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Helped develop the vaccine with the aid of his cows.

The Farmer With a Shotgun is an Earthling ostrich farmer. He first appears in episode 1 when Raditz crash-lands in his marijuana patch (or "carrot patch") and tries to shoot Raditz with his shotgun, but the Saiyan warrior effortless catches the bullet and flicks it back at him, sending the farmer flying into his truck, where he dies. He claims to have voted for George W. Bush.


  • In FAQ Special: Number 1, King Yemma resurrected him personally because he was a good person (he won the Nobel Peace prize and developed a Polio Vaccine) only to get killed again—this time by Vegeta.
  • The farmer also cameos in DBZ Kai Abridged, though his only contribution is to helpfully point out that Raditz is an alien.
  • Unlike the japanese YTPs from mid 2000s (where he killed Raditz, Freeza (and preventing Vegeta dying) and Cell), farmer doesn't have an major role in the series