his creator Dr. Gero was going to wait for him to mature. However, both were killed by Krillin and Trunks after their battle against the other androids.

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan[]

Cell makes a brief appearance in the film. While waiting for the Cell Games to begin, Goku arrives to ask Cell if he destroyed South Galaxy. Cell expresses interest in a South Galaxy, and even refuses to forget about it at Goku's request. After Goku leaves, Cell remarks that his conversations with Goku are nice.


His defining trait is his cruelty. Cell's intent after completing his absorption of the androids is to become a mass-murderer and not only commit genocide on the human race, but everyone on "this dung hill of a world", showing complete disregard for life apart from his own. It is validated that he has no morality or compassion towards anyone of any age by him previously regurgitating a pacifier from one of the children he absorbed, instead only expressing distaste for having caused it to have not been absorbed properly as well as the multiple absorption that he had of humans to boost his power, again showing that he is only concerned for himself. Even after beating Piccolo and the latter being worn out from their fight, he still had to make sure that he had killed him, which he failed to do and only was passingly surprised by, lacking any feeling. This ruthlessness is especially true in his final form, in which he sarcastically tells Vegeta he's proud of him for selling out humanity by allowing him to absorb Android 18 to achieve perfection while insulting his height while doing so. He then provokes Vegeta with a comment by his father about him not "playing along" with others. And finally, he tells Vegeta that he should wait for Goku like the rest of Earth's fighters in order to demoralize him before he knocks him unconscious. When fighting Trunks, he first says a mocking comment that Vegeta would wake up in a cold sweat for the next five years after his humiliating defeat and that he deserved the defeat he just received; even though the latter in his actions to allow Cell to achieve perfection are fully justified, just to get under Trunk's skin. Second, he brings up that it's Trunks' fault that Future Gohan died and finally clarified that through the use of time travel, it was Trunk's fault that Cell arrived in the first place. During his fight with Trunks, he boasts that Trunks cannot fathom the number of dead men behind him.

Cell has shown himself to be sadistic, sarcastic and humorous. At the end of episode 42, he recited "Mr. Sandman" while dragging a victim behind him, before "drinking" him in episode 43. He states that he gets a rush from killing when asked why he killed everyone in Ginger town. Cell is also constantly seen spouting sexual innuendos towards most of the victims he desires to absorb, much to the annoyance of others. His sarcastic and humorous side is revealed in episode 43. When Piccolo says that he assumes Cell killed everyone, he replies: "Oh no, that was another guy. His name was 'Shit Sherlock', first name 'No'." Upon fleeing, before using the Solar Flare, he says: "Sorry, kids: not telling the story again; but I will leave you enlightened." Episode 44 reveals that he's a visibly deranged, disturbed psychopath who enjoys arguing with himself (betraying serious control issues in the process), and his dry sense of humor makes him even creepier in retrospect. Overall his characterization is that of a glorified sex offender, with most of his lines containing lewd and perverted sexual innuendos.

In his lesser forms, Cell was motivated by a desire to achieve what he thought was perfection through reaching his final form as a result of absorbing the androids. As he outright told Android 18, Cell cared little for the compliance of the two,[8] though did make a genuine attempt to appeal to them without the use of lethal force, as he called on both upon meeting them initially[7] or when searching for Android 18.[17] Other times he resulted in manipulation and lies, as he claimed through projecting an image of Android 17 that the latter was content with being absorbed while trying to convince Android 18 to both not detonate herself and allow for him to absorb her.[8] Cell's attempts were disadvantaged by both him not being able to track the pair and also being without knowledge of the two beyond knowing they were essential to him transforming, though this was in part rectified by the sheer luck of Android 17's duel with Piccolo.[7]

Cell's main opponent while in his Imperfect Form was Piccolo, who was the first of the Z-Fighters to encounter him in the present timeline. Cell and Piccolo both mocked each other's names and quickly differed from each other in having different senses of morality as Piccolo showed his disgust with Cell's absorptions multiple times.[3][7] Cell, knowledgable on Kami, consistently made references to him, even remarking on what he called Piccolo's sudden resemblance to him once his arm was partially absorbed by Cell's tail.[3] Nonetheless, Piccolo proved to be an asset to Cell, as it was due to him facing Android 17 that he was able to hasten his attempts to find one of the components. Though grateful to him, Cell quickly dispatched of Piccolo, demonstrating his drastic increase in power and lack of appreciation.[7]

With the absorption of Android 17, he finds joy in buzzing his lips as he had never had them prior to the transformation. Similarly to his first form, he still finds his hunting of the androids and intent to kill anyone who gets in his way to mostly be an amusing, which he outright stated to Android 18 and even made reference to before his attempt at killing Tien by insulting his attempts to being able to hinder him in the slightest. His cunning remains, mixed in with some manipulation as he tried using his own distorted image of Android 17 to convince his sister to join with him, though not very convincingly as he portrayed 17 with exaggerated cool kid motif compared to the real one's suave coolness. He is much more successful with convincing Vegeta to allow him to reach his Perfect form by goading him with the fact he would be a much more worthy challenge to his newfound strength in his stronger form. Cell becomes fairly curious, having been brought to possessing multiple questions after noticing Piccolo's regeneration and Goku's Instant Transmission, though he borders on partly staying focused as he attempted to reserve the questions for another time.

With his absorption of Android 18, he becomes significantly more casual in his speech as he attempted to make small talk with Android 16 both after he kicked Krillin and when asking what the headpiece on his skull was a crown or not. He is also incredibly more arrogant, demanding that Vegeta to hit him "as hard as he could" and chided Vegeta for not taking the right response to fire all of his Ki into a powerful enough attack to harm him. When fighting Trunks, he is first is annoyed by Trunks does not immediately going to challenge him. After Trunks flies down to fight him, Cell tells Krillin to take Vegeta so that the "big boys" can fight. He provokes Trunks into powering up by bringing up extremely personal failures that the latter had allowed to happen in the course of his life to enrage him enough to power up enough to be a challenge. He then admits he's impressed that Trunks proved to be a challenge, but then declared that he could not defeat him in his present form. After avoiding a few of Trunk's attacks, Cell not only goes to say that not only was he holding back out in their fight of pity, but then critiques the young half Saiyan about his naivety in not realizing his current form's limitations and then demonstrates that he has the same transformation while doing a poorly acted, but also accurate impression of Trunks. After snarking about how Trunks' spirit was broken, Cell then admits to him that the current fighting events that he's been through aren't as fun without killing Goku. This arrogance is then unintentionally used against him when Trunks tells him that Goku will defeat him and no one will remember his name after he's dead. Taking those words as a threat to his perfection, he decided not to kill Trunks and went to film his revolution so that the world would know what it's created and thus, would be better remembered in the populace. Contrasting his previous two forms, Cell has disregarded much of the prior notions about drinking, likely due to his tail retracting in the form.

Another attribute to his increased mean-spirited attitude is that he frequently insults almost every one of his challengers, and never misses an opportunity to make a snarky comment to his opponents and belittle them. Examples are Vegeta (by practically calling his mother a whore), Sonic (asking if he'll give Cell rabies), Light (insinuating that he was gay) and most brutally, Mr. Satan (by asking if he was once a homeless man that got his start in bum-fights, saying that he resembles a budget porno flick extra, and calling his daughter an orphan), which managed to almost make him lose all of his confidence.

Cell has gained more confidence since entering his perfect form. He considers himself the pinnacle of perfection, admitting this in an echo of Vegeta's words and even believes himself to be God, though said he would ignore what he thought were prayers to him.

Cell tried to develop his relationship with Android 16.

His relationship with Android 16 gets progressively friendlier as he transformed. He initially tried to absorb him, becoming annoyed with the failure and being shocked that Android 16 was an actual Android.[7] After absorbing 17, he is initially annoyed that Android 16 punched him in the middle of his lip buzzing.[8] On his second encounter, he is at first disappointed that 16 futilely punched his face and then referred to him with endearing terms as he knocked him down. [18] After absorbing 18 and achieving his perfection, he asks if he and 16 were cool, even though he had just absorbed both of his siblings; to which 16 disagreed. He asks 16 again a little while later what his crown was, but is met with the latter telling him he hates him. At first, this seemed to be just to rub in 16's failures to stop him, but he is visibly upset that he couldn't connect with 16 with their shared love of killing Goku.[19] Later on, however, when he killed Android 16, he admitted that the Android didn't have a soul, which makes his efforts to befriend his sibling dubious. On the other hand, this may have been a joke at Android 16's expense, with Cell implying he didn't have a soul because he was ginger, not because he was an Android.

Throughout his transformations, Cell has retained a respect for Goku. In his first form, Cell remarked that he would kill everyone on Earth upon reaching his final form, including Goku who it was implied by his manner of speech was someone that he considered was more difficult to kill than others, showing his high regard for him.[7] Within his second form, Cell dismissed Vegeta in the hopes that he would bring back Goku who he admitted to finding more substantial.[17] Cell repeated these sentiments while in his Perfect Form and fighting Vegeta, calling on him to be like the others and wait for Goku to prove a match.[19] Upon meeting Goku again, a week ahead of the tournament, he valued his opinion enough to ask him how he felt about the ring and admitted that he was going to miss him after what he predicted was Goku's impending death.[14]

Another of Cell's characteristics to remain present throughout his different forms is his analogous nature in terms of personality to those he contains the cells of. In his Imperfect Form, similarly to Piccolo, Cell is cunning in battle, developing different tactics to resolve matters in which he is outclassed but also has a lonely streak to himself, sometimes talking to himself and invoking the loner status for which Piccolo is well-known. Cell was well-aware of their similarities in having isolation, acknowledging this shortly after it appeared that he had killed Piccolo.[7] In his Semi-Perfect Form, Cell is obsessed with being the strongest similarly to Vegeta and has a temper tantrum that borders on identical to Vegeta's when he could not achieve the Super Saiyan transformation. Cell however, only discerned their similarities in being able to speak from their behind.[20]

Cell serves as a foil to Future Trunks, the two both being time travelers from different timelines with varying results, but differing in their aspirations for traveling to the past and on their views on the usefulness of the androids and humanity. Future Trunks greatly dislikes Cell, even having pledged to be the one to destroy him during their battle. Cell, for the most part, could not be bothered to take him seriously, mocking him in his Semi-Perfect form as "Junior" until Future Trunks proved to be stronger than him at the time during a short battle in which Vegeta's claims about Future Trunks powers were confirmed.[18] After reaching his Perfect Form however, Cell continued to berate Future Trunks, though acknowledged that he was physically stronger than his father, all the while mocking him for various reasons including his failure to save Future Gohan, his wanting to be accepted by his father and his being unable to understand the basics of fighting in using a transformation that would not allow for him to keep up with his opponent.[1]

Cell's relationship with Gohan changed throughout their fight. Initially, viewing the boy with amused disdain until the latter admitted to have the power to surpass him. Cell then puts all of his efforts into attempting to get Gohan mad enough to awaken his power. However, he eventually gets increasingly frustrated by the boy's inability to bring out this power and decides to just kill the Z-Fighters and likely Gohan next. Once, Gohan awakened his true power, he is initially delighted until Gohan demonstrated that he had no interest in engaging in a drawn-out fight, but to kill the Bio-Android. This gradually causes his feelings of admiration to become fear and later anger towards the boy as he quickly surpassed him with ease and took away his perfect form. However, upon his revival, with the exception of a few mean remarks, he respected the boy enough to give him a perfect death and felt satisfied with his death at Gohan's hands after an initial sense of shock.

Cell is shown to have a case of severe Perfectionism/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, as during the creation of his Cell Games arena, he kept accidentally putting a green block (possibly made of grass) into the floor, making the arena a circle or causing the block to be half the size of the others. Cell noticed these mistakes and went onto another location to start from scratch out of sheer annoyance.

Although Cell is indifferent at best to the other Z Warriors, he harbors a considerable grudge toward Tien due to the latter's spiteful pinning down with the Shin Kikoho technique, an act that left Cell rather "nettled." When Tien shows up for the Cell Games, he is the only warrior that Cell shows open contempt for. When Goku gives up and is about to nominate another warrior to take his place, Cell sardonically desires the substitute to be Tien. Finally, when Cell returns to Earth as Super Perfect Cell, he admits the Death Beam he killed Trunks with was actually meant for Tien, and that he missed solely due to his own increased power making it harder for him to put names and faces to power levels.

Despite his indifference toward the Z Warriors, Cell seems to almost pity Yamcha most of all. When Yamcha admits that the most he did was that he brought towels and water bottles to the Cell Games, Cell congratulates the former bandit on making a bigger contribution than Vegeta, and apparently put Yamcha on his own personal wishlist as "half-time entertainment." When Yamcha blindly thanks Tien for what was actually a stealthy insult, Cell reminds Yamcha not to thank Tien. While watching one of his Cell Juniors kick a downed Yamcha, Cell mentally admits to himself that Yamcha almost doesn't deserve such brutal treatment, even if its still funny. After returning to Earth as Super Perfect Cell, the android gently scolds Yamcha for foolishly naming the form "Perfecter Cell", in a manner suggesting he doesn't want Yamcha further making an ass of himself in front of everyone else ("Okay Yamcha, accurate, but tone it down.")

Cell initially had a fondness for his Cell Jrs (to the point of naming them) telling them to kill the Z-Fighters and they would later go around destroying the universe. However, when they are outmatched, he said that he was no "helicopter papa" and that they should sink or swim. Prior and after this, he was more focused on the power Gohan displayed than the demise of his children.

Cell has a changing perspective of death throughout his time as Perfect Cell and later his resurrected form. Initially, he desired to die by Goku's powerful Warp Kamehameha, but when faced with Gohan's might, he became unnerved enough to kill the boy before he could slay him. However, after his final resurrection and demise, he sang his own rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" as an admittance that he had no regrets for his actions and was at peace with his own "perfect" death.


Cell's moves and composition are directly a result of the information gathered by Dr. Gero on some of the Z-Fighters and other warriors. Thanks to Piccolo's cells, he is able to not only regenerate, but do so quickly. This includes any part of his body (as shown after losing his top torso from Goku's Instant Kamehameha he regenerates it all in a few seconds). Cell has superhuman speed, a skill he utilized to evade others. He also has immense endurance and is able to survive some of the most horrific injuries thanks to Freeza's cells. He can also hide his power from an opponent for a sneak attack, which he borrows from the cells of Krillin. With the cells from Goku and Vegeta, he can perform Zenkai, allowing him to grow more powerful everytime he nearly dies.

In his first form, Cell used his tail to absorb energy from others by injecting it in them. The only instance he used it by expanding the tail to engulf someone whole was with his absorption of Android 17. Absorbing enough people can prompt him to reach new heights in his power. The absorption of an entire city allowed him to easily defeat Piccolo, who he had previously been dominated by the latter, while Piccolo's injuries from his fight with Android 17 also factored in. If need be, Cell can birth out Cell Juniors out of his rescinded tail, but it can only happen when he's in his perfect form.


Cell is capable of transforming twice, after absorbing Androids 17 and 18. This part of his design was specified by Dr. Gero, as the absorption of the two are the only way he can reach his transformations. Similarly to Dr. Gero, Cell has no concern on whether the two are compliant. With each form he reaches, his strength greatly increases and his appearance is drastically altered.

Imperfect Form[]

The first form the Z-Fighters encounter. Cell is a pink-slit eyed green skinned insect-reptile humanoid hybrid with a large head crest and orifice like mouth, and increases in power when he absorbs more people into himself through his long syringe ended tail. With his power increase, he went from initially being weaker than a Kami-Nail merged Piccolo as well as the Androids, to being able to defeat both the former and Android 17 with ease.

Semi Perfect Form[]

Cell's second form after absorbing Android 17. Cell has become more powerful, and starts to looks more humanoid, having the head piece of his final form, human like blue eyes, prominent lips (which he took to briefly buzz when looking his reflection for the first time) complete with a tooth structure similar to a person and an overall less bestial body structure than his past form. His tail becomes more segmented and elongated compared to his last form. He notably lacks the wings of both his previous and following forms. His strength increased further as he was able to defeat Android 16, who was his slightly above his relative strength of his last form who had absorbed entire populations of humans to boost his power. He is however, shortly proven to be utterly outclassed by Vegeta after the latter completed his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Trunks, who also outclassed Cell's current form at the time as well. He would resume the form after he barfed out Android 18 during his fight against Gohan.

Mr Perfect Cell[]

Cell's third form after absorbing Android 18. Cell is at his most humanoid form, being that of a pink pupil eyed gray skinned man like being with purple marking coming down from his eyes in a light green insect like armor with black wings. His strength has drastically increased from his previous form, being able to humiliate Vegeta who had previously completely outclassed his Semi Perfect form. The only person that was able to match his power was Goku after his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Power Weighted Form[]

Cell in his Power Weighted Form.

Cell can power up to the point of expanding his muscles. Other physical characteristics of the form is that it is surrounded by an aura throughout its duration. It is similar to a Third Grade Super Saiyan as it increases his power, but drastically loses speed. For this reason, Cell refrains from using the form in the event of fighting a faster opponent, as the increase in strength does not compensate for the loss in speed and therefore makes it worst to use in battle, a concept he made apparent to Future Trunks when berating him for using the Third Grade Super Saiyan form. First seen briefly when taunting Future Trunks.[1] He would later use this form again after Gohan angered him by calling their fight boring, but it proved ineffective against the latter's Super Saiyan 2 form.

Mr. Perfect Cell (Mr. Perfect-er Cell)[]

After his near death experience by blowing himself up, Cell was able to regenerate and return to his Perfect form, with a stronger power. While physically similar to his normal Perfect form, Super Perfect has his Ki looking like electricity, similar to Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 form.


Because of his DNA structure, Cell is able to use any attacks from the Z-Fighters and other powerful warriors. So far, Cell has used these attacks.

  • Makankōsappō (Special Beam Cannon): An attack originated from the cells of Piccolo, Cell can fire a straight beam that drills through enemies on impact. Also unlike Piccolo, Cell can pronounce the name correctly. First used during his fight against Piccolo.
  • Kamehameha: An attack originated from the cells of Goku, Cell fires an explosive beam of ki energy against his foes. First used during his fight against Piccolo
    • Earth-Destroying Kamehameha: A more powerful version of the Kamehameha. This has enough power to destroy the Earth. First used against his fight against Gohan.
    • Solar Kamehameha: The most powerful Kamehameha Cell can use, with enough power to destroy the entire solar system. First used to kill Gohan, but the latter managed to overpower it with his own attack
  • Solar Flare: An attack originated from the cells of Tien, Cell blinds his foes with a flash of bright light, while at the same time presenting them with a disturbing picture. First used against Krillin, Trunks, and Piccolo to escape. Later used against Android 16, Android 18, Krillin, Trunks, and Vegeta (unintentionally).
  • Big Bang Attack: An attack originated from the cells of Vegeta, Cell fires a giant energy ball at his opponent, and creates a giant explosion upon impact. First used against Android 16 after changing into his Semi-Perfect Form.
    • Big Bang Crash: A red colored variant. Used to destroy an island while looking for Android 18.
      • Super Big Bang Crash: A rapid fired version. Used while looking for Android 18.
  • Galick Gun: An attack originated from the cells of Vegeta, Cell fires a violet burst of ki energy against his opponent. First used in his fight against Vegeta.
  • Death Beam: An attack originated from the cells of Freeza, Cell fires a beam of energy at his opponent, either piercing them or blowing them up. First used against Deadpool, and then against Gohan.
    • Perfect Death Beam: A full powered Death Beam with a much larger radius. First used to kill Trunks after his return, but wanted to hit Tenshinhan instead.
  • Multi-Form Technique: Cell can create copies of himself to gain an advantage, but it also cuts his Power Level in half in the process. First used in his fight against Goku.
  • Self-Destruction: Cell blows himself up like a giant balloon, and stated to have enough force to destroy the planet after one minute. Plus, any attack would cause him to explode prematurely, even a simple punch or kick. First used as a last resort against Gohan, but ended up blowing up King Kai's planet, taking the latter, Goku, and company with him.


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  • Note 1: Episodes 42 - 44, 46, 53, 60, and Kai 3 show him in his Imperfect Form.
  • Note 2: Episodes 47 - 51, 60, Kai 3, and Kai 3.5 show him in his Semi-Perfect Form.
  • Note 3: Episodes 51 - 60, Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, Bardock; The Father of Goku, Kai 3, and Kai 3.5 show him in his Perfect Form.


  • Piccolo: So I take it you're the one who exterminated this entire city then?
  • Cell: Oh no, no, that was another guy. His name was "Shit, Sherlock", first name "No". -- Episode 43: Cell Service

  • Cell: Truth is, I really don't have one. But all things considered, I'll go with... Cell.
  • Piccolo: That's kinda boring...
  • Cell: Coming from the guy named after a wood-wind instrument. -- Episode 43: Cell Service

  • Cell: I want to be perfect! I wanna! I WANNA! I WANNA! WANNA! (Vegeta kicks Cell in the face, causing him to slide along the ground) (muffled) I wannaaaaaaaaaa... -- Episode 50: A Raging Semi


  • Cell: You know, if you want my personal opinion, "Kikoho" is a pretty sad choice of last words. But, to be fair, it's far from the worst decision you've made today. -- Episode 48: Advanced Geometry


  • Cell: Plus that form isn't even new, even I can do that, "Look at me, I'm Trunks, please love me daaad."
  • Trunks: That's a horrible impression.
  • Android 16: But not inaccurate! -- Episode 53: My Body is a Temple'O'Trunks

  • [Goku has blasted the top half of Cell with the Kamehameha]
  • Goku: Awesome. Hey, Krillin, can I get a ten-count?
  • Krillin: You got it, Goku! ONE! [Cell's lower half suddenly does a kip-up to its feet] twoooooo.
  • Cell: [His upper half bursts out, fully repaired] Alright, time! Time-out! Time-right-the-hell-out!
  • Goku: How did you-?
  • Cell: You weren't here for this, but TLDR? Piccolo's cells.
  • Piccolo: Okay, I am...90% sure I can't do that.
  • Cell: We'll figure that out later! In the meantime, what I really want to know is how you keep popping in and out of reality!
  • Goku: Oh, that's just my Instant Transmission.
  • Cell: And don't tell me, is that another technique you stole?
  • Goku: NO...kinda...I got it from eating sick aliens.
  • Cell: That's disgusting.
  • Goku: You eat people all the time!
  • Cell: Yes, and I am a monster.
  • Gohan: Yeah, with all of our stolen DNA.
  • Cell: I DIDN'T ASK TO BE BORN, DADS! -- Episode 59: The Hard Cell


  • Cell: At first you had my curiosity but now you have my erection.
  • Gohan: Don't you mean your attention?
  • Cell: Bitch, you know what I'm about. [Fires a death beam at Gohan] -- Episode 60 preview


  • Perfect Cell is seen in Bardock: The Father of Goku in one of Bardock's random visions along with Majin Buu. Bardock describes him as a "giant green bug-man".
  • When Cell returns from his supposed death, he recites the same song he sung the first time he became perfect (though the line "which will be televised" is changed to "which has been televised", referring to Jimmy Firecracker and Larry the cameraman broadcasting the Cell Games to the world), though he stops at "now allow me to reprise" to execute Future Trunks with a Death Beam.
    • Humorously, said Death Beam was meant for Tien instead, and only hit Trunks due to Super Perfect Cell's inability to properly parse power levels.
  • Cell's personality bears a large resemblance to Alucard's, due to both being voiced by Takahata101. In fact, as Perfect Cell, they pretty much have the same voice. They are both eccentric, snarky sadists obsessed with pop culture and cracking dark jokes at everyone's expense, also killing people. They also love the shit out of Twitter, tweeting all the time.
    • Originally, KaiserNeko was up for voicing all three forms of Cell, but stepped down because Takahata's Cell voice was too much fun to pass up, and he was working on Trunks's voice.
    • In the wake of C. Martin Croker's passing in September 2016, Takahata101 later revealed that his voice for Imperfect Cell was inspired after Croker's voice for Zorak from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.
  • Unlike in the original series, Cell was not given his name by Dr. Gero and instead came up with his own name based on Gero's methods. Piccolo called it boring, to which Cell responded, "that coming from the guy named after a woodwind instrument."
    • This was a callback to an earlier episode where Chichi told Gohan he would be studying biology next to which he replied: "but cells are boring".
  • A running gag in Episode 43 is him getting kicked around by Piccolo.
  • When Cell uses the Solar Flare on Krillin, Piccolo and Future Trunks, a very graphic image of 2 flies "mating" appears for 1 or 2 frames.
  • Upon meeting him, Android 17 mistook him for being related to Piccolo, calling him his "inbred mutant cousin".
  • Cell refers to Android 17 and Android 18 as his brother and sister, referencing how all three of them were created by Dr. Gero.
  • As with other characters from Future Trunks' alternate timeline, he refers to all of Dr. Gero's creations as "Cyborgs", not "Androids".
    • While the Androids of the present timeline don't care if they're called androids, they do correct Trunks in the future when he calls them as such, remarking that they are cyborgs.
  • In his Semi-Perfect form, his anus is able to speak in his Imperfect voice. He credits this to having Vegeta's DNA (i.e talking out of his ass/Vegeta's ceaseless shit-talk).
    • This was actually inspired by WeeklyTubeShow's video: P*ccolo: Last Fan Standing, in which Imperfect Cell is capable of speaking from his urethra.
  • Cell only has Piccolo's, King Cold's, Freeza's, Goku's and Vegeta's cells in the original manga, also Tenshinhan's in the anime and Gohan's and Nappa's cells in FUNimation and Ocean dubs, however in DBZA, Krillin states that Cell has everyone's cells... except for Yamcha.
    • Also in DBZA, his source materials are his dads rather than siblings
  • Cell's transformation into his Perfect Form was so powerful that Bulma, who could not sense ki, was able to feel it.
  • Cell is the third character to make an insulting joke about Vegeta's mother, but unlike Cui and Frieza, it actually managed to anger Vegeta (likely due to having actually managed to kick his ass thoroughly and thus have a foundation to get under Vegeta's skin.)
  • Cell is notably pleased with the effects of eating a Senzu Bean, referring to it as the "good shit" and comparing it unfavourably to the "bush-league" Kale.
  • Abridged-verse Cell's acceptance of death-by-Kamehameha (up to and including singing "My Way") is a considerable contrast to the original source material Cell's disbelief, indignation and dying insistence that he was "perfect."


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