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Fuu with his machete

"Nah, that's not cool pops."
— Fuu to his granduncle Dabura

Fuu (フュー Fyū) () (pronounced "Few") is Dabura's successor making him his "son" that appears in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. He was originally planned to appear in Dragon Ball Online during a mission and first shown in a guidebook for that game, he however didn't make the cut. He is a mutant clone made from the cells of Towa and Mira (aka incest cells).


Fuu wears glasses, shares Mira's red eyes, and a ponytail similar to Puddin's ponytail and Frogurt's Majin tentacle.

As a baby, Fuu wears what appears to be a dark purple diaper and a white baby handkerchief. While still a baby, he wears a yellow cap with horns and the symbol of the Time Breakers embedded in it.

As a young man, Fuu wears long-sleeved shoes, mustard yellow pants and a leathered, black shirt with an "X" between columns on both of its sleeves.


Fuu is a total excitable, eccentric, Weeaboo, and Teenage Fanboy that has studied the entire Japanese Dictionary (but unknowingly uses the words in an inappropriate and disrespecting way). While polite he talks really timid and quietly but regularly uses Japanese terms like calling Puddin "Puddin-chan" (Yeah he was beat up a lot in high school). He alters timelines and creates time rifts to make big exciting things happen and make people happy. When fighting and you punch his vocal chords you can actually hear him talk, when he is in his Final Form his voice changes into it's serious voice.

Fuu is all for experimenting and collecting energy, but not interested in using it for fighting, revenge, or for the Demon Realm, he really wants to use it for education and becoming a painter. He likes the color Turquoise.



Fuu doesn't technically appear to show access to The Fuck Box but it's implied that he can via his use of time rifts, his presence and existence is a total mind fuck though.


  • His voice is very quiet and sounds just like Mickey Mouse and that one kid from Home Movies.
    • He also sounds like Micheal Cera.
  • Fuu is the equivalent of a Naruto fanboy that just got into Dragon Ball.