Team Four Star Wiki

(Cell stands in the Cell Games arena humming "Escape from the City". Sonic the Hedgehog suddenly runs behind him)

CELL: What in the blue blazes?

SONIC: Hey there! Sonic the Hedgehog's my name, speed's my game!

(Knuckles the Echidna drops down next to Sonic)

KNUCKLES: And I'm the Echidna, Knuckles.

CELL: (quietly) Say his name and he shall...

KNUCKLES: And unlike him, I don't chuckle.


SONIC: Now, ya big bad BeetleBorg, we'll give you one chance to high-tail it before we have to take you down!

KNUCKLES: Yeah. Either cut the crap or we'll beat it out of ya!

CELL: Really? What's the hedgehog gonna do? Give me rabies?

SONIC: I challenge you to a race, Cell! If you lose, then you gotta leave the planet, and never come back!

CELL: Ah, a test of speed, then...

(A second Cell appears behind Sonic)


SECOND CELL: Don't mind me, I'm just occupying multiple spaces at once.

SONIC: H-how are you-

CELL: With my speed. There's also a third one selling chilli dogs outside the ring.

(Knuckles is buying a chilli dog from the third Cell)

SONIC: That's impossible.

CELL: No, you're too slow. What's impossible is how anyone could mistake that thing for an echidna.

KNUCKLES: Oh, I am gonna stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry now-

(The third Cell pounds down on Knuckles' head, knocking him into the ground)


SONIC: Knuckles! I have no choice now... I'll have to use... the EMERALDS!

(Sonic tries to pull the emeralds out but they're not there)

CELL: (chuckles) You mean the Chaos Emeralds?

(The emeralds fly around Cell. Slow, evil laughter is heard. Sonic stammers in disbelief before running away)

KNUCKLES: Wait, hold on! You're my ride! Aw man. (nervous giggle) Sorry, I'm, uh... not as... fast as him. Uh, hang on.

(Knuckles jumps into the air, rolls into a ball and glides down. He doesn't make it very far. He does it again)

KNUCKLES: I really...

(He does it again)

KNUCKLES: Wish I could do more than glide!

(Cell throws the emeralds to the side)

CELL: Kids, there's nothing cooler than being hugged by someone you like.