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Episode Breakdown was a behind the scenes segment by Team Four Star, hosted by KaiserNeko.


In 2014, KaiserNeko released the first video on YouTube. He explains that this segment is focused solely on showing the viewers how much work is placed inside an episode. He mostly focuses on showing Visual edits made (either fixing animation error's from the original source material, or just personal edits to accommodate the show's style), and lip flap movements. KaiserNeko also gives some trivia notes about each episode and movie, such as some deleted scenes, original idea's, or referencing help he got from other Team Four Star members. He stresses that these videos aren't educational, and are more showing what they do instead of how to do it.

The segment was unofficially cancelled as KaiserNeko felt that this was taking time away from developing the episodes and that they were starting to get repetitive. Despite this, a full breakdown of all three parts of Episode 60 was streamed to Patreon supporters as a bonus and later uploaded as a three hour video to the YouTube channel.


From the History Of Trunks Breakdown onward, Kaiser has adopted a new format with three sections:

  1. Lip Flaps - The lip movements that are either re-synced, implanted or completely re-drawn.
  2. Visual Edits - Usually the bulk of the Episode, these are the edits that are larger than Lip Flaps, such as background swaps, eye movements, or new animation and colour-correcting.
  3. Fun Facts - Kaiser shares some extra little trivia about the episode, such as deleted scenes, references and sometimes even foreshadowing.

Kaiser also recently started taking some time at the start of the Breakdown to cover a topic that was being talked about a lot, or things the commenters asked him about.

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