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"DTF" is the fifth episode of Dragon ShortZ. It premiered on September 19th, 2020.


As Gohan is busy studying Chinese, Chi-Chi tells him that Vegeta is here for him. Suddenly, Vegeta appears outside of Gohan’s window, and demands that he fight him. Vegeta has not had a good fight in over a year ever since Goku sacrificed himself (or in Vegeta’s words, killed himself), and demands that Gohan fight him. Gohan refuses to fight Vegeta, and warns him that Goten has just gotten to sleep, so if he wakes him up, Chi-Chi will fight him. Taking the hint, Vegeta leaves, but not before warning Gohan that this is not over.

Over the next couple of days, Vegeta continues to harass Gohan into fighting him. This includes challenging him outside Moro Mart, destroying the Camori Comet while looking at it through Capsule Corp’s telescope, and knocking him out while riding the Flying Nimbus. Eventually Gohan has enough and asks Vegeta why he does not challenge somebody else to fight him, but the latter says that he tried that already.

Piccolo refused to fight Vegeta on Kami’s Lookout and managed to scare the Saiyan away by deliberately breaking a vase to incur Mr. Popo’s wrath, then repairing it the moment the Saiyan leaves. Then, Vegete went to Kame House to challenge Android 18 to a rematch, but the latter said she did not owe the Saiyan shit before calling him out on his ego, leaving Vegeta speechless. Afterwards, Vegeta tried to look for Tenshinhan, but could not find him anywhere, leaving Gohan as the only option. After hearing all that, Gohan feels bad for Vegeta, but still refuses to fight him. He reminds Vegeta that he hates fighting, and the only reason he fought against Cell was due to the major stakes. Then, Gohan said that if he fought Vegeta now, it would be out of pity, and asks the Saiyan Prince if he really wanted that. When Vegeta silently slouches, Gohan takes that as a no and flies off. Having no other options, Vegeta calls Nappa to fight him, but the latter ignores him.

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  • This episode first premiere at the end of Team Four Star’s DBZA Movie/Special Charity Marathon livestream on Twitch TV.
  • The title DTF is a reference to the slang "Down To Fuck". Although in this case, it means "Down To Fight".
  • Mr. Popo, Chi-Chi, and Nappa all speak in the episode, but do not make physical appearances (or, in Nappa's case, only appears to a slight degree).