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The Executive Chief Director of the Science Department, who is more than pleasured to experimenting with lives. He is an amoral, sadistic, self-righteous psychopath who enjoys tormenting his subjects through any means available to him, including creating twisted and abominable crossbreeds through what can only be described as an act of rape by proxy.


Hojo is without a doubt the most insane, crazed, and amoral of all of the characters in FFMA. He is a twisted, demented, creepy, and downright unpleasant individual who takes a sadistic thrill in how his personality, hobbies, profession, experiments, and physical appearance unnerves and disturbs the people around him. His a loner who prefers the company of his experiments and pays no heed to what becomes of them later, finding it to be a waste of time to think about what happens after each experiment is concluded. This lack of regard for the lives that are played with according to his whims paints Hojo as an extreme psychopath. He has a fetish for watching his subjects forcibly breed, making a great deal of his profession merely that of rapist by proxy, which causes him a disturbing amount of sexual pleasure.

Out of all of Team Fourstar's creations, Hojo is easily the most transparently evil, ranking up with Mr. Popo as one of the darkest characters in the TFS porfolio of perverts.