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"How is it my FAULT?!"
— Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife (クラウド・ストライフ, Strife Cloud) is the main protagonist in Team Four Star's Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged.


Cloud appears in the same fashion as the original Cloud Strife and is armed with his friend Zack's Buster Sword. Though Cloud at times doesn't know how to use it including not knowing how to equip. His hair is mocked in the abridged series as something that could cause prison rape for being feminine. Cloud also likes to take big poopies. lol.


Unlike the apathetic loner seen in the game, FF7:MA's version of Cloud is a whiny pushover who gets entangled in AVALANCHE's acts of terrorism against his will. Even though he tries to act tough by bringing up his service in SOLDIER time and again, he has little sensibility in battle beyond swinging his Buster Sword at his enemies, and he is prone to "f*****g up" even the simplest of tasks. He is roped into his friends' schemes, often against his will or because of his gullibility, specifically Tifa Lockhart. But he does demonstrate the occasional bout of competence and he grows more of a backbone against his allies' insults over time, such as when he finally calls Tifa out for her unsupportive behavior at the end of Episode 10. He is mistaken for a woman or a cross-dresser in several episodes helped in no small part by his one-time instance of wearing a dress.

Cloud has bad social skills as he often makes insensitive comments and complaints, having a bad habit of not taking things into account before it ruins any chance of progress and it often affects his friends, such as insensitively telling Barret Wallace to 'get over' his past in Corel causing him to snap at both him and Red XIII, and when he hurts Aerith Gainsborough's feelings by bluntly saying to her deceased boyfriend Zack Fair's parents that he's dead and is never coming back. Cloud is also insulting when he can especially around Tifa such as ridiculing her signature moves for their sexual tones and for her old teacher as well as mocking and scorning his teammates when on Sephiroth's team, and even insulting Gold Saucer's Gold Point system. He also has repressed memories including that of his father.