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Chronoa, the Kaioshin of Time, is a deity who watches over the flow of time from the cosmos. She is mentioned in Dragon Ball Online as the Lord of Time and is a major character in the Xenoverse series.



Chronoa likes to keep the timelines in check and make sure nothing disrupts them as changing time is huge offense (though she did allow Future Trunks to be sparred since his time traveling was for a good cause).

Chronoa loves to cook, bake, and make food, even if she is terrible cook. Chronoa's type in men are bad boys which explains her crush on Bardock as she thought he was Goku but a bad boy (stopped crushing on him after she found out he was married to Gine).

Chronoa has her eyes set on Frogurt, her attraction stems from Future Frogurt's mystique and charming charisma since their future counterpart intended to protect Chronoa, had soft side and noted how cute she was, they walked up to her in a suggestive way while they gazed into each other's eyes.



Techniques and Special Abilities[]

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