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"Home For Infinite Pranksters" is the fifth episode of HFIL.


HFIL continues as the rivalry between Cell and Freeza takes a new form...

Plot Summary[]

Cell walks in on Raditz attempting to lift Super Kami Guru who has been tipped over by someone unknown to any of them. Cell decides to leave Guru in the garage as they are late for the Sharing Circle. When they arrive, Cell takes a seat next to Freeza, but immediately falls as someone has removed a screw from the chair. Cell then goes to take the bin out but it collapses on him. When Freeza mocks him, Cell believes that Freeza is behind these antics.

Another annoyance occurs as Cell finds his key no longer fits his lock, his TV has been unplugged, the batteries have been removed from the TV remote, and when Cell finally replaces the batteries, the remote triggers an airbag in his chair. Cell angrily goes to confront Freeza but as he opens his door, a bucket of paint falls on him, painting him like Freeza, which the tyrant believes to be racially insensitive.

While washing the paint off himself, Cell finds that there is glitter in his soap. As he leaves, he finds Guldo laying mousetraps around the floor causing Cell to realize that the Ginyu Force has been behind these recent pranks. Cell dives at Guldo who uses his time-stopping abilities to escape.

Cell concocts a plan to get back at the Ginyus and though Raditz refuses to be an accomplice, Guru agrees. As the Ginyu Force discuss their next prank, Guldo finds a note from Cell claiming that he has kidnapped their "mascot", as well as a picture of a butt.

A post-credit scene shows the paint incident from Freeza's view, with Freeza telling Zarbon and Dodoria that Cell was in whiteface.

Running Gags and Callbacks[]

  • Guru referring to Raditz as "New Nail" and Cell as "Other New Nail".
  • Raditz's comment about a forklift is a callback to Guru being carried in on a forklift in DodgeBall Z.
  • The Other World Tournament is referenced. In the Dragon Ball Z anime, Goku competes in the Other World Tournament and starts a rivalry with Pikkon.
  • The butt on Cell's note to the Ginyu Force is a reference to A Lovely Bunch of Dragonballs in which Vegeta leaves a note for Freeza that simply says "Dear Freeza" with a picture of a butt.
  • People adding "Space" before things when saying that Guru was tipped "like a Space cow".

Cultural References[]

  • Guru's line, "You son of a bitch, I'm in" is a reference to a line from Rick and Morty that became a popular meme.[1]

Cast & Crew[]


  • A short preview of this episode was shown during the 2022 TFS update, uploaded on March 2.[2]
  • The Ginyu Force are shown to still be complete idiots. They pranking Cell for "messing with the captain" when the frog-Ginyu was the one who kept assaulting him and Cell only reprimanded them for their poor management of said frog.
  • When Cell is covered in white paint, he resembles his 'Color 11' from Dragon Ball FighterZ; down to his wings, chest, and calves remaining black.
  • When Cell is covered in purple paint, he resembles the character Genome from Dragon Ball Heroes.
    • This could simply be a coincidence, however, given that Genome is a little more than a recolored Cell.