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Goten's new Yamcha hairstyle in DragonBall R&R

Goten in his new armor like his uncle Raditz and his new hairdos that were suggested by his aunt Lunch (by DrNeonBones)

Goten Chou Senshi Stickers (by DrNeonBones)

Goten and his Starter Pokémon Froakie (by DrNeonBones)

Goten haircut armor Super Extreme Butoden sprite (by TheGhostSpiriter)


Goten Ranch and Trunks in manga comic form (by NexusMania)

Goten Ranch and Trunks as late teenagers (by IsabellaFaleno)

Goten is Goku and Chi-Chi's second son and Gohan's younger brother. He has yet to make an appearance, as he will only ever appear in the 4th season, the Buu Arc. While a little disgruntled that he lives in Goku's shadow, Goten has a high regard for politeness and good manners, his interests include bug-catching and swords, he's even intrigued about the hunter life, he also likes having play dates with his childhood friend Marron.

As a baby he is voiced by Hnilmik, the voice actress of his mother - Chi-Chi. As a 7 year old he will voiced by Lanipator who ironically is the VA of Krillin and Vegeta so maybe Chi-Chi cheated on Goku? Despite the fact that Goku confirmed Chi-Chi sucked him dry. It is shown in "Bearly There" that Piccolo removed his Saiyan tail when he was a newborn baby to prevent him from becoming a Great Ape.

Goten is two years younger than his cousin Ranch and one year younger than Trunks. At some point in the future, Goten trained with Whis and achieved Super Saiyan God (or Super Saiyan Red as Goten called it) and Super Saiyan Blue.

References in Abridged[]

Although he hasn't appeared in the series yet there are a few occasions he is referenced:

  • In the fight with a 100% Freeza, Goku is kicked in the groin, Goku shouts out "Ow, my Gotens!"
  • When Freeza Planet 419 is shown with a re-populated species, They shout out various major points in the series, among these are: "Goten and Trunks become a guy!!!", also referencing Trunks and Goten's fusion into Gotenks.
  • After healing from the heart virus, Chi-Chi asks for another kid, to which Goku only says: "Hm, mhm, 'kay bye!". Chi-Chi says that "it wasn't a no~" with glee.
  • Goten is erased from existence after Goku gets punched in the nuts by Super Android 13. He was most likely brought back when Goku ate a few Senzu Beans to "heal [his] nuts up good," to Chi-Chi's relief and pleasure.
  • In the 55th episode, Chi-Chi, either turned on by her husband's recent boldness in defying her rule, or seeing this as an opportunity to get knocked up again, or the world's apparent upcoming end as a sign to have one final bang with him, forcibly had nice, hardcore sex with Goku.
  • In episode 56 Chi-Chi repeatedly forced Goku to have sex with her the entire week until she became pregnant. She only let Goku have a break after the pregnancy test confirmed she was pregnant.
    • Goku also states that Chi-Chi wants Goku to "Go for Ten" referring to Goten's name (keep in mind that in the original Japanese version, his name is a pun on heaven).