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Christopher R. Sabat (known as DJSexidillionaire) is a professional voice actor who works at Funimation, known for his work on the Dragon Ball Franchise and many other titles at Funimation. he is best know for voicing the lead role all might in my hero academia and roronoa Zoro in one piece toya kamijou in a certain magical index and danrou oze in fire force and draig in High School dxd


  • Christopher Sabat is one of Funimation's original voice actors.
  • Like Lanipator, Sabat is known for voicing Vegeta, Piccolo, Shenron, Grandpa Gohan and Mr. Popo in Dragon Ball Z.
  • In addition to voicing Recoome, Sabat had stated that the character is his favorite Ginyu force member.
    • Like Sabat, GanXingba also voiced both Recoome & Jeice.
  • Due to Sabat being a fan of the Abridged series, as well his relationship with TeamFourStar themselves, Lanipator & KaiserNeko got official voice roles at Funimation.
    • Conversely, Sabat had cast MasakoX, Lanipator, KaiserNeko, & Takahata101 in the dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters as the actors reenacting the Cell Games under aliases (Wally West, Barry Allen etc), likely so they wouldn't get caught. However, an inside source revealed this to Toei Animation, who promptly put their foot down and had the TeamFourStar audio replaced with the audio from the Z dub.
  • In "Cell Reception", during Goku's dream sequence from One Piece, Piccolo is dressed up as Roranoa Zoro, a reference to Sabat voicing Zoro in the Funimation dub.