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Dragon Ball R&R (R&R stands for Raditz and Ranch, as well as Rest and Relaxation)[1] is a fan-made audio manga slice-of-life drama parody series created by MasakoX as a side story, based around the concept of Raditz turning good and stars him and his daughter Ranch and featuring their family Launch, Daikon and Mooli.


What If Raditz Turned Good.jpg

Dragon Ball R&R is based on the "What If Raditz Turned Good?" series of Dragon Ball discussions by MasakoX on his YouTube channel taking place between Parts 7 and 8 of the story.

Auditions for the roles were held between January 30, 2018 and February 25th 2018, with a sneak peak of the series premiering on May 22, 2018.

List of Episodes[]

# Thumbnail Name Air Date
Dragon Ball R&R - Episode 1.jpg
A Fusion of Fancy?! Trunks and Ranch Join Forces! June 26, 2018
Dragon Ball R&R - Episode 2.jpg
The Final Cut?! Goten's Big Decision... September 15, 2018
Episode 3 R&R.jpg
A Misunderstanding? Gohan's Peace Offering December 27, 2018
STRIKE! Yamcha's Curveball August 2, 2019
Respect Your Roots, Kiddo! A Glorious Story of the Saiyan Race!! April 10, 2020
A Mighty Ranson! Tenshinhan's Turmoil October 28, 2020
The TRUE Believer December 11, 2020


Main Characters
Supporting Characters
Extra Characters
  • Hook - Geekdom101
  • Runn - Bindy Coda
  • Sprintt - Stacey Cotham
  • Coach Hein - Lance Newman

Behind the Scenes Cast[]

Art Supervisors
  • AnimeAjay
  • CasualMisfit Studios
  • Sam "DBZTrev" Trevorrow
Character Artists
  • Blastrider
  • Bloomsday
  • Bocodamondo
  • CasualMisfit Studios
  • Erren Van "Kagari" Duine
  • Mark "TotallyNotMark" Fitzpatrick
  • McJamie
  • Nexus Mania
Background Artists
  • CasualMisfit Studios
  • Nexus Mania
  • Slangh
  • Veesketch

Theme Songs[]

Opening Themes[]

# Thumbnail Name Vocalist
Dragon Ball R&R OP1 - For The Thrill.jpg
For The Thrill Hayden Daviau

Ending Themes[]

# Thumbnail Name Vocalist
Dragon Ball R&R ED1 - Papa's Wish.jpg
Papa's Wish ChiChiAi


  1. DRAGON BALL R+R | The Side Story of Raditz + Ranch. "The show is titled Dragon Ball R&R as a nod to both their names and the mood - rest and relaxation (well...when compared to classic DBZ!)"