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Helped develop the vaccine with the aid of his cows.

The Farmer With a Shotgun is an Earthling ostrich farmer. He first appears in episode 1 when Raditz crash-lands in his marijuana patch (or "carrot patch") and tries to shoot Raditz with his shotgun, in which he kills Raditz and sends him into the air , where he dies. He claims to have voted for George W. Bush.


  • In FAQ Special: Number 1, King Yemma resurrected him personally because he was a good person (he won the Nobel Peace prize and developed a Polio Vaccine) only to get killed again—this time by Vegeta.
  • The farmer also cameos in DBZ Kai Abridged, though his only contribution is to helpfully point out that Raditz is an alien.
  • Unlike the Japanese YTPs from mid 2000s (where he killed Raditz, Freeza (and preventing Vegeta dying) and Cell), the farmer doesn't have a major role in the series