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Dr. Briefs (ブリーフ博士, Burīfu Hakase) is an elderly, brilliant and eccentric scientist known for being the founder of Capsule Corporation. He is the husband of Panchy, the father of Bulma, and grandfather of Trunks. Just like in the original series, Dr. Briefs is portrayed of being an intelligent scientist, but is shown to be incredibly sexist, racist, and homophobic(Bulma even refers to him as a billionaire playboy philanthropist near the end of Season 2.) It's revealed in Season 3 that he wanted to put bombs inside(or, implicitly, just grope) his children and possibly grandchildren, but Mrs. Briefs was against it. It's also revealed that he kept clones of Mrs. Briefs inside his sub-lab, until Yajirobe unknowingly ate them all. He is voiced by Hbi2k.


  • "Wives are for kissing, not talking."
  • "Honey, I do not see a sandwich with that beer."
  • "Damn it, there is no muffin button!"
  • "500x Earth's gravity? That's insane; you'd be crapping out your own spine!"
  • "Of course he had a sub-lab. We all have sub-labs. Where do you think I keep your mother's clones?"
  • "I don't have a fridge in my....oh, my God."
  • "I just wanted to see what the "gay agenda" looked like in person. Frankly, not impressed."
  • "Oh, great! And now immigrants! Truly a liberal wonderland around here!"
  • "Oh, so he can do that to strangers and it's fine, but I want to do it to my own children and your mother gets all uppity!"
  • "Don't go in the basement."
  • "Tell them to stay out of my scotch!"
  • "They aren't supposed to be eaten like that!"