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Gine (ギネ 'Gine') is the mother of Goku and Raditz, and wife of Bardock.

Dragon Ball: Fusions[]

Gine firing her Ki Blast

Due to the wish a young Lirran made with Pinich, Gine was taken from her own time period and was sent to the Timespace Rift.

During Lirran's quest to recruit "strong" fighters to defeat Broly, Lirran was fused with a Saibaman. His team consisted of Oatsee (the fusion of Oats and Lisee), Gorillin (the fusion of Krillin and the child version of Goku), EX Gohanks (the EX fusion of the child version of Trunks and the child version of Gohan), and Granyu. The team encountered Gine along with Bardock, Goten, Gohan and Pan on the Fourth Floor.

The two teams clashed in a lengthy battle, trading blows. During the battle, Gine was able to launch a Ki Blast successfully at Oatsee. Unfortunately, Gine was defeated when Oatsee returned the favor by knocking her out with a Mach Kick. Later, Gine was recruited to Lirran's team shortly before his battle with Kid Boo.

In DBZ Abridged[]

  • While she has not appeared physically in DBZ Abridged yet, Gine is mentioned by her son in Cell Shaded, when he yells to Vegeta that he "doesn't have a mom".


  • Sometime between recordings of Parts 21 and 22 of TFS Plays Dragon Ball Fusions, several characters were recruited and Gine was one of them.
  • TFS apparently despise Gine due to the poor quality of the manga chapter she originated from, hence why she doesn't appear in DBZA.
    • MasakoX appears to be an exception, as he has created a series of videos about a universe where Gine goes with Kakarot to Earth, and he seems to enjoy writing them.