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"Gideon Faulkner. Well, I'm not impressed so far."
"You should be. He's a god, or a demon, or both. Not many people get to look on the face of the Author. He's heresy to some, to other's he's salvation."
"He's neither. He just watches and waits."

An enigmatic and otherworldly character, Gideon Faulkner just showed up out of nowhere one day with no explanation for who he was where he came from or why he arrived.


Physical description[]

Gideon wears a brown leather jacket, and a shirt which is white, yellow, or red, with blue jeans depending on the day. He has many tribal tattoos on his chest and arms. He has slicked brown hair and a beard. He also wears a necklace, a watch, several wristbands and an ear piercing. Gideon also has a scar across his face and another scar on his left cheek.


Early Life[]

Who or what exactly Gideon Faulkner is, is open to debate. He has been described as both a god and a demon, but there are others who have claimed that he is simply a mortal, albeit an incredibly ancient and powerful one. All anyone knows for sure is that he lives somewhere on the very edge of Universe 7.

Powers and Abilities[]