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King Yemma (閻魔大王, Enma Daiō) is the boss of all ogres and is the one who judges the dead souls and tells them if they go to Heaven or Hell. In the abridged version, he is shown to be more prideful and arrogant, going as far as to calling himself "the closest thing to a god in this show," (he however does point out that he'll be horribly insignificant once the series gets to the Kais). He is also shown to have an obsession with mahogany, and claims that his desk is made from mahogany that can alter the fabric of space and time. He also has a perverted side, as he forces every soul to strip before they go to the afterlife (which is why Vegeta appears naked in Goku's near-death experience, althought this may be due to the fact that those dead people don’t keep their bodies, while Goku and co. did) and likes Recoome's body after the latter strips. He is later mentioned twice in the Cell saga by Goku, who had thought he had gone to Hell since the line was so long (thanks Cell), and it is mentioned that he tells Trunks about his mahogany desk, to which Trunks responds by saying "I get it, it's a beautiful desk can I just go to Heave.."


King Yemma is very boastful and arrogant. He is also very proud of his mahogany desk.


  • His desk was forged from the 300 foot, fire-breathing trees of Malchior 7 using ancient blood rituals of the Malchior people.
  • In the Team Four Star's extra "Yemma's Bad Day", it's revealed he has a secretary named Denise who speaks in an incomprehensible murmur, a reference to the Peanuts.
  • He is divorced and his ex-wife took the kids. She did let him keep his testicles, as Raditz kicked him in the balls and ran away after Yemma tried to put him in his patented Yemma-lock.