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"Cell... you don't get it. I hate this. The vibrations through my fists on contact... the taste of blood in my mouth... the sound of my heart in my ears... I hate it. I always have. But right now... in this moment... the only thing I hate more than it... is you. [...] Because you were right about me. I was a coward... Scared of what would happen if I snap... Afraid that... if I lost it this time... I'd... never come back. That I'd finally... kill someone. But I'm not scared anymore, Cell. [...] Because there is no point in being afraid of the inevitable."
— Gohan's speech to Cell, Cell-Out

Gohan (孫 悟飯, Son Gohan) is a Saiyan/Human hybrid. He is one of the two main protagonists of Team Four Star's DragonBall Z Abridged. He is the elder son of Goku and Chi-Chi and the older brother of Goten. Named after Goku's adoptive Grandpa Gohan, He was kidnapped by his uncle Raditz at age 4, losing his father shortly thereafter and was trained for a year by Piccolo for the incoming Saiyan invasion. Gohan survived the conflict and journeyed to Namek with Krillin and Bulma, having his potential unlocked by Guru.

Returning to Earth and living peacefully for a year before Goku's return to the planet, he trained for three years with both his father and Piccolo for the android threat. Training in the Room of Spirit and Time with his father, Gohan successfully transformed into a Super Saiyan.

He is often berated by Piccolo for his inability to dodge attacks. He also gets really annoyed when Goku has a moment of stupidity (which is quite often), begins to obsess over muffins, or decides to abandon him by dying, training, or any other means.


Early Age 762[]


Gohan with his father at Kame House.

Gohan joined his father for a trip to meet his old friends at Kame House. There Gohan, for the first time, met Bulma, Krillin and Master Roshi. His existence surprised the group, who knew his father as a naive man and were shocked he had become a parent. He briefly played with Turtle, being stopped by his father who did not want people saying things and acted as though he had never met Turtle before when in reality the pair met when Gohan's father was a child.

Goku's brother Raditz arrived and revealed to everyone present Goku's heritage. After Goku was assaulted by Raditz, Gohan ran toward his father, only to be grabbed by Raditz. Gohan was kidnapped by his uncle and placed in his space pod after his crying became too much for his uncle to tolerate. He was there until Goku confronted him with Piccolo, who agreed to assist Goku after coming to Kame House shortly after Gohan was kidnapped.

Gohan briefly intervened in the fight after becoming frustrated with Raditz's continued harming of his father, knocking into Raditz's chest with his head. While Raditz was recovering from the attack, Gohan spoke with his father briefly as he showed concern for him, leading Goku to question him on his strength as he and Piccolo had been losing to Raditz prior to his intervention. Raditz recovered and was taken out by a single hit from his uncle, who moved over to kill him despite Goku's pleas not to as he would be in trouble by his wife Chi-Chi over their son's death which Goku said could not equate to the threat posed by him. Raditz was unmoved and went over to kill Gohan as he laid unconscious, though he was stopped from firing his attack by Goku who grabbed him from behind and held him in a lock. Following Raditz's defeat by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon which resulted in the former's death along with Goku, Gohan was taken by Piccolo to begin training for world domination and later the Saiyan threat.


Gohan at the start of his training.

Making his introduction to the child, Piccolo stated that he had witnessed Gohan's power during the fight against Raditz and openly theorized that kind of power could be useful, confusing Gohan who asked what he meant. Piccolo then revealed his intent to make Gohan his pupil and use him for his conquest to take over the world, though Gohan was concerned with where his father was and learned from Piccolo that his father had died during the fight against Raditz, prompting him to cry. Sometime afterward, Piccolo informed Gohan that he would be putting him through rigorous training to unlock his hidden potential, to which Gohan theorized that the training would lead to crippling muscle deterioration that would have lasting repercussions on him for years to come. Piccolo assessed him as a "wordy little bastard". Gohan then tried to explain the profession that his mother wished for him to have, but Piccolo called him a "nerd", confusing Gohan. Piccolo spoke of his intent to throw him into a mountain as a means of unlocking his potential, to which Gohan looked over to the "mountain" and tried to tell Piccolo what he thought it actually was as opposed to a mountain before being thrown into it. Though Piccolo hoped this would cause him to unleash it in order to protect himself and anticipated that Gohan would respond accordingly by unlocking the hidden power, Gohan hit the mountain and was injured, crying profusely afterward.

Gohan was then placed on top of a mountain by Piccolo. He later openly questioned his mentor for leaving him up there and questioned how he was supposed to get down before theorizing several alternatives that would be possible if different elements were available to him, all the while Piccolo shouting for him to climb down. He later looked at the moon, transforming into a Great Ape and wrecking havoc before Piccolo destroyed the moon, the lack of which causing Gohan to revert to his normal form and be rendered unconscious. Piccolo gave the nude child clothing that was similar to his father.

Gohan's time surviving on his own ended just as his training with Piccolo began, the latter surprising him by making the entire thing focus on him dodging. Gohan had previously thought that he would be learning some new attack or move or other ability that would prove vital in the battle against the Saiyans, but in reality was subjected to only having to dodge the attacks of his mentor, which he failed to do for the most part as his mentor was able to land several blows on him. Gohan became impressed with himself in the midst of the training as he had proven that he was able to survive on his own and live off of the land, which he thought his mentor would be proud of him for doing as he ate before being zapped by Piccolo who yelled for him to dodge. At some point during the training, Gohan was informed by Piccolo that he had been brought a sparring partner. Gohan questioned who it was, later learning it was a dinosaur, who chased the child as he ran away from it screaming.

Piccolo told Gohan that his training was complete and that they were ready to take over the world before being informed by Kami that Saiyans would be arriving on Earth within a few days, though he had previously been unaware of them coming to the planet in the first place. Gohan was told by Piccolo that they would be kicking some Saiyan "ass", which Gohan was content with though did not fully understand the reason for.

Saiyans arrive[]

Gohan looking up to see the reporters flying above him.

After Vegeta and Nappa arrived on Earth, Gohan was alerted by Piccolo that the Saiyans were coming for them, leading Gohan to question why they would be approaching them. Piccolo theorized it was due to their wanting to eliminate the strongest power level, but Gohan thought he meant his father, who he reminded Piccolo was deceased. Piccolo then revealed he was referring to himself, to which Gohan stated that by that logic he would be the strongest on the planet. Krillin then arrived and was told by Piccolo that he was almost as strong as Gohan, which the latter explained was due to him being a Saiyan despite his young age. When asked by Krillin how the training had been, Gohan gave a favorable review of Piccolo. Gohan then asked Krillin about his training, which caused him to remember the first rule of Mr. Popo in regards to the training he had given him, which were not to speak about it. Krillin then began crying, confusing Gohan as the Saiyans arrived. When Piccolo's species as a Namekian was brought up by Nappa, Gohan asked what it made him and as he began thinking aloud on what he could be, both Piccolo and Nappa called him a nerd, further confusing him. Gohan suppressed his power level as it was read by Nappa, which Vegeta quickly deduced.

Gohan is hesitant to attack Nappa thanks to trauma from Piccolo's training.

The Saiyan planted several Saibaimen and one of them killed Yamcha shortly after the latter arrived,[1] the other ones being killed for the most part by Krillin apart from one which went after Gohan following its escape from death and was killed by Piccolo in retaliation. Gohan thanked Piccolo for saving him and commended him along with Tenshinhan and Chaozu, completing ignoring the feat Krillin had made in killing the majority of them by himself. After Chaozu died from self-destructing and did no damage to Nappa, the latter attacked Tenshinhan after he attacked him in revenge over the death of his partner. Gohan told Piccolo, who was content with just having him fight against Nappa by himself, that they had to help him. Piccolo and Krillin then attacked Nappa together and caused him to fall directly into Gohan, with the hope that he would deliver a devastating blow. Gohan became fearful and ran away, allowing Nappa to regain himself. Thanks to the latter's intervention however, the group was spared being killed and was given some time to wait for Goku to arrive, during which Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin and Vegeta all shouted that he was not there yet repeatedly to Nappa before he returned and knocked out Piccolo.[2]

Piccolo's demise[]

"Why... didn't... you... DODGE?!"

Following Nappa's return and the latter's swift blow to Piccolo's head, Gohan tried to wake his master from his comatose state as he insisted that he had to stop Nappa but to no avail, shortly afterward taking a blow from Nappa after he was picked to be the next person he fought. After Piccolo awoke from his state and attacked Nappa from behind, Gohan followed suit, hitting him into a rock with a kick and insulting him by calling him an "insufferable fucking simpleton." Piccolo confronted him over his change in demeanor and Gohan apologized for losing his temper, stating he did not mean to snap the way he did. Though Gohan delivered a devastating blow to Nappa, the latter moved in to kill him by firing his Bomber DX. Piccolo jumped in the way and took the blast, being severely wounded in the process. Gohan spoke with his mentor in his last moments, considering as Piccolo found it hard to speak that he considered him the son he was never able to have due to his lack of genitals. However, Piccolo questioned why he did not dodge and died.

Gohan charges a Masenko in retaliation for Piccolo's death.

Following the death, Gohan became angry and stated his intend to fornicate with Nappa's skull after eviscerating him and using his gastro-intestinal tract as a condom during the act, confusing the latter until he dumbed it down by exclaiming that he would "skull fuck" him as he fired his Masenko at the brute. Nappa was able to take the blast and deflect it, though hurt his arm, showing he had taken damage previously unseen throughout the hours of conflict with the protectors of Earth. Gohan apologized to Piccolo for not being able to avenge him and was planned to be killed by Nappa via a stomping before being saved by the flying Nimbus along with the arrival of his father on the battlefield. Goku asked where Chiaotzu was, leading Krillin to explain his self-destruction as him being "there and there and there", which Gohan called him out on being too soon. He and Krillin had their health restored by the Senzu Beans brought by Goku. Gohan watched his father's battle with Nappa and the latter's death at the hands of Vegeta.[3]

Battle with Vegeta[]

Gohan confronts Great Ape Vegeta.

After he defeated Nappa and the latter was killed by Vegeta, Goku asked for Gohan and Krillin to leave the battlefield. Gohan complied, asking his father if he wanted him to tell his mother anything when he got home and was told to tell her to make dinner due to Goku's hunger. While he and Krillin flew away from the fight as Goku and Vegeta continued their battle elsewhere, Gohan asked Krillin if he was sure his father would be alright fighting Vegeta by himself. Though Krillin was convinced and tried to assure Gohan that Goku was capable of defeating Vegeta without their assistance, the two overheard his screaming and turned back. Gohan found his father and Vegeta as the latter was crushing him with his hands. Vegeta had transformed into a Great Ape and used this transformation to overpower Goku. Arriving on the battlefield, Gohan ordered Vegeta to take his hands off of his father, calling him a "damn dirty ape."

Gohan apologizes to Goku for failing to defeat Vegeta.

Vegeta sought to question him and Gohan reasoned that he would make the former regret not following his orders as law of mass dictated that the mass of an object decreases the force of impact when set object collides with the ground and theorized that Vegeta's size would cause him to make an extensively large impact upon his inevitable defeat. He confused both Goku and Vegeta who questioned him after he finished talking, prompting Gohan to summarize that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, though he still confused his father and Vegeta was not intimidated as he continued squeezing Goku. As Vegeta swore that he had defeat Earth's greatest fighters and that the planet would be destroyed along with its inhabitants by him, Yajirobe cut off his tail, causing him to both drop Goku and revert to his base form. Though Krillin thought they could win and had a chance at defeating him now that his tail was gone, Gohan was scared by Vegeta appearing before him and received a punch to the stomach that caused him to fall to the ground, next to his father. Goku recognized his son and Gohan apologized after greeting him, though Goku told him it was okay as he had at least told Chi-Chi that he wanted a meal to be made for him, but Gohan then revealed that he never went home and that he had come back to save him. Gohan and his father reached for each other's hands before Goku was kneed in the stomach by Vegeta.

Gohan bounces the Spirit Bomb back at Vegeta.

After the latter began harming his father, Gohan attacked Vegeta and promised he would get back at him for hurting Goku, punching him in the eye as the two began dueling each other and Krillin was given the Spirit Bomb by Goku. Gohan was knocked down by Vegeta, who told Goku to say goodbye to his son. Krillin fired the Spirit Bomb at Vegeta after he made his proclamation that he would kill Gohan and missed as Vegeta dodged it, though it went in Gohan's direction and he was reached telepathically by his father. Goku told him to bounce it back at Vegeta, but Gohan was unsure that energy worked like that. Gohan became convinced to do it as he reasoned his father believed in him, though he expressed confusion when the latter claimed that the blast would either bounce or kill him. Fortunately, by the time Goku mentioned this, it was too late for Gohan to get out of the way or dodge the Spirit Bomb as he fired it at Vegeta and the latter was struck by it.

"Gohan's transformed! He's gonna save us all!"

With Vegeta seemingly defeated, Gohan was happy even when the latter's body returned to the planet after taking the impact of the attack and falling to the ground. However, his eyes widened in fear as Vegeta revealed himself to still be alive. The wounded Vegeta used his might to create a wave that the entire group was caught in, but managed to survive, leading him to begin planning to take them out one-by-one. As Vegeta made his way over to Gohan, he was struck by Yajirobe, but diverted his attention back to Gohan once the latter started transforming into a Great Ape. Gohan remembered his goal while in the state thanks to his father, who lied by claiming that Vegeta was the one who had killed Icarus. Gohan was taken out of the state when Vegeta cut off his tail, resulting in him reverting back to normal, though not before he landed on Vegeta while going back to his base form and crushing him with his massive body.[4]

Late Age 762[]

Main article: Biography of Gohan (Late Age 762)


Following the fight with Vegeta, Gohan was hospitalized with Krillin and Goku. Plans were made to journey to Namek as a way of reviving the Z-Fighters (Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien and Piccolo) that had been killed during the battle against the Saiyans. They were all visited by their friends and family, which composed of Ox-King, Bulma, Master Roshi, Korin, Chi-Chi and Yajirobe. Mr. Popo came to visit the group and revealed to them a ship that could transport them there, the group after which having a democratic vote as suggested by Bulma to who should accompany Mr. Popo in checking out the ship, to which Gohan and the others all unanimously voted for her to be the one to go with him. Bulma went with Mr. Popo and found that the ship, formerly owned by Kami, would suffice in a potential trip to Namek, her also briefly going into space with Mr. Popo.

Gohan tries to reason with Chi-Chi before yelling at her.

After Bulma returned from being in space with Mr. Popo, Gohan expressed his intent to accompany her and Krillin. Though his mother objected, Gohan stressed that Piccolo had given his life for him and tried to reason with her. Chi-Chi then yelled that since she was his mother, he was obligated to listen to her and do as she said. Gohan tried to object, but she then exclaimed he had not been burdened with carrying a child for a man who was ignorant of her pregnancy, as Goku had mistaken her for hiding cinnabons in her shirt. Gohan tried to speak again, but he was cut off by his mother swearing that he would lay in the hospital bed and recover "like a normal boy" before continuing his advanced trigonometry classes. She continued her yelling, saying that she did not want to hear anymore, but Gohan then yelled back at her to "shut" her f*cking face.

This invoked silence in the room, as Gohan looked down and broke the ice by stating he would be going to Namek now. His mother now allowed him and after she left the room, Bulma left as well as she planned to begin working on the ship the group was taking. Gohan asked for her to "hurry." After a haircut, Gohan and Chi-Chi went to Kame House to meet with Bulma and Krillin, the latter mocking him for looking like a "young Moe Howard" with his new haircut. Gohan insulted him in return and their exchange was broken up by Bulma. The two joined Bulma in entering the ship, Chi-Chi instructing to Gohan not to make friends with any "questionable strangers", which included Krillin. The pair reacted in shock when Bulma said "Popo", which propelled the ship to fly high.[5]

Gohan with a Dragon Ball.

Shortly after beginning their quest to Namek, the three encountered a group of children, who mistook Gohan and Krillin for Freeza's men. They readied their weapons to fire at the pair, Krillin instructing Gohan to close his eyes in the event that they were killed and it was quickly discovered that Krillin (and by their presumption, Gohan) was stronger than they had thought as the bullet did not harm him. They quickly took their cyanide tablets, leading to their deaths. Horrified, Krillin instructed Gohan to get back on the ship after he asked if he could open his eyes and he still would not allow him, as he did not want him to see the deceased children.

In a dream Krillin had before the group arrived on Namek, the three landed on what they believed was the planet (despite their being a sign which read that it was fake). Gohan intruded on the argument between Bulma and Krillin, which boarded on both sexism and racism before their ship fell further. They were then greeted by two Namekians named Raiti and Zaacro as they awoke from their comas. In actuality, they were aliens who had read the group's minds while they were unconscious and intended to steal the group's ship. Gohan asked Krillin if he believed the pair were off but Krillin was favorable of them. The three joined the two Namekians in looking for the Dragon Balls and found six before Raiti indirectly revealed the two were not real Namekians since he purported the pair had penises while actual Namekians did not.[6]

Arrival on Namek[]

Gohan and Krillin arrive on Namek.

When the group finally arrived on Namek, Krillin was quick to point out the blue grass on the planet, asking Gohan what he thought the Namekians' favorite kind of music was. Gohan answered that it was R&B, leading Krillin to assume that he was sheltered and ask him about this. Gohan inferred that he was by citing that he had to read on the way there. Things looked bright as they were quickly able to locate four Dragon Balls thanks to the Dragon Radar. However, right after they learned that Vegeta had also arrived there, Gohan pointing it out to Krillin, prompting the latter to scream until they were attacked by two of Freeza's men. Though they were able to defeat them, one of the two destroyed their ship, stranding them on the planet. The three hid from Freeza and his men as they flew past, though not before Gohan noticed how strong he was, comparing his strength to that of 100 Vegetas. After Krillin regained his confidence, the pair left Bulma behind and watched as Freeza, Zarbon and Dodoria confronted a village over their Dragon Ball.[7]

Throughout the confrontation, Gohan watched as Freeza's men slaughtered the Namekians. Gohan watched the Namekians fight against Freeza's soldiers and told Krillin that they had to help them, though the latter insisted they stick to their plan. Gohan questioned what his plan was, pointing out that all he was doing at that point was quacking repeatedly. The villagers agreed to handing over their Dragon Ball to Freeza, though the latter still double-crossed them by having Dodoria to kill Cargo. Gohan was angered by this and mentioned it to Krillin. Gohan was further angered by Dende being chased down by Dodoria and dismissed Krillin's attempts to keep him calm, becoming frustrated and racing towards Dodoria before kicking him to the side long enough for Krillin to grab Dende and get him away when the two flew with him.[8]

Gohan after saving Dende.

After saving Dende, Krillin mentioned to Gohan that he had not made the brightest decision in attacking one of Freeza's men like that, though Gohan used his vast intelligence to deduce that Dodoria's mass and velocity would not allow him to catch up to the pair. Dodoria did, but they managed to avoid him thanks to intervening of Vegeta. Gohan suggested to Dende that he stick with the two and the three searched for the cave that Krillin, Gohan and Bulma had taken refuge in earlier. When they came close to it, Gohan was able to identify it as the same one. Gohan and Krillin introduced him to Bulma and Gohan answered his question about her breast by identifying them for him.[9] Sometime afterward, Gohan and Krillin later felt Vegeta's energy as he slaughtered a village and took their Dragon Ball, though unlike Krillin, Gohan suggested that they not speak of it with Dende around. Gohan was ordered by Krillin to watch after Bulma while he and Dende went to meet with Guru.[10] Gohan left her side to retrieve a Dragon Ball, which worried Krillin due to his fear that he would be harmed by Chi-Chi if anything happened to him.[11]

Receiving a boost[]

"Still got his thing."

Gohan and Vegeta were both happy in having their respective Dragon Balls in hand, singing "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen, before they sensed each other. Gohan, recognizing Vegeta, retreated from plain view, believing that he could avoid a confrontation with him if he hid long enough. However, Vegeta warned that he would further worsen the condition of the wasteland and Gohan braced for impact only to abandon this plan and reveal himself. Gohan was able to mask the Dragon Radar as a "watch" and stressing that he needed "an adult" before being kicked by Vegeta as a result of the latter's pent up aggression toward his father.

When he returned to their hiding place, Gohan warned Bulma and Krillin that they should find a new hiding place since they had minutes before Vegeta would realize that he had taken one of his Dragon Balls. Gohan then accompanied Krillin to meet with Guru so he could have his potential unlocked, but they were stopped by feeling the "pure rage" of Vegeta. Gohan went inside without Krillin to meet with Guru and Nail. Gohan encountered Vegeta again, feeling more confident in his abilities, but also less useful in realizing he was weaker than the last three people (Cui, Zarbon and Dodoria) Vegeta had killed. Upon being told this, Gohan stated that he realized what it was like to be Krillin. Guru told Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta that he was sensing five power levels and Vegeta realized that it was the Ginyu Force.[12]

Battle against the Ginyu Force[]

Gohan makes a last stand against Recoome.

In the battle against the Ginyu Force, Gohan and Krillin teamed up to combat Guldo. The latter attacked Krillin with a steam roller through his ability to stop time, which Gohan picked up on though Krillin was convinced that Guldo was able to summon steam rollers. Gohan joined Krillin charging toward Guldo, the latter trapping the pair to be stuck in time and rendering them unable to move before Vegeta intervened by cutting off his head.[13] Gohan thanked Vegeta for saving him and incorrectly surmised that the Ginyu Force was lamenting losing one of its teammates. After Krillin was defeated by Recoome, Gohan came to his side, asking him if he was okay after screaming his name out. Gohan then attempted to fight Recoome despite acknowledging that it probably was not the best idea given the differences between the pair in height and build, to which the latter agreed. Though he suffered a number of blows from his opponent, Gohan took one finally stand, declaring that his father was superior to Recoome and would come to defeat him. With a blow to the neck, Gohan was defeated.[14]

Gohan is reunited with Goku after being healed by a Senzu Bean.

Gohan had his stamina restored by a Senzu Bean he was given by Goku before the latter fought and defeated most of the Ginyu Force on his own. When coming back to consciousness, Gohan was happy to see his father, relieved that he was there and told him that he loved him. Vegeta killed Burter and Recoome after they were defeated by Goku, Vegeta following the kills by playing a song through slamming down on Burter's throat and asking the others what the song was from. With his father stating that it was rabies, Gohan corrected him in saying that was a disease contracted by being bitten by an animal.[15] While standing around with his father, a concerned Gohan asked Krillin thought Bulma was doing. Captain Ginyu and Jeice returned to the scene of the previous fights where Gohan, Goku, Krillin and Vegeta were standing around and Goku ordered Gohan and Krillin to find Bulma. Gohan adhered to his father's orders, flying off while telling him to be careful.[16]

Searching for the Dragon Balls, Krillin made it clear that he intended to wish back Piccolo, Tien and Chiaotzu, which lead Gohan to ask about Yamcha. After they gathered the Dragon Balls and were unable to summon the dragon, Gohan dismissed Krillin's attempt at making the dragon appear by singing and suggested that a password was needed to make it come out. They then started to feel two power levels, leading Gohan to question whether or not his father failed. While Krillin doubted this, the pair hid just to be sure.

Gohan attacks Ginyu in Goku's body.

The battle between Goku and Ginyu ended with the pair swapping bodies. Gohan was able to warn Krillin that Ginyu in his father's body was not Goku, though not before Krillin was slapped by Ginyu in the body of his longtime friend and the pair started fighting him when Goku in Ginyu's body arrived. Despite being warned by Krillin not to hold back, Gohan was able to easily fight Ginyu in his father's body by expressing his frustration that he has been away from him commonly and he got his body stolen one of the few times they were together. Goku regained his body through intervening in Vegeta's attempt to kill Ginyu, though Gohan was still confused and needed to have the situation clarified to him by Krillin. Gohan helped his father up after he stopped Ginyu from swapping with Vegeta by throwing a frog in the way and expressed disappointment with him and Krillin in Vegeta after he stepped on and killed Ginyu in the frog's body.[17]

Using the Dragon Balls[]

Gohan watching over the Dragon Balls.

The four went into Freeza's spaceship, the soldiers all having been killed or otherwise destroyed by Vegeta who directed Gohan and Krillin to a healing chamber that he intended to have Goku stay in so he could recuperate from his injuries. After his father was made to heal, Gohan and Krillin were given armor by Vegeta. The pair had a short discussion about the amount of time they had been on Namek, which Krillin felt had seemed like a year whereas Gohan stated it had only been six days. While Krillin went to retrieve Dende, Gohan was left with Vegeta, who he mentioned needed a nap since he was acting cranky, advice that Vegeta followed as he directed Gohan to stay close so he could block bullets which prompted Gohan to mention his belief that bullets could not hurt him. After Vegeta went to sleep, Gohan stood guard over the Dragon Balls. He thought about how he had seen more people die than most people do his age or in their lifetime before also noting that he had few friends his own age, his only friends being Krillin and Piccolo but felt satisfied that they were around whereas his father was not. With this omission, he wondered where the thought had come from.

Gohan during the Porunga summoning.

Krillin returned with Dende and explained to Gohan his plan to have their wishes granted while Vegeta was asleep, a plan that Gohan did not find to be the smartest but went along with. They also felt the energy of Freeza, who Gohan confirmed they were feeling while Krillin denied it was him. The two and Dende summoned Porunga, who brought Piccolo back to life on Namek, on the planet but nowhere near where they were. Gohan assessed that the wishes were like a monkey's paw where one would have to be specific with the contents of their wish, earning him a "Nerd!" from Piccolo who could hear them talk even though he was far away. Vegeta then awoke and quickly met up with the group, Gohan confirming to him that he was indeed "thwarting" his plans after being asked by Vegeta who swore he would kill them for their treason. Vegeta then tried to have Dende grant his wishes for immortality, but this was prevented with Guru's death, the Dragon Balls turning into stone with his passing, and followed afterward by the arrival of Freeza.[18]

Fight against Freeza[]

Gohan has his head crushed by Freeza.

The angered Freeza asked Gohan and Krillin where they were from, Krillin nearly revealing they were from Earth before being stopped by Gohan, though Dende was next to reveal their planet of origin. Vegeta fought against Freeza, pressing him to transform, which Freeza complied with and went to his second form. In doing so, he caused a great deal of damage to the battlefield, so much so that Gohan and the others had to fly away to avoid being caught in the impact. Freeza then singled Krillin out and impaled him. While Krillin was being stabbed by Freeza, who gained 1 ups from his continuous wounding, Gohan urged him to stop it since he was making Freeza stronger. After Freeza discarded of Krillin, Gohan became enraged and attacked Freeza with a beam as he declared that he was stronger than the "feminine" alien, which ended with Freeza seemingly defeated before he picked himself back up to "play babysitter" to Gohan as he attacked him and wounded him.

With Krillin claiming that he was now immortal, he took the focus off of Gohan, who was healed by Dende. The latter revealed to Gohan that he was the only one he could talk to and the only one he respected, leading Gohan to question why he had healed Krillin. Gohan joined Krillin and Vegeta in firing at Freeza, though their combined efforts had no effect as Krillin asked if they had won, leading Gohan to question why he would even ask considering they could still sense his energy. After Freeza announced his intent to kill the group, Gohan swore that if he was to die then it would be in the same manner as his mentor Piccolo, before the latter arrived to Gohan's surprise and was able to knock away Freeza with a single punch.[19]

Gohan firing at Freeza while he attacks Piccolo.

Gohan listened to Vegeta's theories about how Piccolo was able to stand toe-to-toe with Freeza, all the while watching the fight and being impressed by his mentor's strength. Gohan intervened in the fight after Freeza transformed into his third form and gained the upper hand on Piccolo. Gohan blasted him with a beam that he was able to deflect and send back towards him. Gohan was then saved by Piccolo, who deflected the attack. Gohan thanked his mentor for saving him.

When Freeza asked if the group had become tired of his third form, the group agreed unanimously that they were before he began transforming into his final form. Gohan carried Piccolo away from him as he began transforming and told him that he could be healed by Dende. Gohan then asked Krillin where Dende was and learned that he was with Vegeta, questioning why and learning that Krillin had blown a hole in his chest, further adding to his confusion. As Freeza continued his prolonged transformation, Gohan questioned Krillin on why he was not using his Kienzan to kill Freeza and questioned what he missed when learning that Krillin had used all of his energy to harm Vegeta. After Dende healed Vegeta, he was killed by Freeza. Gohan corrected Krillin on his name being Dende and not "Little Green".[20]

Gohan in the sights of Freeza's attack.

Gohan was saddened with the death of Dende and became angry with Freeza, who fired a shot at him. Gohan did not move as the blast came closer to him and was only saved thanks to being pushed down by Vegeta. Gohan expressed his belief that they were all going to be killed by Freeza before the confident Vegeta began combatting him. Vegeta fought against Freeza by himself, being beaten severally. Krillin asked if they should assist him, prompting Freeza to encourage them and for Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin to tremble from being so close to him and knowing their strength was not enough to combat him. As Freeza prepared to kill Vegeta, Goku arrived after having fully recovered and was greeted by the others, Gohan being the most anxious and receiving the least amount of attention with a mere "hey" from his father.[21] With Goku being able to deflect several of Freeza's attacks and assuring the others he would be fine on his own, Gohan agreed to not interfere and before leaving him to fight Freeza, told his father to beat him within an inch of his life and hang him by his entrails.[22]

On the sidelines[]

Gohan and Krillin find Goku and Piccolo.

Goku was dominated by Freeza, who was far superior to him in strength. Gohan watched his father's fight with Freeza alongside Piccolo and Krillin, stressing that they should become involved instead of just standing on the sidelines, and gave his remaining energy to Piccolo so that the latter could stall for Goku to finish completing his Sprit Bomb, an attack Goku chose to use after becoming convinced it was the only way to best Freeza. The Spirit Bomb was launched at Freeza, but in hitting him, also did damage to Namek and spread the group apart with Gohan and Krillin being together while searching for Goku and Piccolo.

Krillin asked Gohan if he thought "he" was still alive and Gohan dismissed what he assumed was Krillin talking about Freeza to continue looking for his father, who Krillin revealed himself to have been speaking about. Gohan was relieved to see his father and Piccolo alive, finding the pair after Piccolo had emerged from the water with the worn out Goku's body and overjoyed that Freeza had finally been defeated. He told his father that the group "showed him one for" and the four laughed together. Freeza then revealed himself alive and struck Piccolo, after which Gohan went to his side and screamed in both shock and anger at the seeming loss of his mentor. Freeza then killed Krillin, prompting his father's transformation into a Super Saiyan.[23]

Destruction of Namek[]

Gohan saves Bulma.

After Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan, Gohan was impressed at his plans, admitting it was "surprisingly well-thought out" for him and Piccolo off of Namek, though he did not want to leave his father initially but left him to fight Freeza by himself at Goku's request. Freeza planned to attack Gohan as he flew away with Piccolo, but Goku stopped him by grabbing him. Making their way to ship, Gohan told his comatose mentor that they were "halfway home", but tried to explain that he did not mean this literally before asking his mentor to not die on him. Gohan quickly realized that he did not know how to fly the ship and went afterward to save Bulma, having realized that she had been abandoned. As the pair flew, Bulma complained that she had been left by Gohan and the others to fend for herself as the planet was "going to hell". In response, Gohan asked her how high she would have to fall from to reach terminal velocity. When she did not respond, he knew she would stop ranting and asserted himself accordingly.

They were teleported off of Namek after a wish was made for everyone apart from Goku and Freeza to leave the planet. Gohan found himself in a tree on the planet after being teleported there and upon seeing Bulma again, greeted her. With Bulma questioning what he thought happened, Gohan told her that he was not sure, remembering them as having "just disappeared all of a sudden." Dende healed Piccolo and after the latter came to his senses, Gohan greeted him as well before taking notice of Dende who he had thought died before the latter revealed that everyone was alive apart from Krillin. Gohan witnessed the killing of Guru by the Namekians, later learning from Bulma who found out from King Kai that his father had seemingly been killed during the battle against Freeza. Gohan was disappointed to learn his father had died once back on Earth.

Gohan confused by Dende revealing his love for him.

Everyone waited months for their being able to summon the dragon, Gohan in the meantime being made by his mother to read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a book he had read before but not without the n-word being in it as she noted when he protested reading it. Time gradually passed and Porunga was taught English by Dende and the other Namekians. When summoning Porunga, Gohan stressed to Dende that they had to wish Krillin back despite his purposeful attempts to ignore bringing him back to life by repeatedly mentioning for him to revive Goku. When Krillin was brought back to life by Porunga, Gohan tried to get him to realize that he was alive again as he continued screaming as he had done before being destroyed by Freeza, ultimately giving up and reasoning that he will be done sometime later. As the group tried to bring back Goku, Porunga revealed he did not want to come back, Gohan reacting with confusion and explaining to Dende that he heard what the dragon had said but wanted an explanation. Dende then revealed his love for Gohan, causing the latter to question him the moment after, before wishing all of the Namekians to go to the new planet Namek after regretting his confession.[24]


Normal life[]

Gohan while talking with Krillin about his life-insurance and Maron.

In the year following Freeza's defeat on Namek, Gohan had returned to living a normal life on Earth. Gohan was approached by Krillin while he was fishing, knocking out a few fishes before making contact with his friend and explaining that he had become the bread-winner of his house since his father was gone, though he soon questioned his suit and learned that Krillin had benefited from taking a life-insurance policy out on himself while he was on Namek, where he was killed and had benefited by claiming he was the brother of the deceased which allowed him as his twin-brother "Juan Sanchez" to benefit in triple.

Gohan was asked by Krillin what he thought of his new ride and Gohan called it a nice car, but was quick to learn that Krillin was referring to his new girlfriend Maron. Gohan expressed his intent to still call him Krillin and immediately after Maron asked Krillin if she could have a thousand dollars after breaking a nail, Gohan asked how he met the woman. Gohan admitted to Krillin that he had made a size comparison between Marron's breasts and Krillin's head. Gohan expressed to Krillin his doubts that he would be attending a party at Kame House since his mother had not been a fan of "The Walking Zed" themed party they had. After the two left, Gohan said aloud that one could say what they want, but that the two were a good couple (and disappointingly, Maron did not diddle him, but she didn't diddle Krillin either, so they're still on the same pedestal) . Gohan did end up attending the party and complimented Turtle, annoying Oolong who had a birthday the week before and did not receive a party thrown for him by the group.[25]

Warning from the future[]

Gohan answered his home phone to Krillin, who confirmed that he was indeed sensing Freeza when Gohan asked if he was sure. Shortly after this, he joined the others in arriving to where he sensed the power level's impending arrival to Earth King Cold. He and Krillin arrived together and he mentioned that the two had equal strength while also noting that his father was only capable of defeating Freeza after gaining a transformation that was part of a prophecy, leading him to question what else they could do apart from freak out. Vegeta boasted that the group did not need Goku and spoke of his intent to confront Freeza, though Gohan advised that the group stay quiet, mask their energy, and survey the situation after remaining close.

Gohan felt the power, though not being able to see, the transformation of Future Trunks into a Super Saiyan, believing that it was his father instead, having returned to Earth. As Freeza gave orders to his soldiers on how to win a scavenger hunt, Future Trunks arrived.[26] Future Trunks eventually killed him, in front of the Z-Fighters, allowing Gohan to get his first peak of Future Trunks as a Super Saiyan and tell the others that this was what he thought he was.

Though the group was doubtful of him, Krillin softened up to him when Trunks mentioned he had snacks and invoked the Bible, despite being a Buddhist, as Gohan recalled of his religion. Gohan asked Future Trunks how he knew his father and Future Trunks revealed they had never met and that he had only ever heard stories about him. In reality, Trunks was from an alternate timeline where the majority of the Z-Fighters had been killed by androids and he had come to warn the group to prepare for the threat in three years.[27]

Goku crash landed on Earth, as Future Trunks had predicted, and briefly spoke with his friends before going off with Future Trunks to speak with him privately. Though Gohan objected on the grounds that they had not seen each other for nearly a year, Goku stressed the importance of the conversation. Gohan tried to again speak, but was cut off by his father as he flew off with Future Trunks to begin speaking about the androids. Following the dialogue between the pair, where Trunks unwittingly revealed himself as the son of Bulma and Vegeta, Goku tried to tell the others about what he had been told, though required the assistance of Piccolo. When Krillin asked Goku how he had survived, Gohan stopped his father from saying "Muffin button" and learned of Planet Yardrat. Goku revealed that he planned to begin training immediately. Gohan's response was to ask him that he wanted to continue training right after becoming reunited with his family and friends following a year of being gone and was content as he said okay at the prospect. He was present when his father was yelled at by his mother over approaching her to have Gohan help him in fighting the androids, after which Goku accidentally knocked Chi-Chi into a tree due to not knowing his own strength. Gohan instructed his father to run and then explained the worst his mother could do to him is ground him. Gohan then trained with Goku and Piccolo, the two attacking him together and causing him to fall. Goku believed that Gohan needed to learn how to dodge, which Piccolo agreed with as he said they were still working on him being able to do so. Gohan was however, happy at the idea of driving cars.[28]

Arrival of the Androids[]

For nearly three years, the secret was kept, but Goku unwittingly revealed it the day of the arrival of the androids after Chi-Chi prepared for Gohan, Goku and Piccolo to depart, Gohan being disappointed at how long they were able to keep up the charade up only for his father to slip. Gohan joined his father and mentor in flying to the scene, soon meeting with Krillin and then the rest of the Z-Fighters, as well as the infant present counterpart of Trunks. Yajirobe arrived to give the group Senzu Beans and then left, having his flying car shot down by the androids.

Gohan noticing the androids leaving with his father and the other Z-Fighters.

The group discovered that they were not capable of sensing the energy of the androids, Gohan surmising that it was due to them being artificial and the group only knowing how to do so for living individuals. At the suggestion of Piccolo and leadership of Goku, the group went into the city to look for the androids while Gohan went to retrieve Yajirobe. After saving him, he rejoined Bulma and Trunks in addition to Krillin and Yamaha, who had returned to the area after Yamcha was seriously injured by Dr. Gero. The Z-Fighters flew off with the androids, being seen by the group while Yamcha mentioned that the androids could absorb energy, leading Gohan to exclaime that they needed to help the others and fly off.[29]

Gohan arrived as his father was fighting Android 19, asking Piccolo what he had missed. When Dr. Gero questioned why Android 19 was having difficulty in the execution of dodging Goku's moves, Piccolo turned to Gohan, who repeatedly asked him what as he did not understand the reference being made to his training for the arrival of the Saiyans on Earth. Goku's heart virus came into effect, leading Gohan to question his father on if he took the medicine. Goku revealed he had started to, prompting Gohan to ask why he had stopped with Goku replying it was grape flavored. Gohan planned to take his father back to their home, but Yamcha substituted for him since he felt he would get in the way by staying there with them. Gohan agreed with the majority of the group that he would, stating to Yamcha, "No offense."[30]

After Vegeta defeated Android 19, Gohan watched with the Z-Fighters as he left and despite his suggestion that they erect a statue in his honor, the group followed behind him to look for Dr. Gero. Piccolo was attacked by him and tried to contact Gohan through his mind as the android covered his mouth. Gohan did not receive the contact, but managed to come to his aid by attacking Dr. Gero and causing him to lose his grip on Piccolo. He revealed to his worn-out mentor that he was able to find them by simply spotting the two floating in the air, questioning how he could not have seen them, leading Piccolo to tell Gohan not to sass him anymore. Gohan watched the fight between Piccolo and Android 20, screaming out his mentor's name in concern when smoke covered the two, only to discover that Piccolo had caught the android's arm, leading him to revoke his action. Gohan also screamed out for Bulma when she arrived on the battlefield right before Dr. Gero fired a blast to distract the lot of them so that he could make an escape.[31]

Gohan flys Yajirobe, Bulma and Trunks.

After Trunks saved Bulma and his present self and was insulted by Vegeta, Piccolo told him that he was "a good kid." Gohan was chosen by Piccolo to be the one to take Bulma and Yajirobe out of the area, agreeing since he felt it would be appropriate to see his father, before the pair both spoke of being dropped off before he saw Goku. Though Gohan tried to express his unsettlement with their terms, Piccolo cut him off, assuring him that his father was fine. Gohan departed with the pair and left the battlefield While flying, Gohan voiced concern for the way Bulma held Trunks as he held her in his arms, though she retorted that she feared Yajirobe would either drop or eat her son.[32]

Checking on Goku[]

Gohan arrived at Bulma's house with her, the infant Trunks and Yajirobe. He met with her mother for the first time in awhile and though she offered for him to stay, he declined on the grounds that he had to make sure his father was "not dead" before flying off.[33] While Gohan was flying to see his father, Krillin and Future Trunks arrived at his home and Krillin made the decision to have Goku moved to Kame House, Gohan arriving while the move was being made and his father was being transported onto the ship, being disappointed by seeing his mother, who hugged him, leading him to ask the others for help before Krillin explained that they were moving Goku to Kame House.

Echoing Yamcha, Gohan surmised that it would be literally the second place they would look. Gohan asked Trunks about time travel while they were on the ship and revealed his knowledge about the multiverse theory. This prompted Chi-Chi to say they would begin his study on cellular biology, much to Gohan's protest as he insisted that cells were boring. Bulma called them and revealed she had received a call from a person that reported seeing a time capsule similar to the one Trunks had used, though the latter insisted it was not his and revealed it in the ship. During the commotion, it got on top of Goku upon being released, much to Gohan's protest as his father started screaming in agony.[34]

Discovery of Cell[]

Gohan investigates the second time machine.

Gohan went with Trunks to meet with Bulma to investigate the time machine sighting. Gohan and Trunks briefly spoke with each other about his alternate counterpart, who Trunks said was like his father, leading Gohan to ask what he meant by this and Trunks elaborated that he was the strongest person on the planet which made him happy to hear. Gohan then asked Trunks why he had kept staring at his arm, a nod to the fact that Future Gohan's arm was detached during his second-to-last battle with the androids. Arriving at the scene, Gohan called there being two versions of Future Trunks' time machine a mystery and stated that he loved them though never got to investigate any as he and the others spent there time finding people, both of which he compared to Sherlock Homes and Batman.

The pair met with Bulma, who Gohan told Future Trunks off as she waived at the pair while arriving and he expressed annoyance with and the three began inquiring about the time machine. Bulma asked Future Trunks if the time machine was his and he swore it was not, providing her with the example of his own time machine having the word "HOPE!!" which Trunks had written on the side as verification that it was not until discovering that the time machine they were examining also had this on the side, leading him to exclaim "crap baskets" which Gohan noted he also said.

While Bulma asked Future Trunks about her alternate counterpart, Gohan asked if anyone apart from him was noticing the hole in the top of the time machine. Gohan quickly deduced that the blast on the time machine came from the inside, restating this when asked by Future Trunks again. Future Trunks pulled out a shell that was purple in color, leading Gohan to believe that he had kicked an alien that looked like it once. Bulma asked to see the shell as well, wanting to become involved, to which Gohan handed it to her.

Bulma concluded that the shell was an egg, leading Gohan to tell Future Trunks that whatever shot the hole from inside the time machine hatched from the egg and he directed him and Bulma to continue examining the time machine before he began looking for clues. They eventually came across the shell of a creature that had at some point in the past crawled out of it, which Gohan had discovered and asked if he could keep when Bulma questioned if something crawled out of it. He debunked her questioning if it was still alive, as he was quickly able to determine that it was just a shell. Gohan theorized that it might still be around in the final moments the three were together.

Gohan at Kame House after being asked by Krillin if he likes mysteries.

The shell disturbed Bulma enough for her to quickly withdraw from the investigation, leaving Gohan and Trunks alone. The latter asked Gohan if he had hand sanitizer, as Trunks had stuck his hand inside the shell and got it covered in goo. Gohan confirmed that he did, but was surprised that Trunks did not.

Gohan and Future Trunks flew to Kame House, where he announced to everyone there that the two had arrived. Gohan then smelled Master Roshi's marijuana, though was unfamiliar with the smell, only being turned off by it and asking the others if there was skunk in there. Not wanting to reveal it to him, Krillin asked Gohan if he liked mysteries, to which Gohan confirmed that he did.[35]

While at Kame House, Gohan felt energy that was familiar to him as that of everyone he knew apart from Yamcha fighting Piccolo.


Gohan, Goku, Future Trunks and Vegeta arrive in front of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Goku recovered from his illness at this point, being discovered by Chi-Chi and Master Roshi before teleporting away to retrieve the other Saiyans. Gohan was picked up by his father while accompanying the Z-Fighers on their jet and left via Goku's Instantaneous Movement as he revealed he had fully-recovered from his heart disease, the group being unaware that he had recovered until his sudden appearance. After teleporting to the location of Vegeta and Future Trunks, the pair met with Future Trunks, who was surprised to see them and had unsuccessfully been seeking his father's attention while the latter stood silently. Gohan and Future Trunks stood together while Goku confronted Vegeta and after Goku told Vegeta of the Room of Spirit and Time, the four went to Kami's Lookout, where Mr. Popo explained its usage as a room where two people could have a year's worth of training in a day. Gohan asked his father how long he had known about the Room of Spirit and Time and after learning Goku had known of the room since he was a child, questioned why the Z-Fighters had not used it to train against the Saiyans or the Androids.[36]

Gohan while he waited outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for Vegeta and Future Trunks with his father and during the fights against Android 17 and Cell.

While waiting for Vegeta and Trunks to emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan and his father began to sense Piccolo as he began his fight with Android 17. Android 17 had arrived at Kame House with Androids 16 and 18 to confront Goku with the intent of killing him, carrying out his original intent by Dr. Gero, though Piccolo moved in and the android agreed to fight him. Gohan asserted that the pair had to help Piccolo, but Goku insisted they had to wait until Future Trunks and Vegeta had come out and they had finished their training. Gohan was surprised by how much time had passed (20 hours) since they had begun waiting, questioning how this was even possible. During the fight between Piccolo and Android 17, which Gohan and Goku did not see but were able to sense, the former asked his father if he believed Piccolo could win. Goku immediately afterward replied, "No" and then cut himself off numerous times as Piccolo and Android 17 gained advantages over the other, as it was not clear-cut who would win their fight. Gohan was unable to see this and questioned his father as to why he kept stopping short.[37]

An enraged Gohan is held back by Goku from confronting Cell after his seeming murder of Piccolo.

Piccolo was rendered in a comatose state after the arrival of Cell, who seemingly finished him off with a blast to the chest at close range while Piccolo was comatose from being punched by him, leading both Gohan and Goku to react as his energy went out and they sensed it. Gohan tried to leave Kami's Lookout after the seeming death of his mentor to extract revenge on Cell, but was restricted by his father who felt he was not strong enough to be any real assist to the Z-Fighters at that time. Gohan swore he would kill Cell as he was held back from leaving by Goku. Gohan chose to stay after Goku made the argument that Piccolo, who he admitted was more intelligent than him, would not let him go to a fight that he knew he would lose, to which Gohan then concluded that he was making a good point.[38]

Gohan reacts to Tenshinhan's near death state.

Gohan sensed Tien's energy as he began to stall Cell following his absorption of Android 17 and transformation into his next form, asking his father if it was him and after it was confirmed by Goku, Tien lost all of his life energy from keeping Cell at bay, leaving him at the latter's mercy. Gohan told his father that they could not just let Tien be killed and he had to save him, though Goku did not know what he could do to get there quickly before he teleported there using his Instantaneous Movement. Gohan questioned Mr. Popo on whether or not his father had just remembered that he had the technique. Goku was able to teleport Tien, Piccolo and himself to the lookout. Gohan asked Piccolo and Tien how they felt once they were healed and after Piccolo conceited that they had no one strong enough to go against Cell and Mr. Popo reported that Trunks and Vegeta were finished, Gohan retorted to Piccolo, "OR DO WE?!" which Goku replied with a no as he and Gohan had not gone in the room yet.[39]

Hyperbolic Time Chamber[]

Gohan and Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Once the waiting was over, Bulma arrived on Kami's Lookout, Gohan and his father greeting her and Gohan going over to play with Trunks before his mother walked him over to Future Trunks. Bulma brought along armor for the group, which Gohan donned before his father had him to tag along while he ate, wasting thirty minutes since there was food inside the chamber as Gohan was to point out once Mr. Popo asked the pair if they were ready. Goku did not see the severity of his actions, asking what 30 minutes was in the grand scheme of things, Gohan answering that they had lost 7.6 days.

After going inside the chamber, Gohan marveled at it and was thanked by his father for agreeing to tag along, though he was quick to point out that he had not and that his father had kidnapped him though Goku argued he did not since it is impossible to kidnap your own child, a claim that Gohan intended to look up in his own time since he was unsure as to whether his father was correct. Goku started to go on about the chamber, stating that it had only the room itself and "the void" which caused an echo that Goku explained to Gohan was only trigged by saying that word, leading Gohan to rule out them saying the word anymore before Goku did so again, causing another echo and Gohan questioned him after he had just said the pair would not say it anymore. Goku expressed his interest in making Gohan a Super Saiyan, adding that it would require hard work due to Krillin not being around to die in order for him to feel the rage that would require the transformation to occur, which Gohan was willing to work at until his father mentioned that the two would be fighting each other a lot, Gohan then mentioning his need for an adult and Goku claiming to be one until his son promptly denied that he was.[40]

Gohan trying to correct his father.

In an attempt to become a Super Saiyan, Gohan powered up but failed in achieving the transformation, instead falling to the ground while his father complimented the try but explained he could not become one simply by powering up. Goku asked Gohan if he remembered where he was when he had become a Super Saiyan and though Gohan did and tried to tell him, he was cut off by his father recollecting about their time on Namek, including the deaths of Vegeta, Krillin and Piccolo which Gohan tried to tell his father he had seen in his attempts at cutting him off. Goku finally realized that Gohan was there when he remembered Freeza tried killing him, but found himself questioning Gohan on why he had not transformed from seeing the same events, leading Gohan to sigh.

Later on, the two took a bath together, where Gohan told his father that it had been "kind of nice" training with him. Goku reciprocated his feelings, but swore that the pair would have to keep training even in their downtime, the two then beginning to splash each other with water and enjoy their time together until Goku started charging a Kamehameha wave. Gohan pleaded with his father to not fire it, but his attempt failed when Goku did so anyway.[41] Three months into their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan was watched in his sleep by his father who he woke to and asked if he was doing this, which Goku confirmed he was and explained that he was trying to watch when he became a Super Saiyan. Gohan asked his father if he still believed in him despite three months having already passed since they entered the chamber and Goku answered that he did, though warned him that they would be doomed if he was not able to transform, recanting this claim when he saw the worried look on Gohan's face and had the latter to go back to sleep.[42]

Gohan takes on Goku's blast.

Continuing their training, Goku relayed to his son that he was going to test him with "special training", leading Gohan to surmise that the training would be "utterly terrifying or completely silly" since there was no in-between when it came to his father. Goku insisted that he was going to train him in an area that Piccolo had mentioned to him that Gohan had been suffering with, leading the latter to realize that he was referring to dodging and he tried to convince his father not to go through with his plan before Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan, causing Gohan to lose his stance and fall to the ground.

Goku, at that point in the air, indicated to his son that he was going to fire at him and the attack would see to it that he either dodged or was killed since he was not a Super Saiyan. Gohan pleaded with his father before he fired and after the blast came toward him, tried to push back against it. In his mind, he called on Krillin and Piccolo to assist him but realized that no one was there to save him, reminding him of his past and leading him to conclude that without being able to dodge he was going to have to take the blast head on. By doing this, he transformed into a Super Saiyan and managed to overpower the beam. Goku came down to him and watched as he struggled to contain the form, Gohan afterward receiving a haircut.

"All I wanna do... Is see you turn into... A Super Saiyan. A Super Saiyan!"

Sometime later, Goku ate ahead of Gohan, who was away from him training. He approached his son and indicated that he had eaten prior to seeing him, calling on the latter to cook the meat he had brought him with a blast. Gohan complied, though in doing so charred the meat to such an extent that it burst in front of his father. Goku called out his son for not controlling his power level, Gohan apologizing and surfing that he was not use to his newfound strength. Goku still went on to critique his son, the latter trying to warn him as the fire from the meat came across the entirety of his hair and eventually his head.[43] After becoming a Super Saiyan, Gohan proved to be a partner to his father in combat, as Goku commented during a later training session where he landed on his father's back. Gohan noticed his father's trembling after breaking a clock in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, questioning what he was muttering and also saw his Third Grade Super Saiyan form, much stronger and bulkier than the normal Super Saiyan form. Goku explained its strengths and weaknesses, seemingly out of nowhere and caused Gohan to become confused.[44]

Cell appears in Gohan's nightmare, killing his mother and Piccolo.

In a dream, Gohan trained in his Super Saiyan form, only to be interrupted by his mother as she entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as she denounced him for slacking off in his studying. Gohan questioned what she was doing there, Piccolo apologizing for being overpowered by her while calling Gohan "Go-chan", much to Gohan's confusion. He explained to his mother that he was training to save the world, though she questioned him further and ended her outburst by asking where Goku was, after which Cell appeared and killed her, much to Gohan's initial delight before he backtracked. Cell then killed Piccolo and revealed his face, the same as Goku's, much to Gohan's horror as he awoke to his father hovering over him, who admitted to having the same dream as Gohan concluded that he believed they had been in there too long.[45]

Week prior to Cell Games[]

Gohan and Goku exited the chamber, the latter warning his son to not say anything of his newfound strength, Gohan admitting the sentiment was not inaccurate. The pair then ate and after Goku changed clothes, he surmised that Chi-Chi would be making Gohan a new gi. The latter instead approached Piccolo with a request; that he construct a gi for him similar to his own, surprising Piccolo who honored his request and gave him instructions on how to manage with the shoulder pads. Gohan was then told of his future counterpart losing his arm, Gohan asking Future Trunks if he at least looked cool without it and correctly surmised that he passed away. When Goku returned from sizing up Cell, he indicated how handsome he thought the latter was, Gohan interjecting when Goku invoked his mother. Future Trunks asked the two about their being Super Saiyan and Gohan explained the mechanics of this before departing for home with his father. With Krillin asking the pair if they were a year older (technically it was only 10.5 months since they still had 3 more hours to use the room) and Goku confirming this as he referred to his son as "Teen Gohan", the latter corrected him by saying that he was 11 meaning he was still "Kid Gohan" before Goku showed interest in throwing him a birthday. Gohan asked if the cake could have spiky pieces of yellow frosting and asked his mother what she meant by his father paying him back, Krillin taking Gohan to Kame House while Goku payed Chi-Chi back.[46]

As time passed and the sex between his parents continued, Chi-Chi made excuses for Gohan to be out of the house while she and Goku engaged in intercourse. Goku eventually suffered a loss of stamina, forcing him to retreat to the lookout, bringing Gohan along as he believed the latter would tell Chi-Chi where he had gone. Gohan realized while there that they were without Dragon Balls, though he figured they would manage without them. Goku retrieved Dende, who instantly began demonstrating his attraction to Gohan and proceeded to create new Dragon Balls. Gohan asked what he wanted to be referred to and was granted permission by Dende to call him whatever he wanted. Gohan later assisted Dende with getting adjusted to the new position.

On the day of the Cell games, Gohan accompanied Goku and the rest of Earth's fighters to the Cell Games Arena. Despite Goku putting up a good fight, he was soon floored when his father quit the fight, announcing it was now Gohan's turn to destroy Cell. Perplexed but resigned to his father's harebrained scheme, Gohan leapt into battle to fight Cell, only to find himself instantly being pummeled into submission by the gravely disappointed Cell. Despite his misgivings, Gohan quickly realized Goku's strategy; the only way to put an end to Cell would be for Gohan to give into his anger, which the young half-Saiyan was hesitant to do. Realizing this, Cell quickly produced the nine Cell Jrs to attack the rest of the Z-Fighters and force Gohan to give into his rage. After this failed, the recently-disembodied Android 16, having had his head tossed nearby by Mr. Satan, convinced Gohan that the only way to preserve the Earth was to give into his anger.

After Cell crushed 16's head, mocking his lack of a soul, Gohan was finally pushed past the breaking point, his fury exploding into a devastating transformation into what Goku labeled "a Super Duper Saiyan", shocking everyone. After a few moments of silence (most likely mourning the loss of 16 and the pain of his friends and family), Gohan glared at Cell, and mercilessly slaughtered the Cell Jrs. Cell's excitement quickly turned to horror as Gohan demonstrated his strength far outmatched his own, leading up to Gohan gut punching him hard enough to force him to vomit up Android 18.

Cell immediately devolved into his Semi-Perfect form, causing the rest of the Z-Fighters to demand Gohan finish him off. Blinded by the rage of his Saiyan blood and the callous stupidity of his father, Gohan refused to finish him off, declaring he wasn't done torturing Cell. Cell immediately began to bloat, preparing to destroy the planet by self-destructing. As Gohan panicked, Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport Cell off-world, sacrificing himself in repentance for putting his son in danger.

Gohan immediately began cursing his own pride, before Krillin assured him the Dragon Balls meant there was no need to mourn. Almost immediately, a revived and empowered Cell returned, killing Trunks on the spot. Rather than fearful, Gohan immediately powered up, seemingly happy to take his anger out on Cell once more. However, an enraged Vegeta attacked Cell, only to be knocked back, forcing Gohan to take an attack meant for him, leaving his left arm unusable. As Cell prepared to use a Kamehameha to destroy the entire planet, Gohan countered the attack with a one-handed Kamehameha of his own. Through the encouragement of the now-deceased Goku and some help from Vegeta, Gohan managed to overpower Cell's attack, finally putting an end to the biomechanical menace once and for all.

Injured to the point of near-death after winning the fight, Gohan was immediately taken to the Lookout, where he was healed by a hysterical Dende. As the group prepared to revive Goku using the Dragon Balls, Goku reached out to everybody before they could do so, declaring his wishes to stay dead due to having attracted most of the threats Earth had faced in the last decade. Although sad, Gohan understood his father's words, and soon returned home to comfort Chichi over their shared loss. Soon afterwards, Gohan joined the others in seeing off the revived Trunks as the time-displaced half-Saiyan departed for his own timeline.

Nearly a year later, Gohan was dealing with his mother giving birth to his new younger brother, struggling to help the situation even Piccolo could not assist with.


Gohan at the time of his introduction was a small, shy and calm child who had lived with his mother and father in a time of peace for the four years of his life. Following being abducted by his uncle Raditz[47] and not long after receiving training from Piccolo, Gohan's personality started to shift from a crybaby who complained of his absentee father being deceased to a sparing partner for his father's former rival. By the end of his training, he was so used to the year of solitude with Piccolo that he reacted casually to dueling each other, even taking interest in what in particular they would do during the session. Gone was the small boy that was frightful and entered the young warrior who showed capability, remnants of his personality that only seemed to manifest before when he was able to land a direct hit on the chest of his uncle Raditz.[48]

This calmness subsides whenever he is either put in a situation that it appears he will not live through or in the event of some ally of his being incapacitated or killed, causing him to snap into a rage, as he did when Goku was being harmed by Raditz during his attempt to save Gohan,[48] right after Piccolo was killed,[3] and when fighting Ginyu in Goku's body.[49] Though most of these incidents were usually just followed by some increase in power, Gohan was also shown to use this time to vent as he did while combating Ginyu in his father's body.

Gohan still possesses an amount of fear though it has become revolving around his continued inability to dodge attacks, the result of his training with Piccolo in which the latter repeatedly called on him to dodge. This particular came into effect when he was tasked with carrying out an attack on Nappa while the latter was falling to the ground thanks to being struck by both Krillin and Piccolo. A fearful Gohan could only stand there paralyzed.[2] In the years following this, Gohan has become detected from this phobia, and even overcame it with his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as Goku shot a blast directly at him with the expectation that he dodge it or otherwise be killed since he was weaker than the attack and would thus die from taking it on.[43]

Gohan has a blunt nature and will oftentimes state the obvious in a either direct or insulting manner, as he made mention of Nappa's lack of intelligence upon attacking him,[3] joining in indicating Yamcha would be better off leaving the battlefield with an injured Goku since he would likely get in the way,[50] and calling Goku out for being childish while in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as he stressed that he needed an adult and that his father was not one.[51]

Gohan has also demonstrated his bravery multiple times, including choosing to assist his father in his fight with Vegeta despite knowing the odds were against him,[4] battling Recomme alone,[52] wanting to join in the conflict with the androids after Androids 19 and 20 were first found,[53] and wanting to confront Androids 16, 17 and 18 upon discovering that Piccolo was battling them.[36] Despite the odds against him in each of these scenarios, and Gohan being well-aware of them, he never hesitated or backed down, showing his determination and unwillingness to be intimidated by an opponent's superior power.

Gohan is confused in an interaction with his father.

Another of Gohan's dominant characteristics is his straightforward and serious demeanor, which has oftentimes left him dumbfounded by the more wackier antics of his father and several of their allies. In a typical situation of this nature, Gohan will question what is going on, as such comical behavior is lost on him. This has also applied to whenever jokes of an adult nature are made toward him, forcing Gohan to either be confused or remind whoever made the joke that he was a child. This is notable as one of the few instances in which Gohan acts his age, given his use of profanity and higher intellect.

Gohan has shown a strong curiosity in detective work or investigating, linked to an awareness of the characters Sherlock Holmes and Batman.[54] Examples of this have been his looking for clues relating to the larval form of Cell he found,[54] and his decision to investigate the new Planet Vegeta when finding something off.[55] Future Trunks believes he finds it fun.[54]

Gohan reflects that no one will save him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

The training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was essential to Gohan's growth, separating him for a sustained period from Krillin and Piccolo who had both acted to defend him along with Goku since the continued threats against the Earth began five years prior. Gohan made the realization while facing the threat of death by the beam that Goku launched at him that sooner than later, he was going to need to stand up for himself and that similarly to the case of that beam, no one would be there to assist him in overcoming the attack. In doing this however, he knew that he would need the strength to back up his claim and in successfully transforming into a Super Saiyan, developed the power to stand up for himself against the Androids.[43]

It has long been told to the audience that Gohan has manifested deep seated relationship issues with Goku since the kidnapping by Raditz and Goku's subsequent periods of choosing to be absent, something he touched on mentally when fighting the Ginyu Force, combating Ginyu himself, standing guard over the Dragon Balls while Krillin was away and Vegeta was sleeping[56] and when Future Trunks compared his future counterpart to Goku. However, Gohan appears content with certain aspects of Goku, in particular his usually sustained status as the strongest person on the planet,[54] showing that there are aspects of his father that he is willing to accept as being redeeming qualities. It also portrays Gohan's open-mindedness, as he acknowledges where his father may have something that he himself will want but ultimately is still bothered by him in some areas, presenting a balanced opinion on his part as well. Despite his general distaste for some aspects of his father's personality, Gohan several times has demonstrated actions in favor of his father, including acting in retaliation against Vegeta for harming his father during their battle,[4] and taking the beam for him when Goku tried preparing a Spirit Bomb to quell the threat of Android 13.[57]

Since having entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan's relationship with his father has seemingly become a bit friendlier, despite Gohan's assertions of being kidnapped to train with him.[58] Gohan enjoyed the time he spent with his father apart from when he was overwhelmed into becoming a Super Saiyan, though since then the two have become equals as training partners, showing a new dynamic in their relationship.[59]

Gohan's relationship with his mother has also changed over the course of his childhood. Similarly to his father, Gohan has shown fear in being confronted by his mother,[60] annoyance or disagreement with her choices toward his education and academic development,[61] and even happiness with her demise, as it meant the end of her constant nagging of him, even having to remind himself to be bothered by her passing. Gohan failed to understand the true purpose behind his mother's continued attempts toward bettering his education; she wanted him to be successful without having to rely on funds from winning fighting competitions and government subsidies such as welfare.[59]

One of the more important relationships in Gohan's early life was that with Piccolo. Though Piccolo expressed annoyance with Gohan and found him to be geeky,[1] he also was deeply concerned for Gohan's safety and went to lengths to save him. Gohan in turn found a sense of kinship with Piccolo and admiration for him, as he believed it his personal mission to travel to Namek because of Piccolo's sacrifice to save him[62] and even invoked his name when preparing for what he believed would be his death as he combated Freeza.[63] Upon exiting the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan asked Piccolo for a copy of his gi, making the latter's heart skip a beat, as indicated by Nail, the occurrence demonstrating that Piccolo was touched.[46]

Another relationship that has filled the void of his absentee father is the friendship harbored between Gohan and Krillin. Their journey on Namek prompted the pair to rely on each other and Krillin was cautious of Gohan getting hurt, partly out of fear of what would happen to him as a result of Chi-Chi's anger. In spite of this, Krillin thinks highly of Gohan, considering him one of the planet's strongest fighters[59] while Gohan in turn finds him dependable.[56] The relationships serve to also contrast the one he has with his father, as both Piccolo and Krillin's relationships with Gohan differ from his with Goku in the two being more actively involved with his life. Krillin tends to serve as a, although extremely weak, kind and loving surrogate uncle to Gohan, often offering much-needed comfort to the young half-Saiyan, or by telling dark and/or crass jokes.

Due to his father, Gohan began an antagonistic relationship with Vegeta as he disliked him for harming his father during their battle,[4] and Vegeta admitted after attacking Gohan on Namek that his use of brute force toward him was only due to his aggression toward Goku. Vegeta at the time saw Gohan as both a "dumbass" and "smartass" and had no problem with Freeza abusing him.[63]Gohan has a decisively poor opinion of Vegeta, as seen during his fight with Perfect Cell following his transformation into a Super Saiyan 2, such as telling Cell during the rogue android's arrogant commentary, "Your Vegeta's showing." Several more references to Vegeta's sadistic tendency to play with his victims before inevitably screwing things up were made, as well, displaying Gohan's disdain for the Saiyan prince.

Gohan formed a friendship with Dende on Namek, being directly responsible for him not being killed by Dodoria as he intervened in his execution,[64] and from then on tried to spare him from the harsh reality of his people being slaughtered by using caution, showing his sensitivity toward Dende's feelings.[65] Dende in turned began to view Gohan with respect, making him an exception amongst the others,[63] and even developing romantic feelings for him, leading Dende to confess his love for Gohan after summoning Porunga on Earth. The five-year-old Gohan however, was unable to comprehend his feelings.[60] When the pair were reunited roughly four years later, Dende was shown to have retained an attraction to Gohan, the latter still unable to comprehend Dende's romantic interest in him. Dende's continued liking of Gohan was his motivation for helping the Z-Fighters and the people of Earth in creating a new set of Dragon Balls.[66]

Unlike most of the others, Gohan does not have an inherent bias against Yamcha, questioning Krillin on why he was leaving him out of being resurrected when the two gathered the Dragon Balls on Namek,[67] though is aware of his uselessness in battle, indicating he did not want to offend him when agreeing with him that he would probably get in the way in the battle against the androids.[50]

In regards to Tenshinhan, Gohan was vocal in calling on the other Z-Fighters present to help him in the fight against Nappa as Tenshinhan cried out for their support,[2] and later wanted to help him after he stood alone against Cell.[39]

Gohan is largely friendly toward Future Trunks, the latter having a bias in Gohan's favor due to his friendship with Gohan's future counterpart.[66] The two are also able to relate due to their mutual exasperation with their respective fathers' antics and personality flaws.

Gohan has already shown a distaste for Cell, who he promised to kill upon his seeming murder of Piccolo,[38] though was satisfied to see him kill Chi-Chi in a fantasy.[59]After becoming a Super Saiyan 2, Gohan displayed a cold, ruthless side to him, quickly and dispassionately dispatching the Cell Juniors, while making casual jokes with a frigid tone and a facial expression that could freeze fire. While claiming to hate fighting, he asserted that he hated Cell even more. Following this declaration of his intent to kill the rogue android, he took sadistic, borderline psychopathic enjoyment in humiliating Cell at every possible turn, showing the crueler and uglier side of his Saiyan heritage's effects on his personality.

Following his defeat of the bio-android, Gohan sadly began to display more of Goku's relaxed, go-with-the-flow attitude towards the upcoming changes in his life, rather than compulsively over-analyzing everything in his immediate surroundings. Having finally confronted his personal demons by defeating Cell and ascending to his current position of the strongest man on Earth, Gohan has come to terms with his fear of fighting and his hatred for being protected by others.


Dead Zone Abridged[]

In Krillin's film "Skygina", Gohan was outside of his home reading a book when he encountered the n-word which he stopped himself to comment on the fact that he had never heard it before. Though he tried to complete stating it as he read aloud, his grandfather Ox-King arrived, bearing presents that Gohan was initially excited about just as he was to see his grandfather until discovering they were books, which led him to resign his interest and look over to his mother with the implication that she was responsible for him receiving them. Garlic Jr.'s henchman Ginger attacked Ox-King from behind, causing him to fall out and nearly crush Gohan who managed to get out of the way in time and warn his mother that his grandfather was having a stroke, prior to Ginger revealing himself.

Though being instructed to get back inside the house by his mother, Gohan stopped complying when he was confronted by Nikki who was already inside and then Sansho. After Chi-Chi refused to give over Gohan and attacked Ginger only to be knocked down, Gohan expressed concern for his mother before he was taken by the henchmen to Garlic Jr., who Gohan told that his father would not let him get away with kidnapping him. Though Nikki tried to defend Garlic Jr. as being strong since he had defeated Piccolo, Gohan argued that his father had done the same thing and confirmed it had been by himself, leading Garlic Jr. to realize that he was Goku's son. Nikki was put in charge of watching over him, though he came to regret it when Gohan started running around and hiding from him, declining to come to Nikki as he smelled and then tagging him as though they were playing a game. Gohan eventually stopped running and chose to sit down, though complained he was hungry and pulled out one of the apples that was at the tree the pair had been to moments beforehand. While Nikki instructed him not to eat it, Gohan did not comply and ate the apple.

Gohan started to hallucinate following eating the apple. Goku, Krillin, Piccolo and Kami later arrived, and Goku spotted Gohan while he was stumbling around above him, tasking Krillin with retrieving his son. Though Krillin managed to get him, the latter was knocked out once he was hit by the falling debris, Gohan then falling out from next to him and seemingly being crushed as well. Goku and Piccolo fought against Garlic Jr. and were only able to subdue him momentarily with their combined teamwork. Gohan however, revealed himself to Garlic Jr. after he confronted his father and Piccolo and screamed at Garlic Jr. to leave his father alone, being underestimated until showing his rage and knocking Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone. Gohan was rendered unconscious though came to later in the arms of his father who he greeted and asked what happened, his father taking credit for the defeat after admitting he did not remember what occurred. Gohan told his father that he was the best and the pair returned home on the Flying Nimbus.

The World's Strongest[]

"Stop this! You are men of science! How could you commit such atrocities?!"
— Gohan confronts Dr. Kochin and Dr. Wheelo

Gohan was told by Oolong that the latter had found the Dragon Radar and that he would like for him to accompany him to search for the Dragon Balls. Gohan complied, traveling to the arctic with him though ultimately complaining about how cold it was and that how he had not been informed of where they were going. Kochin was at the same time gathering the Dragon Balls which Oolong detected and Gohan stated that it seemed wrong that the two were planning to steal a wish from someone before asking Oolong what he planned on wishing for. After Oolong said "Justice", Gohan questioned what he meant and then said he was encourage able after Oolong indicated that he was going to wish for panties. After Kochin used the Dragon Balls to have Shenron remove the ice from around his lair, Gohan kept Oolong on his back and said what he thought it looked like.

Gohan and Krillin coming to Goku's aid.

Gohan was then attacked by a Bio-man, who dominated him in battle until Piccolo intervened and confronted the other Bio-men as well, Gohan merely restating his name over and over until Piccolo was zapped while he and Oolong lost consciousness. Gohan later awoke and told the sleeping Oolong that he believed Piccolo was in trouble, stating to him that he was sorry for waking him up and telling him that he was not sure about Piccolo's condition since he was screaming. Gohan agreed reluctantly to not speak about the event when he returned home, stating that he had a feeling that he would be hearing that for the rest of his life and over the next three days, returned home. Gohan said to himself that hoped Piccolo was doing alright as he thought of the event and Piccolo tried to reach him telephonically to inform him that he was being brainwashed until Chi-Chi woke him up, asking if he was okay.

Gohan realizing that Piccolo is brainwashed.

Oolong later confronted Goku about Master Roshi and Bulma's subsequent kidnapping and aroused his interest after mentioning that Piccolo had been defeated. Gohan followed behind him and was joined by Krillin in coming to Goku's aid after he was frozen by Freezer. Gohan insisted to his father that the two would assist, though he was shocked by Electrocutioner and then frozen by Freezer. After Goku defeated the pair, Gohan and Krillin thawed out and followed behind Goku, the two expressing how cold they were. With Goku electrocuted by the fence around Bulma, Gohan expressed concern for his father's health and commented on the size of Dr. Wheelo. Gohan said pride comes before the fall after his father was zapped and Gohan was happy to see Piccolo after he came out, telling his father that he believed Dr. Wheelo was controlling his mentor.

Gohan stopping his father from killing Dr. Wheelo.

Gohan ordered Kochin to stop since he was a man of science and the pair argued back and forth with scientific terms, the former bursting out in anger and proceeding to destroy most of the machinery. With Piccolo restored to his humanity, Gohan came up and tried to greet him only to be slapped and think that everything was back to normal between the pair. Dr. Wheelo became angered and attacked the group, Gohan attempting to combat him with his father's Power Pole only to be knocked down. Goku used the Kamehameha to attack Dr. Wheelo and was preparing a Spirit Bomb when Gohan noticed that something was off and went off planet to speak to Dr. Wheelo, questioning the latter if he was crying and concluding that he was not evil and asking if he could wait one more year to gain a body, at which point Shenron was summoned. Gohan requested that Shenron build a new body for Dr. Wheelo which he did but the others including Gohan were dismayed by the new form's incapability to hide the massive brain that Dr. Wheelo had developed.

Christmas Tree of Might[]

Gohan, Krillin, Bulma and Oolong went in search of a Christmas tree. The four resided in a forest and while resting, the fire from their camping erupted and caused damage to the forrest. Gohan expressed sympathy for the animals, stating that their Christmas was ruined and that he wished there was something they could do for them, leading Krillin to come up with the idea of summoning Shenron. The group set out to get the Dragon Balls and found them quickly, Gohan noting how much easier it had become with time. Shenron summoned a tree from the wish.

On Christmas Eve, Chi-Chi told Gohan he would not be able to go camping again, though Gohan mentioned to her that it was Oolong who burned down the forest. With Chi-Chi warning him that he would not receive gifts from Santa that year if he continued this type of behavior, Gohan lamented that he would just be getting books again, to which Chi-Chi asked him what he liked and he replied in fear that he liked books. Yamcha's car landed on his house, causing him to become destitute and having to reside at Goku's home. While present, Gohan mentioned to him and the others that suicide rates were high during the holiday season, afterward laughing with everyone else apart from him.

Goku was informed by King Kai that a group of space pirates had sought out the planet and the tree summoned by Shenron was sucking the Christmas joy out of the planet. Gohan arrived later than the rest of the group, though managed to defeat Lakesei before encountering Turles, who he mistook for his father and questioned why he was wearing the armor he had on since it was Christmas. With Turles swearing that he hated Christmas, Gohan exclaimed that he was not his father.

Piccolo arrived and after an exchange with Turles, had Gohan thrown to him by the latter, who then blasted Piccolo as he held Gohan. Gohan was then made to look at the moon and transform into an Oozaru as a way of attacking his father against his will, for a short time fulfilling the purpose that Turles intended for him before having his tail cut off by Goku and reverting back to himself.

Lord Slug Abridged[]

While Piccolo discussed using the Special Beam Cannon with both hands to Nail, Gohan showed him Icarus after greeting him while being on its back. Gohan told Piccolo that Icarus was a western-style dragon and that he had taught him how to dance. Their dance included whistling, which bothered the ears of both Piccolo and Nail, though they stopped when Piccolo ordered them to, Gohan apologizing afterward. It was discovered by Dr. Briefs that there was a meteor heading towards Earth, Gohan following this watching the failed attempt of his father and Krillin to stop it.

The meteor hit but did not damage to the cities, Oolong pointing out that there was even a new building, though Gohan realized that it was a space station. The henchmen of Lord Slug started to descend on the planet, Gohan fighting them of, including knocking into one of the henchman's helmets and causing them to only be able to see glass and blood. Chi-Chi also participated, doing some harm to the henchmen before being knocked out, Gohan afterward becoming concerned with her safety and taking her away, losing his hat in the process but not being too worried about it since he believed the henchmen and Lord Slug did not know what a Dragon Ball was. After Lord Slug pulled the Dragon Ball off the hat, explicitly saying what it was, he came to regret his decision.

Bulma unintentionally revealed that she was the only one with a Dragon Radar to Lord Slug, prompting Gohan to become annoyed, though he was worried for her safety as well when Lord Slug probed her mind for information but was kept from getting to her by his henchmen who attacked Gohan and later gave him his hat back as he fainted.

Following the defeat, Gohan went back to Kame House with Chi-Chi and Bulma, though left to confront the henchmen who he attacked from the sky and reasoned that their blast would not be able to harm him as a singularity until they started shooting at him as a group, causing Gohan to fall to the ground from the pain though he was saved by Piccolo.

Revenge of Cooler Abridged[]

Gohan with an injured Goku.

Gohan went camping with Krillin and Oolong, having claimed to his mother that he was going along with them to do some studying and mentioning to Krillin that he was required to take notes on twelve different species. Just then, Gohan sensed the energy of others, but was knocked out by one of the men before he could react. Gohan later returned to his senses and approached Goku, Cooler and his men by flight, only for Cooler to try shooting him down. Goku took the blast instead and fell into the water with him. The pair ended up in a cave, Gohan tending to his father as he woke and informing him of where they were. Subsequently, Cooler's men blasted down and cause the rocks to push further toward Gohan and Goku, trapping them inside.

Gohan caught in the middle of Korin and Yajirobe's bickering.

As Krillin, Oolong and Icarus arrived, Gohan stressed that they were running out of air and furthered for him to move the rocks after Krillin expressed doubt in doing so. Gohan was tasked by Krillin with going to Korin's tower to retrieve Senzu Beans for Goku, leading Gohan to question why he had to be the one to leave and learning about Krillin's last visit there, during which Krillin called Korin "Whiskers the Wonder Cat" after forgetting his name and made it awkward. Gohan ventured with Icarus and they reached the tower, encountering Yajirobe and Korin and witnessing their argument until Gohan requested that he receive the Senzu Beans. In being given them, in the form of a bag and then a last single one by itself, Gohan departed, being attacked by Salza with a shot to the back and then being attacked by the rest of his men as well, prior to Piccolo intervening.

Gohan is defeated by Salza.

With Piccolo telling Gohan that he knew what to do, by which Piccolo meant for Gohan to assist him in the fight, Gohan inaccurately surmised that he wanted him to continue on with his quest and he did just that, getting the Senzu Beans to his father. However, before Salza burned them with a blast and Gohan tried to prevent an enraged Krillin from attacking him, the latter promptly being defeated as Gohan gave the last Senzu Bean given to him by Yajirobe to Goku with the instruction that he eat it. After this, Gohan told his father that he would defeat Salza while his father engaged Cooler, being knocked away by a lone kick. After Goku defeated Salza and then Cooler, Gohan expressed happiness with his victory and caught on to his father's indications of wanting to eat Icarus.

Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge – The Reckoning[]

Gohan traveled to New Namek per the request of Dende, the group noticing the planet's seeming cancer and the group arrived there, being confronted by both Cooler and his henchmen. Gohan had to correct Goku on Cooler's name and said that the planet was New Namek whereas Freeza had conquered Namek when Piccolo and Krillin started to note similarities between the two. Gohan was then made to fight against the henchmen and was tossed aside after awhile, being knocked into Krillin who asked him if he had any ideas on combating them and Gohan said that since they were mechanical then it meant they most likely had areas for which the pair could exploit. Piccolo then came near the two and said that he believed they could win by hitting them hard, Gohan remarking that he sounded similar to his father and the group broke, engaging the minions once more and being taken captive after not being able to defeat them. He tried to stop Yajirobe from being used to aid Cooler and after Piccolo came to save him with the statement that he needed to come with him if he wanted to live, told him that he had the wrong sci fi but that it would do.

Super Android 13[]

Gohan went with his parents to find clothes for Yajirobe and Korin's wedding, noting to his father while watching his mother aggressively seek clothes that she was very invested in assisting the pair. When Android 14 and Android 15 began attacking the group, Gohan was eating with the others and noted that the restaurant was shaking, realizing alongside Future Trunks and Krillin that they were being attacked and exclaiming "Crap baskets" with the two, the room bursting from the blasts the androids gave it and Gohan taking hold of his mother.

Gohan saving Chi-Chi.

Once his father confronted Androids 14 and 15, Gohan took his mother away from the battle scene, ignoring her requests to go back for one of her purchases that fell out of her hands as she was being flown by her son. After dropping off his mother, Gohan went with Krillin to the arctic, where his father had led the androids away and been joined in combat by both Future Trunks and Vegeta, serving as a spectator to the duels while Krillin critique his choice to come to the arctic without so much as a stop or jacket. Gohan admitted his fault but acknowledged this was due to him trying to get away from his mother and suggested against a snowball fight.

Gohan confronts Android 13

Following Krillin making a comment and having a blast fired at him by Android 13, Gohan announced that he had been angered by the attack as he retaliated with a blast of his own. This did not scathe Android 13 who instead fired a beam at Gohan, who shouted for Piccolo as the blast came in his direction. Piccolo saved Gohan from the attack and after Androids 14 and 15 were destroyed by Future Trunks and Vegeta, the pair's components were merged into Android 13 who transformed into a stronger form and proceeded to provide great challenge for the Z-Fighters.

Gohan taking the blast for Goku.

As he beat Goku, Gohan called out for him to pick on someone his own size and in having Android 13 turn his way, he said that it was clearly not him. Gohan suggested that Android 13 instead combat a bat-and-ball player before insisting that he did not watch sports, citing his having to do better things with his life as his rationale for not doing so as the android crept over to him and added that he felt he was having a one-sided conversation before Goku appeared from the water with his hands in the position of forming a Spirit Bomb. With Android 13 firing at his father, Gohan jumped in the way and took the blast, being shot away. Goku ultimately destroyed Android 13 with the charged Spirit Bomb and Gohan recovered in the hospital with the others afterward.

The Legendary Super Saiyan[]

" Man, this just isn't my day."
— Gohan, after being thrashed by Broly, and learning he may not go to the college he wanted to go to.

During the week before the Cell Games, Gohan attended the wedding ceremony and later reception of Korin and Yajirobe, Paragus arriving to offer Vegeta the title of king on a new Planet Vegeta, Gohan trying to restrain Master Roshi from coming with Vegeta. Once on the planet, Gohan, Krillin and Future Trunks confronted a male alien who became disinterested in the three after Gohan confirmed they were not minions or intending to harm him. Gohan attacked one of the minions and ordered the others to leave them alone, finding the group of prisoners strange for their finding of sexual arousal in being whopped, who disbanded once disillusioned with the prospect of fighting what they perceived as a mentally ill Krillin. Goku arrived then and after it was discovered Paragus had intended for Vegeta to be killed on the dying planet, Gohan asked his motives. After Broly transformed, and Goku challenged him to combat, Gohan, Goku and Future Trunks engaged him, Gohan asked what sadism was when Shamo mentioned not wanting to miss it and Goku called on Gohan to let go, something he had intended for use only against Cell. Gohan mistook it for Goku wanting him to leave and flew away, trying to find the ship before he was attacked by Broly. Gohan confessed Broly's strength to Goku and said it was not his day when Goku mentioned they may have blown his college submission, Gohan calling out for Piccolo when Broly moved in to attack him and Piccolo intervening, Gohan then confirming that he did not get into the school he wanted and asking Piccolo how he was able to get there. Gohan asked Broly if he was a genuine demon before he and the others attacked him to no avail. Gohan said that he would rather take Turles, who he admitted was just an evil version of his dad and Wheelo, who he lamented for his death of brain cancer when mentioning how he'd prefer them as antagonists than Broly, then giving his energy to his father who defeated Broly using it. Gohan was saved from the dying planet's destruction by being teleported aboard the ship Piccolo had arrived in. Goku teleported Gohan home with the intent to sneak into the house, Chi-Chi sneaking up on them and ordering Gohan into his room in the house before he complied.



  • Masenko: Holding his hands crossed above his head, Gohan fires a ki sphere against his enemies. First used during his fight against Nappa.
    • Masendan: An energy Sphere variant of the Masenko. Used in his fight against Freeza.
    • Wild Rush Blaster: A more powerful version of the Masenko, Gohan fires a yellow energy wave against his opponents after a rush attack. First used against Freeza.
    • Combined Masenko: A team attack. Both Trunks and Gohan fire their Masenko's simultaneously at their opponent. Used against Broly.
    • Super Masenko: A more powerful and larger version of the Masenko. Used to kill Santa Claus.
  • Quiet Rage: Gohan attacks his opponents with powerful strikes, and it has enough force to severe a person in half. While he's doing it, the sky turns dark blue. Used to kill the Cell Juniors.
  • Kamehameha: Taught to him by Goku, the Kamehameha wave fires an explosive blast of ki energy against his opponent.
    • Ultimate Kamehameha: A more powerful variant of the Kamehameha. Notably, Gohan calls out the attack silently, until he gets to the "ha" syllable. First used to counter Cell's Earth-Shattering Kamehameha.
    • Father-Son Kamehameha: A team attack with Goku. Gohan fires a Kamehameha one handed, and is given more power by Goku behind him. Used to kill Cell in a powerful beam struggle.


  • Great Ape: During his childhood years, while he still possessed a tail, Gohan could transform into a Great Ape with the assistance of a full moon, though he would have to see it to transform. In the form, he became a large monkey-like creature and saw a dramatic increase in his brute strength which allowed him to combat opponents that were normally stronger than him. However, due to Gohan's lack of control with the form, he was incapable of remaining intact mentally and would resort to senseless acts of destruction while transformed. Gohan would go back to his prior state after the full moon subsided[68] or could be reverted from the form with a removal of his tail.[4] First used inadvertently while training with Piccolo.
  • Super Saiyan: A transformation that Gohan can access multiplying his power 50x it's base. Unlike several other Super Saiyans, whose hair changes shape upon the form's activation, Gohan's only differs in color. First unlocked after blocking Goku's Kamehameha in a desperation move.
    • Full Powered Super Saiyan: The 4th and mastered version of a normal Super Saiyan, Gohan can perfectly control his full power in Super Saiyan mode, allowing him to use this form in both civilian life and battles. According to Gohan, he was able to gain this form by staying in Super Saiyan mode for a long time. First seen while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
  • Super Duper Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2: The true successor to the Super Saiyan form, Gohan's power is double the amount of his Super Saiyan form (100x his base form) and due to his hidden power/immense potential he gains a rage boost multiplying his power by an additional 2x making it a 4x increase of his Super Saiyan form (200x his base form), and grants him faster speed, and energy output. Also, the Ki aura around him looks like electricity and his hair stands up like a normal Super Saiyan. However, the trade off is that Gohan's personality becomes more cold and violent because of his youth and overwhelming rage, hence his lack of control needed to wield the tremendous strength. Unlocked after Cell destroys Android 16.


Appearances of Gohan in DragonBall Z Abridged
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Season 2
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Kai Abridged
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Gohan: CRAP BASKETS! (Common catchphrase)

Piccolo: Gohan... come closer... t-there's something I have to tell you...
Gohan: Is it that you always pictured me as a son? Because you could never make your own considering you lack the reproductive organs to produce your own legitimate offspring--
Piccolo: Neeeeeeeerrrrrddddddddd... -- Episode 9: The Set Up

Gohan: Get your filthy hands off him, you damn dirty ape!
Great Ape Vegeta: Oh, very creative. And what exactly will you do if I don't?
Gohan: I'll make you regret it! Law of mass dictates that the mass of an object dramatically increases the force of impact when said object collides with the ground; and, with your size, you'll make an extensively large impact upon your inevitable defeat!
(long pause)
Goku and Great Ape Vegeta: What?
Gohan: The bigger they are, the harder they fall! -- Episode 10: The Punchline (Part 2)

Krillin: Breathe, Gohan! You're a leaf. A leaf in a calm stream!
Gohan: F*CK THE STREAM!!! -- Episode 14: No Country For Old Namekians

Gohan: So, uh, can I help you?
Vegeta: (gently puts his hand on Gohan's face) No... But maybe I can help you.
Gohan: Uh... I need an adult...
Vegeta: I am an adult. (Knees Gohan in the stomach) -- Episode 18: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Saiyan

Gohan: (to Recoome) I'm not going to back down! I might be younger than you, smaller than you, weaker than you, and much less experienced, but I know much more about peach farming than you-- I think this was a horrible decision...
Recoome: Recoome agrees. -- Episode 20: Namekimania 2011

Gohan: Hey Freeza! The human body is composed of 75% water! I AM 100% DEATH! HAVE SOME! -- Episode 26: Alien VS. Piccolo

(Freeza had just killed Dende after transforming into his Final Form)
Krillin: NEED A REZ!
(Vegeta starts screaming with Krillin and Gohan following suit.) -- Episode 27: The Saiyan Formerly Known As Prince

Gohan: Dad... beat him within the inch of his life... AND HANG HIM UP BY HIS ENTRAILS!
Goku: (thinking to himself) Wow, he sounds like he's had a hard time. Piccolo should really have a talk with him. -- Episode 28: Leave It To Freezer

Bulma: Oh, well how nice of you to finally come and get me... Oh and leave me stranded all on my own to fend for myself! Planet's going to hell, I almost die, and I'M FREAKING THE F*CK OUT!
Gohan: (Quite calmly) Bulma, how high would you have to fall from to hit terminal velocity? (Bulma gets the message and gives no reply) I thought so. -- Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 1)

Vegeta: We don't need Kakarot or anyone else. You have enough badass Saiyan on your team as it is! Now if you'll excuse me, you can all just sit on your hand while I go up there and take care of business.
Gohan: Or, maybe we can hide our power levels, sneak closer to them, survey the situation from up close, and perhaps catch them by surprise?
Vegeta: ...Y'all are bitches. -- Episode 32: Battlefield Ee-arth

Krillin: Oh yeah, sort of forgot the obvious question there, but HOW DID YOU SURVIVE?!
Goku: Mmmmmmuffin butt--
Gohan: Don't say Muffin Button!
Goku: But it was! There's science and stuff! -- Episode 34: News of Future Past

Goku: You know, the funny thing is, either way, we still wouldn't have Dragon Balls...
(Gohan begins to leave The Lookout only to be held by Goku)
Goku: Gohan, no!
Goku: You can't! Cell's too strong for you!
Gohan: Mr. Piccolo would let me go!
Goku: No, he wouldn't! And he's smarter than me!
Gohan: I... uh... wow. Okay, that's...actually a good point.
Goku: And besides, the moment you leave, that door is going to open.
Mr. Popo: He's right, you know.
Goku: Every time. -- Episode 47: Family Reunion


  • Gohan was voiced by Vegeta3986 in the pilot and MasakoX for the remainder of the series. In DragonBall Z Abridged Movie: Super Android 13, an older Gohan is briefly voiced by Funimation voice actor Justin Briner. Briner was planned to voice Gohan in season 4 of Dragon Ball Z Abridged, but dropped out before recording could commence. The older Gohan's voice was never cast prior to the series' cancellation in 2020. An alternate version of older Gohan in Dragon Ball Z Abridged Special: The History of Trunks was voiced by Zach Holzman.
  • After noticing how many of Gohan/The Great Saiayman's special moves have a bird motif, the Team Four Star members decide Android 16 and his death had a real impact on him.
  • Gohan is the only character to appear in every episode of the first season.
    • He is one of two characters, the other being Krillin, to appear in every episode of the second season.
    • He and Krillin are tied for the most appearances in the third season, with each appearing in all but one episode. Gohan thus is the most frequently appearing character in the series.
      • Outside of the main series, Gohan appears in every episode of Kai Abridged, every movie, and all specials except for the first.
  • Gohan and Goku are the only characters that Piccolo has been shown to take orders from, Gohan telling Piccolo that they had to assist Tenshinhan while Goku told him to watch over Gohan during his fight with Freeza.
  • Gohan is one of the only two characters to refer to Tien as his original full name: Tenshinhan, the other being Cell, albeit only twice.
  • Though he told Krillin not to make a sex joke about Bulma while they were on Namek, citing that he was "still five", he proved before when threatening to use Nappa's intestinal tract "as a condom" while fornicating with his skull that he was well-aware of intercourse.
  • Gohan is one of two characters to make mention of Batman, the other being Super Kami Guru.
  • Apart from Trunks, he is the only Z-Fighter that neither fights Android 19 or Android 20 nor is suggested to fight them. He does attack Dr. Gero, though only to get him off of his mentor Piccolo.
  • Goku has a habit of ignoring him or downplaying the importance of addressing him, as he did when the pair spoke to each other before Goku's fight with Freeza and when Goku went off to speak with Trunks.
  • Gohan beginning to study cellular biology during the third season was foreshadowing of Cell, who was introduced in the following episode.
    • His threatening that he would kill him is also foreshadowing to the Cell Games and the events of the tournament.
  • Gohan, Krillin and Trunks all say "crap baskets" in moments of fear. Both Gohan and Krillin have noticed that Trunks also says it and commented on it.
  • The scene in "Family Reunion" where Gohan says to Goku that Piccolo would let him go to combat the androids is similar to a scene in the Dragon Ball Z anime where Goten says to Piccolo that he would let him go if he was Gohan.
  • Gohan cannot function correctly when the word "Dodge!" is yelled. This is due to the trauma induced on him as a result of Piccolo's training, as Piccolo constantly screamed for him to dodge while fighting.
    • Ironically, an adult Gohan in Trunks' timeline did the exact same thing to Trunks while training him.
  • Gohan is the second character to have a nightmare about Cell, the first being Krillin.
  • Chi-Chi stated that her mother was jewish, which makes her 1/2 jewish, while Gohan, Tousa, and Goten are 1/4 jewish.
  • It's rumored that Annin was Ox-King's wife and hence forth Chi-Chi's Mother (Gohan's grandmother) due to her extremely similar physical resemblance to Chi-Chi.
  • It's implied that Fortune Teller Baba may share a blood relationship with Chi-Chi's family. Ox-King calls her "mother" in an episode of Dragon Ball Z. However it may have also been a honorary title as in Japan it is considered respectable to refer to your elders as 'grandfather' or 'grandmother' regardless of whether they are related to you or not. Exactly how the two are related is questionable, however, her reaction when she believes Ox-King is killed during the flaming castle dilemma in Dragon Ball may support this.
    • Other reasons would be her having Goku alive for a day, which she also did for Grandpa Gohan. However, this could be done on account that they wanted to return to Earth. Also, Pan lives to be over one-hundred, appearing to out live both Trunks and Bra who have more Saiyan-blood than she does, which could be from Baba and Roshi's immortality (as Baba even reveals in a FUNimation dub episode of Dragon Ball that their mother is still alive at that time, yelling at Roshi for missing her birthday). Though this family relationship is never fully explained.
  • He is the only known character to have made Piccolo's heart skip a beat.
  • Unlike in the original, Gohan is made aware of his future counterpart by Future Trunks.
  • "Teen Gohan" (Goku calls him that in episode 55) is the English Dub name for the version of Gohan during the events of the Cell Games in most home console Dragon Ball video games, in the original Japanese versions and all versions of the handheld games Gohan is actually called "Kid/Young Gohan" or "Gohan (Youth/Child)" whereas Teen Gohan actually refers to his appearance in the Buu Arc.
  • Gohan is the last character in the series to defeat a villain, as he kills Cell in the series finale of Dragon Ball Z Abridged.


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