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Marc "GanXingba" Soskin has been a Team Four Star voice actor since Episode 3 of DragonBall Z Abridged, when he voiced King Yemma. He has since gone on to become the permanent voice of Tien Shinhan since Episode 4, as well as two members of the Ginyu Force in Jeice and Recoome. He has made appearances in all three seasons.

Most of the characters Ganxingba voices tend to be somewhat gruff, particularly in the case of Yemma and Recoome. He also tends to voice more serious characters, such as Tien. The exception to this is Jeice and 17, who are more high-pitched and comical than the others.

He is also known for producing Avatar: The Abridged Series, which currently consists of 11 episodes.

Characters voiced by Ganxingba (in order of appearance)[]