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Deadpool VS Cell #CellGames is the ninth episode of the Cell Vs mini-series, featuring a crossover with Deadpool. It takes place between Episode 56 and 57 of DragonBall Z Abridged.


As Cell wonders who to spare in his killing spree, thinking he might spare Betty White, Deadpool suddenly shows up behind him, causing Cell to backhand him. Deadpool manages to get back up, however, and introduces himself. He reveals he was hired to kill him by Nappa on behalf of Smilin' Stan Lee in order to get a movie crossover with Spider-Man.

Deadpool's comedy antics get to Cell, moreso when he manages to slash Cell's arms off and survives all of Cell's Death Beams to the head. Just before Cell and Wade can get violent, Wolverine calls Deadpool on his cell, warning him that Jean Grey has gone "Phoenix" again. Irritated, Deadpool heads off, giving Cell one last decapitation for the road.

Adios Muchaco's!



  • This is the first Cell Games Short Video to be released after the main lineup.
  • This is the only Cell Games Short Video to start the title with the challenger's name rather than Cell
  • The channel clip references Takahata101's role in ScrewAttack's Death Battle, specifically as Deadpool. Xander Mobus has also voiced a few characters in Death Battle such as Wolverine who cameos in this video.
  • Nappa is so far the only character in DBZA to be present in these videos outside of Cell, though in a voiceover cameo.
  • As with the Street Fighter and Sonic videos, this was animated and edited by DasBoSchitt.
  • The photo that Deadpool has that looks nothing like Cell is of Meruem of Hunter X Hunter.
  • According to KaiserNeko on Twitter, this was the only short that he wrote by himself.
  • Cell hums "Hollaback Girl" after lasering Deadpool in the head the second time.
  • According to Deadpool's Grindr profile, he's up for just about any deviancy..except any that involve the Hulk. At least, not again.
  • The audio mixing for Cell's final line is done to sound as if its coming from the bottom of the screen, as Cell has just been decapitated.
  • Deadpool's swords are made from carbonadium, a metal from the Marvel universe that negates healing factors. Nonetheless, Cell is able to regenerate his lost limbs offscreen with little issue.
  • Deadpool's second movie did not bomb, drawing considerably good numbers at the box office.