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Cell Vs Light Yagami #CellGames is the sixth episode of the Cell Vs mini-series, featuring a crossover with Death Note. It takes place between Episode 56 and 57 of DragonBall Z Abridged.


Light and his Shinigami Ryuk appear in front of Cell, with the self-proclaimed "God of the New World" considering Cell a joke. As Light writes Cell's name in his Death Note, Cell continues joking about Light's youthful, pretty appearance...until he realizes one of his hearts has stopped. Managing to guess exactly how Light pulled it off, Cell vaporizes him.


  • Takahata101 - Cell
  • @xJerry64x - Light Yagami


  • Light is the only character so far to meet Cell and die.
  • Before Light's death, he turns to Ryuk, who suddenly has the face of Willem Dafoe. Dafoe was cast as Ryuk in the live-action Netflix adaptation of Death Note.
  • It is likely that Cell's real name is indeed (or was changed to) "Perfect Cell", as Light writing that down in the notebook successfully causes Cell to suffer an ineffectual heart attack. As per the Death Note rules, the target's real name must be written for death to occur.
  • Cell's heart attack occurs roughly 40 seconds after his name is written in as well, fitting with the notebook's rules.