Episodes QuestionsEdit

When is the next episode?

When its done...

When will the next episode be uploaded to this site?

Whenever KaiserNeko gives Mantis the files.

Are TeamFourStar going to make abridged versions of the Movies?

Three members of TeamFourStar already made abridged versions of the first two movies. Originally found on YouTube under the name ITouchedYusuke, they likely fell victim to the Toei sweep. The user TimeChamberInc has re-uploaded "The Dead Zone Abridged". deceptafan1342 re-uploaded "The World's Strongest Abridged". Team Four Star has since officially produced "Christmas Tree of Might" based on Movie 3, and "Lord Slug Abridged", and will likely do other films as time permits.

Don't worry. We'll find out just how much of a prick Cooler really is.

When will the movies be uploaded to this site?

They will whenever Lanipator gives Mantis the files.

Are the episodes going to be put on YouTube?

No, if the episodes were re-uploaded, they would be taken down by YouTube.

Is Ghost Nappa going to be appearing in Season 2

He will be making some appearances, though you can expect his role to be smaller than in the first season.

How does TFS go about the voice recording process?

Firstly, Takahata101, Lanipator, and KaiserNeko work out a script. They then send the scripts out to each individual member who has a role in said script, giving them notes on certain lines to aid them in reading them correctly. Sometimes, KaiserNeko will direct people on certain lines or for entire characters to get the best delivery. Most of them record via Audacity and send in either wav or mp3 files. There is often a deadline set as well.

Are you going to un-censor the episodes?

The bleeps are for comedic purposes.

Are you going to do Dragon Ball Abridged?

Kaiserneko: Should we somehow actually manage to finish the entire series and not either be too busy, too tired, or too OLD to continue, then we'll consider it.

Are you going to give out episode downloads?

KaiserNeko: We are currently weighing this option. The only problem is, Toei and FUNimation could really get on our asses about putting THEIR footage up for download...

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Are there going to be comments on the videos?

Mantis: You have an entire Forum dedicated to DBZA, in short no :Though if you have one they go here