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This is the Transcript for Episode 4 of Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged.


(The screen is dark. A voice is heard)

ZACK: (voiceover) Cloud..... Hey, Cloud.

CLOUD: (voiceover) Am.....Am I dead?

ZACK: (voiceover) Well, that all depends on your perspective.

CLOUD: (voiceover) Oh god...I AM dead!

ZACK: (voiceover) Well no...but we're all dying if you think about it.

CLOUD: (voiceover) But am I dead right this second?!

ZACK: (voiceover)'re cool, cutie.

CLOUD: (voiceover) OH THANK GOD--wa--wha--?

ZACK: (voiceover) Wake up, cutie.

CLOUD: (voiceover) WHAT?!

ZACK: (voiceover) Wake up--

(abrupt cut to the Church)

AERITH: --cutie.

CLOUD: (groans in pain) Oh. Oh, god.

AERITH: Morning, sleepyhead.

CLOUD: (pained) Ohhh... I feel like I got hit by a car.

AERITH: Cars are for the road, silly! You fell through the roof! But don't worry, my flowers cushioned your fall.

CLOUD: (coughs up blood) No, they didn't. (manages to sit up)

AERITH: Hmm, you look familiar.

(Flashback to Sector 8 after Cloud was ditched following the Sector 1 Reactor mission)

AERITH: Flowers! Oh, you blond sir!

CLOUD: (simultaneously thinking) God dammit, every f**king time, I-- (out loud) GO F**K YOURSELF!

(Awkward pause. Cut back to the Church)

CLOUD: (ashamed) Oh, yeah... Sorry about that.

AERITH: Well, all is forgiven!

CLOUD: Seriously?

AERITH: Of course! You apologized, so I must forgive you. Soooo...

CLOUD: Soooo...

AERITH: What's your name? Is it Starbreeze? I bet it is, since you fell from the sky!

CLOUD: Uh, actually, it's... Cloud.

AERITH: (gasps) That's a beautiful name! My name is...

(Cut to the name entry screen, with the default name "Aeris". The "player" erases the s and adds th, making it "Aerith," then changes it back to Aeris, then Aerith again, then repeats a few more times before finally confirming Aerith.)

AERITH: Aerith. So, Mr. Cloud, what were you doing up in the sky?

CLOUD: Oh, I was, uh...

(a brief shot of Cloud screaming like a pansy as he fell from the walkway)

CLOUD: ...skydiving... with my...

(A grayscale flashback ensues of Barret's rampage)

BARRET: (slow-motion) IMMA KILL 'IM!

(The Flashback cuts to Tifa's threat)

TIFA: (slow-motion) SHOULDER. DEEP. CLOUD!

(Cut back to the church)

CLOUD: (very hesitantly) ...friends.

AERITH: Ooh, you have friends! That's amazing! Aren't friends the best?

CLOUD: (not wanting to burst Aerith's bubble) Oh, they are, they are... fantastic. I... love... them?

AERITH: I wonder where they are. They must be so worried about you!

(Cut to the Seventh Heaven)

BARRET: Welp, I guess Cloud's dead! Guess we all owe Biggs ten bucks!

BIGGS: Yes! Haha!

(The other members of AVALANCHE complain. Cut back to the Church)

CLOUD: What can I say? It, uh... pays to have friends.

(FF7MA Intro)

(While Aerith and Cloud are talking, someone enters the church in the background)

AERITH: So, do you want to come to my house and meet my mom?

CLOUD: OK, so, uh, listen. While I appreciated you watching me sleep in your... church flowerbed... I really gotta get going.

AERITH: Oh, really? But you won't meet my friend!

CLOUD: Oh, I've-- I've had a busy day. I don't know if I have the... fortitude? For one of your friends.

AERITH: Wow! I love building forts! Maybe my friend Mr. Reno likes building forts too!

CLOUD: Your friend Mr. Reno?

AERITH: (turns towards the new arrival) Hi, Mr. Reno! Do you like building forts?

RENO: (softly) Urgh, way too early for this... (out loud) Hello, Aerith... (chuckles) Remember what we discussed regarding your house?

AERITH: To never leave it!

RENO: And where are you right now?

AERITH: (nervously chuckles) I'm in the church!

(A quick cut to the outside of the Church, then back inside)

RENO: Aha, that's right! Looks like we're gonna have to take you back!

AERITH: Aww, you're such a responsible person!

RENO: (starting to get angry) Well, I have to be when you keep BREAKING THE F***IN' RULES!

AERITH: And so assertive!

CLOUD: Heyyy, bud... why don't ya... why don't ya quit harrassing the girl?

RENO: Hey, hey, bud, why don't you shut the f*** up and mind your own goddamn business?

AERITH: Oh, you two are buds?

RENO: Ho ho ho! He wishes he was my bud.

CLOUD: Nah, I'm good. I've got enough ambiguous-looking friends.

RENO: Oh. Is your friend a mirror?

CLOUD: (taken aback) I--eh, no...

RENO: AH! You paused! Oh, speaking of buds... (steps aside as three Shinra troopers run in) meet mine. So listen, bud, if you don't--

THUG 1: Hey, Are those flowers?

RENO: HEY! Did Rude send you to interrupt me!?

THUG 2: No, sir! His orders were to, uh...


THUG 2: ...babysit, sir.

RENO: (enraged) BABYSIT?!

THUG 2: Yes, sir! After the... incident with the falafel stand, it has been deemed necessary that you are accompanied at all times.

RENO: Seriously, I jump over--

CLOUD: Hey, uh, A-Aerith? I, uh, changed my mind. Let's go meet that mom of yours!

AERITH: (gasps) Really?

CLOUD: Yeah, let's go right now!

AERITH: Yay! Let's go the special way! (runs for the back of the church)

CLOUD: Yeah, uh, uh... special way?

(Cut to the roof of the church. Cloud is looking at the dangerous looking planks he needs to walk across)

CLOUD: Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh...

AERITH: What's wrong, Mr. Cloud?

CLOUD: Iiiiiiii'm allergic to heights...

AERITH: Oh! And we're REALLY high up.

(The camera zooms in on Cloud)

CLOUD: aaaaaaaaHHHHHHH...

(Cut to back down below. Reno is standing on the flower bed)

RENO: So what you're saying is...

(Cloud's leg suddenly appears at the top of the screen, with Cloud screaming in fear)

RENO: ...because of the awful falafel...

CLOUD: Come on, pull me up, pull me uuuup!

(Cloud's leg goes back up)

RENO: ...I became unlawfully awful.

THUG 2: Yes, sir. That's exactly i--


RENO: Wow, guys. I really need to think about how I come across to people. Just... gotta be with myself for a minute... (walks into the back of the church, but then suddenly runs back) WHERE THE F*** DID THEY GO?!?

(Cut to Aerith's house)

AERITH: Moooom! We're back!

ELMYRA: (descends the stairs, speaking in an airy voice) Oh, my earthly angel! You've returned to our spiritual garden! I was sensing your lifestream energy as you entered.

CLOUD: Welp, it all makes sense now.

ELMYRA: And who is your friend? She's quite beautiful.

CLOUD: Uh... (coughs) A-Actually, I'm a guy.

ELMYRA: (dreamily) And I am an oak tree! Spreading my roots and nurturing the lifestream...

CLOUD: O-K, so it was VERY nice meeting you, Aerith, and you as well... ma'am, buuuut I should be going.

AERITH: Already? Aww, but mom was going to make dinner!

ELMYRA: Orange peels with a side of rutabaga leaves!

CLOUD: (forced) Mm-mmm! Tempting...

AERITH: We always invite Mr. Reno, but he says his Turk blank-hole bosses never give him a day off and should get off his blanking blank.

CLOUD: (blankly) Reno works for the Turks?

ELMYRA: Oh, yeeees! My darling angel is so special! They always keep an eye on her. One time I was meditating in my crystal garden, and they kicked down the door. They were so worried about her whereabouts that they started breaking everything we owned...

AERITH: Even your magic smoke vase, right Mom?

ELMYRA: Yes, even my vaporal gateway into Shiva's garden...

CLOUD: Aaaaaand the Turks work for Shinra. ...Blank.

(Cut to Sector 5, with Cloud running for his life.)

CLOUD: F*** F*** F*** F***! F*** F***! (stops abruptly when he sees Aerith waiting by the entrance to Sector 6) Wuh, whoa, hey! Hi?

AERITH: Hey, Mr. Cloud!

CLOUD: (shaking his head and babbling for a moment) HOW did you do that?

AERITH: (sing-song) It's a secret.

CLOUD: Really? You didn't just use fairy dust to fly here!?

AERITH: (excited) You believe in fairies too??

CLOUD: (quickly dodging the subject) So yeah, I'm going!

AERITH: Are you going to YOUR house?

CLOUD: (tersely) I... don't have a house.

AERITH: (gasps in shock) Let's go find you a house!

CLOUD: Oh, wait, nononononononononono! (dismayed) I feel like I'm losing control of my life. Well... who knows? Maybe she'll actually find me a--

(Cut to the old Sector 6 Playground. Aerith is sitting on top of the slide)


CLOUD: (dully) Yaaaay... It's got everything a livable house needs... A sandbox... a ladder... aaaaaand a slide. The basic necessities.

(Cloud climbs up and joins Aerith on the slide)

AERITH: Sooo... you do skydiving for a living?

CLOUD: Oh, heh. No, I actually used to be a member of SOLDIER.

AERITH: Oh really? What class?

CLOUD: Oh, you know about that? I was a...

ZACK: (voiceover) First class.

CLOUD: ...first class.

AERITH: Wow, that's really cool. I used to date someone in SOLDIER.

CLOUD: Oh, seriously? Who was it? I might know him.

AERITH: (hesitantly) His name was--

(A chocobo-driven cart exits the Sector 7 Gate. Cloud sees Tifa on the back.)

CLOUD: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold that thought! Tifa?!

AERITH: (sharply) Tifa? Do you know her?

CLOUD: Yeah, that's my friend!

AERITH: (faking enthusiasm) Oh! Your friend... is a girl. How quaint... (jumps down the slide) Let's go meet her!

CLOUD: WAIT! Oh nononono, I've, uh... Yep. Yep. I have lost control of my life.

(FF7MA Ending Sequence)

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