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Cell Vs Yami Yugi #CellGames is the second episode of the Cell Vs mini-series, featuring a crossover with Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. It takes place between Episode 56 and 57 of DragonBall Z Abridged.


Yami Yugi appears to a sleeping Cell, challenging him to a duel. Yami Yugi introduces himself and his backstory, which really interests Cell and agrees to duel him. Yami Yugi declares that it's time to duel, but then notices that Cell doesn't have a deck or a duel disk. Cell asks if he's serious, and Yugi must explain the rules. Very late into the night however, Cell tells Yugi that a lot of his cards have been banned from playing in tournaments (including Pot of Greed, and all his Egyptian God Cards), as well as the part where each duelists start with 8000 Life Points, not 4000 Life Points. Yami Yugi, frustrated by this, takes his leave as Cell comments how odd it is for a teenager to have such a deep voice.



  • LittleKuriboh once again voices Yami Yugi in this video, making this the second time Yugi has appeared in a Team Four Star production, the first being Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged Episode 1.
    • This is also the second time that "Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged" crossed over with Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
  • The commentary in this video does mention the truth of a lot of the cards mentioned in the video being banned from tournament playing over the years (Monster Reborn - 2004, Pot of Greed - 2005, Brain Control - 2010).
  • The book that Cell was holding is the official rule book for the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game that was published by Prima Games.
  • When Cell asks this is a prank, he references the MTV prank show Punk'd.

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