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Denise, contact Goz and Mez. And Mr Cell? Enjoy the barbecue in Hell."King Yemma, both metaphorically and literally.

HFIL (Home for Infinite Losers) is a CGI-animated webseries created and produced by Team Four Star, with animation provided by animator/Perfect Cell enthusiast DevilArtemis. It is a spinoff/sequel series to Dragon Ball Z Abridged, akin to their other DBZ-themed webseries, Dragon ShortZ.


Roughly a year after his demise at the hands of Gohan's Father-Son Kamehameha, Perfect Cell reaches the end of the line to King Yemma's office in the afterlife, is deemed immeasurably sinful, and is sent deep into the bowels of Hell... except it's not quite the Hell one would expect. Given the recent string of "morally-compromised malefactors" with power levels way, way higher than the usual evil souls that go to Hell, its overseers, the twin demonic bodybuilders Goz and Mez, had to make a special place for such people to (hopefully) rehabilitate... especially after a certain spiky, long-haired Saiyan broke their soul-scrubbing machine.

Welcome to HFIL! Short for the Home For Infinite Losers, this cul-de-sac deep in the bowels of Hell is home to the biggest baddies the world of DBZA has to offer... and also Raditz. Oh, and the former Namekian Grand Elder (Super Kami) Guru. Unable to utilize the full potential of his Perfect form due to a Ki-supressing ankle bracelet and stuck sharing a house with the aforementioned Raditz and Guru, Cell must now adjust to his new suburban (after)life and deal with all the shenanigans that entails... and perhaps even be deemed good enough to leave.


# Name Air Date
1 "Cell in a Hell" March 19, 2021
2 "Sharing Circles of Hell" June 18, 2021
3 "DodgeBall Z" November 5, 2021
4 "O Captain! My Captain!" January 30, 2022
5 "Home For Infinite Pranksters" March 30, 2022



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