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HUX and Dagon Huxley

HUX in his bullying clothes (by redflamekitty)


HUX (also known as HUXLEY (ハクスリー, Hakusurī) is HUX the Mother FUX (RUX when he cosplays as Rush from Mega Man) and TANTOR's grandeur Houndoom caught as a Houndour. He is The Original Motherfucker known for fucking all Moms including Lusamine which made him Gladion and Lillie's father (which TANTOR glared at him for but HUX just shrugged it off) making him a lady-killer. HUX is especially keen to fuck nerds' Moms. He is the Devil and Vegeta to MR. STAKE's Angel and Goku, his aura is strong enough to kill his enemies for him, the Greaser Delinquent, he acts like the Jerk Ass Bully that loves creating Nasty Plots to get and "fux" with Moms including LAKIGR's Mom after TANTOR defeats him and pick on the nerds.

HUX has a secret crush on Sluckbo, likes drinking alcohol, is best friends with MANCROBAT, and a badass bandana rocking sunglasses wearing, and Team Four Star-branded necklace sporting glass cannon powerhouse with the warrior's honor and determination that likes hitting really really hard. He does look out for Larenti from time to time.

TANTOR taught Larenti that, much like his pal HUX, he should always take a nerd's lunch money after beating them up (even though Larenti himself is secretly a nerdy dork). When Larenti suffered from a Heroic Blue Screen of Death, TANTOR, who has been watching the entire time from a distance, wants to hug his son but HUX stops him and says no, HUX explains that Larenti must learn. Meanwhile, MR. STAKE tries to hug Larenti but HUX bites his neck to hold him back.


Lusamine: HUX's lover.

Gladion: HUX's son.

Lillie: HUX's daughter.