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"Hey, Freeza! You should split! "
— "Cold Cuts"

Trunks (トランクス, Torankusu) or alternately known as Future Trunks (未来のトランクス, Mirai no Torankusu) is the future son of Vegeta and Bulma, and heir to the Capsule Corporation.

He is one year younger than his girlfriend Future Ranch.



Trunks was born to Future Bulma and Future Vegeta shortly before Future Goku's death. He repeated his father's vulgar exclamations of disappointment when the latter learned of Goku's death of heart failure from high cholesterol. As a teenager, he and his mother lived through the horrors of Future Android 17 and Future Android 18, both of whom murdered the Z-Fighters while he was an infant. Arriving in the aftermath eof one of their murderous rampages, he met Future Gohan, the sole surviving member of the Z-Fighters, who took him in as his mentor and "initially" declined the advances of his mother due to Trunks being present, though Future Bulma claimed that it was worth a shot (Note: that in an alternate universe Future Gohan complied with Future Bulma and entered a relationship). Over the next few training sessions, Future Gohan pushed Future Trunks to become a Super Saiyan, though he persisted in being unsuccessful. As Future Gohan observed him, he concluded that Future Trunks would be best tested in an actual encounter with the androids and Future Trunks joined Future Gohan in confronting the androids at an amusement park the following day, noting to his mentor before the fight that he was unprepared for the battle. During the brawl, he engaged Future Android 18 and proclaimed that not only was he not afraid of her, but was capable of taking care of her himself despite in actuality being intimidated by the android who easily bested him.

When asked by her what he thought after being defeated, he retorted that she "hit like a girl" and was saved from being blasted by Future Gohan, who was then at by the androids before hiding but then falling victim to their bombing of the area in an attempt to drive the pair out. He was given a Senzu Bean by Future Gohan in his comatose state and he took the latter back to his mother, asking her as he approached her what she knew about reattaching arms that he could not find, signaling the beginning of his recovery despite the loss of his arm. When asked by Future Bulma if he had learned anything from the encounter with the androids, Future Trunks replied that the only good android was a dead one and continued training with Future Gohan again. Not long after, Trunks tried to transform into a Super Saiyan and showed signs of progress, but was still unable to. He asked Gohan if he usually hung out in wastelands and told him that it was nice after Future Gohan revealed it as his home. He then asked him about how he was able to deal with losses and mentioned Gohan's late father thought the latter only played along, in reality not caring. As an explosion went off, Future Gohan prepared to depart only for Future Trunks to request that he come alongside him in his weakened state, asking what he could do with one arm. He was then knocked out by his master for his safety. Waking up from being knocked out, Trunks learned his mentor had been killed when finding his dead body, which not only made him cry and have an emotional breakdown, but also prompted his first successful transformation into a Super Saiyan.

Over the next three years, his mother worked on creating a time machine that would allow him to go into the past to prevent Goku from dying of high cholesterol by giving him a medicine. Trunks fought against the androids one final time before he left, despite the protest of his mother and was beaten easily as the pair double-teamed him. Trunks was recovered after being knocked out and after the defeat, was ready to use the time machine. He also matured more as he became wiser and more logical, and much less reckless. His mother gave him her jacket to wear and saw him off. Preparing to travel to the past, Future Trunks overheard his father screaming from the past and recognized his voice.[1]


Present timeline[]

Future Trunks traveled 20 years into the past, intercepting Freeza, King Cold and their soldiers as they arrived on Earth in an attempt to exact revenge on Goku, who were being watched by the Z-Fighters from afar.[2] After defeating the soldiers, he asked Freeza of his identity, incorrectly pronouncing his name when attempting to refer to him as "Frieza". When it was corrected by Freeza, he questioned why there was an "I" in it and stated his intent to change this when he returned to the future upon learning that there was not one in the name before expressing his intent to kill Freeza. After a soldier thought it wise to attack him, Future Trunks defeated him with ease and gave a warning; leave Earth or die by his hand, though Freeza did not listen to him and warned his soldiers that he would kill them if they did not attack Future Trunks despite his immense power. When the group attacked, he was able to defeat the entirety with a few slices from his sword, though it confused Freeza to why they were just standing there and Future Trunks had to tell him to give it time before the group fell to the ground in defeat.

After mentioning how long it took for him to get the technique down, Future Trunks said the hardest part was one of the soldier's armor, who was promptly killed by Freeza. After this, Future Trunks took to questioning Freeza on his mechanical form, calling the pieces "spare parts" and sarcastically claimed that he had "never seen that before" when Freeza boasted that his form was "ultimate culmination of science and nature". With Freeza saying that he was only allowing Future Trunks to live since he needed something to entertain him until a Super Saiyan arrived, Future Trunks claimed that he could fulfill that position and promptly began transforming into a Super Saiyan. Freeza flew into a rage over seeing the transformed Future Trunks, who reminded him of Goku and attacked him with a Death Ball.

Though thought deceased by the tyrant, Future Trunks survived the attack by picking up the ball of energy and mocking him to his face by continuously claiming that Freeza had dropped the ball, which prompted Freeza to shoot it and once again think Future Trunks was dead. However, following surviving the attack, he appeared above Freeza and yelled for him to split while firing a beam. Though the attack missed, it sent Freeza into the air, allowing Future Trunks to get closer to him and launch towards him with his sword, slicing Freeza into pieces and destroying him as well with a blast.[3]

Future Trunks with Super Saiyan Goku.

Trunks was pointed out by Bulma as the one who had killed Freeza once Goku exited his space pod and asked who had defeated him. Though Goku struggled to come up with a name for him as he pretended to be acquainted with him, Trunks confirmed that the pair had never met and requested to have a word with him in private. Trunks then asked him if he was "Sun Wukong" quickly catching himself as incorrectly saying his name, though Goku did not notice, convincing Trunks to "roll with it" and introduce himself by telling him his name and confirmed he had killed Freeza, though he admitted that he had become curious as to how the latter had survived the battle on Namek. Goku divulged that he had kept letting Freeza go and called it a "bad call", leading Trunks to comment that without his intervention everyone would have died and then ask him about his Super Saiyan transformation during his fight against Freeza. Once Goku confirmed that he was a Super Saiyan, Trunks requested if he could show him and when Goku agreed and did so, Trunks showed him his Super Saiyan transformation and Goku commented that his hair was "yellow" which lead Trunks to tell him that his was as well.

When Goku asks Trunks about why he came, the latter accidentally reveals that Bulma and Vegeta are his parents, much to Goku's surprise. Trunks then explains that he's from the future, where in his time, all of the Z-Fighters, minus him, died at the hands of two cyborgs (though Goku calls them androids) created by Dr. Gero. Gohan lived longer than the others and trained Trunks, but was eventually killed by them too. Goku is shocked to learn this bad news, but notices that he didn't mention Yamcha. Trunks awkwardly reveals that he died too, but not by the androids. Trunks explains that when Yamcha learnt Bulma was pregnant with Vegeta's child, he... didn't take the news well.

Future Trunks gave Goku his medicine which he lied about in saying that it was grape flavored before Goku said he did not like the flavor, at which point he changed to claiming that it was bacon flavor. Future Trunks bid Goku farewell and was seen again by the Z-Fighters when he was preparing to leave, looking at them as he hoped to get to know his father more when he returned, as well as his mother less due to her trying to solicit him for sex.[4]

Returning to the past[]

Future Trunks returned to his timeline following his conversation with Goku and returned to theirs three years into the future, soon encountering the head of Android 19 and mistaking it for Chiaotzu who he thought had "let himself go" before realizing it was one of the androids which he did not recognize. By the time he found the Z-Fighters, they had cornered Dr. Gero. Future Trunks arrived and apologized before anyone could say anything for being late due to the time machine he used not having specific distinctions with its time, though he realized that Dr. Gero was not one of the androids of the past and was so taken aback by his appearance that he questioned who he was to the group. Piccolo called Future Trunks by his name, leading Vegeta to mock him and Krillin to question if that was the name of his son, all causing Vegeta to realize that Future Trunks was his son. The latter surmised that the cat was out of the bag and went back to questioning the group on the android's identity.

Trunks continuously insisted that Dr. Gero was not one of the androids from the timeline despite there at the time only being two androids just as Future Trunks had said and Future Trunks even had to tell Dr. Gero himself to stay out of the argument when he claimed that he was one of the androids from the future. Vegeta discovered at that point that Trunks was his son, though Trunks did not react to it as much since he was concerned with the inconsistencies of the timelines. The entire debate was ended by the arrival of Bulma, who brought along with her the infant mainstream version of Trunks, which surprised him further when he expressed in shock (and frustration) that she brought him. Dr. Gero fired a wave that destroyed her jet.[5]

She and the infant Trunks was saved by Future Trunks, who in making sure Bulma was alright remembered that Yajirobe was also in the vehicle with her as Future Trunks recalled someone else being in the car with her after he gave Bulma back the infant Trunks. Vegeta criticized Future Trunks for not being precise and wasting their time in what he believed was them fighting the wrong androids, though Future Trunks defended himself as being ten-months old at the time after asking his mother how old the infant, present version of him was and expressed to Vegeta that him coming back into the past might have caused a butterfly effect which would allow for the androids from his time to still appear. Vegeta could not care less and caused Bulma to reveal that she knew where Dr. Gero's lab was, leading Future Trunks to question her on why she had not told him and elaborate that he meant the future version of her before giving up and questioning how she knew, being further confused by her mention of Dr. Wheelo when listing the locations of the laboratories she knew of. Future Trunks tried to stop his father from rushing off to confront Dr. Gero and stated to him that he was trying to help him, being put off by him calling him a bastard. Future Trunks screaming "dad" to Vegeta while chasing after him revealed to Bulma that he was her son and caused her to regret her initial encounter with him.

Future Trunks followed behind Vegeta, telling him that he was trying to help him and saying that they both knew he was his son once Vegeta questioned why he cared, growling angrily when Vegeta asked him if he was as disappointed as he was. After Vegeta flew miles past East City, Future Trunks and Vegeta arrived at Dr. Gero's laboratory, Piccolo, Krillin and Tien standing outside the door. Vegeta blamed Future Trunks for the pair arriving late, though Future Trunks insisted this was due to him flying miles past East City. Vegeta moved to blow down the door, though Future Trunks tried to warn him that the group would need Goku's assistance to confront the androids, his father not understanding that he did not mean to just destroy the door and blowing it out of the way. In seeing Android 17 and Android 18, Future Trunks confirmed that they were the same as the androids for his time, leading Vegeta to express disappointment with his son based on their appearances. Angered by the comment, Future Trunks questioned how Piccolo, Tien and Krillin were friends with Vegeta.[6]

Battling the Androids[]

After Android 17 killed Dr. Gero, Trunks destroyed the laboratory with a blast, hoping that the androids would perish as well and being taken aback when he discovered they were still alive. Though Vegeta tried to criticize him, Trunks defended himself, saying, "At least I did something instead of just standing there, staring at them." He did admit that not much had changed from him in the future and the present timeline. Trunks tried to stop Vegeta from pursuing the androids by blocking him. Though he aimed to express that his father was not as strong as Goku, his justification for the group needing him, Vegeta cut him short by punching him in the stomach before he left. The Z-Fighters caught up with Vegeta during his fight with Android 18 and Android 17 made it clear that he would step in if they chose to get involved in the battle between the pair. Future Trunks insisted to his father that they had to leave, the latter then saying he had Android 18 right where he wanted her, provoking Future Trunks to question whether or not he lived in own little world. Android 17 set guidelines for the group to not become involved or else he would, forcing Future Trunks to stand by and watch the battle between his father and the android's sister.[7]

Future Trunks witnessed his father's arm being broken by Android 18 and then rushed to help his father by using his sword to attack her, though the blade did no damage to the android apart from her clothes. Android 17, calling Trunks "Bright Eyes", smacked him down with a single hit and caused him to revert to his base form by knocking him out. After the androids left, Krillin revived Trunks using a Senzu Bean and told him of his kiss by Android 18, to which Trunks stated that he couldn't believe him. Vegeta flew away in a rage and Trunks nearly pursued him before being convinced by Piccolo to give it a rest. Future Trunks briefly expressed his frustration with his father to the others, the group then indirectly revealing that Vegeta in the past had tried killing them, which surprised Future Trunks. Piccolo left the group and Krillin mentioned Kame House, leading Trunks to ask if it was "Kami House" or "Kame House" for clarification.[8]

Second Time machine[]

Trunks, Krillin and Tien flew together before the latter broke off from the pair. Trunks and Krillin arrived at Goku's home, shortly after which Krillin asked Trunks if he ever thought Android 18 was attractive, to which he denied. When answering the door, Future Trunks was introduced to Chi-Chi and also met with Yamcha for the first time since his initial appearance shortly before Goku arrived. Knowing of Yamcha's fate in his timeine, Future Trunks almost asked him how he was hanging before recalling the death by suicide and changing to asking him how he was doing, followed by Yamcha stating that he was hanging in there and Future Trunks reacting as he did so.

Future Trunks with the fax of his time machine.

The group was directed by Krillin to take Goku to Kame House, moving his body into a jet as Gohan arrived. While aboard the jet, Future Trunks heard country music for the first time and was surprised by it, answering to Krillin that it had been eviscerated shortly after his birth in his timeline when the latter asked about its presence in the future. Bulma contacted them aboard the jet and asked to speak with Future Trunks, who was not chatty with his mother as a result of remembering their first encounter, only greeting her.

After a short period of the two just sitting there on the line together with no dialogue whatsoever, Bulma informed the group that a vehicle had been found by a farmer, a fax of which being sent over to the ship the group was traveling on and Future Trunks recognizing it as his time machine. With Gohan suggesting that he may have misplaced it, Future Trunks insisted it was not his, showing the group aboard the ship his own copy by removing it from its capsule and causing it to explode.


Trunks and Gohan flew to the location of the time machine that had been alleged to be Trunks'. While flying to the site, Trunks revealed to Gohan after he questioned him about himself in the future that he was his mentor and compared him to his father, elaborating that he was "the strongest, bravest warrior on the planet." Trunks was reminded of how Future Gohan had lost his arm and looked over at Gohan's, who asked him why he was staring. Trunks quickly changed the subject by pointing out the time machine to Gohan as the duo landed.

Shortly after this, Bulma arrived, which Gohan pointed out to Trunks as the latter seemed annoyed that she was coming, stemming from their interactions during their initial encounter in the present timeline. Trunks greeted her as he blushed and answered, after an awkward stare, that the time machine could not be his since it was with him which he proved by taking it out of its capsule. Trunks pointed out that his capsule had the word "HOPE" written on it and believed this would disprove it as his, though he discovered after cleaning the time machine off that it had the word written in the same place and handwriting, confirming it as his.

Trunks explained the origin of the word when Bulma asked why it was written on the time machine. After he and Gohan flew up to the top of the time machine, Trunks went inside and recovered a shell, which he handed to Gohan to hand to Bulma while at the same time questioning what it was. With Gohan going off to explore in search of more clues, Trunks reasoned that at least one of them was having fun with the investigation and then included Bulma after his mother opened and closed the shell repeatedly.

Gohan discovered a much larger shell that Trunks decided to stick his hand in. He regretted his decision when goo from the inside got on him and expressed disgust with it as it started to harden as well as regret for putting himself in the position to touch it in the first place. After Bulma left, Trunks asked Gohan if he happened to be carrying hand sanitizer on him.

Trunks and Gohan then went to Kame House and learned of a creature that was feeding on humans and caused an entire city to become seemingly deserted apart from the clothes of its former inhabitants. Trunks quickly deduced that the event was not the work of the androids and expressed his intent to go to the city to handle the incident's aftermath, admitting that he felt he was responsible for the events following what he had learned that day. With Yamcha questioning him on whether or not he should go alone, Trunks explained that he thought the only one who could help him would be his father, though he did not know where he was and doubted would help him.

Discovery of Cell[]

Soon afterwards, Trunks and Krillin go to the remains of Gingertown and witness Cell's solar flare and escape. In seeing Cell, Future Trunks felt the strangest sense of deja vu.

Vegeta arrived there afterward and questioned what Kami was after learning that Piccolo had fused with him, being told it he was "basically God", confusing Vegeta as he was still "here" and prompting Future Trunks to question if he really believed his "own hype that much". After Vegeta left, Future Trunks discussed the possibility that Dr. Gero was keeping the present-timeline Cell somewhere and said, "crap baskets" after Krillin suggested that he was in a potential basement. It was agreed that Krillin would go with Future Trunks to the basement, the two leaving Piccolo and Tien to begin searching for it. Once they returned to a sight near the laboratory, the pair started blasting around for the basement, Future Trunks asking Krillin if he was making shooting noises and joining in after the latter admitted that he did it all the time in his head. When the two found a ladder to get inside and Krillin concluded there was no way they could get down the hole to enter the lab, Future Trunks implored him to just "come on."

Inside the lair, they first spotted the present timeline version of Cell and several blueprints. When looking over the blueprints for the androids, Future Trunks learned that Android 17 and 18's real names were Lapis and Lazuli and that Android 16 was based on Dr. Gero's son, which Krillin did not believe him about though Future Trunks attested that they were in the blueprints. Krillin urged Future Trunks to hurry up so they could get the information back to Bulma and also destroy the present timeline version of Cell, Future Trunks halting the killing in asking Krillin if it was right to kill Cell since he had not done anything wrong, Krillin proceeding to kill Cell. After the death, Future Trunks stressed they needed to escape before the lair blew up and the two fled, the lair blowing up around them and the two flying off afterward.[9]

Future Trunks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Shortly afterward, Future Trunks went off to find Vegeta but the latter refused to neither train with or acknowledge him. Future Trunks screamed for his father to notice him, though was met with a denial by him. Things changed when Goku arrived, who had recovered from the attacks on his heart that had kept him bedridden, alongside Gohan, confusing Future Trunks who was unfamiliar with his Instant Transmission technique. Goku asked Future Trunks how his progress was going with his father, leading Future Trunks to ask his father in Goku's presence if he wanted to train with him and be denied with profanity. Goku spoke to Vegeta about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, located on Kami's Lookout. The four Saiyans journeyed there and learned from Mr. Popo that only two of them could enter at a time, Vegeta deciding that he and Future Trunks would go in first. As Trunks walked inside with Vegeta, he pleaded for Goku to "help" him. Once inside, Trunks reacted in surprise to the extreme conditions of the chamber and tried stressing to his father that he needed time to adjust before the latter knocked him to the ground.[10]

During his time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Future Trunks gained the Third Grade Super Saiyan form, keeping it hidden from his father as he believed Vegeta knowing his son had the transformation would harm his pride. After exiting the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Vegeta, Trunks was greeted by Goku, who complimented his hair. Since this was the first positive reinforcement he had had in over a year, Trunks wanted to respond accordingly and replied, "Thanks, I grew it myself." He was not impressed with his response.[11]

Confronting Cell[]

Future Trunks arrives on the battlefield.

Bulma arrived on Kami's Lookout, noticing that his hair had grown out and approaching him over this with a compliment that it looked good, clarifying she meant it platonically. Future Trunks said that she was fine since his year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his father had made him forget about the whole thing and Bulma expressed surprise that he was able to spend a year with him when she had not been able to, though Future Trunks remarked that all Vegeta did was yell at him. Bulma revealed the armor she had made for the group to use in their fights against the androids, Future Trunks donning it and being instructed by her to catch up with his father following his departure from the lookout once he became annoyed by Goku. The latter gave Future Trunks two Senzu Beans, Future Trunks doubting that he would need it though he and Goku both assumed that Vegeta would cause them to. Future Trunks trailed his father as he caught up to and spoke with Cell, remarking that he had pushed his father's Goku button once he asked for him to leave and come back with someone more substantial like Goku.[12]

Future Trunks blocks Cell.

Future Trunks screamed at the idea that his father would allow Cell to absorb Android 18, though ceased when Vegeta told him to. After Vegeta okayed the absorption, Future Trunks interfered with Cell leaving to carry out this act, saying that he would be the voice of reason and telling his father that the android was just telling him what he wanted to hear. With Cell claiming this was not the case, Future Trunks reasoned that he was not involved in this and with Vegeta warning him not to be disobedient or else he would have to come up and parent him, Future Trunks remarked that there was a first time for everything. Cell looked over and noticed the androids with Krillin. Future Trunks, at first confused as to what he was staring at, realized they were there too and momentarily was relived to see Krillin until discovering that he had destroyed the remote, questioning internally why he would do such a thing and criticizing Krillin as having lost his mind.

Cell tried to rush Android 18, but was stopped by Future Trunks who instructed Krillin to get her to leave the area while he fought against Cell, who Future Trunks was able to easily best similarly to his father. Krillin and Android 18 were confronted by Cell, who recovered from Future Trunks's attack. The latter tried to intervene but was stopped from doing so by his father, who attacked him per Cell's request. Future Trunks questioned his father on his motives and in an act of defiance, shot at him, sending Vegeta flying away. While his father was gone, Future Trunks stopped Android 18 from being absorbed by Cell again by attacking him, telling her to either blow herself up or leave and insisting that he did not care which before continuing his assault on Cell. Though Future Trunks outmatched him, Cell used his Solar Flare technique, closing his eyes while it commenced and was able to get to Android 18 and absorb her with the help of his widened tail while she and the others were blinded, including the returning Vegeta. After Cell transformed into his Perfect Form, Future Trunks watched in horror as the android sang.[13]

Conflict of interest[]

Krillin attacked Cell with a Kienzan after his transformation, the attack doing nothing to Cell and the latter retaliating by kicking him away, severely injuring him in the process. Future Trunks asked Krillin if he needed a Senzu Bean before realizing that it was a stupid question judging by how badly injured Krillin was. He tended to Krillin by giving him the Senzu Bean and told the latter that it was too bad he did not have Saiyan biology since he predicted by that point Krillin would have become unstoppable. Krillin told him that he believed Vegeta was going to die, leading Future Trunks to question him and act with confusion when the latter asked him if he knew how many times he had been hit by someone with superior strength than him since he became an adult, Krillin elaborating that this had allowed him to tell when someone was holding back and he had realized that Future Trunks had been doing so the entire time. Future Trunks insisted that he could explain, explaining to Krillin that he did not wish to anger his father in the latter discovering that he was superior in strength to him, though Krillin was still frustrated with Future Trunks for not having used it earlier to prevent Android 18 from being absorbed, believing her deceased.

Future Trunks thought this had been part of his plan, her death, though realized through Krillin crying that the latter had become attached to the android. Future Trunks then questioned where his father was after the latter had been kicked away by Cell and though Krillin called on Future Trunks to tell his father before he did something worse, Future Trunks insisted that nothing else he did could be worse bar destroying the planet. Attacking Cell with all of his strength, Vegeta seemed willing to do just that, Future Trunks believing that this was his father's intention and yelling for him to not allow his wounded pride to let him go through with destroying the Earth. Vegeta's attack did not destroy the planet, instead destroying part of Cell's body. Future Trunks expressed happiness with the result, arguing that it was a start to defeating Cell. However, the latter regenerated the destroyed portion of his body and attacked Vegeta. Future Trunks opposed transforming since he believed that the worse that could be done to his father by Cell's hand was the latter knocking him out, until Krillin informed him that they no longer had Dragon Balls. After Cell knocked out Vegeta by striking him in the back while they were in the air, he prepared to finish him off, only for Future Trunks to begin transforming.[14]


Future Trunks harmed Krillin while he was transforming, afterward confirming he had finished powering up when asked by Krillin if he was done and apologizing for the attack, explaining that his power was rising and that he could not control it, though also stated he did not do it because he spared Android 18. After Cell spoke up, Future Trunks threw the Senzu Beans to Krillin and ordered him to give them to his father, denying that he would need it and insisting that the battle "was over before it even began." He flew down and confronted Cell while Krillin moved to get Vegeta, to whom Future Trunks referred to when promising to Cell that he would make him "pay in blood" for what he did to his father. Cell proceeded to mock Vegeta and then invoked Future Gohan by asking if he was aware that he let him die, Future Trunks powering up right after and promising Cell that he would receive the fight he wanted in stating his intent to show the foe the difference in power between him and his father.

Future Trunks seemingly proving to be a challenge for Perfect Cell.

Cell explained that he had been referring to Future Trunks in another timeline and explained that he knew less about time travel than he should as Cell elaborated that he killed an alternate version of the Saiyan to arrive in the timeline. Following the revelation, Future Trunks reiterated his intent to defeat Cell and powered up further, attacking him with his full might and stating his intent to kill him before charging at him, eventually firing a blast at Cell that sent him against a wall. Approaching him, Future Trunks admitted that the attack felt good to deliver even if it was not damaging, insisting that Cell's snark would not save him as he was being killed and noted that he literally had Cell against the wall.

Future Trunks having his life spared by Cell.

Cell revealed that he had allowed Future Trunks to hit him for the mere purpose of entertainment and proceeded to dodge all of Future Trunks' attack afterwards. Frustrated, Future Trunks questioned why he was not able to hit Cell and the latter explained this was due to Future Trunks being green, elaborating that he was inexperienced compared to the fighters around him, mentioning some of Goku's past accomplishments and prompting Future Trunks to question their legitimacy as factual events in the past. Cell did an impersonation of Future Trunks that the latter stated was not of quality and after Android 16 credited it with being accurate, Future Trunks questioned why he was still there. Future Trunks relented once Cell called on him to stop using the useless form, telling Cell to just get it over with and kill him already, questioning the latter as to if everything was just a game to him and insisted that no one would remember Cell once he was killed during his fight with Goku. Cell changed his mind and spared Future Trunks, who questioned why he had not ended his life and what he was planning.[15]

Following his defeat, Future Trunks exploded in anger as he transformed into a Super Saiyan and was then joined on the battlefield by the returning Krillin and Vegeta. Future Trunks complained about his lack of strength and after 16 interjected that he could use some friends, Future Trunks rebuked him, saying he would never be friends with him, the interaction leading to a conversation between Krillin and 16 that had homosexual connotations. Future Trunks asked what he was watching and with Vegeta also showing distaste, Future Trunks expressed his hopes that Krillin did not try to bang 16 as he attempted with 18. The group then returned to Capsule Corporation where Future Trunks was greeted by his grandmother who tried flirting with him before Krillin informed her of their relation.

Future Trunks at Capsule Corporation.

Joined by the others, Future Trunks recalled the event and sarcastically thanked Krillin for the consolidation of being alive, learning that he, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Chiaotzu and Vegeta had all died before, though he was unsure of how Yamcha died and inquired about his death. Future Trunks joined the others in trying to convince Chi-Chi to allow Gohan to participate in the battle against Cell and then watched television with the others while waiting for Cell's announcement, enjoying being able to see older television series and being surprised to learn that country music was awful. Bulma arrived and asked Future Trunks about his health, inquiring on if he needed a snack or juice box. Future Trunks reminded her that he was 18 and said it again when she then changed her offer to a "stiff drink". Future Trunks then watched Cell's announcement of his tournament, the Cell Games.[16]

Future Trunks traveled to the lookout, being present for Goku and Gohan's emerging from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Watching the pair eat afterward, Future Trunks asked Goku if he had become stronger than Cell. Future Trunks asked Goku once again if he was stronger than Cell after he and Gohan changed clothing and questioned what he meant when Goku said he would check, the latter teleporting away to meet with Cell. Future Trunks in the meantime talked to Gohan about his alternate timeline self, including the detail that he had lost his arm while saving his life but bragged about how impressive he was until admitting that Future Gohan did die brutally. When Goku returned and mentioned that Gohan was now a Super Saiyan as a sigh of his growth in strength, Future Trunks noted how the pair had been Super Saiyan since they exited and asked them about the form, Vegeta becoming angered by the explanation of it being a full-powered version of Super Saiyan they had achieved and wanting to go back into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, to which Future Trunks informed him that Piccolo had just went inside.[17]

During the Cell Games' progression, Trunks' contributions were verbal at best. When Krillin seemed oddly hesitant to provide Goku a Senzu Bean during his fight with Perfect Cell, Trunks reminded them the foolishness of putting their battle lust and pride before the safety of the world, with Vegeta countering that Goku's pride was on the line here. Not that it helped as Goku promptly proved Vegeta wrong by giving up and tagging out to Gohan. Cell unleashed the Cell Juniors on the Dragon Team in an effort to anger Gohan into unleashing his full might, though this is briefly held back by Android 16's attempted suicide bomb, with Trunks wondering why Krillin still considered 16 his "bro-bot."

Gohan, thusly awakened into Super Saiyan 2, decimated the Cell Jrs, reclaimed the Senzu Beans that Cell had confiscated and tasked Trunks with giving them out to the wounded, reminding him to forget he was Vegeta's son for the moment and not screw up like his father would. Trunks did so, attempting to provide good humour to raise morale (not that an unconscious Krillin and a half-despairing Yamcha appreciated such humour.) Eventually, Gohan forced Android 18 out of Cell. Reduced to his Semi-Perfect form, Cell attempted to suicide-bomb the planet, though a repentant Goku teleported him elsewhere, giving his life in the process.

Sadly, Cell survived this and thanks to a combination of Namek and Saiyan DNA, regenerated and powered up, not only returning to his Perfect state but becoming Super Perfect. His first act was to return to Earth and blast a hole in Trunks' torso with a Death Beam...which Cell then admitted was meant for Tien.

Trunks died quickly, begging futilely for help before expiring from the gaping hole in his chest, with Yamcha unable to do much but comment on his own experiences with death. This did ultimately finally trigger Vegeta's long-suppressed paternal rage, and the Saiyan prince flew at Cell in a blind rage, hell-bent on avenging his "BABY BOY." Not that it helped as Cell casually brushed him aside, but seeing the future son he had so cruelly sneered at all saga long die before his very eyes likely improved Vegeta's overall relationship with Future Trunks and likely would colour his own fatherhood towards present-day Trunks. Thankfully, Gohan was able to purge Cell from the world in the end.

Future Trunks was later brought to Dende's Lookout and quickly revived with Earth's Dragon Balls along with the other Earth-bound victims of Cell's rampage. When Krillin had the bombs inside 17 and 18 wished out of them, Trunks admitted to at least agreeing with the results of Krillin's wish even if he heavily disagreed with why Krillin did so. With peace restored to the Earth, the Dragon Team headed their separate ways, with Trunks asking if the gang could head by Capsule Corp HQ tomorrow to see him off, as he was heading back to his own timeline to finish the job he failed to do once upon a time hence: Destroy the Future Androids.

As he and Yamcha headed home, Yamcha not so subtly hinted he wanted to go with Trunks to the future since Future Bulma was single, though as soon as Trunks caught on, Yamcha hastily headed his own way.

When Trunks finally left for his home timeline, he saw everyone off, including the father he once had a very strained relationship with. Vegeta saw his future son off in his own Saiyan way: by giving him a middle finger, upon which Trunks responded with a middle finger of his own, a heartfelt if also defiant gesture the Saiyan prince appreciated, since he gave Trunks one final prideful smile as the youth disappeared for good.


Future Trunks differs from other Saiyans in being less prone to fighting and is more alike to Gohan as only doing so when called on, though notably has kept fighting and training since his teenage years began. This was directly tied to his upbringing. Though this may make Future Trunks appear notable, in theory an individual driven to battle to protect his world, it has also caused issues for him. As pointed out by Cell, Future Trunks's inexperience with fighting apart from his encounters with the androids in his timeline has caused him to be very underdeveloped in terms of strategy and rely on brute strength alone to cause victories in his fights.[18] On top of this, Trunks' upbringing in the android-ravaged future has left him socially awkward and seemingly friendless, causing him to constantly flub attempts to interact with other people, as well as doing his best to impress them at any given time.

Future Trunks's seriousness is derived from his upbringing.

Future Trunks' seriousness is the result of having lived in an apocalyptic future and he has a dedication to stoping the present timeline from becoming the same as his, as he attempted to destroy the androids from the moment he saw them, get the Z-Fighters away from the androids once Vegeta started engaging Android 18,[7] trying to become stronger in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber,[10] and trying to stop Cell from absorbing Android 18.[19] When asked why he would go to such lengths, Future Trunks explained his rationale as both wanting to create at least one timeline where the crisis was averted and that he was unaware the first time he traveled back.[8]

Thanks to his experiences with the androids of the future, Future Trunks has developed bias against the ones of the present, despite their being mere powered delinquents as opposed to the killing machines from his timeline. He has tried killing them,[7] urging them toward suicide,[19] and disavowed them as potential allies, even when they were not considering such a relationship with him.[16] This has also caused him to consider Android 18 unattractive despite her beauty and reject Android 16 as a friend despite his peaceful nature being a direct opposite to the androids of Future Trunks and confirming that the androids vary in personality.

Before traveling to the past, Future Trunks was familiar with the Z-Fighters, though for the most part only by name and circumstance of how they died in his timeline, demonstrating his ignorance when showing surprise at his father's previous attempt to destroy Earth,[6] Goku's exploits and adventures as a child apart from the Red Ribbon Army conflict as it directly related to the androids, and the deaths of several Z-Fighters in events prior to the androids killing them.[16] Such omissions on the part of his mother have led Future Trunks to ignorantly surmise that the Z-Fighters as a whole considered Vegeta their friend and also showing his surprise at the existence of country music, leaving him to discover for himself the genre's apparent low quality.[16]

Future Trunks' despondency was directly linked to his mission to stop the androids in the past.

Future Trunks considers it his sole mission to stop the androids from inflicting the same travesties on the present timeline as in his. For this reason, he has taken further precautions than most others in trying to quell the threat, including destroying Dr. Gero's lab while Androids 16, 17 and 18 were inside,[7] locating Dr. Gero's basement to prevent the emergence of the present timeline Cell,[9] and stalling Cell from absorbing 18 even when his father granted him permission to carry out the task and subduing both Semi-Perfect Cell and Super Vegeta in combat just to buy Android 18 time to either get away from the area or self-destruct before she could be integrated into Cell's being.[19] Future Trunks's wallowing in frustration was the direct result of his perceived failure to successfully stop Cell, causing him to be considerable disappointed despite leaving the battle physically intact and with another chance at honing his skills.[16]

Future Trunks in shock over his father's superiority complex.

He is so radically different from his father, both the present and alternate timeline versions who had similar personalities of being driven by pride and having a level of arrogance to them, that his mother commented their only similarity was their gender. Indeed, upon meeting Vegeta for the first time when traveling to the past,[20] Future Trunks saw first hand how his father acted and though grateful to have met him and wishing to know him more, he was astonished by both him wanting to continue fighting Android 18[7] and believing himself to be God.[9] This showed Future Trunks is both much more realistic and humble than his father. They have often clashed as a result of their differences, Future Trunks treating the androids with seriousness while Vegeta relishing fighting them, only furthering the divide between father and son. When Trunks even attacks his own father to stop him helping Cell reach perfection, Vegeta finds himself feeling pride in his son amidst the anger he feels. Despite this, Future Trunks still cares for his father, jumping in to battle Cell when the latter was intending to kill an unconscious Vegeta after defeating him.[21] As the Cell Games progressed and Trunks called out the Z Warriors on their putting fun death matches before the fate of the world, Vegeta expressed disbelief that someone as un-Sayanlike was his son, a sentiment Trunks shared, being 110% done with Vegeta.[22] Nonetheless, when Trunks is killed by Super Perfect Cell's Death Beam, a shocked and enraged Vegeta attempts to avenge his baby boy to no avail, showing that in the end, Vegeta's paternal instinct was as on point as any father's. With Cell's destruction, Piccolo assures Vegeta that they'll revive Trunks just fine, with a stoic Saiyan prince musing that they "fuckin' better" do so. Finally, when the day comes for Future Trunks to return to his timeline, Vegeta has enough care to at least see his son off in his own way: by flipping the bird at him, though Trunks, likely at least knowing about how Vegeta reacted to his son's temporary demise, defiantly raised a middle finger of his own while smiling, which finally brings out an amused and prideful smirk from Vegeta, finally showing a considerably more repaired father-son-relationship one last time in their own Saiyan way.

Future Trunks also differs from his mother and was disturbed by her flirting with him while she was unaware that he was her son. Though she was open about her attraction to him, Future Trunks remains rather reserved, showing that the two do not have similar traits when it comes to expressing interest in someone or something. Following a year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Future Trunks got over the awkwardness of his mother being romantically attracted to him, showing that he was able to let things go with time and accept the unique circumstances surrounding their first meeting.

Future Trunks finds a stark contrast to himself in Cell, who like him is also a time traveler, even having used the same time machine but in a different timeline but differs from Future Trunks in being well-aware of the pasts of the Z-Fighters, wanting to preserve the androids to fulfill his longterm goal and being in favor of destruction whereas Future Trunks is in favor of restoration. Future Trunks greatly dislikes Cell and pledged to destroy him to correct the timeline, being disappointed by his lack of success in this endeavor. Cell for the most part teased Future Trunks on everything from his failure to save Future Gohan, his failure to use a transformation that would defeat him in combat, and for his lack of comprehension in the basics of fighting.[18]

In other situations, Future Trunks has been shown to hold grudges, in particular disliking the androids of the present timeline despite them not having committed the crimes of their counterparts from his timeline[23] and shocking Krillin while charging up for not destroying Android 18 when he had the chance.[21]


Future Bulma[]

Trunks deeply cares about Bulma, but always used to wonder why Bulma never talked much about his father, Vegeta.

After finally meeting his father, he couldn't comprehend as to what exactly Bulma saw in Vegeta.

He also seems to be unaware about Bulma's 'involvement' with Future Gohan.

He was also disturbed about present Bulma being romantically attracted to him.

Future Gohan[]

Trunks looks upto his master/father figure, Gohan. When he was murdered by the Androids, Trunks rage awoke him into his Super Saiyan form.


As Trunks was just a baby when Future Vegeta was killed, Trunks never knew anything about him beyond what his mother told him. Unfortunately, Future Bulma never really prepared Trunks for what his Father was really like, so they got off to a rocky start when Trunks went back in time. After spending a year with him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Trunks had tempered his expectations of his father, and became more inclined to defy him. He started to see him as a disappointment, and the most frustrating person he ever had to put up with.

However, it seems that their year together did help, as Vegeta felt pride in his son when he openly defied him in his efforts to let Cell attain his perfect form. Later, when Trunks was killed by Super Perfect Cell, Vegeta flew into a rage and attacked Cell without regard for his own safety. When Trunks was preparing to return to the future, Vegeta sent him off with a middle finger, which Trunks returned. Vegeta's smile showed he approved of this.






Future Yamcha committed suicide by hanging when he found out Vegeta got Bulma pregnant. Therefore, Trunks never knew Yamcha in the future. He seems to treat the present Yamcha well enough as a result, though sometimes he accidently uses the word "hang" around him.


Trunks and Tien have not spent much time together but from what little is shown of their interactions, they appear to be on good terms and Tien even offered Trunks encouragement on his fight with the future android and cell. Like many of the other characters, Trunks claimed that he could not read Tien at all.


Super Android 13[]

"Hey! You big blue bastard! I'm a time-traveller from 17 years in the future! And you don't exist there! You know why? Well, besides Multiverse Theory...It's because you die! Right here! By my sword!"
— Trunks challenging Super Android 13

Future Trunks went out to eat with Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Chi-Chi, Krillin and Master Roshi and noticed that the ground was starting to shake before realizing there was some act of terrorism going on, Future Trunks exclaiming "Crap baskets" alongside Gohan and Krillin and the group in actuality being attacked by Android 14 and Android 15. Future Trunks followed Goku and the androids to the arctic, questioning Goku on why he chose the arctic and though conceding that he was indeed wearing a jacket, noted that there were a larger quantity of available deserts. Android 15 insisted that he was being told by his programming that Future Trunks was a bitch, a claim that Future Trunks disputed before being attacked by him.

After recovering, Future Trunks told Goku that if and when the pair made it out of the conflict, that he not inform Vegeta that there were an extra two androids, Android 13 then making his debut. Future Trunks and Goku confronted the androids, Future Trunks questioning the group if there were any more of them that they did not know about and exclaimed that he was sick of the androids in that timeline before charging both Androids 14 and 15 and being met with difficulty in combating the pair. Future Trunks attacked Android 14 with his sword, an attack that proved inefficient that led him to question why he had even brought it with him considering that they were shopping right before. He tried firing a beam at Android 14, only to be knocked in the back by Android 15 and narrowly avoid being hit by his own sword when Android 14 threw it at him. Vegeta entered the fray and despite Future Trunks pleading that he not, Goku informed him of the other androids. Future Trunks continued fighting Android 15, his father now battling Android 14, and was able to defeat him once slashing him with his sword following his transformation into a Super Saiyan.

Future Trunks went to gloat about this with the others and reasoned that his father did not have a sword when Vegeta mentioned that he had done the same thing. Android 13 absorbed the remaining parts of the destroyed androids and became Super Android 13 via a transformation, Future Trunks attacking him and being ineffective. As Goku powered up a Spirit Bomb, Future Trunks confronted him by saying that he did not exist in his timeline which meant that either the multiverse theory was correct or he killed him there. Future Trunks was blown away, being knocked out while Goku destroyed Super Android 13. Watching the others recover in the hospital, Future Trunks told the group that he was glad they were okay though admitted he was bothered by there being more androids. He and Krillin later went to Dr. Gero's sub-laboratory, which they quickly destroyed upon arrival.[24]

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan[]

"Can't believe I'm saying it, but I'll take some more Androids, please."
— Trunks realizing that this fight against Broly is the worst.

Future Trunks attended the wedding ceremony of Korin and Yajirobe, also being present as Vegeta was approached by Paragus for the position of leadership of a new planet as king, which Vegeta accepted and announced to the others as he began departing, Future Trunks asking him about the ongoing situation with Cell and trying to run after him before he was blocked by Paragus, who greeted him as "Princess Trunks", followed by the minions referring to Future Trunks the same way and the latter showing his dismay, promising Bulma as he came aboard the ship that he would drag his father back by his "non-existent tail" if he was forced to. Paragus introduced Vegeta to Broly, who Vegeta gave permission to "bed" Future Trunks, the latter showing distaste with the choice and asking his father if he even knew what he was doing before calling out for his father as Broly came up and spoke to him.

Future Trunks asked what happened to the planet and after an encounter with the minions and the slaves, was joined by Goku, who Future Trunks corrected in saying that New Vegeta was a planet and not a person as Goku had thought. Future Trunks a short time after found his father and informed him of Paragus' fabrications of the planet including Paragus' enslaving of people to build the planet and the nature also being manufactured. Future Trunks was surprised by this actually impressing Vegeta, saying Paragus' actions were inhuman. Future Trunks called on Vegeta to just call Goku by his name rather than "Kakarot" as Broly began transforming into his Super Saiyan and then Legendary Super Saiyan forms.



Trunks is a great swordsman, able to slice up many of Freeza's men in a single stroke. He's also skilled enough to cut armor up without killing the wearer. He used this mostly in the first part of Season 3 before Android 18 breaks it with an arm block.


  • Burning Attack: After several arm movements, Trunks fires an energy sphere at his opponents from a diamond shaped from his hands. First used against Freeza and King Cold.
  • Shining Sword Attack: Trunks slices and dices his enemy to a billion pieces before finishing with a ki blast. First used to finish off Freeza.
  • God Breaker: Trunks extends his hand forward, and fires a yellow beam of energy at his opponent with massive damage. First used to kill King Cold.
  • Buster Cannon: Trunks creates two energy spheres, then combines them into one big ki blast. First used against Future Android's 17 and 18.
    • Super Buster Cannon: Trunks draws his hand back and gathers energy, then thrusts his hands forward to fire. First used against Vegeta.
  • Future Kick: A powerful flying kick. First used against Semi-Perfect Cell.
  • Masenko: Taught to him by Future Gohan, Trunks holds his hands crossed above his head, and fires a ki sphere against his enemies. First used during his fight against Broly
    • Combined Masenko: A team attack.Both Trunks and Gohan fire their Masenko's simultaneously at their opponent. Used against Broly.
  • Heat Dome Attack: When his opponent is in the air, Trunks charges a large dome of yellow energy around himself, before expelling a giant energy from said dome. Used to kill Future Cell.


  • Super Saiyan: A power up that increases Trunk's power by 50x's his base power. Trunks first unlocked his after seeing the corpse of Future Gohan. He later can access this form remotely after unlocking. First used during his fight against Mecha-Freeza and King Cold.
    • Second Grade Super Saiyan: An ascend level of normal Super Saiyan, Trunks's power is increased, while gaining speed. Trunks's unlocked it during his training in the Hyperboloic Time Chamber, and was first seen using it during his fight against Semi-Perfect Cell.
    • Third Grade Super Saiyan: The second ascended level of a normal Super Saiyan, Trunks's power is increased 50%, but loses 75% of his mobility. Unlocked during his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and first used it against Perfect Cell.


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Trunks: Alright, mom; once that time machine is done, I can go back into the past, to save Goku, and my father-- (hears Vegeta's rage-breaking scream) Daddy? — Episode 18: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Saiyan

Trunks: So, you must be Frieza. (he pronounces it Fry-za)
Freeza: Actually, it's Lord Freeza.
Trunks: Really? Then why is there an 'i' in it?
Freeza: There isn't.
Trunks: Huh, gonna have to fix that one when I get back, then. — Episode 33: Cold Cuts

Trunks: So, uh... curious, what's with all the spare parts sticking out of you?
Freeza: Impudent little... These are not spare parts! What you are looking at is the ultimate culmination of science and nature!
Trunks: (sarcastically) Oh, wow, I've... never seen that before... — Episode 33: Cold Cuts

(Super Saiyan Future Trunks had just catched Freeza's Supernova and holds it over his head)
Trunks: Well, Freeza, looks like you dropped the ball!
(Freeza twitches and glares angrily at Trunks)
Trunks: Dropped t-the ball.
(Freeza continues to twich in anger)
Trunks: Drrrropped the ba--
Freeza: HAA! (fires a blast at the Supernova, causing it to explode)Episode 33: Cold Cuts

Trunks: Until then, (throws capsule, revealing a mini fridge) let's all have a drink. I've got soda, beer, and Hetap.
Tien: Isn't it a little early to start drinking?
Bulma: Hey, 5 o'clock was 20 hours ago! (chugs down a beer)Episode 33: Cold Cuts

Bulma: So, hey, like, just gonna throw this out there, you're really cute.
Trunks: Uh, well ya know, my mom always said I was a cute kid.
Bulma: Oh a momma's boy huh? (winks at him) I'll be your mommy.
Krillin: Can I have another Hetap?
Trunks: Yes! Yes you can! — Episode 33: Cold Cuts

Trunks: (thinking) Okay, Trunks, don't be nervous. He's just a normal guy-- just introduce yourself. (out loud to Goku) So, you're Sun Wukong, right? (thinking) Dammit!
Goku: I am Son Goku, yes.
Trunks: (thinking) ...Roll with it. — Episode 34: News of Future Past

Trunks: Well, it's time for me to leave. I'll see you all again in three years your time-- but hopefully you won't need me. Father, I hope to get to know you a little better next time. Mother, I hope to get to know you a little less.
Vegeta: GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! — Episode 34: News of Future Past

Trunks: (sees Android 19's decapitated head) Oh, my God, Chiaotzu's dead-- and he really let himself go! (beat) And he's an android. (beat) That's not Chiaotzu. (gasp) Oh, crapbaskets. — Episode 37: Catch Me If You Can-droid

Trunks: (notices Android 20) But seriously, what is that?
Piccolo: That's the android.
Trunks: No, it's not!
Piccolo: Yes, it is!
Trunks: No, it's not!
Android 20: Yes, I am!
Trunks: You stay out of this! — Episode 37: Catch Me If You Can-droid

Trunks: Wait! (flies in front of Vegeta) You can't just take off on your own!
Vegeta: Are you giving me orders?
Trunks: No, I'm trying to help you!
Vegeta: Oh, well, I'm sorry, but... (flies in front of Trunks' face) I don't listen to bastards. (flies off, leaving Trunks speechless)Episode 38: Dr. Gero or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Androids

Krillin: Wow, Danger, Will Robinson.
Trunks: Who's Will Robinson?
Krillin: The future is no fun.
Trunks: It's really not. — Episode 44: Cell Reception

(Trunks finds out that Krillin has crushed the remote that would have shut down Android 18)
Trunks: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! — Episode 51: The "Perfect" Guy

Trunks: That is it! I am stopping this now!
Vegeta: Oh, what are you doing?!
Trunks: What am I doing?!
Vegeta: Thwartin' my plans?!
Trunks: Thwarting your plans?!
Vegeta: ARE YOU?!
Trunks: (giving off a nasty glare at Vegeta) YOU KNOW WHAT?! YES!!!
(blasts a screaming Vegeta into the sky, who disappears with a twinkle)Episode 51: The "Perfect" Guy

(Trunks has just revealed that he's been holding back to avoid hurting his Vegeta's pride)
Krillin: Maybe you should tell him before he does something completely reckless!
Trunks: There is literally nothing left that he could do to make this situation worse-- save blowing up the planet.
(Vegeta starts screaming while powering up to maximum)
Trunks: He is going to blow up the planet!
Krillin: BUT I LIVE HERE! — Episode 52: Flashpoint

Baby Trunks: Dad dead! Dad dead!
Trunks: (narration) I am told those were my first words.
Vegeta: Son of a bitch!
Baby Trunks: Sonofbitch!
Trunks: (narration) And those were my second. — The History of Trunks

Trunks: So, this is it, I can't believe I finally get to meet history's greatest hero.
Bulma: Yeah... Goku might not be exactly how you think, so do temper your expectations.
Trunks: And Dad, I finally get to meet Dad!
Bulma: Oh, shit, you do. — The History of Trunks

Trunks: Hey! (Trunks' catchphrase in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, something constantly ridiculed by Dumplin).

Broly: Princess Trunks...
Trunks: Please no.
Broly: You lied to me.
Trunks: I did no such thing!
Broly (lustfully): You. Dirty. Boy.
(Trunks realizes Broly's about to fuck him sideways, metaphorically of course)
Trunks: Goku, get me off this planet right now!! I'm serious!!! INSTANT TRANSMISSION!!! - Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan


  • Since the events on Namek occurred before the moments where the timelines split due to Cell's incursion, Vegeta's scream will be heard on Earth in all possible timelines.
  • He mispronounced Son Goku as Sun Wukong, which is a reference to the character Goku was initially based off of, the Monkey King in Journey to the West.
  • He seems to be shy, and lacks strong social skills despite his best efforts. He also has a tendency to loudly descend into crying fits when upset or injured.
    • In moments where Trunks' social flubs are passed off by other people, he will quickly correct himself by mentally saying "Roll with it."
  • Trunks' role and appearance are taken from John Connor from Terminator though he briefly took the role of Kyle Reese (via being sent back in time to warn of the future threat).
    • Additionally Future Bulma's role and appearance are taken from Sarah Conner and Future Gohan's role and appearance is taken from Kyle Reese.
    • It seems he also bares reseblems to Jay from the Sunsoft NES game "Journey to silius", as he wants to avenge his father, additonaly, Journey to silius was supposed to be an terminator game, but Sunsoft lost the rights to it in the making of the game
  • Alongside Gohan, Trunks will frequently say "CRAP BASKETS!" in moments of concern and fear. He gets it from Gohan since he was training with him in the future. Gohan most likely inherited it from Bardock.
  • Unlike his official version, Trunks was unaware that his conception was the result of a one-off fling between his Father and Mother, causing him to assume they were happy and married before Vegeta coldly dismisses both of his assumptions.
  • Many aspects of Trunk's storyline, including music cues, lines of dialogue and his own time machine are references to the show Doctor Who, the relation being that Trunk's story largely revolves around time travel.
    • After Trunks turns Super Saiyan in Episode 33, Frieza in a horrified frenzy begins shouting various synonyms for destroy, one of them being the Daleks traditional phrase: "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"
    • Musical cues include:
      • Episode 34 when Trunks leaves after giving his warning (The Doctor Forever)
      • Various music from the show is used in History of Trunks.
      • The End Credits of History of Trunks is a mashup of Chala Head Chala and the Doctor Who theme song, with the visuals being a direct reference to the Doctor Who Intro with Trunks Time Machine flying through the Time Vortex instead of the TARDIS.
      • Incidentally, although not Doctor Who related directly, the stock music "Finders Creepers" in Episode 44 was composed by Paddy Kingsland, who had composed music for various episodes of Doctor Who during the early to mid 1980's under Tom Baker and Peter Davison's Doctors.
  • Android 16 mistook Future Trunks for a bird when seeing him in his Third Grade Super Saiyan form.
  • There is a common gag where characters mistake Trunks as female.
    • Goku refers to Trunks as a "nice young lady" the first time he meets him.
    • Goku and Vegeta claim Trunks is a "girl's name."
    • Paragus refers to Trunks as "Princess Trunks" upon first meeting him.
      • This is further expanded upon by Vegeta, who, as his first decree of King, declares Trunks shall only be called "Princess Trunks".
    • To be fair to Trunks, his lavender-colored hair is the primary cause, especially after his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
      • At least it's nowhere near the length of Raditz's hair.
  • When Broly addressed him as "Broly's wife", Trunks seemed to unintentionally acknowledge and confirm their "marriage" by adding how he was the one who killed Freeza over correcting the brute. (Granted the teenager was beaten bloody and probably simply in no real condition to care)
  • In The History of Trunks Abridged, Trunks acknowledges the discontinuity concerning his sword, which his past self was given in a movie-only continuity while the origin of his future self's version was never explained. The reference is to Wrath of the Dragon, the final DBZ film before Battle of Gods.
  • In the Plan to Eradicate Christmas Special, Goku states that Vegeta, Bulma, Piccolo and Gohan, 5 characters in the same room with him are minor characters. Since Trunks is in the same room as them, meaning Goku acknowledging him as a main character.


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