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Goz (blue) and Mez (red)

Goz and Mez (ゴズ and メズ, Gozu and Mezu) are two ogres who Goku meets when he falls off Snake Way. In DragonBall Z Abridged, they speak with a heavy German accent and are big on fitness, vowing to Goku that they will "pump him up" by doing squats, stretches, and "grappling in their speedos". However, Goku manages to avoid all this by asking them where the exit was and immediately runs off when Goz directs him. They apparently encountered Raditz early on, and told Goku that he made a mess in the Blood Fountain (Goz stated that it used to be water).

Later Appearances[]

They are mentioned in episode 28 where Goku tells Freeza that he went to Hell once and the only real bad parts were those "two oiled-up German guys" who tried to wrestle him. Goz also appears in episode 29 after King Kai single-handedly kicks the Ginyu Force (minus Captain Ginyu) off his planet and into Hell, which he calls out to Mez to prepare the camps as they have "visitors".

In episode 1 of HFIL, Goz and Mez are tasked with enlisting the morally compromised malefactors into a rehab program (saying "villain" implies they're here forever). Whenever King Yemma sends someone directly to Hell with a high power level, Goz and Mez place ankle bracelets on them that restricts their ki usage. Goz and Mez seem to follow a direct schedule as they mentioned to Cell that they expect to see him at the "sharing circle" first thing in the morning.


  • In this series, Goz and Mez have German accents and the personalities of body builders, a reference to a series of sketches from Saturday Night Live.
    • Cell apparently doesn't watch Saturday Night Live as he doesn't get the reference nor does he understand the joke.
  • In a deleted scene in episode 4, a road sweeper on Snake Way falls off the road and into Hell, landing on Goz and causes severe damage to his spine.
  • Oddly enough, they both sound very much like Seto's German Henchman in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.