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"Cell in a Hell" is the first episode of HFIL.


Cell finds himself in a fresh new Hell, but finds a shot at redemption?

Plot Summary[]

The episode starts up with Cell being judged before King Yemma, and immediately dropped through a trap door to Hell. He awakens to find Goz and Mez, who welcome him to HFIL, or the Home for Infinite Losers, where he is to be rehabilitated. Confused and angry, Cell attempts to kill Goz and Mez, only to discover he is unable to use his Ki due to the Inhibition anklets applied to all residents.

Dejected and helpless, Cell is soon introduced to the other residents of HFIL; Raditz, the Ginyu Force (sans Captain Ginyu), Dodoria, Zarbon, and even Freeza. The Ginyus decide to welcome Cell using their favorite dance, "The Twerkerana", which disgusts and horrifies Cell into escaping the welcome party.

Finding him fruitlessly attempting to smash his anklet with a rock, Freeza explains Cell would best to fake being reformed in order to escape. When Cell asks why he himself does not do the same, Freeza uses his tail to choke him unconscious, declaring his refusal to act as anything other than what he truly is.

When Cell awakens, Goz and Mez escort him to his new house in HFIL, and discovers his new housemates, Raditz and Super Kami Guru.

Running Gags and Callbacks[]

  • King Yemma's insistence in making dead people remove their clothes is referenced when he notes that Cell already being naked "makes my job easier".
  • Goz and Mez mention that Raditz broke their soul-scrubbing machine and ruined their water feature, a callback to Blood Fountain which was previously filled with water.
  • The fact that Dodoria is a woman.
  • Cell's insistence on being called Mr. Perfect Cell is briefly mentioned.
  • This was the first time Cell replaced the word "hell" with the word "here" in the question "Why the here are you still here?"

Cultural References[]

  • The title, "Cell in a Hell", is a reference to the World Wrestling Entertaintment match, "Hell in a Cell".
  • The scene where Freeza stands over Cell after choking him out may be a reference to the Batman: Arkham series' game over sequences.

Cast and Crew[]


  • The video is made by Devilartemis, who also made the Cell Vs series of videos. Freeza says this in Cell vs. Meta-Cooler.
  • Though the rest of the Ginyu Force are seen in Hell, Captain Ginyu himself is notably absent despite the fact that Vegeta crushed him as a frog back on Namek.
    • It is later revealed in O Captain! My Captain! that Captain Ginyu's body, still inhabited by the frog, is in HFIL. When asked in the comments on Patreon why the frog's body inhabited by Captain Ginyu wasn't in HFIL, KaiserNeko replied "Frog Ginyu wouldn't have a problem being processed."
  • None of the characters have halos over their heads, which normally indicates that they're dead in the Dragon Ball series.
  • Raditz is the only returning character who wears a new outfit, having changed from his Frieza Force armor into a t-shirt and jeans. He still wears his green scouter in this episode, although it disappears in the following one.
  • Strangely, Frieza still has the strength to choke Cell unconcious using his tail, despite the inhibitor ankle.