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Cell Vs is a series of short videos that feature Cell interacting with characters from different franchises before the Cell Games begins, taking place between Episode 56 and 57 of DragonBall Z Abridged.


As Cell awaits the Cell Games, he is confronted by characters from several different franchises, all challenging him to battles.


# Name Air Date
1 Cell Vs Yusuke #CellGames January 20, 2017
2 Cell Vs Yami Yugi #CellGames January 27, 2017
3 Cell Vs Ryu & Ken #CellGames February 3, 2017
4 Cell Vs Sonic & Knuckles #CellGames February 10, 2017
5 Cell Vs Kenshiro #CellGames February 17, 2017
6 Cell Vs Light Yagami #CellGames February 24, 2017
7 Cell Vs Saitama & Genos #CellGames March 3, 2017
8 Cell Vs Ash Ketchum #CellGames March 17, 2017
9 Deadpool VS Cell #CellGames June 9, 2017
10 Cell VS Bobby Hill #CellGames December 27, 2019


  • All of these videos, except for "Cell Vs Ash Ketchum" and "Deadpool VS Cell", have been edited by Innagadadavida, who has done podcasts with Team Four Star members.
  • In one of Team Four Star's Twitter posts, they hinted about an episode that featured Yang Xiao Long from Rooster Teeth's RWBY, but never came to be for unknown reasons.
  • Apart from the Deadpool VS Cell short, all of these were written by KaiserNeko and LordMoonstone.
  • After Dragon Ball Z Abridged's cancellation and the end of the Cell Vs, the concept was taken up and continued separately but in spirit by DevilArtemis, predominately alongside KaggyFilms, Bulma Bunny, and Prince Vegeta.