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The ninth episode of Team Four Star's Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged was uploaded to the TFS website on December 10, 2015. A week later, on December 17, it was also uploaded to the YouTube channel.


"Cloud, Barret and Tifa manage to follow Hojo all the way to his laboratory. Now all that stands in the way of Aeriths freedom is a madman! How will Cloud and the gang defeat Hojo? Find out on FF7MA!"


Dr. Hojo looks over one of his subjects named "Subject 13" and is excited about today's experiment. His creeped out Assistant tells Hojo that everything, including the camera's, is all ready, and Hojo plans to use this experiment to find where the promised land is. Once he leaves, Cloud crawls out of his hiding spot with Tifa and Barret exiting his pocket. They notice "Subject 13", and while Barret and Tifa debate whether it's a cat or a dog, Cloud finds a pod containing Jenova which triggers painful memories and causes him to scream in pain. Tifa see's this and manages to calm him down.

The three then confront Hojo, who explains his experiment. He says that Aerith and Subject 13 are part of two different endangered races, so he plans on having the two breed with each other, which is his fetish. The naturally disgusted Barret shoots the container containing Aerith and Subject 13, with the latter mauling Hojo. After Cloud checks on Aerith, the group is then surprised that Subject 13, now calling himself Red XIII, can talk. He explains that he got captured when he was sleeping, and the experiments Hojo did to him resulted in the ability to speak. The group realizes that Hojo escaped, and Cloud agrees to let Red XIII join their group.

While escaping, Cloud is captured by Rude and Tseng who brings them to President Shinra's office. Aerith is taken back to her cell, and Shinra taunts the group for their efforts while admitting he's surprised they survived AVALANCHE's destruction. As punishment, Shinra declares that they will be used as Hojo's subjects, which the four realize means having sex with each other. Barret yells that the next time he see's Shinra he's a dead man, but Shinra says that one of them will be dead.



Running Gags []

  • Character naming screen:
    • DogCat → MeowBark→ Red XIII