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Meta-Coolers are mass-produced cyborg clones of Cooler created by the Big Gete Star that can be remote controlled from the planet core. Although there are thousands of Meta-Coolers, the term "Meta-Cooler" is often used to refer to the first one encountered by Goku. The army of hundreds or thousands of Meta-Cooler is referred to as the Meta-Cooler Corps.

Meta-Coolers are capable of repairing themselves from any sort of damage done, seen when Goku smashes the first Meta-Cooler's arm off. The cyborg simply manifests a new one. This repair ability can be stymied by blasting the Meta-Cooler into little irrepairable pieces as well, when Goku and Vegeta punch through the first unit and vaporize it with ki blasts soon after. Given that taking down even one Meta-Cooler required great effort from the two, however, the amount of Meta-Coolers afterward offsets this.

After the Meta-Cooler army reveal themselves to Goku and Vegeta, the two Saiyans power up for one last effort. A quick scene transition later reveals that the Saiyans were easily defeated with the entire army brutalizing Vegeta by kicking him in his most vulnerable spot, as it were.

After the Big Gete Star is sabotaged and begins to fall apart, the Meta-Cooler army begins rapidly exploding en masse.