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Daikon (left) and Mooli (right) with their ponytails (by munchkinkittyhams)

Daikon and Mooli's Metamoran Fusion Son Mukon (by munchkinkittyhams)

Daikon and Mooli's bedroom (by Isabella Faleno)

Son Daikon & Son Mooli (Mooli can also sometimes be spelled Mōli, Muuli, or Mūli) are twin brothers, the sons of Raditz and Launch, and younger brothers of Ranch (and Future Ranch in an alternate timeline). Daikon is the older twin and Mooli is the younger twin. They appear in DragonBall R&R with their debut being the fifth episode.

Daikon & Mooli are six years younger than their sister Ranch.


Daikon appears to take after his father Raditz in terms of appearance (i.e. his Black-hair, Hair-shape, and Tan) and has Bad Lunch's Green Eyes. Daikon's color scheme consists of Red and Blue; plus Yellow Wristbands.

Mooli seems to take after his grandfather Bardock and to his uncle Goku (i.e. his Hair-shape though Mooli's is a little more flattened and sways a bit to the right; making it actually (to a greater extent) closely resemble Gohan's hairstyle during the Cell Games) and has Good Lunch's Blue Hair Colour, Blue Eyes, and Lighter Skin Tone, when he sneezes his hair turns blonde and his eyes turn green. Mooli's color scheme consists of Green and Blue; plus Light-Blue Wristbands.

Daikon's eye shape resembles Bad Lunch's, while Mooli has the big round happy/friendly/innocent eyes of his uncle Goku. The edges of their hair are swirl shaped reminiscent of their mother. They both wear T-Shirts of their preferred colors, Orange Shoes, and sometimes wear their hair in ponytails like Raditz.


Daikon is impatient, bossy, bold, charismatic, and impulsive. He's acts like a younger and happier version of his father Raditz whom he seems to idolize as his superhero and role-model, similar to how Raditz would at times view his own father Bardock, he is also about as much of a rambunctious trouble maker as his mother Blonde Lunch. Daikon appears to not like having his hair combed/brushed, unlike Mooli who gives into the idea rather quietly.

Good Mooli is naive, polite, cheerful, sensitive, gentle, soft, and reserved, being as kind and compassionate as his mother Good Lunch. His Bad self after he sneezes acts very much like Bad Lunch does in that he is tough, arrogant, serious, sarcastic, and assertive.

The twins are both precocious, creative, excitable, energetic and always seeking news ways to have ever lasting light-hearted fun like drawing (even though Daikon will sometimes take Mooli's crayons without permission).

Forms and Power Ups[]


  • Super Saiyan: Daikon managed to achieve Super Saiyan. But that is a much more harder transformation
  • for young daikon


Mooli has inherited the same sneezing disorder/habits and split personality as his mother Lunch; as such when he sneezes his personality changes and his hair changes color.

  • Good/Blue Mooli: His base form he reverts to if Bad Mooli sneezes.
  • Bad/Blonde Mooli: His physically stronger form that looks similar to a Super Saiyan when Good Mooli sneezes.


Their Metamoran Fusion is the blood brothers fusion Sun Mukon and their superior Potara Fusion is the blood brothers fusion Daiki.


  • Both of them are too young, in-experienced, and lack focus.

Daikon's type of fighting style is using tactics that involve stalling and dragging out his battles.

Mooli's type of fighting involves just rushing in with no strategy in mind. While Mooli's sneezes are very much more powerful due to his Saiyan/Earthling genetics and having stronger lungs, compared to a normal human's and pure blooded Saiyan's.


  • Daikon and Mooli are named after different types of radishes, inspired by their father Raditz.
  • It was teased that Daikon and Mooli were conceived on a Tuesday.
  • Daikon and Mooli are the third and fourth OCs created by MasakoX, the first being Paata Tahts, and the second being their older sister Ranch.