Lawrence "MasakoX" Simpson is best known for his work on DragonBall Z Abridged where he places the voices of Goku and Gohan. He has also started a six part series on about voice acting called MasaVox. He also plans on creating a second season of the show while lending his voice to the various Team Four Star projects.[1]

In addition to this he has also created Naruto: The Abridged Series and the audio manga series Dragon Ball R&R.

Trivia Edit

  • MasakoX's username is based off of Japanese voice actress Masako Nozawa, who like MasakoX himself voices Goku and Gohan.
  • Masako's initial casting as both Goku and Master Roshi mirrors that of the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z that he grew up with, as Ian Corlett played both characters during the Saiyan and Namek sagas.
  • MasakoX has a father and an older brother.
  • MasakoX also made Dragon Ball discussions on his channel, including the other dubs, fan mangas, video games, and more.
  • In MasakoX's video review on episode 73 of Dragon Ball Super, he ended up admitting that he had a crush on Videl when he was 15 years old.
  • His character Paata actually originated before even the Pathfinder Campaign and Xenoverse 2 since MasakoX had already created him in an old Dragon Ball DND Campaign with his friends Vegeta3986 and LionCourt years before doing abridged series.
  • He reprised his role of Goku in ScrewAttack's Death Battle series where Goku fought against Superman in two separate fights, as well as the advertisement for another episode.
  • MasakoX along with LittleKuriboh did a crossover review with internet reviewer Nostalgia Critic on the movie "Dragonball Evolution". He also portrayed Goku in the live action gag using his Goku voice from DBZA.
  • He has also made his own slice-of-life Dragon Ball fan series parody called Dragon Ball R&R which is based around the concept of Raditz turning good and stars him and his daughter Ranch.

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