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Korin (カリン, Karin; in the original Japanese manga) is a white old cat who lives at the top of his tower along with Yajirobe. He constantly provides support to Goku and the rest of the Z-Fighters by giving them Senzu Beans to aid them in their battles. Despite constantly arguing like a married couple, Korin does show concern for Yajirobe, even admitting that he misses his "Bean Daddy" at one point. It's revealed in episode 40 that he's in love with Yajirobe and indirectly proposed to him after learning about the legalization of gay marriage in a TFS short spot known as "The Proposal".

He is voiced by KaiserNeko.


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  • He once turned down Yajirobe's offer of starting a burrito shop particularly selling Senzu Beans.
  • He allows Yajirobe to live at his tower because he states that he gives the best belly rubs in over a thousand miles.
  • He used to own a hovercar called the "Pussy Wagon" but it got destroyed by Dr. Gero.
  • He wants to have a kid with Yajirobe but got turned down because Yajirobe says that he's not ready for one.
  • In the original manga and anime, Master Roshi respects him and knows who he is, however as seen in Looks Like The Z-Warriors Are Blasting Off Again! he is shocked that the "cat" can talk