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Dumpaé stares into your Dark Souls


Lady Dumpaè and saying Bonjour

Lady Dumpaè drinking

Lady Dumpaè sitting at her throne

"Hey... *hic* The name's Dumpaè. Wanna drink?" -A very drunk Dumpaè introducing herself

Lady Dumpaé Stiltskin (ダンペエ, Danpee) is the daughter of Dumplstiltskin and Ebritetas and the main protagonist of Dark Souls 3.


Dumpaé is different from that of her father as she is far more serious noble, and honorable, even though she is still just as much of a drunk as he is (along with her Irish Accent too), she is established as a Blood Knight compared to her father who is far far more willing to slaughter anyone interfering with him. She is different from her grandfather as well, for starters, she generally doesn't murder innocent civilians or allies at the drop of a hat. After Yhorm kills Siegward, who she was actually friends with, Dumpaé faced off against Yhorm out of anger and revenge. She even trades out her signature hat for Siegward's helmet in his memory.

Dumpaé does like her beard, but will decide to shave it off if she thinks it's too itchy. She likes maggots.


Dumplstiltskin: Dumpaé's legendary father.

Ebritetas: Dumpaé's mother.

Moon Presence: Dumpaé's brother who got his strength from his mother.

Captain Richard Ravager III: Dumpaé's legendary grandfather. They met each other face to face and fought once.

Cait: Dumpaé's grandmother whose Irish heritage is likely where Dumpaé and her father inherit their drinking habits from.

Shaun/Father: Dumpaé's half uncle.

Captain Richard Ravager Sr./The First: Dumpaé's great great-grandfather.

Captain Richard Ravager Jr./The Second: Dumpaé's paternal great-grandfather.

Captain Richard the Third's Grandmother: Dumpaé's paternal great great-grandmother.

Captain Richard The Third's Mother: Dumpaé's paternal great-grandmother.

Captain Richard Ravageigth/Drake: A descendant of the Captain in the far future, member of the Hoenn Elite 4, and one of whom fought Maqubi.


As the daughter of Dumplestiltskin and Ebritetas and granddaughter of Captain Richard Ravager the Third, Dumpaé inherits overwhelming amounts of strength from their DNA that she can increase with the more abilities she acquired. She can command maggots letting them do her deeds.

Dumpaé's main weapon of use is the katana called "Clit-tana", but she is also capable of fire manipulation with her katana even having a fire attribute. Additionally she carries a pair of knives, and a big sword with a small side dagger.

Dumpaé becomes more of a hunter savant the more she drinks. While she can't see because of her gigantic forehead ridge covering her eyes, she's still very effective in combat. Dumpaé is quite strong compared to her father Dumple, being very skilled in combat, even though her intelligence is abysmal.


  • Dumpaé pronounces her name as "DOOM-PAY" making it sound French, like when the the Captain pronounces his last name.
    • Dumpaé is named after her father Dumplstiltskin, who is named after the Demon God Dumplin.
  • Dumpaé is the only known female member of the Ravagèr Clan.