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"I am the hope of the omniverse! I am the light bulb in the darkness! I am the bacon in the fridge for all the living things that cry out in hunger! I am the Alpha and the Amiga! I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am Son Goku! and I am a Super-- (gets blasted in the face by Freeza) Saiyan."
— Goku's speech to Freeza in "Freeza: The Final Cut"

Son Goku (孫 悟空, Son Gokū), born Kakarot (カカロット, Kakarotto) is a low-class warrior and country bumpkin. He is a deuteragonist in Team Four Star's DragonBall Z Abridged. He is the second son of Bardock and Gine, being Raditz's younger brother, the husband of Chi-Chi, and the father of their son, Gohan.

Goku is actually one of the last members of the near-extinct Saiyan race, escaping the destruction of his home planet as a young infant by his parents. While originally arriving on the planet Earth with the mission of exterminating all living life on the planet, a nearly-fatal head injury causes him to lose his memory (and suffer some brain damage), which resulted in him growing up to be a pure-hearted warrior, though not necessarily one of the smartest people out of the cookie jar (which is also one of his least favorite foods). Goku has an immense love for bacon. He sings about himself being "The Muffin Man".


Goku is marked by his lack of intelligence, which has extended to his speaking during fights,[1] confusion of when holidays are,[2] not being able to tell when someone likes or dislikes him,[3] and being very naive about sexuality.[4] This trait combined with his strength makes some of his opponents become confused and downright angered by him being on par with them in battle, as was the case in his fight against Vegeta when the latter became frustrated[1] or when Frieza ranted about his compulsion to say things in an attempt to sound as though he was more intelligent than he actually was.[5]

In spite his lack of intelligence, Goku thought out his actions in battles.

Despite this, he has shown on several occasions examples of implementing strategy or giving thought and thereby using his mind rather than merely charging his opponents as he usually does, such as when he outsmarted Goz and Mez to get out of Hell without completing the challenge they presented to him,[6] plotted out how he would combat Freeza when finding himself to be outclassed,[7] decided to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to strengthen himself in as short an amount of time as possible to combat Cell,[8] and telling Gohan that Piccolo would also not allow him to leave on the basis that he was smarter than him and thereby was wiser than he was yet would have still made the same choice.[9] These occasions severely departed from his usual antics. Goku has been shown to actually be rather intelligent on a level that borders on genius when he was lecturing Gohan on the strengths and weaknesses of the various Super Saiyan power-up methods discovered thus far, indicating in terms of percentage how the forms' decrease in speed and mobility made whatever strength enhancement virtually worthless. This was enough to profoundly surprise Gohan who had come to accept the idea of his father being a powerful moron. Goku's genius seems limited to survival skills and martial arts, due to having been independent and a fighter for decades, able to live off of almost anything in almost any environment.

Goku is a poor liar and horrible withholder of information, as was the case when he let it slip to Chi-Chi that he and the others intended to fight androids instead of going on a trip to Uruguay, even telling her not to tell herself.[10]

His natural drive to battle as a Saiyan has proven to have repercussions in him opting to want to be challenged rather than assure a victory that could save the lives of those around him from further danger, as he chose not to use the Dragon Balls to locate Dr. Gero and by extension his android creations[11] and deliberately allowed Android 13 to transform on the grounds of wanting a "good fight".[12]

Goku's marriage to Chi-Chi is a rough one, much of it being to his immense stupidity and Chi-Chi's tremendous temper and frustration at her husband's absent-mindedness and disregard for social norms and their son's education. However, despite the pressure she places on him, Chi-Chi deeply cares about her husband and he, in turn, loves her despite their less than picturesque marriage. Chi-Chi frequently bribes Goku with blowjobs for good behavior and compliance, as well engaging in a rather voracious and subtly insatiable sex life, likely helping them survive the immense stress they often find themselves in. During the lead up to the Cell Games, Chi-Chi was determined to become pregnant and use her seven days in her own fashion, and so worked Goku over thoroughly, much to both his enjoyment and exhaustion. They also have a mutual enjoyment of BDSM, with Goku understanding the sexual overtones of Broly's dialogue presumably due to his sex life with Chi-Chi and telling Gohan to ask his mother what sadism is.

As a father, Goku has proven to be a mixed bag in his treatment of his son Gohan, who he has only greeted after being spoken to[7] and left on his own multiple times as a result of either death,[13] being incapacitated,[14] or just wanting to be somewhere else as was the case in his decision to remain in space after Freeza's defeat.[15] On the positive side, however, Goku has restored Gohan's health,[16] saved his life,[17] opted to speak to him when he has been angered, as he did after it appeared that Piccolo had been killed by Cell[9] and expressed confidence in his son's abilities, such as asserting that he knew he would transform into a Super Saiyan eventually.[18] He furthered that assessment with downright happiness after it occurred.[19] With Gohan now a Super Saiyan, he became Goku's training partner as his son was now capable of fighting on par with him.[20]

Goku, after discovering Chi-Chi's second pregnancy (and finally finding out that "sex makes babies,") was rather pleased and happy, announcing the news to Bulma without fear or worry in his voice.

Goku has treated those he regards as friends with great concern on a consistent basis, giving Vegeta a burial after his death,[7] questioning Future Trunks on how Krillin was doing after returning to Earth,[21] and coming to pick up Piccolo and Tien after the pair were worn out from their encounter with Cell, risking his own life in the process.[22] He even helped Yamcha emotionally when he learned from Trunks that Yamcha would commit suicide after finding out Bulma and Vegeta's relationship.

Goku's training with Popo as a child has left him with severe PTSD to the point where Popo's mere presence is enough to scare Goku to the extent where his doctor had to poison him to pacify him, causing his mouth to foam up and ease his thrashing movements. Goku is known to experience invasive memories at times when faced with Mr. Popo. During the aforementioned incident, his mind flashed back to his training with Mr. Popo on the Lookout. Invasive memories such as these are common among people with extreme cases of PTSD.

Krillin is Goku's best friend. Goku on Namek was able to recognize Krillin's cries for help, albeit only after he started quacking.[16] Goku was so bothered by his second murder (at Freeza's hands) that it triggered his transformation into a Super Saiyan, Goku after which invoking Krillin's name in his battle with Freeza.[15] Upon returning to Earth and being met by Future Trunks, Goku asked how Krillin was doing and even acknowledged at a later point while training Gohan that Krillin's death would likely make his initial transformation into a Super Saiyan easier, showing he is aware of the bond the pair have with Krillin and how concerned they both are with his well being.[23]

Goku's relationship with Piccolo has changed a great deal over time. Though Piccolo initially disliked Goku, this changed for the most part when he befriended him on MySpace, even leading Piccolo to agree to help him retrieve a captive Gohan.[24] Goku for a time held a grudge against Piccolo for his charging of an attack while he was being beaten up by Raditz,[25] though this was rectified when their positions were reversed in combating Freeza.[5] Since Goku returned to Earth and the two training together for three years,[21] Piccolo has acknowledged that he now would consider coming to Goku's aid.[26]

Goku has unintentionally become the rival of Vegeta. When the two first fought, Vegeta was bothered by Goku's ability to keep up with him in strength despite his lack of intelligence. Goku himself was convinced that he could not allow Vegeta to be killed if he was apologetic for having been indirectly involved in killing his allies.[1] When the two met again on Namek and Goku single-handedly bested most of the Ginyu Force, Vegeta began to view Goku as having the potential to become a Super Saiyan, even lamenting when he genuinely believed he was one.[16] As Vegeta passed, he hoped that Goku would defeat Freeza, even appearing to him to give instructions to Goku on how to defeat him.[27] Since the two have been on Earth together, Vegeta has shown dislike for Goku even when he tries to give him assistance such as when Goku offered him transportation to his confrontation with Cell[22] and argued against his strength, believing that he is stronger than him,[9] even arguing against Goku's status as the strongest person on Earth once losing miserably to Cell's Perfect Form.[28]

Goku's lack of intelligence frustrated Freeza to attacking him upon their first meeting, though Goku was soon to display his skill when evading the attacks.[7] Though having promised Vegeta that he would defeat Freeza and even being advised by the then-deceased Saiyan to use the Kaio-Ken, Goku soon found himself outclassed though managed to use what little intelligence he had to power a Spirit Bomb.[5] After the move failed to best him, Freeza unintentionally caused Goku's strength to succeed his own when he killed Krillin, prompting Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan, all the while Goku still being capable of falling for Freeza's tricks but becoming bored and sparing him, having won their fight.[15]

Unlike Vegeta, Goku does not define himself by his pride. However, Goku is not without his own sense of pride. He frequently showers his son with praise for his absurd abilities and power, and is known for acting rashly in order to obtain a better fight out of his enemies, which is a common personality trait among Saiyans.



Goku was born with the name Kakarot on the Planet Vegeta to the Saiyan couple Bardock and Gine. While his father was a Saiyan soldier and accomplished killer, his mother was a butcher with a kind disposition, which may be half the reason he's a kind-hearted by nature. His father was mostly inattentive, hence why his older brother Raditz grew up so ruthless and dickish, and Bardock was rather unimpressed with Kakarot's miniscule power level. Despite this, Bardock cared enough that once he become aware of alien warlord Freeza's plan to commit genocide on them after his subordinate Dodoria butchered his teammates Toma, Selypa, Pumbukin, and Toteppo. He went to the trouble of getting Kakarot and sending him off-world to another planet called Earth in a Saiyan pod. Following this, he confronted Freeza above the planet as the tyrant fired a gigantic sun-like energy ball at the planet. Although he attempted to hold it off with a energy blast, Bardock was (seemingly) annihilated in the effort and the huge energy sphere obliterated the planet in a massive explosion, effectively killing the entire Saiyan race.

Little baby Kakarot was found in this Saiyan pod by hermit martial artist Grandpa Gohan, who initially planned to name him "Clark" before settling on "Goku". While the infant Goku expressed happiness with the name, Grandpa Gohan accidentally dropped him, causing Goku to hit his head and suffer an injury, which unfortunately also left him greatly lacking in general intelligence. According to Krillin, Goku was found living alone in the woods by his friends. When Goku was a child, he climbed to the top of Korin's Tower and thus arrived on Kami's Lookout. He was happy in his achievement as it meant he could begin training again before he encountered Mr. Popo. Mr. Popo threw him into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber sometime after their first meeting and Goku nearly died, thus developing a huge fear of Popo (which isn't surprising as literally everyone is scared shitless of him, sans Piccolo and Kami). Goku eventually married his childhood girlfriend Chi-Chi, albieit during her pregnancy with their child Gohan he thought she was hiding Cinnabuns in her shirt, which disturbed and greatly annoyed Chi-Chi. He developed a fear of her during the early part of their relationship.

Early Age 762[]

Making a deal[]

"I have a kid!"

Goku ventured to Kame House. Accompanying him was his son Gohan, who he introduced to Bulma, Master Roshi and Krillin as his child and caused a surprise to the group. Bulma and Master Roshi indirectly asked Goku since he had a son how his experience was in having sex, though he was not able to catch on to Bulma beating around the bush nor Master Roshi's sounds indicative of the act. With Krillin questioning when Gohan was going to start training, Goku explained that Chi-Chi was against it as she wanted him to become, in his own words, "lame". Bulma noted the Dragon Ball on Gohan's hat and stated that it may make him a target for villains, though Goku denied this as he had beaten Piccolo and expressed confidence in himself before sensing a power level that he noted as being bigger than Krillin's "losing streak."

Raditz then arrived and revealed Goku was not human but instead part of a race of near-extinct aliens called Saiyans and that he was his brother, though most of it confused Goku who could only responded repeatedly, "What?" After Krillin walked up to Raditz and was knocked into Kame House after asking how important he would be since he was Goku's brother, the latter ordered Raditz to stop hitting Krillin, reasoning that he was breaking Kame House. He then questioned what Raditz was there for, mentioning the Dragon Balls and then elaborating on what they were. With Raditz insisting that he was there for Goku, the latter asked what they were going to do, mentioning the possibility of them catching a ball game or seeing a film.

Raditz revealed his intent to have Goku join him in eradicating the human race and selling the planet, which Goku tried to deny accepting as he liked people on the planet, before being kneed in the stomach followed by Raditz taking his son. Goku criticized Krillin for not acting and when he mentioned being slapped into the house and asked what Goku's excuse was, Goku reasoned that he had been kneed. Piccolo then arrived and Goku tried explaining to him what had happened, only for Piccolo to reveal he was observing the entire conflict, leading Goku to ask if he was interested in teaming up with him, promising to add him on MySpace for his help.

Fight against Raditz and first death[]

Goku and Piccolo journeyed to fight Raditz. While flying on Nimbus, Goku started a conversation with Piccolo and asked if he was a Yoshi, the latter sarcastically confirming his theory and prompting Goku to ask if he could ride him. When the pair arrived, they removed their weighted clothing as they began their fight with Raditz, Goku reacting in shock that Piccolo was also wearing weighted clothing. Goku caught Raditz's tail during the fight and let go twice after Raditz's apologizes convinced him to. He also made a habit of screaming out his battle strategies and was briefly aided in the fight by Gohan, who threw himself into Raditz. The battle was finally resolved when Goku grabbed Raditz from behind after fighting him by himself while Piccolo charged his Special Beam Cannon, unintentionally sacrificing himself so that his nefarious sibling could pass away with him, as Piccolo "failed" to issue a warning despite Goku telling him to so that he would not take the blast along with him. Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi then arrived and Krillin was at Goku's side as he died. Though Krillin had brought along a Senzu Bean, Goku mentioned that he had a hole in his esophagus and then passed on.

Following his death, Goku was brought to the check-in station by Kami, where he met King Yemma. King Yemma allowed Goku access to meet with King Kai by granting him permission to journey on Snake Way, which Goku said sounded fun and was alright with going on. Before he left, Goku asked King Yemma about his brother, describing him and learning that King Yemma had tried to stop him but was unable to as Raditz ran away. Goku arrived at Snake Way and in looking at the road, thought aloud that it was going to take him a while. Goku asked the demon who transported him there if anyone had ever ran the whole thing and found out Mr. Popo had.

Journey on Snake Way[]

Goku started off his running strong, as he was motivated to reach King Kai since he knew the Saiyan threat would be the biggest challenge that humanity had faced up to that point and reminded himself of this initially, though he later fell asleep and was on the back of a truck as it journeyed on Snake Way for him until it bumped and knocked him off, waking him up as he fell down into Hell. Goku was instantly met by Goz and Mez, learning the pair's names after asking who they were and learned of their intent to have him exercise, which did not impress him as he told them of his mission and asked how he could get out of there. The pair claimed the only way out was by beating them in a test of strength and speed. Goku asked them hypothetically if he had beat them where the exit would be and when pointed in the right direction, made a run for it. He asked them about Raditz and discovered the latter had made a "horrible mess of the Blood Fountain", which Goku thought looked fine with the blood inside of it until it was realized that it used to have water in it.

Goku informed the pair that he was leaving and thanked them for the fruit. Goku then encountered Princess Snake, who he instantly was able to tell was not King Kai and was confused by when the latter asked if her beauty tipped him off. Goku then stated that he could eat anything when she asked him if he was hungry, though he was again confused by her when she said she could as well. Princess Snake revealed that she had killed all of the animals he began eating and Goku was impressed with her for having done so as he began chowing down on the variety, though he asked what she meant when she stated that she wanted to take him down as well. Goku then enjoyed himself in the hot tub and in stating that it was nice, prompted Princess Snake who was hiding in a cardboard box to remark that the hot tub was not as nice as his "ass", which he barely was able to hear.

As Goku was about to leave, he was stopped by Princess Snake, who claimed that he could not leave until he had passed a test of endurance and told him that she wanted him inside of her, confusing him as he asked for clarification. Princess Snake transformed into her snake form after this and went after Goku with persistence, attempting to eat him. He was able to dodge her for the most part, though was hit by her flamethrower that came out of her mouth. During the chase, he requested that she stop chasing him and quit grunting since he found it creepy. Goku was eventually able to elude her once she got caught in herself, being grateful for this.

Training with King Kai[]

Goku arrived on King Kai's planet and met him and Bubbles, though was quick to react to the intense gravity of the small planet. Goku explained to King Kai once he asked why he was there that he had come to train with him since his planet was under attack and spoke of his intent to withstand any test in order to save his world, before King Kai cut him off by announcing he would train him, surprising Goku as he thought he would have to take some test, though King Kai reasoned that the only company he had was Bubbles, Gregory and Bojack. Goku was not surprised afterward since he could not "imagine anything more boring" than that.

Goku was brought back to life thanks to the others using the Dragon Balls on Earth, mentioning it to King Kai as his halo disappeared. After the latter ordered him off the planet, Goku thanked him for his help and expressed his belief that he would be ready for what he knew was a hard battle before departing.

Arrival at the battlefield[]

Goku was eating food that he was given by Princess Snake, which she gave him as an attempt at apologizing for trying to eat him earlier, when she reminded him that he was on his way back to Earth to save his friends and family. Goku then continued his journey back there and arrived on the planet. He asked Mr. Popo for transportation to get him there quicker, but was turned down due to the latter having to bake toast and instead opted to use the Flying Nimbus. Goku arrived at the battlefield as Nappa was able to stomp on his son, being surprised by the bodies of Piccolo, Tien and Yamcha, but Yamcha in particular and asked where Chiaotzu was, learning from Krillin that he had blown himself up.

He gave Krillin and Gohan Senzu Beans to restore their health after the two had sustained injuries from the fight with the Saiyans and he briefly powered up. Goku had his power level read as 1,006 by Vegeta who had his scouter on upside-down and encouraged Nappa to fight him, thinking that he would be able to "kick his ass". Nappa charged Goku and was defeated with ease by the latter, only afterward Vegeta revealing that he had the scouter on upside-down and that his power level was actually 9,001, though he was still not concerned since it was not a threat to him and because the two would wish for immortality with the Dragon Balls after his defeat. Goku then revealed that since they had killed Piccolo then the Dragon Balls would not work, prompting Vegeta to kill Nappa, who had killed Piccolo along with the others.

Fight against Vegeta[]

After Vegeta killed Nappa, Goku told Gohan that he wanted him and Krillin to get away from the battlefield as he intended to fight Vegeta by himself. He then noticed that Krillin had left in a hurry and told Gohan to tell Chi-Chi "to put dinner on" because he was hungry. Goku asked Vegeta if they could take their fight somewhere else since the location did not seem right. After arriving at a wasteland, Goku said the pair did not have to fight and offered Vegeta a chance to leave so that they could stop "meaningless bloodshed." When Vegeta declined, Goku still offered it as long as Vegeta was a "little sorry." When the latter swore he would kill Goku and destroy the planet, Goku attacked him with his Kaio-Ken, catching him off-guard.

Goku asked him what he meant by an "elite" and was still confused after Vegeta explained its definition. When their fight continued and Vegeta bragged about him fighting a "losing battle" while Goku removed his shirt, he again activated his Kaio-ken, but this time times three, and slammed him into a cave. Vegeta sarcastically remarked that he was having a good time with "gumdrops and ice cream" after Goku asked how he was and when the latter asked to come inside, Vegeta remarked that he was surrounded by idiots, confusing Goku who thought he was surrounded by "gumdrops and ice cream."

Vegeta then freed himself from the cave's inside by causing it to burst and expressed his outrage with how the battle was going, to which Goku joked that he was having an "ice cream headache", causing Vegeta to decide that everyone dies and launch into the sky. Goku told Vegeta that his statement to say goodbye to his planet was not "very nice" and then fired a Kamehameha at Vegeta's Galic Gun. They were evenly matched until Goku increased the power of his beam by using the Kaio-Ken times four, sending Vegeta away.

Vegeta returned, mistaking Goku for destroying the moon when in reality it had been Piccolo, and transformed into a Great Ape. Goku was under the impression that this would only increase his strength and decrease his speed, being surprised when he was nearly hit by Vegeta right after he entered the state. Goku moved away and chose to start thinking like a monkey, hearing Bubbles and being under the impression that it was working before King Kai told him that using the Spirit Bomb was the only way he could defeat Vegeta. Goku began charging it, not realizing he would have to be well-hidden since it would take time to charge it fully, and was struck down by Vegeta.

Goku was able to resist Vegeta in the form by shooting him in the eye though was ultimately retrained and held against his will, making a squeaking noise as Vegeta squeezed him. In the midst of the conversing between the warriors and Vegeta, Yajirobe cut off Vegeta's tail.

Gohan arrived to confront him and protect his father, fighting him while Goku called over Krillin to throw the Spirit Bomb, reasoning to his friend that he had picked him as he was out of options. Krillin threw it and missed, leading Goku to request Gohan to give it a try and tell his son that he believed in him, though warned him that the attack might harm him as well despite earlier stating that it would not since he was a good guy. After the attack hit Vegeta and the latter was propelled into the sky, the group briefly celebrated as they thought he had died until Vegeta came back unconscious and opened his eyes, causing Yajirobe, Gohan and Krillin to shriek in panic and the confused and incapacitated Goku to ask what was going on as he was under the impression that they had won.

After Vegeta came back and started attacking the group again, he fired a beam that he thought would kill them all, discovering that they had survived and being led to begin attacking everyone individually. After Gohan transformed into an Oozaru, Goku lied on Vegeta by claiming that he had killed Icarus. With Gohan's tail being removed by Vegeta and the latter trying to leave Earth in his space pod prior to being confronted by Krillin who sought to kill him for what he had done, Goku stopped his friend by telling him to let Vegeta go if he was sorry, which the latter claimed to be and Krillin allowed for him to leave at Goku's request.

Late Age 762[]

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Goku in the hospital after his fight with Vegeta.

With his battle with Vegeta behind him, Goku recovered in a hospital with Gohan and Krillin. They were visited by most of their family and friends when Master Roshi asked Goku about his recovery and its progress, leading him to explain that he had acquired crushed ribs and brain damage as he repeated the phrase "and the brain damage" until greeting and questioning Master Roshi on when he had arrived. The doctor informed him that he had another visit, which confused Goku as he had believed all of his friends were there until Mr. Popo revealed himself, causing Goku to recall their first encounter with each other and scream out hysterically. Goku was sedated, though managed to still vote for Bulma to go with Mr. Popo to see a ship that would take the others to Namek ahead of him, as he had the worse injuries.[29]

While recovering in the hospital, Goku learned from Master Roshi that Vegeta had arrived on Namek and there was someone there that was even stronger. The two spoke in hip hop terms as Goku lamented that he could not "do anything" until he had fully-recovered. This was followed by Yajirobe arriving with the Senzu Beans, which he explained as restoring stamina and healing wounds, but did not succeed in catching Goku's attention until Master Roshi told him to take the Senzu Bean. After consuming one and being instantly healed, he changed clothes and announced that he was heading to Bulma's home. When asked by Master Roshi why he had chosen to go to her home, he explained that he needed a ship and her father Dr. Briefs was a scientist. After being wished good luck by his former mentor, Goku then jumped out the window to get on Nimbus, but the late arriving cloud came only after he had suffered a fall.[30]

Goku aboard the ship Dr. Briefs created for him, shortly before accidentally blasting off into space.

Arriving at the Briefs residence, he spoke to Mrs. Briefs, who asked him to refer to her as "MILF" since everyone else did. They then made their way to the ship that Dr. Briefs had been working on, who was inside and began speaking with Goku after his wife departed to return to the kitchen. Goku quickly deduced that Dr. Briefs had begun working on the ship while he was recovering due to the fear that Krillin would mess things up and when learning it was almost complete, said it was "just the best day ever." Goku was impressed with the ship and asked Dr. Briefs where the button was that "made blueberry muffins". Dr. Briefs said he never considered that, leading Goku to allude to it being very handy before Dr. Briefs left him with a warning not to touch the "START" button. Goku clicked it unintentionally and was sent into space along with the ship.[31]

After blasting off for Namek, Goku quickly acquired a muffin, which he revealed he had gotten from a "muffin button" that Dr. Briefs did not recall installing. Through Dr. Briefs, Goku learned that the ship had settings to turn up the gravity, which he deemed was a way for him to get stronger. While Dr. Briefs tried to warn him that his bones could be crushed, Goku became bored and hanged up on him to begin training. Goku had a difficult choice picking some music to listen to, but eventually settled on a song (Cooking by The Book from Lazy Town).[32] Goku was contacted by King Kai amidst his training and shortly after he consumed one of the last Senzu Beans he had with him. King Kai warned him of an individual who had much more power than Vegeta, which made Goku become excited, not helped by King Kai mentioning that he had killed many. Goku was asked to promisel by King Kai, that he would not fight him. Goku started to promise, before he "hung up" on King Kai.[33] Goku continued his training and from space heard the scream of Vegeta after the latter realized that Gohan had stolen a Dragon Ball from his set of seven, which would have allowed him to become immortal.[34]

Dominating the Ginyu Force[]

Prior to Goku's arrival on Namek, Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan were defeated by the Ginyu Force.[16] After arriving on Namek, Goku looked around and admired that the planet was "serene" while Krillin called out in pain for him to come help as he, Gohan and Vegeta were being killed by the Ginyu Force. Goku mistook him for a duck but thought it would not make sense for one to be on the planet and he then realized that it was Krillin after the latter actually made a duck noise. On the battlefield, he discovered his son Gohan had been critically injured and tried to call out for him continuously, getting no response from the comatose child. He theorized that Gohan would wake up if he shook him some more but chose to give him a Senzu Bean instead after Krillin instructed him to.

"I will fight you in a minute"

Giving his son the Senzu Bean, he attracted the attention of Recoome, who was angry that he had interrupted his match. Goku dismissed him by stating that he was trying to talk to his son, after which Recoome swore he would kill him and Gohan regained consciousness from eating the Senzu Bean. After his son expressed relief that he was here and told him that he loved him, Goku confirmed he was there, neglecting to tell his son that he loved him. He walked over to Krillin and asked of his condition. Recoome then tried speaking to Goku, but the latter dismissed him again by saying he was trying to talk to his friends and asked Vegeta if they were. Despite Vegeta's response of "F**k off", Goku was convinced that they were and threw a Senzu Bean to him.

After Vegeta caught the Senzu Bean, Goku warned him to chew it or risk growing a bean stock in his belly. Though Krillin tried to give him a recap of what had happened on the planet prior to his arrival, Goku read his mind by holding his forehead with the palm of his hand. He briefly saw Freeza and laughed at the androgynous alien being male. Goku explained to the questioning Krillin that he had read his mind using the muffin button and joined with him in expressing confusion. Recoome then began to charge up to prepare for an all-out fight with Goku, but the latter only took one hit to knock him out, promising that he would fight the unconscious Ginyu Force member in a minute.

Goku after defeating Burter.

Goku was easily able to resist the Seizure Procedure by Jeice and Burter, afterwards punching the former several times in his face with such ease that he questioned if Jeice was going to dodge any of them. Goku then was able to withstand a flurry of punches from the duo, knocking them away with the air brought about by the movements of his hand. While Jeice and Burter spoke to each other, Goku questioned whether or not there was a Denny's on the planet and as the two were making plans to hang out together following an emotional connection, Goku knocked out Burter and questioned Jeice as to whether not there was a Denny's there.

Jeice yelled out Burter's name, which made Goku recall butter, something he thought would "go great" on his Grand Slam. After Jeice fled, Goku questioned where the fighters were and expressed his wishes to "deck that Freezer guy." Vegeta was disappointed in Goku being what he thought was a "Super Saiyan", which Goku did not hear and asked him what he had said before Vegeta dismissed it. Goku explained to Krillin that his strength had been acquired by training at 100x normal gravity. With Krillin's comment that it was no wonder he had defeated them so easily based on his training, Goku dismissed that they were dead, also expressing that he would not finish them off since he did not believe they were a threat. Vegeta proceeded to kill Recoome and Burter, Goku scolding him afterward. Vegeta then began slamming down on Burter while he laid deceased, creating what he called a song and leading Krillin to become involved in trying to figure out what it was from. Goku also became involved and discredited Gohan when the latter correctly claimed that rabies came from contraction via a bite by an animal with a disease, although Goku argued that this was not the case since animals did not eat people.[16]

Goku powering up for Captain Ginyu.

While having banter with Gohan and Krillin, Goku noted that someone was missing among their group. Jeice returned with Captain Ginyu, after which Goku punched him in the face. Goku instructed Krillin and Gohan to go off while he and Vegeta fought the pair, though Vegeta left as well under the excuse that he had to use the bathroom, leading Goku to note that he had a small bladder. During the fight against Ginyu, Goku became bored and told him that he was not using his power, showing his strength off by powering up and revealing to him that he was stronger than him and everyone else in the Ginyu Force causing Captain Ginyu to freak out until Jeice gave him advice to exchange bodies. As the fight with Goku and Ginyu continued, the latter punched himself in the stomach, creating a hole in his chest. Goku was confused by his self-inflicted wound, saying he was "supposed to be" doing that to him, though Ginyu claimed that he was and quickly used his Body Change ability, which successfully put him in Goku's body while Goku ended up in his dying one.[35]

In another body[]

Goku having his body stolen.

Reacting to the body swap, Goku questioned what happened and observed himself to be "purple and horny", concluding that Chi-Chi was going to dislike his new appearance. After realizing that he had indeed swapped bodies with Ginyu, Goku called on him to give him his body back, only for Ginyu to fly away with Jeice in his body, followed by Goku lamenting that he was "a jerk now." Despite being severely wounded, Goku arrived at Freeza's ship, where Gohan and Krillin had encountered Ginyu and Jeice. Goku addressed his friends and Ginyu, erroneously calling him "Goku", and compared the hole in his chest to the one he had sustained from his fight against Raditz. He theorized that it would only feel better after being given "a million mommy kisses" as Ginyu in his body engaged Gohan, who took out his frustrations with his father on the villain in his father's body. Goku was not sure of where his aggression came from and asked Jeice if he had to listen to him since he was in Ginyu's body as well as revealing Vegeta to him.

As Ginyu began failing to be able to best Gohan and was wondering why when he had been outclassed by Goku during their fight, Goku reasoned that this was due to him not knowing how to use his moves and refused to teach him how to use the Kaio-ken. As Ginyu was laying on the ground after being attacked by Vegeta, the latter had to explain that Goku's Saiyan name was "Kakarot" while his Earth name was "Goku", the confused Goku asked if that made him "Ginyu". Vegeta then charged at Ginyu and the latter prepared to swap bodies with him, but Goku prevented it as he jumped in-between them since he wanted to protect "Goku" from Vegeta, regaining his body in the process.

Goku happy to be back in his body.

Goku was happy to be in his body again and when asked by Krillin what his favorite food was, he asked "Favorite?" in return, confirming his authenticity. Ginyu tried swapping bodies with Vegeta again, which was prevented a second time by Goku, who unintentionally threw a frog in-between them since he disliked it being next to him, resulting in Ginyu and the frog switching bodies. After this, Goku unsuccessfully tried to persuade Vegeta not to kill Ginyu by citing the fact that he could not hurt anyone anymore. With Vegeta relenting, Goku stated that he really could be a nice guy, though was disappointed when he crushed him with his foot.[36] After the fight, Goku was put in an outdated healing tank. Goku laughed while in the tank and at the same time expressed pain.[37] During the healing, Goku was contacted by King Kai, who asked about what had happened. Goku recalled his fights with the Ginyu Force, calling Ginyu a "horny guy" and in hearing George Takei, questioned who he was and learned his identity from King Kai. King Kai asked him if he was done, though Goku told him that he thought the machine would tell him when he was done and then continued to sing as King Kai called on him again, to which Goku expressed his belief that his friends were doing fine in their battle against Freeza.[7]

Meeting Freeza[]

Goku finished his healing and made his way towards the battlefield where his friends were fighting Freeza. He greeted Piccolo and Krillin and only made passing reference to his son. He introduced himself to Freeza as being "insane" and "from Earth", declaring that he was going to "deck" Freeza "in the schnoz!", making him the only person known to tell Freeza a line he never heard before during a heroic speech, being that it was, "a new one." Goku instantly got on Freeza's bad side by mocking his appearance by pointing out the odd appearance of his head, lips and tails, Freeza then blasting at him, which Goku swatted away and then made criticism of his lack of ears which was followed by Freeza firing more shots at him that Goku swatted away. Goku summarized him as being "really kind of a jerk" following the attempts at harming him. After Freeza shot through Vegeta's armor when the latter began bragging that Goku had become a Super Saiyan,[7] Goku expressed concern for him, revealing afterward his reason for not blocking the attack was because he thought Vegeta could handle it.

Goku moves to bury Vegeta.

Vegeta urged Goku to listen to him and revealed that Freeza had enslaved the Saiyans, to which Goku internalized that he would not have been evil if this fate had not befell the race, though Vegeta claimed otherwise and furthered that he as the last remaining Saiyan was the last hope for their race, though this bothered Vegeta in his last moments. After the latter passed away, Goku forged a makeshift tomb for him and buried Vegeta's body, promising that he would defeat Freeza for him and bidding him farewell. After Freeza surmised that Vegeta was in Hell, Goku recalled his own tenure there and said the only bad part were the two oiled up Germans that tried to wrestle him. He then exclaimed that he would have to stop Freeza as he was someone that harmed others including children, a category Freeza dismissed as doing a favor to since they either grew up under his rule or dedicated their lives to revenge, sometimes both, the latter then questioning both on who would become the villain if he allowed them to live. Goku answered that he would still be and in being told that it was a "rhetorical question", he replied that he gave Freeza a "rhetorical answer."

Goku dismissed the others to leave him to fight Freeza and told Piccolo to continue looking after Gohan, even admitting that he had been doing this the entire time. Gohan departed, though not before ordering his father to defeat Freeza with a form of vulgarity, Goku internalizing this to mean that Gohan had been having a hard time recently. Freeza stressed that he was being a coward for sending his friends off while he dueled him alone, furthering that suicide was the coward's way out once Goku questioned how this made him one, though Goku was direct and requested that the pair simply fight. Goku charged Freeza and missed him, afterward having to dodge the latter's tail and a beam before being hidden in smoke from his adversary. In realizing that Freeza could not sense his energy after noticing that all of Freeza's attacks were missing, Goku blurted this fact out and then assumed that Freeza had bat vision based on him being able to get to him. With Freeza's next attack seemingly missing, Goku mocked him by insisting that he had missed and telling him to work on his aim before Goku's butt caught on fire, a fact that he exclaimed.

Goku attacks Freeza with his feet.

Avoiding serious injury, Goku expressed relief that he had avoided the frying pan and lava, explaining how he functioned afterward to Freeza by stating that he paid his taxes one leg at a time. Freeza indicated that he would then drown Goku, who questioned him on his motives and asked if he was coming onto him after Freeza compared drowning him to that of puppies and said the reason was due to them being cute and cuddly. Goku was tossed into the water by Freeza and in there, assessed Freeza as strong and someone he would have to surprise, seeking to capitalize on his lack of being able to sense energy. Goku concluded that his best bet would be to fire attacks at him, a plan that he said was only beaten in terms of how good it was by a proposed burger with bacon in the outside and inside. With Goku letting the beams out, Freeza dodged them though found himself liable to being kicked by Goku from the sky, who stated afterward that it was time someone kicked him to the curb and thanked his brain.

With Freeza recovering and assessing their power differences, Goku questioned if Freeza was capable of benching and then was introduced to a mountain by Freeza who promptly threw it in his face. Goku apologized to the mountain before destroying it and opted to play a game with Freeza who placed him inside a ball afterward that seemingly exploded with Goku inside of it following a series of hits. Goku emerged unscathed and stated that the game was alright but did not have the pie level of Donkey Kong. The two landed elsewhere and Freeza chose to fight without using either one of his hands, Goku then agreeing to fight without using his shirt and charging toward him, grabbing his tail in the process and confirming that he thought their fight was a game since Freeza had said that it was. Goku twirled Freeza around after that and following causing him to vomit, which was followed by him having to stop Freeza from choking him to death and using his mouth to bite Freeza's tail to remove his grip.

Goku being met by Vegeta while unconscious.

Freeza followed this by hitting Goku in the face with a punch, who expressed anger with him for doing this and repeated it over and over again until questioning if he had won since he had still had his shirt off. With Freeza claiming that he was the victor, Goku questioned what he had won and was promptly placed in the water again by Freeza despite exclaiming that he was not dirty. Goku was unable to think of a way of defeating Freeza and lost consciousness for the time being, Vegeta then appearing to him without clothes in his mind. Goku questioned why he was naked and corrected his claim that one would leave their clothes behind in passing away, mentioning his retaining of clothes that he did not even wear when he died and thanking Vegeta after he told him to use his Kaiaoken. Goku was able to release himself from Freeza's grip using the attack and fired a Kamehameha wave toward him that seemingly defeated him until Freeza emerged unscathed and Goku expressed disappointment in realizing his attack's ineffectiveness before being blasted by Freeza.[38]

Spirit Bomb[]

Goku being dominated by Freeza.

As the battle between the two carried on, Freeza continued having the upper hand on Goku, knocking him around and propelling his head to go into water. When Freeza tried asking Goku what he had "to say" for himself, Goku spit on his face, after which getting a beating from his opponent until getting knocked around again. Goku expressed that he could not lose and that it was a priority to defeat Freeza since he was evil and while the latter was struck by God, made gestures with his hands to initiate charging a Spirit Bomb. Goku thought the attack was his only chance to defeat Freeza and claimed to just be stretching when Freeza questioned the gesture, confirming he was doing so in the middle of a battle.

Goku started drawing power from different planets as Krillin blurted out that he was using the Spirit Bomb, which Freeza heard to an extent and asked Goku what "that fool was yammering on about", Goku claiming that he was talking about ghosts and explaining that they had everything to do with their fight before being attacked by Freeza for being "stupid" while arguing that he was being "rhetorical" and that Freeza was acting "transcendent." Goku, upon regaining his balance, tried to charge the attack further, but Freeza continued to kick him around as he mistook him for waiving his hands in the air "like" he just didn't care. After Freeza chose to terminate him, Goku mentioned they could always play a game of 20 questions, which lead Freeza to first ask if he was going to die.

Goku denied that he would, though braced himself as Freeza positioned his hand to shoot him, before Freeza saw the glare of and then the Spirit Bomb, realizing that Goku had planned to use it on him. He then tried to kill Goku before Piccolo intervened, after which Goku informed him that he would need both hands to charge the Spirit Bomb so Piccolo would have to fight Freeza by himself and expressed his belief that Piccolo could do it despite he himself being beaten around by Freeza in a smaller time frame than that.

"I'ma chargin' my attack!"

After Piccolo went down, he called on Goku to throw the attack, though he stressed that he could not since it was not done charging. Following Freeza moved to destroy the entire planet, Goku finished charging it and launched it at the ascending Freeza, seemingly killing him and saving the planet. Goku was later recovered in the aftermath by Piccolo and the pair reunited with Gohan and Krillin, after which Goku joked that Freeza suffered a case of "freezer burn" and the four laughed together, thinking they had finally succeeded in vanquishing the villain until Freeza returned, which was followed by him shooting Piccolo into unconsciousness and then killing Krillin through blowing him up.[39]


Goku after transforming into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

Goku was devastated by Krillin's death, it being the only thing he spoke of when Freeza requested that he say something funny. In a fit of rage, he transformed into a Super Saiyan, after which he gazed at Freeza while instructing Gohan to take Piccolo and Bulma off of the planet. Though Gohan asked about him, expressing concern for his father, Goku stressed that Piccolo's death would make the entire trip pointless and asserted that his son begin getting away from him as the latter expressed that the plan was surprising well-thought out for Goku. Freeza tried to attack Gohan as he fled with Piccolo, but was stopped by Goku, who grabbed his hand as he promised to break him "like a Kit-Kat bar." Goku then briefly attacked him before dodging several of Freeza's death beams.


When asked by Freeza what had happened to make him become different, Goku answered that it was just as Vegeta had stated, calling himself "the hope of the omniverse! I am the lightbulb in the darkness! I am the bacon in the fridge for all the living things that cry out in hunger! I am the Alpha and the Omega! I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am Son Goku, and I am a Super-" before being cut off by an attack from Freeza, though he quickly regained himself and finished by stating "-Saiyan". Goku zoned out while Freeza launched an attack in an attempt to destroy Namek. After it failed, Goku asked if he missed and further stated that it appeared he could not go through with blowing them both up, Freeza revealing afterward that he could survive in space despite Goku calling it a "vaccum." Freeza theorized that he only had five minutes before the planet exploded, to which Goku reasoned that he would just have to defeat him in four. He was unconvinced initially that it was his problem that Freeza was not at full power, rejecting his bargains to give him pizza and mentioning that he had killed his best friend before Freeza offered pizza with stuffed crust. Goku then stopped charing at him and reasoned to King Kai, who had been listening in on the fight, that letting Freeza power up and fight at full power before defeating him would demoralize him. Goku argued to King Kai that this particular type of pizza could be eaten in reverse. Goku then received a punch from the stomach by the fully-charged Freeza and then several blows. Goku asked in the middle of their fight if he could get a meat lover's before being cut off by another strike from Freeza.[15]

The final battle[]

Goku chases after Freeza.

Freeza thought that Goku was dead until he kicked him in the face, Goku afterward calling Freeza an overgrown thing that Chi-Chi kept in her drawer and noted to himself that Freeza was stronger than ever at full power, which would require him to strategize and he did this by calling his attention to Porunga, the Namekian dragon. Freeza chased after it and Goku followed him, the pair dueling and Goku saying that he did not have to use the bathroom as Freeza called on him to "piss off", Freeza then making a request for immortality before the dragon and everyone else disappeared. Freeza questioned where everyone had gone and Goku admitted that he was just as lost as him. Dende had used Porunga to teleport everyone off of the planet and to Earth, apart from Goku and Freeza.

Goku told Freeza that he was not immortal either but alright with that, Freeza then firing another ball of energy and trying to use it to kill Goku before the latter blocked it and sent it to another planet, Goku then swearing that apart from that planet no other ones would be destroyed by him. Goku punched Freeza numerous times afterward, the latter continuing to fight him until Goku became bored and told this to Freeza, powering down from his newly-achieved form but warning Freeza that he would have to kill him if he encountered his tyranny again. While trying to fly away, Freeza attacked him, Goku quickly realizing the move was no "pizza" and being driven to return to his Super Saiyan form. Freeza tried to attack him with the Kienzan, though was not able to hit him as a result of not being able to control the attack. Goku was oblivious to his intentions and asked if he was trying to swat a bee, stressing that he did not like them. When Freeza finally managed to make the move come towards him, Goku quickly dodged it and was able to continue doing this until the move came towards Freeza who he tried to warn of his own attack moving towards him until it was too late and Freeza was sliced in half.

Staying around him after he was sliced, Goku made puns on the subject such as that he was a "cut above the rest", he did not "make the cut" and cutting him "some slack" before Freeza requested that he stop, which he agreed to do as he began leaving until Freeza requested some energy to leave the planet as well. Goku complied and gave him some, instructing him to be responsible with the energy and not use it to hurt anyone or drugs. When Freeza questioned him, Goku informed him that he was going home as he had a long trip and would have requested one of his legs to take to eat but he assumed that Freeza was hungry as well. Freeza momentarily considered changing his ways, though opted against it as he fired a blast that Goku was able to intercept as he expressed his frustration with having to give Freeza more in energy in the form of a counterattack, one which was able to seemingly destroy him.

Goku saving himself with muffins.

After this, Goku assumed that Freeza had taken the energy and left, attempting to make his way off the planet with flying around and commenting to himself that everything looked exactly the same. Goku found a ship and tried looking for a control with mild frustration, pressing the muffin button over and over again until he was surrounded with enough muffins to completely cover himself as the planet exploded, seemingly taking him alongside with it.[15] In reality, Goku was actually saved by the muffin ship and found himself on Yardrat where he learned Instant Transmission.[21]


Return and warning[]

"I'm back and I'm off my meds!"

Goku returned to Earth nearly two years after the battle on Namek, though was late in that he had come after Freeza and his father King Cold landed. Fortunately for him and the planet, Future Trunks defeated the pair ahead of his arrival and pointed the Z-Fighters in the direction of where he would crash land. After his pod landed and he saw most of his friends outside, Goku warned them that they did not have anytime and that Freeza was on the planet, becoming confused by everyone's cheering, the result of seeing him again and the threat being averted.[11]

Goku and Future Trunks.

After his panic calmed and he noticed all of his friends were still alive, Goku expressed surprise, swearing that he thought Freeza would "Yamcha" at least one or two of them before greeting Yamcha himself and asking who was responsible for defeating Freeza. He learned from Bulma that Trunks had been behind his death, though he was unacquainted with the young man and did not want to say this, which lead him to stand and think of what his name was while pretending to know him before Trunks revealed the two had never met, relieving Goku who agreed to speak with him in private after Trunks made the request. Goku asked the others to give him one minute and though Gohan stressed it had been almost two years, he stressed the importance of talking "to this purple stranger", referring to Trunks and cut his son off as the two gained some distance from the others.

Though Trunks got his name wrong by calling him "Sun Wukong", Goku stated that he had correctly called him by his name "Son Goku" and learned the young man's name was Trunks, revealing to him after he asked how Freeza survived that he was responsible for letting him go, Goku concluding that he probably made a "bad call" in doing this. After Trunks stated that if he had not shown up then everyone would have been killed, Goku theorized that Shenron would not "be happy about that one" and confirmed to Trunks that he was Super Saiyan during his fight against Freeza. With the latter asking Goku to show him, he contemplated it with doubt since he barely knew Trunks but agreed to and transformed for him.

Goku finds out Bulma is Future Trunks's mother.

Goku said the transformation still sort of tickled as Trunks revealed his ability to transform, though Goku was most shocked by his hair turning "yellow" and was further in amazement by his own being that color once Trunks pointed that out to him. Goku was impressed by his transforming, being reminded of Krillin's death propelling him to transform for the first time. He then asked Trunks if anything had happened to Krillin while he was gone, afterward blocking the attacks of Trunks' sword with ease when the latter tried testing him before continuing to ask about Krillin's condition. Trunks was impressed with him and wanted to divulge his secrets. Goku admitted that he was horrible at keeping secrets, but promised to keep his and swore on the life of Krillin before Trunks reacted and then Bulma's, with Trunks questioning that he was promising on his mother's life, revealing their relation to Goku as he screamed out that she was his mother.

Goku receives a medicine to prevent his heart attack.

Goku then correctly guessed that Vegeta was his father and with Trunks' quietness, planned to go over to the two and congratulate them on their son prior to Trunks revealing that he was from the future, with Goku asking if he was "for realsies?" Trunks confirmed and stated that the robots would be created by a scientist from the defunct Red Ribbon Army, Goku calling them androids despite Trunks telling him the technical term was cyborgs. Goku did not understand how serious the androids were, even with Trunks saying they dwarfed Freeza with their power. Trunks explained that the androids killed all of the Z-Fighters apart from Bulma, Gohan, the already-deceased Yamcha and himself, leading Goku to question him as to what had happened to Yamcha and in learning that he committed suicide after learning that she was pregnant with Vegeta's child, stated that his death was "dark" before asking about what happened to him. Goku discovered he had also died before the battle thanks to having high cholesterol from eating too much bacon and was angered to the point of telling the young man to take that back before Trunks stated that medicine had been created to treat his condition, after which Goku asked if it was grape-flavored which he revealed he did not like and then was happy when Trunks claimed it was bacon-flavored.

Goku bid Trunks farewell as he left, revealing he thought the young man was female and then worked to get his story straight to the others. After being asked by Krillin what their talk was all about, he told him and the others, "You guys, ANDROIDS!" Goku then struggled to remember details of the description given to him by Trunks but was helped by Piccolo, who had heard everything. Goku requested that he does not tell everyone and he promised not to, leading Goku to feel content. As Vegeta started talking, Goku noted his pink shirt and complimented it as being a good color on him.

Goku revealed to everyone that he could teleport by using his Instant Transmission technique and teleporting to Master Roshi at Kame House, where he took the latter's glasses, and returned to the site of his crash landing, wearing them. Goku confirmed his speed when Yamcha noted that Master Roshi was on the other side of the world and he expressed that he just had to imagine where he wanted to go and he would be there as he explained his abilities, revealing to the others that he learned it out in space. When asked by Krillin how he survived, Goku would have just replied, "Muffin button" and explained how he survived with the help of the button and the people on the planet Yardrat.

Yamcha questioned him on why he did not teleport to Earth since he knew Freeza was coming and Goku rationalized it as him wanting to give them a shot, making no promises to Piccolo that he would do it again. With Vegeta's claims that he was a Super Saiyan, Goku believed him instantly and asked him to show him, though the latter left after this and denying Bulma's idea of wanting to fight the androids as opposed to locating the person making them by using the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and have him reveal the person's location. Goku agreed with him and wanted to fight the androids since he had not had a good fight since Freeza.

Gohan asked him if the first thing they were going to do after being away from each other for nearly two years was train and he told his son that he was excited as well. Goku stopped Yamcha as he began to leave with Bulma to tell him that he was his friend. Goku asked Piccolo if he wanted to drive cars and later went for a drive. Goku approached Chi-Chi over having Gohan help him in fighting the androids and she denied him, though he corrected her in stating that the first thing he asked about was dinner and was disappointed to learn she was rejecting both, trying to appeal to her to be a pal before accidentally knocking her into a tree with his massive strength.

Over the next three years, Goku trained with Piccolo and Gohan, sometimes Goku and Piccolo attacking Gohan at the same time. Once he fell down, Goku told Piccolo that his son needed to learn how to dodge and explained to Piccolo that he had managed to convince Chi-Chi to let him train Gohan by claiming to her that they were going on a trip to the "Ozarks" before begging him not to tell her that they were there. Once Piccolo revealed his compliance, the two came to a mutual understanding.[21]

Arrival of the Androids and illness[]

Goku accidentally let it slip to Chi-Chi on the day of the androids' arrival that they were going to fight them, not realizing that he was speaking to her as she questioned what he meant before flying off with Gohan and Piccolo. The pair came across Krillin on their way to the island, the latter stating to Gohan that he had barely grown since the last time he saw him with Goku mentioning that he felt this same way anytime he saw Krillin. The four were called down by Yamcha and met Trunks, the infant son of Bulma who turned away from Goku once he said his name was a girl's name. They all correctly guessed that the father was Vegeta, Yajirobe arriving afterward and Goku questioning if he had come all that way to assist them in fighting the androids before discovering from Yajirobe that he had only come to bring the Senzu Beans.

Goku also heard the Yamcha song he was playing, "Cat Loves Food" and started singing it as Yajirobe was shot down by the androids, remarking that the group had never wished him back before and Piccolo then noted that the androids were there before the group watched them go into the city. Though everyone did not like Piccolo's suggestion to go into the city, Goku agreed with him and threw the Senzu Beans to Bulma since they might have weighed them down before into the city. Goku looked around after flying in the city and thought about where he would be if he was an android.[10]

Goku started off his fight with Android 19 by delivering punches to the android, who did not seem capable of doing anything apart from being hit by him. Goku then charged a Kamehameha wave at the android and planned to destroy him with it, though he absorbed the attack as he downloaded his newest software, which allowed for him to absorb it without problem. Goku noticed the wave's absorption, stating it "didn't seem to work" and started to fire another wave at Android 19 with what he claimed was "double strength" when Yamcha warned that the androids could absorb energy. After Yamcha faced criticism for not telling the group earlier, Krillin joked that he needed the negative attention like a "hole in the chest", which received no aloud understanding from anyone from Goku, who screamed while fighting Android 19 that he understood him. Android 19 started to pummel Goku, who told his friends that he believed he was dying and asked Krillin for a Senzu Bean. After receiving it and digesting it, he fell the ground, claiming that it made his chest pains feel worse.

As he reported to Piccolo, his chest was hurting and it was hard to breath in addition to him feeling a numbness in his arm, which he questioned whether or not was normal. Goku confirmed to Gohan that he had taken the medicine before elaborating that he had started to, further explaining that he stopped due to its grape flavor before being kicked by Android 19 and reverting back to his base form. Goku called for Piccolo to tag in and then Gohan when the former was shot and seemingly neutralized prior to Android 19 sitting on his chest. As Android 19 began absorbing his energy and Goku tried his hardest to resist by grabbing the android's arm with both of his, Vegeta arrived and knocked the android off of him, saving Goku from having his energy further depleted. Goku greeted the arriving Vegeta and explained that he was dying when asked what he was doing before asking for assistance, to which Vegeta kicked him over to Piccolo who caught him with his hand. Goku thanked Vegeta and was taken back to his home by Yamcha.[14]

After being taken home, Goku screamed while Chi-Chi tended to him.[40] Yamcha watched over Goku as he continued screaming and briefly took a breath before continuing to shout.[26] Krillin decided that it would be best for Goku to be transported to Kame House ahead of the androids arriving at his home. Goku could be heard when Krillin and Future Trunks arrived at his home and shortly before they moved him into a ship. At the same time, Future Trunks insisted that a recently discovered time capsule was not the same one that he had used to come back to the past, trying to show it to the group amount the ship and having it land on Goku who as noted by Yamcha, returned to shouting.[41] After arriving at Kame House, Goku was placed in a bed upstairs and Chi-Chi brought to attention the fact that he had began smiling. Within Goku's dreams, he was both a pirate and ninja, the different versions of him communicating with each other.[42]

Back in the game[]

Goku after recovering.

He woke up prior to the Androids arriving there, being seen outside Kame House by Chi-Chi, who immediately hugged him. Goku, in an attempt to prove he was back to normal, tossed her into the sky unintentionally while lifting her (which later culminated in her burning in space). After this, he spoke with Chi-Chi and Master Roshi briefly, though still managing to anger Chi-Chi when he spoke of his intentions to continue his training and bring Gohan alongside with him if she was worried about him. Chi-Chi had him to promise they would have another child, to which he did not confirm nor deny the possibility before using Instant Transmission to relocate to the plane carrying most of the Z Fighters.

Appearing for a few seconds after Krillin expressed his despair while questioning why the group did not have Goku, he informed them that he was taking Gohan with him and bid them farewell as he teleported away again. He reappeared with Gohan to meet with Trunks and Vegeta, the latter having sat around while his father stood in silence. Goku spoke with Vegeta and though the latter became infuriated by Goku mentioning hearing about his loss to Android 18, he changed tones when Goku brought up the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Kami's Lookout. Goku, Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta all journeyed to the Lookout and were shown the chamber by Mr. Popo. After Vegeta made the choice for him and Trunks to go ahead of Goku upon hearing that the latter nearly died when in the chamber as a child, Goku wished Trunks to "have fun".[8]

Goku holds Gohan back.

While he and Gohan waited for a day to pass to begin their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Piccolo began fighting Android 17. Though Gohan wanted to assist him, Goku stressed they would have to wait for Vegeta and Trunks to finish so they could start and become stronger, continuously saying "Hyperbolic Time Chamber" incorrectly. This caused Mr. Popo to knock him off of the Lookout.[43]

Goku and Gohan felt Piccolo's energy go out after Cell put him in a comatose state, Goku calling it "not good." Goku stopped his son from trying to arrive on the battlefield by holding him back, asserting that he was not strong enough to defeat Cell. Goku convinced Gohan that his intervention would not contribute to Cell's defeat by insisting that Piccolo, who he admitted was smarter than him, would not let Gohan go were he in his position. After his son was convinced, Goku mentioned that the Hyperbolic Time Chamber's door would open the moment Gohan left.[9]

"Oh, and Cell? You're gonna die" Goku warns Cell.

Goku then sensed Tien as he began stalling Cell with the use of his Shin Kikōhō. Gohan did as well and asked him if it was Tien, which Goku confirmed and agreed with Mr. Popo that he was probably going to die. With Tien losing his energy from using the attack repeatedly, Gohan called for Goku to assist him, but Goku made the claim that there was no way for him to get to the battlefield in time before remembering his Instant Transmission and teleporting there. Goku appeared before Cell and in front of Tien as he insisted to Cell that he was just going to be there to pick up his friend, which he theorized would only take a moment before sensing Piccolo and moving over to save him as well.

Goku told Cell that he would be ready to face him the following day and, in a cold tone, that Cell would die. Goku then returned to the lookout with the two, where they were given Senzu Beans and brought back to full health. After Piccolo stressed that he only had stalled him and that they had no one to face Cell and Vegeta and Trunks were said to be coming out by Mr. Popo which lead Gohan to retort "OR DO WE?!", Goku stated that they did not since the pair had not gone in yet. He greeted Trunks as he exited the chamber and complimented his hair, laughing at his remark that he had grown it himself. Goku then greeted Vegeta who claimed to have finally become stronger than him, which he called "Neat!"[44]

Hyperbolic Time Chamber[]

With Bulma arriving on Kami's Lookout, he and Gohan greeted her. Bulma questioned Vegeta on why his hair had not grown since he had been in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and he explained that a full-blooded Saiyan's hair does not grow from the day they are born except for beards and mustaches, creating a dilemma for Goku who could not stop imagining Vegeta with a mustache and pictured him with one, laughing about it to himself before Bulma revealed she had made armor for the group to use in their fights against the androids. Goku and Gohan changed into the armor, Goku mocking Vegeta after claiming that he was him and causing him to announce his intent to leave. Goku asked if he wanted him to teleport him there, but Vegeta declined on the grounds that he hated Goku and left. Future Trunks planned to follow behind him, being given Senzu Beans by Goku who figured that he would need them even though the two were powerful enough to defeat Semi-Perfect Cell. Goku spent the following thirty minutes eating, Mr. Popo approaching him and Gohan to ask if they were ready.

Goku and Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

With Gohan reminding him that they had food inside and thereby he had wasted their time, Goku questioned what 30 minutes was and his responses frustrated Mr. Popo to the point where he chose to let the two go inside on their own merit. Once they entered and Gohan marveled, Goku thanked Gohan for deciding to tag along with him, though his son claimed that he had kidnapped him. Goku disagreed, stating that he could not kidnap his own child, afterward Gohan expressing his intent to look up on whether that was true. Goku said that he could not since within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, it was just them and the void, him yelling out the word and having it echo. With Gohan proclaiming that the pair would not be saying that word again, Goku did once more and afterward announced his intent to make his son a Super Saiyan, noting that it would be difficult to do so given that Krillin was not there to die but said the two would fight continuously until they got there. Gohan stated that he needed an adult, Goku claiming to be one only for his son to suggest otherwise.[45]

Goku watched Gohan's unsuccessful attempt at becoming a Super Saiyan, stressing that he would have to do more than power up to become one and asked him if he remembered when he had first transformed into a Super Saiyan. Though Gohan confirmed that he did, Goku recalled his time on Namek and the deaths of Krillin, Vegeta and Piccolo by the hands of Freeza, events that Gohan tried to explain he was there for but could not due to Goku being fixated on telling the story. When he came to remembering that Freeza tried to kill Gohan as well, Goku remembered his son had been there, but questioned why he had not transformed as well. While taking a bath together, Gohan told Goku that he had enjoyed their time training together, sentiments repeated by Goku who expressed the importance of the pair training even while resting. Goku and Gohan splashed each other with their bathing water, an activity they both enjoyed until Goku started charging a Kamehameha wave, one that Gohan tried to convince him not to fire before he did so anyway.[46]

Three months into their training, Gohan had still not become a Super Saiyan. Goku watched Gohan while he was sleeping during this time and the latter woke to him, Goku explaining that he wanted to be around when his son transformed, affirming that he had confidence in him despite several months having passed without the transformation occurring. Goku warned Gohan however that if he did not become a Super Saiyan, then the world was doomed, though he recanted this story when seeing Gohan's worried expression and claimed that he thought he could handle it before having his son to return to sleeping.[47]

Later, Goku introduced a new concept into Gohan's training, elaborating on what he planned to teach his son by mentioning it as an area that he was told by Piccolo that Gohan had been struggling with. Before Goku could reveal it as him trying to help his son dodge, Gohan realized what he was trying to do and Goku ignored his son's pleas by launching into the sky and instructing his son to react by dodging the blast he was sending toward him, which he deemed too powerful for his son to take head on. Goku fired the beam toward his son and in doing so, Gohan took the blast directly and transformed into a Super Saiyan before causing the beam to go else where, Goku being happy to see his son transform and approaching him while he struggled to maintain the form. Though he tried to give him advice, Gohan did not respond to him as he kept struggling to maintain for the form. Goku gave his son a haircut afterward and sometime afterward, ate before coming up to his son. Goku had Gohan to roast meat with a blast, though in doing so it burst in front of Goku who scolded his son for placing too much power into the attack, all the while a fire spreading along his face that Gohan tried to warn him against. Goku insisted that he not change the subject until beginning to feel that he was being burned.[48]

Goku using the Third Grade Super Saiyan form in front of Gohan.

Goku dodged some of the blasts that Gohan threw his way later on, expressing his happiness with his son being a Super Saiyan as he needed a good training partner, elaborating that he did not know Future Trunks that well and that Vegeta always seemed angry, sometimes convincing him that he did not like him and leading Goku to question who would dislike him since he was himself. After the training ended, a clock fell, breaking and reminding Goku of the sixth rule of Mr. Popo's training. Goku tested the Third Grade Super Saiyan form in front of Gohan and explained that the form was strong physically in its attacks but that it saw a massive decrease in both speed and mobility, leading him to believe that one would never hit their opponent in that form. Goku apologized to Gohan for using the form as he thought about fighting and broke his explanation down for his son.[49]

Week prior to Cell Games[]

Goku and Gohan emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku instructing Gohan to keep quiet about his newly-achieved strength or he would risk angering Vegeta, also lamenting Piccolo did not have anyone else to fuse with since then he would be the same in strength as Vegeta who Goku noted to have never fought Piccolo. The two then saw the others and Goku asked what was going on, being fed and fielding questions from the group. Following Piccolo ordering him to swallow his food, Goku declined answering if he was stronger than Cell, saying that he would need his clothing and asking Mr. Popo for them. Changing clothes, he lamented that they had been washed since they did not have his signature scent and told Gohan that he could have Chi-Chi make him a new gi, surmising that his old one did not fit him anymore. Future Trunks then asked Goku if he was strong enough to defeat Cell, prompting Goku to teleport to Cell via Instant Transmission, visiting him as he negotiated with a sponsor and commenting, in doing so revealing his presence.

Goku's Kamehameha climax during intercourse with Chi-Chi.

Goku indicated that he was not impressed by the ring nor was he intimidated and initially confused Cell saying the stakes were high for there actually being steaks as prizes for winning the tournament, only for Cell to clarify and Goku to be disappointed. Goku then asked what the stakes actually were and explained that he had only come for to size Cell up, stating that he was impressed and telling Cell he would see him a week before having a small exchange about dates being actual days. Goku teleported back to Kami's Lookout and told the others of how handsome Cell was, hinting that Cell might be stronger if his strength compares to his appearance and dismissed Piccolo's mentioning of having been stronger than him the day prior, saying that it was a year ago and that they had grown since then, citing Gohan as an example. Goku hinted at damaging inner parts of the chamber and then departed. He returned home and confirmed he and Gohan had aged a year (technically it was only 10.5 months since they still had 3 more hours to use the room), calling his son "Teen Gohan" and interrupts Gohan correcting him about him still being "Kid Gohan" deciding that they would throw him a birthday party. Chi-Chi expressed her anger with Goku for taking their son away for a year and had Gohan and Krillin to leave while Goku payed her back with intercourse, concluded by him firing a Kamehameha.[50]

Cell Games and second death[]

Goku departed home on the day of the Cell Games beginning, being approached by Chi-Chi, who requested that he not let Gohan fight and thereby run the risk of him getting killed. Goku tried to defend having his son participate but failed, saying Gohan's death would mean the world's destruction and it would not matter anyhow, and teleported away, arriving at the lookout, where he noticed the glum look on his friends' faces and questioned them. After Krillin and Piccolo explained their disillusion with fighting Cell in the past as affecting them presently, Goku showed his excitement and complemented Cell's appearance, reasoning that he was not going to lie about believing Cell was handsome when asked by Piccolo why he kept complimenting their enemy. Goku and the others encountered Tenshinhan and Yamcha, greeting the pair and being joined on their way there by the duo. Goku greeted Android 16 after arriving at the Cell Games, extending his hand and looking at him confused as Android 16 stared back. Goku noted to Krillin that Android 16 was "intense" and confirmed to Jimmy Firecracker that he was getting ready to combat Cell, learning that Mr. Satan had won the World Tournament and becoming convinced that he was stronger than Krillin, being briefly disappointed in what he believed would be his lack of being allowed to fight and agreeing to stand on the sidelines during the fight between the pair.[51]

As expected, Mr. Satan is easily defeated by Cell, thus allowing Goku to fight him (As the two fought, Goku blurted out that he beat Chi-Chi once in the World Tournament and ends up being accused by the viewers of being an abusive husband). The fight quickly gets out of hand, with Cell completely destroying the arena to remove the "out of bounds" rule, and Goku unleashing a Kamehameha/Instant Transmission combo on the Android that fails to kill him. Getting tired, Goku forfeited the match (which angered Vegeta because he believed that Goku would see the fight until its end) and had Gohan fight Cell next. As Gohan and Cell's battle continues with Cell gaining the upper hand, Piccolo kept yelling at Goku for having his own son fight a monster, only for Goku to reveal that he had orchestrated the entire Cell Games. Goku decided that, since he would one day die, Gohan would become his successor, but due to needing Cell to become a threat big enough for Gohan to overcome, he had Vegeta and Future Trunks go into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber first and Krillin get Android 18's detonator, figuring that they would all screw up and allow Cell to achieve perfection. He also made sure that Cell would not destroy Earth yet by issuing his threat earlier. Piccolo, however, notified to Goku that he made one miscalculation: unlike him, Gohan was a pacifist and didn't like fighting. Realizing his mistake, Goku asked Krillin for a Senzu Bean, but thanks to Krillin's refusal, Cell grabbed the sack containing the Senzu Beans and deemed them "tournament illegal".

In order to enrage Gohan and draw out his hidden powers, Cell gave birth (disgusting the other Z-Fighters) to seven Cell Jr.s to fight the others. Although the others managed to hold their own, Goku, due to how tired he was from his earlier fight, was pummeled into submission, followed by the rest of the Z-Fighters. Despite this, Gohan still did not fully snap, and it was only Android 16's destruction that allowed Gohan to finally get enraged and he became a Super Saiyan 2. Not knowing the name of the transformation, Goku called the form a "Super Duper Saiyan" with Vegeta vowing to surpass the form. As Gohan continued to thrash Cell, Goku demanded his son to finish Cell off, but Gohan refused and proceeded to criticize his father for several of his terrible and short-sighted decisions, such as allowing Vegeta to flee the Earth so he would be a better fight later during the Saiyan Saga and prolonging his fight with Freeza in order to teach him humility during the Freeza saga. When Gohan points out that Goku threw Cell a Senzu Bean, Goku finally realizes that his own son had always disliked him because of his parental neglect. Eventually, Gohan overpowered Cell to the point where the android spat out 18 and went back to his Semi-Perfect form. Now enraged, Cell inflated like a balloon and attempted to blow up the Earth along with himself to finally defeat Gohan. Seeing this as his only chance of redeeming himself for his past antics, Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport Cell to King Kai's planet where he, along with King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory were all blown to pieces.

Cell, however, survived his self-destruction and having gathered Goku's cells, learned Instant Transmission and used it to teleport back to Earth and kill Future Trunks. Thanks to an attack meant for Vegeta, Gohan lost the use of his left arm and attempted to blast Cell with a Kamehameha around the same time Cell was charging up his Kamehameha to destroy not only the Earth but the entire Solar System. As the two got into a beam struggle, Gohan began to lose power due to the earlier attack, and Cell got the upper hand. However, Goku, using King Kai to speak to Gohan telepathically, encouraged him to defeat Cell and "Eat that horse". His confidence renewed, Gohan managed to overpower Cell in the beam struggle and obliterate him. When the Z-Fighters gathered at Kami's Lookout to wish everyone killed by Cell back with Dragon Balls, Goku was not revived, due to him having been already revived with the Dragon Balls during the Saiyan Saga. Dende planned to use the second wish to go to New Namek and use the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive Goku, only for him to speak to his friends telepathically and flat-out admit that he does not want to be revived, as he figured that he was the epicenter of all their major conflicts on Earth. He tells Gohan to become the dominator in his place and promises to return until another major conflict occurs. Gohan also promises his father to call once in a while.

A week later, Goku and the others oversee Future Trunks' return to his timeline. When King Kai asks Goku if he is sure about his decision, the latter states that he will leave his trust in his friends and that he's not afraid of change.

Dragon ShortZ[]

Midwife Crisis[]

Goku watched the (rather painful) birth of his second son Goten from a crystal ball. He released that Goten looked like a "Mini-me".


Dead Zone Abridged[]

Goku was featured in Krillin's proposed film "Skygina". He was out getting a fish when Gohan was kidnapped, coming back to his home to learn from the severely-injured Chi-Chi of their son's abduction, though it took some time for her to get the point across as Goku kept getting distracted from acknowledging the similarly wounded Ox-King and to rambling on about breakfast, concluding that Gohan would need to come back in time to eat a particular meal since it was the most important one of the day. Goku traveled to Kame House where he discovered with the use of Bulma's Dragon Ball radar that someone was collecting them, answering that he did not know when Bulma questioned why Gohan was kidnapped and concluding that whoever it was desired a "fanny-whooping." Goku then explained that Chi-Chi did not like for them to swear and questioned what Bulma was talking about when she said that butt was not a swear word. Goku followed the radar's directions and arrived at the lair of Garlic Jr., confronting the latter while introducing himself and stating that Garlic Jr.'s name sounded yummy before questioning if they stole his son and telling the group that the joke was on them and that he could fly prior to Piccolo attacking them. Kami greeted Goku, who explained his reason for being there and while Kami went off with Garlic Jr, Goku fought the minions and was nearly hit by them until Krillin stopped the beam from striking him. Goku stressed that he did not need assistance before greeting him and questioning if there was a second beam, at which point Piccolo revealed himself. Goku noted to Ginger, who expressed confusion with Piccolo being alive, that Kami would have disappeared alongside the Dragon Balls were Piccolo to have actually been killed and asked where the food was being kept when Piccolo noted it. Goku tasked Krillin with recovering Gohan while he went to fight against Ginger and Nicky, who he accused of being unfair from them using swords on him from their bodies since...

The World's Strongest[]

"I don't care what kind of science your cooking up! I'm here for two things; to rescue my friends, and correct a mistake! I am Son Goku! And I, am the World's Strongest!"
— Goku, declaring himself the world's strongest to Dr. Wheelo and Kochin

Gohan and Oolong traveled the arctic in search of the Dragon Balls which were instead used by Kochin to melt the ice around the lab which housed the brain of Dr. Wheelo, Gohan and Oolong being gone for three days afterward until Gohan returned home. Though Goku planned to not say anything to him about it, reasoning that he had come home in one piece, Chi-Chi persisted in expressing concern for her son, Goku remarking afterward that he turned out fine despite living by himself in the woods for a number of years and answered that Piccolo was Gohan's role model as opposed to him when Chi-Chi stated that it was for that reason he was not this for his son. Master Roshi was kidnapped by Kochin and his henchmen while under the belief that he was the strongest man on Earth, Bulma being taken alongside him as leverage to convince him to stand down and come along without a fight. Oolong afterward traveled to Goku's home, informing him that the pair may have been kidnapped, though Goku insisted that Master Roshi would be okay until Oolong disclosed that the group said they were looking for the world's strongest man and had also taken Piccolo, causing Goku to become confused as he was the world's strongest man and telling Chi-Chi and Gohan that he had to fix a mistake before departing.

Goku traveled to Dr. Wheelo's lab, dubbing himself the world's strongest fighter as he appeared outside on Nimbus and being let into the lair by Kochin, Goku removing himself from Nimbus and stating his hope that it was warmer on the inside when in reality it had been on the outside. Goku initially was impressed by the ball pit until they showed their spikes and launched at him, Goku dodging the hurls and subsequently destroying them with several energy blasts until being intercepted by the Bouncy Butcher who he noted was moist and concluded he would have to go inside of similarly to Chi-Chi. Goku used the Kaioken to press through his body and destroy part of the ceiling, sending him further into the lair where he stated his intent to harm whoever attacked him next and promptly punched Freezer in the face, apologizing afterward before being electrocuted by the Electrocutioner. As Freezer was ordered to freeze him and Goku found parts of his bodies being frozen, he noted that the name sounded familiar and thought Piccolo was on his side briefly before discovering that he had been turned evil by Kochin's machinery. Gohan and Krillin promptly arrived to assist Goku though were defeated immediately afterward, Goku expressing frustration and freeing himself from the ice with the Kaioken before doing away with both the Electrocutioner and Freezer.

After defeating the pair, Goku, Gohan and Krillin made their way down the lair, finding Bulma and Goku running up to her in an attempt to free her from her constrains before being electrocuted and afterward commenting that he was going to have nerve damages after that day. He questioned Bulma for why she did not warn him about the electric field and then said it was sexy that she was chained up. Goku expressed his intent to save his friends afterward and was attacked by Piccolo, who for the past week had been under the control of Kochin. When Piccolo struck Gohan, Goku told him not to touch his son that way, unless the pair were training and in which case gave him permission. The battle between the two ended when Gohan destroyed the controls, Dr. Wheelo afterward expressing his frustration with not having a body until he found himself mobile in an robotic armor which Goku said was his body. Dr. Wheelo then struck Piccolo down for a comment on the body and Goku joined both Master Roshi and Krillin in firing a Kamehameha at Wheelo, the attack not being enough to destroy him. Goku admitted afterward that he had held back and then told everyone to stop attacking so that he could destroy Wheelo himself, including Gohan after he was knocked away by Wheelo while trying to attack. Goku used a Kamehameha while using the Kaioken and expressed his view that Wheelo was not dead afterward, one that proved to be correct as Wheelo returned to their sights and prepared a Spirit Bomb, though Gohan found out that Wheelo was not evil as Goku finished preparing the attack and told his son that he was ready to fire it before discovering this, prompting him to try setting the attack down before causing collateral damage. A year later, Wheelo was given a normal body.

Christmas Tree of Might[]

To be added.

Lord Slug Abridged[]

— Goku, once he entered his Super Saiyaman mode

Dr. Briefs foresaw a meteor arriving toward Earth, prompting the request of the assistance of Goku and Krillin to destroy it before it landed. Goku reiterated an earlier attempt to convince him by asking if he would get bacon in destroying the meteor prior to blasting it with a Kamehameha wave, the move being unsuccessful. Goku screamed out in sadness about not getting his bacon before being pulled by the wind into the asteroid and being knocked out. In his downtime, Lord Slug arrived on Earth along with his minions and was able to gather the Dragon Balls to become youthful once more. Goku was woken up by Yajirobe who informed him of what had occurred in his absence, Goku then incorrectly deducing from the snow that had gathered that it was Christmas. Piccolo and Gohan tried to fight the minions by themselves but were bested, Goku arriving right before Gohan was to be killed Medamatcha, Goku promising to his son that he would save Christmas and asked Gohan why it was snowing after his son claimed that it was not the holiday.

Goku questioned Angila and Medamatcha on whether they were going to steal Christmas by taking his planet and attacked Medamatcha before the latter could finish asking the question, who proclaimed after the attack that he was going to kill it and the smaller forms of him would rape the holiday. Goku proclaimed he would not and defeated the pair, Krillin asking what he intended to do to the other henchmen and Goku sparing them, only for the group to be killed by Lord Slug as he exited his headquarters. After Krillin was effortlessly defeated by Lord Slug, Goku yelled out his name in concern and attacked him, only to be virtually bested before being contacted by King Kai. Goku confided that he was being beaten but expressed concern about Christmas being ruined if he did not best the villain and being encouraged by King Kai, who called him the "Champion of Christmas." Goku promptly transformed and was able to knock Lord Slug around for a short time before the latter revealed that it was not Christmas and it was only snowing due to him freezing the planet. Goku expressed disappointment and reverted back to his normal form, being satisfied with at least removing the foe's arm before he removed it, Goku then making a comment about his jaw and subsequently realizing that he was a Namekian despite his thinning at first that he was a Yoshi. After King Kai related to Goku Lord Slug's using of the Dragon Balls to make himself younger, Goku remembered King Piccolo doing this and asked him if the pair were related though he was careful to question if he was being racist.

Revenge of Cooler Abridged[]

Goku mistakes Cooler for Freeza.

Cooler and his men came to Earth, the men confronting and detaining Krillin, Gohan and Oolong while Goku was getting fish for the group. He returned to the scene and ordered that his friends be let go off, only for Cooler to make his presence known and Goku to turn to him in shock, mistakingly believing him to be Freeza. With Salza stating Cooler's name, Goku questioned if he meant that he was cooler than Freeza and told Cooler that he must be ice cold. As the others arrived to assist Goku, the latter confirmed to Cooler that the flying Gohan was his son and told him not to carry out his intentions after Cooler swore that he would kill him. Cooler fired eye beams at Gohan, which Goku quickly caught up to and was blasted by in his successful attempt to save Gohan.

An injured Goku wakes up from the blast to the back.

Goku was left injured from the attack and asked his son upon waking up if he had Icarus with him since he was hungry and asked where the two were, being informed that they were hidden in a cave. Krillin moved the rocks out of the way and tended to Goku while Gohan went to retrieve Senzu Beans, Goku asking what the smell was. Goku started singing while Krillin watched over him and complained about the Senzu Beans following Gohan's return, actually praising the damage that was done to them by Salza. Goku took the next Senzu Bean from Gohan and approached Salza outside, telling him that he really was not fond of him beating his friends or family before Cooler revealed himself to be holding Piccolo's unconscious body. After Piccolo's body was thrown down and exploded to an extent, Goku asked Cooler if his case of explosives was contagious as he did not want to catch that, saying this even after Salza had punched him.

"Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a snickers."

With Cooler then revealing his intent to do the same to the entire planet, Goku charged up and attacked him. Goku was informed by Cooler of his family's history and told him that he was sorry about his father, agreeing with Cooler's impression of Freeza and witnessing his transformation. Goku teleported away from Cooler as he began to attack, questioning why he allowed people to transform. After a series of beatings from Cooler, Goku tried retaliating with a Kamehameha wave in his Kaio-ken form. The attack did not work and Goku fell from a few feet, meeting a bird that he dubbed "Toriyama" that died right after, Goku complaining that it was taken before its time and transforming into a Super Saiyan while instructing a revived Toriyama to go. Cooler found himself unable to do damage to Goku, the latter making comments that he made toward Freeza that only left Cooler confused without the proper context.

Cooler threw a ball of energy to destroy the Earth which Goku confirmed as being bigger than the one Freeza had thrown, then using a Kamehameha to send Cooler away. Goku then complimented the sun for assisting in killing his enemies and concluded that it was worth the skin cancer, then being found by the others and making a move toward Icarus for not only being the only person to not pitch in but also because he wanted to eat Icarus. Salza then approached the group and after he was killed by Piccolo, Goku told Gohan to give him his dragon.

Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge – The Reckoning[]

"I guess we can hit him, really hard, together?"
— Goku suggesting him and Vegeta team up against Meta-Cooler

Goku traveled with Gohan, Krillin, Oolong, Master Roshi, Yajirobe, and Piccolo over to New Namek. When asked by his son what they would do when they get there (probably not training or fighting), Goku said he wanted to try some authentic Namekian cooking, even though Gohan doesn't believe that's possible. He even asked Piccolo about it until Gohan told him Namekian's don't eat (which is weird for Goku).

Upon seeing a silver growth on New Namek, Goku and the group landed on the planet, and they found out the Namekians were being enslaved by an army of robots led by a revived Cooler.After hearing Cooler's plan, Goku goes off against Cooler, but finds that even his Kaio-Ken can't even scratch Cooler's new armor. When Cooler asked him to go Super Saiyan, Goku agree's, but only for himself. But even as Super Saiyan, and punching Cooler really hard, he finds out Cooler can regenerate damage limbs.

To be Completed...

Super Android 13[]

"Terrorists! Wait, I can't sense them. Androids! Androidirests! Terroroids! Guys, we've got a bad case of Terroroids!"
— Goku, realizing his opponents are never before seen Androids

Goku went shopping with Chi-Chi and Gohan in preparation for Korin and Yajirobe's wedding, Goku becoming confused by their needing of most of the products and later eating with them, saying that shopping made him hungry and then asking Krillin, Master Roshi, Future Trunks and Oolong about their search. The restaurant the group was dining at was then attacked by Android 14 and Android 15, Goku at first not paying attention to the shaking until he was forced to save several civilians from the collateral damage, assuming the explosion was not his fault. He then encountered the pair of androids and compared them to terrorists, alerting the others. Goku then concluded that the androids were part of the Red Ribbon Army and began fighting them until Future Trunks suggested a change of scenery given the chance of harming innocents.

"Catch this cold!"

Goku flew to the arctic with Future Trunks and the androids, explaining his odd choice of a battle location in light of the numerous deserts and warning Future Trunks that his jacket was weighing him down before Android 13 revealed himself. In an exchange of dialogue, Goku revealed his lack of intelligence to Android 13 and also sampled Android 13's power, observing him as strong. As he began to come close to being killed, Goku was saved by Vegeta and informed him of the three new androids, going back on his prior promise to Future Trunks to keep quiet about the set. Goku remembered his Super Saiyan transformation when Future Trunks and Vegeta began using the form and was briefly aided by an arriving Piccolo before Androids 14 and 15 were destroyed, leading to Android 13 imbeding their components into him, a process that Goku allowed due to his wanting a good fight.

Goku kills Android 13.

Android 13 soon proved more than a match for the combined efforts of the group and proceeded to punch Goku in the penis, erasing the unborn Goten from existence and even causing Gohan to forget who Goten was moments afterward. Goku questioned why he punched him there and was beaten severely, causing him to resort to gathering energy for a Spirit Bomb. Goku gave Gohan a congratulatory message for blocking him from being shot and encouraged the others to keep stalling, causing him to have enough time to absorb the energy of the Spirit Bomb and destroy Android 13. Goku then recovered in a hospital, his penis being healed by a multitude of Senzu Beans.

Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan[]

Goku and Chi-Chi attended the wedding ceremony of Yajirobe and Korin, Goku being taken by Chi-Chi to attend an admission team meeting for Gohan's admission into a college, Goku being bothered since he waited forty minutes for the food and learned how to count to forty in that time. During the conversation with the admission team, Goku revealed his Saiyan heritage and started talking with King Kai, who was trying to figure out who blew up the South Galaxy. Goku teleported to King Kai's location and complimented King Kai's car, Goku teleporting to look for cues in space before teleporting right back as he realized that he could "apparently" not breathe in space. Goku asked Cell if he had destroyed South Galaxy, unintentionally telling him that such a thing existed and telling him to forget he heard that before teleporting away as Cell confirmed that he had not done so. Goku confronted Mercenary Tao about his potential involvement and the latter screamed the entire time, Goku leaving him along and asking Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Pilaf, who all denied roles in the event too.

Goku teleported back to King Kai's planet and told him about his lack of findings before King Kai ordered him to go to New Vegeta, a planet, which Goku confused for another person named Vegeta. Goku teleported there, being punched in the face accidentally by Krillin as he showed off his moves, Goku complaining that he had bitten the inside of his cheek earlier and explaining to Gohan, Krillin and Trunks that he was looking for the New Vegeta, learning from Future Trunks that it was a planet and being disappointed. Goku went over to Vegeta's location, encountering Paragus and Broly, revealing what he was there for and agreeing with Broly that someone with a large power level had done so as well as stating his power level was big as Broly asked him. Goku asked what the word was that triggered Broly and Paragus called on him to stop as Goku made guesses of the word, Vegeta telling Goku to leave as he called him by his birth name over and over again despite everyone else noticing Broly reacting to the name and transforming.

After Broly transformed into a Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku called on Broly to prove his claim that his power was maximum and began facing him with Gohan and Future Trunks, Goku telling Broly that he should instead start small rather than thrashing the group, learning afterward that he was using his full strength and questioning Krillin on why he brought the slaves. Goku told Gohan that he wanted him to let go instead of saving it for Cell, Gohan instead flying away thanks to misinterpretation, him being chased down by Broly who threatened his life. In response to being asked if he cared about his son's death, Goku said that only a day would pass to get the Dragon Balls to bring him back and realized Gohan had never met King Kai, Goku telling Gohan that he was going to meet King Kai. Goku said to Gohan that they may have blown Gohan's college submission and tried cheering Gohan up by mentioning that next time was his movie. Piccolo approached Goku as he arrived and the latter said that he was sure he would pull something out of his butt when asked by Piccolo if he thought the group could beat him.

Goku, Piccolo, Future Trunks, and Gohan attacked him together, Goku and Piccolo's direct attacks doing nothing to Broly who sent the four falling away. Goku's torturing by Broly caused Vegeta to break out of his suspended scared state and attack, Vegeta being left on the ground with Goku, Piccolo, Gohan and Future Trunks. Goku reminisced on the past and cut to the chase by asking the group to give him all of their energy so he could end the conflict in one punch and after Gohan, Piccolo and Future Trunks gave it to him, Goku tried starting a dialogue with Vegeta before the latter did the same and Goku thanked him, confronting Broly and calling on him to say his name before overpowering him. Goku and the others were teleported onto the ship that Piccolo had used to arrive on the planet, and he and Gohan teleported back to their home, Chi-Chi confronting him. Goku was happy to hear that Gohan had made it to the school and confirmed he had come from a race of idiots as he smiled, agreeing to a divorce once it was suggested by Chi-Chi and saying that he was starving.



  • Kamehameha: A technique developed by Master Roshi and Goku's iconic attack. The Kamehameha wave fires an explosive blast of ki energy against his opponent. Goku can either fire it as a single blast, or two spheres that he can throw against his enemies for distractions. Technically first used during his fight against Raditz in a deleted scene, but was properly introduced in his fight against Vegeta.
    • Super Kamehameha: A Kamehameha with more ki output. First used to push back Cooler's SuperNova, and send him straight to the sun.
    • Kaioken Kamehameha: A Kamehameha powered by the Kaioken. First used to gain more power during a beam struggle against Vegeta.
    • Master-Student Kamehameha: A team attack. Goku, Master Roshi, and Krillin combine their Kamehameha's into one big energy blast for extra damage. First used against Dr. Wheelo.
    • Instant Kamehameha: A combo attack. Goku charges a powerful Kamehameha, then uses Instant Transmission to teleport in front of his opponent to deliver a point black blast. Used during his fight against Cell.
    • Father-Son Kamehameha: A team attack with Goku. Gohan fires a Kamehameha one handed, and is given more power by Goku behind him. Used to kill Cell in a powerful beam struggle.
  • Kaioken: Taught to him by King Kai, Goku can increase his ki energy level and attack power. Goku can raise the output, though risks hurting himself in the process. First used in his fight against Vegeta.
  • Spirit Bomb: Taught to him by King Kai, Goku can gather energy from all lifeforms and condense it into an energy sphere. He can either make a small spirit bomb, or a large spirit bomb depending on the amount of energy he can gather. First used in his fight against Vegeta. In Super Android 13 Abridged, Goku absorbed the energy of the Spirit Bomb to increase his power over Android 13.
  • Solar Flare: Borrowed from Tien, Goku can blind his enemies with a flash of bright light, and a disturbing picture. First used against Oozaru Vegeta.
  • Kienzan (Destructo Disk): Borrowed from Krillin, Goku throws a deadly disc of ki energy at his opponents. Used to cut off Gohan's tail after he was forced into his Great Ape form.
  • Dragon Throw: Goku grabs his opponent and flings them around. First used against Freeza.
  • Instant Transmission: Goku acquired this skill after eating the sick of the inhabitants of Yardrat. Goku instantly teleports to any location or person by just imagining it. First seen after returning to Earth. Goku's use has varied, as he sometimes forgets he has this ability.
  • Miracle Blow: After gathering the energy from his friends, Goku punches his opponent with a ton of power. Used to defeat Broly.


  • Super Saiyaman (Pseudo Super Saiyan): Goku gets surrounded by a golden Kaioken aura, and speaks in a demonic voice. First accessed during his fight against Lord Slug after the stress of letting down Christmas got to him. He lost it soon after he found out it wasn't really Christmas.
  • Super Saiyan: Goku's main transformation, Super Saiyan increases the power of a Saiyan by 50x its based form. Goku first unlocked this form after Freeza killed Krillin, and could later access it anytime he needed to.
    • Third Grade Super Saiyan: The third ascended level of a normal Super Saiyan, Goku's power increased 50%, but loses 75% of his mobility. Unlocked during his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and seen briefly while training.
    • Full Powered Super Saiyan: The 4th and mastered version of a normal Super Saiyan, Goku can control his power level in Super Saiyan mode, allowing him to use this form in both civilian life and battles. According to Gohan, he was able to gain this from by staying in Super Saiyan mode for a long time, causing his body to adjust fittingly. First seen while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. When Goku first accessed this form, however, he didn't know how to turn it off, which was cause for concern.


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Kai Abridged
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Goku: Hey, Piccolo, mind if I ask you something?
Piccolo: What is it?
Goku: You're not human either, right?
Piccolo: Yeah....?
Goku: And your dad spit you out as an egg, right?
Piccolo: What about it?
Goku: Are... Are you a Yoshi?
Piccolo: (sarcastically) Yes, Goku. I'm a green f*cking dinosaur.
Goku: Can... Can I ride you?
Piccolo: (annoyed growl) -- Episode 2: And They All Lived Happily Ever... Oh...

Goku: 'Kay, guys, I'm going to Bulma's place! By the way, takin' the beans.
Master Roshi: Krillin?
Goku: Krillin. -- Episode 13: Dr. Briefs Made This Episode In a Cave... WITHABOXOFSCRAPS!

Krillin: Goku, it was terrible! We landed here, and then there were these really strong guys, and then there was even more strong guys, and then our ship blew up, and then there was even more strong--
Goku: Bored now. Reading your mind.
Krillin: Wait, wha--
(Goku reads Krillin's mind)
Goku: Ha-ha! That thing was a guy.
Krillin: Goku, did you just read my mind?
Goku: Yuh-huh.
Krillin: But how could you--
Goku: Muffin Button.
Krillin: What?
Goku: Huh? -- Episode 21: Stop! Celebrate and Witness, Goku's Back From 100X Fitness!

Goku: I'm going to break you.
Freeza: What? (Goku crushes Freeza's hand) Aaah!
Goku: Like a Kit-Kat® bar.
Freeza: (small pause) What?
(Goku punches Freeza in the face, sending him flying)
Freeza: (thinking) WHAT?!
(Goku grabs Freeza and breaks his back) -- Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 1)

Freeza: You... you're different. What happened? What the hell are you?
Goku: Can't you tell, Freezer? It's just like Vegeta said.
Freeza: No, you f**king don't!
Goku: I am the hope of the omniverse! I am the light bulb in the darkness! I am the bacon in the fridge for all the living things that cry out in hunger! I am the Alpha and the Amiga! I am the terror that flaps in the night! (starts powering up) I am Son Goku! and I am a Super...
(Freeza shoots Goku in the face with a Death Beam and growls)
Goku: (leans forward unharmed) ...Saiyan. -- Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 1)

Goku: And you're nothing but an overgrown that thing that Chi-Chi keeps in her drawer! -- Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 2)

Freeza: Th-those eyes... they're the same as...
(flashback of Goku as a Super Saiyan)
Goku: (distant whisper) Pizza... -- Episode 33: Cold Cuts

Goku: I can't believe you guys are all still alive! I mean, I swore Freezer was gonna Yamcha at least one or two of you-- Speaking of which, hi Yamcha!
Yamcha: Hey. -- Episode 34: News of Future Past

Goku: So~ Wanna go drive cars?
Piccolo: Bitchin'!-- Episode 34: News of Future Past

Goku: Oh no! Yamcha's been Yamcha'd! -- Episode 35: The Island of Dr. Gero

Goku: (to Vegeta while fighting one thousand of Cooler's clones) Well, take the five hundred on the right, I'll take the five hundred on the left.
Vegeta: Screw you, I'll take five hundred and one!
Goku: That's the spirit! (yells as he goes Super Saiyan)
Vegeta: (yells as he goes Super Saiyan)
(scene cuts to both of them captured inside the Big Gete Star)
Goku: Wow, I can't believe every single one of them kicked you in the dick.
Vegeta: (lets out a high-pitched whine) -- Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge - The Reckoning

Goku: (in an extremely high voice) He punched me in the dick. Why? Why did he punch me in the dick?
Vegeta (Snarky): Not so funny now, is it, Kakarot?
Krillin: Is Goku gonna be okay?
Vegeta: Get the F**k off me! -- Super Android 13 Abridged


  • In the entire series, Goku has only sworn one time. It came in Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged episode 3.5 when he and Cell told Mr. Satan to "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" at the start of the #CellGames.
  • Goku is the only character shown to tell Freeza a line he never heard before during a heroic speech: "Imma deck you in the schnozz!". He is also shown to be the only character who can troll Freeza, who was trolling nearly everyone else on Namek.
    • Ironically, this trolling may be due to Goku's stupidity as opposed to any real effort.
  • In Trunks' timeline, Goku's love of bacon will be his downfall, as it causes him to develop a high cholesterol that will result in a fatal heart disease.
  • He is terrified of Mr. Popo due to past encounters.
  • Goku is surprisingly a bit smarter in Super Saiyan form. This may indicate that not only does his physical powers increase from the transformation, but his intelligence may boost a bit as well.
  • His favorite place to eat is most likely "Denny's", as he was thinking about having a Grand Slam during his fight with Jeice and Burter.
  • Speaking of the Ginyu Force, it is revealed that Goku’s favourite food is the Double Baconator in episode 23, when Krillin asks Goku Ginyu what his favourite food is to make sure that the real Goku after Gohan expressed his doubt.
  • He may think all Namekians are Yoshi's, as he mistook Lord Slug and Piccolo for one.
  • He thinks he and Vegeta are friends. Although in episode 53 Goku starts to believe that Vegeta doesn't like him.
  • One of Goku's most serious moments in this series was when he turned Super Saiyan, he also took a serious tone in episode 48, telling Cell he will die, leaving Cell confused .
    • This means that Gohan might have gotten a little bit of his personality from his dad as well, not just from Chi-Chi.
  • When squeezed, his ribs crush his lungs, causing the air that he expels to sound similar to a squeaky toy. According to Goku, it's due to a medical condition.
  • Goku suffers brain damage from when Grandpa Gohan dropped him on the head as a baby. This could possibly be the cause of his incredible stupidity.
  • He has a habit of taking too much energy for the Spirit Bomb and killing an animal, prompting for the animal's offspring to arrive and question its dead "daddy".
    • Vegeta's reaction to the Spirit Bomb Krillin threw (Vegeta having incapacitated Goku) after it bounced off Gohan was "What smells like deer?"
  • He escaped Namek's destruction with muffins protecting him on the way to Yardrat.
  • Goku made no promises not to have the other Z-Fighters fight the bad guy.
  • He tends to mention Chi-Chi to his foes as if he thinks they know who he's talking about. He first mentions her to Raditz; "Nothing you could do could ever compare to what Chi-Chi would do to me if she found out he died." He later mentions her to Freeza; "And you're nothing but an overgrown that thing Chi-Chi keeps in her drawer!"
  • Despite being an idiot, Goku has displayed some occasional brilliance in the series such as:
    • Points out to Krillin that a Senzu Bean won't heal a hole in his esophagus.
    • Hiding underwater and shooting ki blasts up at Freeza, knowing he can't sense energy.
    • After turning Super Saiyan, he ordered Gohan to take Piccolo and get back to the ship, knowing that if Piccolo dies the whole point of going to Namek would be pointless.
    • Points out to Garlic Jr. that had he killed Piccolo when trying to get the Dragonballs, they would become inactive since Kami would also die. He even mentions this to Nappa and Vegeta.
    • He was the one to point out the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    • After Piccolo is defeated by Cell, Goku prevents Gohan from trying to go and help him, stating that Gohan isn't strong enough. Gohan then argues that Piccolo would let him go. Goku answers that Piccolo wouldn't and supports this by mentioning that Piccolo is smarter and wiser than he is, leaving Gohan shocked and confused; "That.... that's actually a really good point."
    • He tricked King Kai into thinking that he hung up on him, even though they weren't using phones
    • When demonstrating the Third Grade Super Saiyan form to Gohan, Goku explains about how the bulky muscles will cause an increase in power, but a decrease in speed and mobility.
  • Did we mention how much of a hopeless idiot he is? And how unfortunately it's not his fault?
  • Goku can apparently speak French. This surprises many who are familiar with Goku's bouts of monumental stupidity, but not his moments of clarity and insight.
  • Goku had a pet rock named Trevor.
  • Goku was almost named "Clark" by his adoptive Grandpa Gohan, who quickly changed his mind on account of the name being "Stupid".
  • Goku has a crush on Sunset Shimmer, but only because her hair reminds him of bacon.
  • Goku seems to regret not knowing his own father.
  • Goku seems to not like Sonic for "ripping off Super Saiyan".
  • Goku has apparently made a deal with Sunset Shimmer to not eat her hair as long as she brings him food.
  • Goku seems to be good at button mashing games or just those with food. Like with his latest game.
  • Goku seems to be able at some degree to understand strategy, fighting math in terms of stats, and overcoming the time limit on Super Saiyan.
  • He has a sex record of at least 9. This is how many times he can consecutively have sex, showing that his Saiyan abilities also make him more sexually enduring than a human, despite having identical sex organs.
  • As of yet two females in the series have shown attraction towards Goku those being Chi-Chi and Princess Snake.
  • In the movie Revenge of Cooler Abridged, Goku names a bird Toriyama, referring to the name of the original creator of the Dragon Ball franchise/manga.
    • Toriyama returns in Episode 39 (as the bird Android 16 has a conversation with after confirming Krillin isn't Goku), which possibly hints at Revenge of Cooler Abridged being part of the main DBZA canon. As the original version of the movie takes place between the Namek and Android Arcs, the likelihood is quite high.
  • Goku is going to be an Ambassador for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.
  • Despite TFS imitating the Funimation dub voices for their characters, MasakoX voiced Goku in a childish tone, very similar to Masako Nozawa's Goku rather than Schemmel Goku, it's also similar to Peter Kelamis' Goku voice.


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