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Cell Vs Ash Ketchum #CellGames is the eighth episode of the Cell Vs mini-series, featuring a crossover with Pokémon. It takes place between Episode 56 and 57 of DragonBall Z Abridged.


Ash, Pikachu, Brock, and Misty are walking towards the Cell Games Area while being lost. Misty notices Cell, and the group mistakes him as a Pokémon. Ash tries to research him on his Pokedex, but nothing comes up. Cell asks if they're here for the tournament, and Ash decides to battle him. He summons Squirtle and tells him to use Water Gun, but it only makes Cell wet. Cell uses a Solar Flare attack on Squirtle, causing Ash to call him back and summon Charizard. Charizard uses Flamethrower, but it doesn't affect Cell either.

Ash starts to panic, but calls in Pikachu for help. Before Pikachu can attack, Team Rocket appears and do their motto. However, Cell blasts Team Rocket away with a ki blast. He then tells Ash that he is not a Pokémon, and the fact that Ash doesn't keep them in his actual pockets makes the name even more confusing. Cell then orders Ash and his friends to leave which they do. As Cell complains of this being the longest week, he sees a Mewtwo fly by and confuses it for Freeza.


  • Takahata101 - Cell
  • Marissa Lenti - Ash Ketchum
  • MasterWuggles - Brock, James
  • Shudo Ranmaru - Misty, Jessie
  • KaiserNeko - Meowth, Narrator (uncredited)


  • Despite KaiserNeko being credited as Meowth, the character doesn't appear, only being heard screaming along with Jesse and James when Team Rocket's balloon is blasted away.
  • When Ash tries to look up Cell on the Pokedex, you see the MissingNo glitch sprite in it.
  • This video was edited by Reality Studio Punch.
  • There is an alternate version made by 1KidsEntertainment with the cast of Pokémon acting like their 'Bridged Series counterparts. Takahata101 reprises his role as Cell.
    • In this alternate version, Cell is caught by Ash and is transfered to Oak's lab
  • When Cell sees Mewtwo he says "is that f*cking Freeza?!" This is because Mewtwo does look like fourth form Freeza (the Japanese name of Articuno is actually "Freezer", the name Freeza is based on).